My Autrys from France to Oconee County

My Autrys from France to Oconee County By Charles Brown

In response to reading, “History of the People of Mars Hill Baptist Church & Community” By Amy Warren Sanders

There is some confusion among Autry/Autrey researches about the “Family Tree”. I will give my version, as I know it without embellishment of facts or speculation, except where I specify that I am speculating. Of course I know there will be as many different versions as there are descendants.  I am not a researcher of the Autry family, I have used information that others have compiled and from knowledge that I have experienced as a youngster and information related to me by my siblings and close relatives. I have most knowledge of Autrys who are my direct ancestors. I will also add information that I have on those Autrys in Amy Sanders’ book that are not my direct ancestors. I will use the AUTRY spelling to specify all Autrys in general, and use the specific spelling where I know that to be the case. Data in red are items that are different from those in Amy’s Sanders book. It does not necessarily mean that either data is incorrect.

From word of mouth family history there was at least one Autry, (Cornelius Autery, Sr. Son of Jeopine d’Autrey? Not verified) who as a young man of about 20 years old immigrated from France1 to the Carolina Colony and settled in what is now Edgecombe County. He married in about 1739 to a woman named Page or Paige, not sure if that is a first or last name. He, like most Autrys was fruitful and they multiplied. There were about eleven children by this union. Information that I have about the location of the offsprings birth is that 10 of them were born in Edgecombe County, NC and one in Pitt County NC.

Generation No. 1

1.  CORNELIUS AUTRY, SR.  (JEOPINE1) was born Bet. 1710 – 1720 in Haute Saone, France, and died Abt. 1770 in Edgecombe Co., NC.  He married PAGE UNKNOWN.  She died Unknown.


  1. 2. JOHN3 AUTRY, CAPTAIN, b. 1741, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. February 02, 1778, Wilkes Co, GA.
  2. 3. JAMES AUTRY, b. 1742, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. Bef. 1830, Tennessee.
  3. 4. ALEXANDER AUTRY, b. 1743, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. Abt. 1781, Georgia.
  4.  WILLIAM PAGE AUTRY, b. 1745, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. 1790, Samson Co, NC; m. RACHAEL.
  5. 5.CORNELIUS AUTRY, JR., b. 1747, Pitt Co, North Carolina; d. 1810, Samson Co, NC.
  6.  DRURY AUTRY, b. 1749, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. Aft. April 15, 1808, Edgecombe Co, NC.
  7.  ISHAM “ISOM” AUTRY, b. 1750, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. Unknown.
  8. 6. ABSALOM AUTRY, b. June 07, 1750, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. 1806, St Clair Co, Alabama.
  9.  MARTHA MARY AUTRY, b. January 10, 1753; d. Unknown, North Carolina.
  10.  SARAH AUTRY, b. 1755, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. Unknown; m. GEORGE VICKERS.
  11. 7. JACOB AUTRY, SR., b. 1756, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. 1827, Green Co, GA.

At least four of Cornelius’ sons were adventurous and struck out for the “WEST”, in this case South Carolina and finally the four settled in Georgia.

Even though Corneilus was loyal to the King of England more than one of his sons were Revolution Soldiers and were granted land for their service. (It was related to me that the Autry brothers owned a large portion of what is now Green County, Not verified!).

The four brothers were: Absalom, Jacob, John, and Alexander

1.  ABSALOM AUTREY was born June 07, 1750 in Edgecombe Co., NC.  He married MARY LUCY NAOMI CAMP1on about. 1774 in Lincoln Co., NC.  She was born about. 1750 in Greene Co., Ga.

Children of ABSALOM AUTREY and MARY CAMP are:

  1. MOLLIE2 AUTREY1, b. December 07, 1775, Lincoln Co., NC; m. SOLOMON PATRICK.
  2. ELIZABETH AUTREY,  born, 1778Lincoln Cc., NC, m. WILLIAM HILL
  3. DRUCILLA AUTERY1, b. 1781, Lincoln Co., NC; d. July 18, 1843; m. GEORGE MOORE, August 15, 1806, Jackson CO GA; d. February 19, 1843.
  4. JOHN AUTREY, b. 1782; m. ELIZABETH “BETTIE” HILL, 1815
  5. PRICILLA AUTREY, b. 1783, Jackson County GA; m. WILLIAM STRAWN
  6. PATRICIA AUTREY, b. 1785, Jackson County GA
  7. LUCY ANN AUTREY, b. 1788; m. ALLEN BONNER, 1836
  8. JACOB AUTREY1, b. April 22, 1789, Greene or Jackson CO GA; d. November 22, 1859, Villa Rica, Carroll County, GA; m. NANCY HILL, October 12, 1809.
  9. TEMPERANCE AUTREY, b. 1790, Jackson County GA; m. WILLIAM BANKSTON, February 07, 1812, Jackson CO GA.
  10. NANCY AUTREY, b. 1794, Jackson County GA; m. ALEXANDER STEWART, 1829, Henry County, Jasper GA.

There are many family trees on the Internet that contain Absolam Autry also married to Mary Lucy Naomi Camp, but with a completely different set of children except for John born in 1782. I tend to believe that the Family defined in Amy’s book is my relatives. There seems to be empirical and anecdotal evidence to support this IE: Deeds, tax bills, census data, church records, and pension applications. As Absalom was not a direct relative I have not been too concerned. Absolam was a brother to Jacob Autry, my 4th Great Grandfather.


  1. That Mary Lucy Naomi Camp are two different women (Mary Lucy and Naomi Camp) who are married to two different Absalom/Absolam Autry/Autery’s.
  2. Like today, a person’s name is stolen and used for financial gain, namely land grants. Could a stranger or a relative have used documentation of Absalom Autry to obtain a land grant? And from then on he used that name and records were adulterated.


