Family Bible of Marion Wade

Family Bible of Marion Wade

Submitted by:  Faye L. Dyess
Reproduced by Faye L. Dyess 2001
(Posted with her permission)

Lives On Athens Y W C A Road To Mars Hill Church.

Marriage Certificate In Bible


Marion Wade of Gainesville, Georgia
Elizabeth S. Reynolds of Gainesville, Georgia
November 7, 1897 at William Stewart by J. M. J. Wade.


Marion Wade & E. S. Reynolds married Nov. 7, 1897.
Gaspard Wade & Nettie Pattern  Jan. 2. 1921.
Lottie Wad & O. L. Venable, m. Oct 9, 1921.
Laura Wade & C. C. Williamson, m. Oct. 9. 1921.
Hobson M. Wade & Annette Moon m. July 14, 192–
Henry D. Wade & Iola Lance, m. Dec. 26, 1925.
Willie T. Wade & Ruby Healan m. June 24, —-.
Leila C. Wade & Langford, m


Marion Wade   b. April 15, 1876.
Elizabeth Susanna Wade,   b. Dec.26, 1882.
Jeremiah Gaspard Wade,   b. Aug 22, 1899.
Hobson Marion Wade,   b. May 9, 1901.
Lottie Iantha Wade,   b. Aug 9, 1902.
Laura Asilee Wade,   b. May 14, 1903.
Henry David Wade,   b. May 14, 1905.
Willie Thomas Driver Wade,   b. Sept. 10, 1906.
Emma May Wade,   b. July 22, 1908.
Elizabeth Iola Wade,   b. May 27, 1911.
Myron Wade,   b. Dec 9, 1912.
Lela Caline Wade,   b. Feb. 2, 1915.
Mattie Lee Wade,   b. Jan 8, 1917.
Cyrus Paxton Wade,   b. May 6, 1918.
Sumner Jewel Wade  , b. Apr. 23, 1920.


Emma May Wade   Died Mar. 9, 1909.
Mattie Lee Wade,  Died May 25, 1917.
Cyrus Paxton Wade, Died May 27, 1918.
Hobson Marion Wade, d. July 25, 1927.

(There was no page with date and place of printing of the Wade Bible, and it was in very bad condition.)  Copied by Eugenia D. Lawrence Ray, Athens, Ga.

I certify this is a true copy of the Bible Record of the Marion Wade Family,  made by me on January 14, 1949.
(Signed) Eugenia D. Lawrence Ray
(Signed) witness Frances West Reid

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