  1. Could Mary Lucy Camp from Green County have been the influence that caused the Autry brothers to move to Georgia?
  2. Did she have relatives living in Lincoln County North Carolina?
  3. How and/or why did Absalom move from his father’s (Cornielus) homestead in Edgecombe County to Lincoln County where three of his children were born?
  4. Did Absalom move to Henry County to be cared for in his final years by his youngest daughter, Nancy?
  5. When did Mary Lucy and Absolam die?
  6. Where are they buried? One source says St. Claire County Alabama.

1. JOHN AUTRY, CAPTAIN  (CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born 1741 in Edgecombe Co, NC, and died February 02, 1778 in Wilkes Co, GA.  He married ELIZABETH ANN HAMPTON 1759 in Edgcombe Co, NC.

He served in the American Revolution from 1776-1778.   SEE: (

During the American Revolution the Creek Nation was generally successful in maintaining its neutrality, although factions of the tribe fought on either the British or American sides. In November 1783, two minor chiefs (Tallassee and Cusseta) ceded Creek land between the Tungaloy and Appalachia Rivers. After the cession, relations between the state of Georgia and the Creek Nation worsened and on April 2, 1786 the Creek Nation declared war. Attacks against settlers on Creek land were carried out. In spite of two attempts at treaty (Shoulderbone, 1786; New York, 1790) there was no sustained peace on the Georgia frontier until after the War of 1812.  It was during one of these skirmishes that Captain Autry was killed and scalped by the Creeks in 1788 at Scull Shoals in Wilkes County, GA during the Indian conflicts there.

After their crushing defeat at Jack’s Creek, the Indians had quieted down, but by February it had become necessary for General Elijah Clark to write Governor Handley that the Indians were in force on the south side of the Oconee and to send ammunition if he thought it wise to proceed against them. The next week Captain John Autry was killed by the Indians at Skull Shoals on the Oconee.

Captain Autry was buried on the Shores of the Oconee River, close to the battleground, although another source cites the location to be “On Richland Creek, near Scull Shoals on the Oconee River.” (Richard White, via e-mail)

Captain John Autry served under General Elijah Clark during the American Revolution and was awarded (given) 862-1/2 acres of land in recognition of his part in the Revolutionary War. This land was located in what was Washington County, Georgia and later absorbed into Green County when it was formed. After his death his heirs, his wife and eight children, sold 187-1/2 acres of the land. Deed is recorded in Washington (now Green) County in Volume 4, Pages 585 -586, dated November 17, 1792 to Mister Thomas Findly for 150 Pounds. (Hays, 1946)

“Captain John Autry”, by Mahan Blair Autry (no longer in print) is a book about this ancestor and his family.
Occupation: Farmer, Militia


  1. JACOB AUTRY, b. 1760, Beaverdam Creek Wilkes Co, GA; m. ELIZIBETH COOK, South Carolina; b. 1785, South Carolina; d. 1829, Frank, Alabama.
  2. NEWSOM AUTRY, b. 1761.
  3. MARTHA AUTRY, b. 1763.
  4. JAMES AUTRY, b. 1764.
  5. HARDY AUTRY, b. 1767.
  7. SOLOMON AUTRY, b. 1771.
  8. DRURY AUTRY, b. 1772.
  9. AGNES AUTRY, b. 1775.
  10. PRICILLA AUTRY, b. 1777.
  11. ALEXANDER4 AUTRY, b. January 14, 1780; d. September 22, 1857; m. PARTHENIA BULLOCK IRVIN, March 28, 1805, Oglethorpe County GA.

1.  ALEXANDER AUTRY  (CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born 1743 in Edgecombe Co, NC, and died about. 1781 in Georgia.


  1. ALEXANDER4 AUTRY, JR., b. 1780, Clarke (now Oconee) County, GA; m. MILLY DIGANS, March 28, 1805, Oglethorpe, GA.

Note: Not much about Alexander. He died young. I do not know if he served in the Revolutionary War.

I have included the descendants of Jacob Autry to Asa Gwynn Autry and Clyde Maxey because the Maxeys are mentioned in Amy’s book. Also mentioned in Amy’s book are the Easts and the Butlers, which are members of the families of Jacob’s descendants.

1. JACOB AUTRY  (CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born 1756 in Edgecombe Co, NC, and died 1827 in Green Co, GA.  He married ELIZABETH RUNNELLS 1778 in Wayne Co, NC.


  1. WILLIAM4 AUTRY, d. Unknown.
  2. DAVID AUTRY, d. Unknown.
  3. LEMUEL AUTRY, d. Unknown.
  4. JOHN AUTRY, d. Unknown.
  5. THIRSEY AUTRY, d. Unknown.
  6. MARY AUTRY, b. Aft. 1775; d. Unknown.
  7. JAMES AUTRY, d. Unknown.
  8. MILES AUTRY, d. Unknown.
  9. 2. JACOB  AUTRY Jr., b. 1783.

In Amy’s book there is some confusion on page 80 defining the many Jacob Autrys. The ones that I know of and may be of importance to the history of the area are probably the following:

  1. Jacob Autry born 1756 son of Cornelius Autry.
  2. Jacob Autry Jr? born 1783 the son of the above Jacob Autry
  3. Jacob P. Autry born 1846 son of Green Berry and was a CSA Soldier.

Jacob Autry born 1829 married to Sarah Ann Manley exists but I cannot tie him to any specific Autry. Possibly the son of Cornelius Autrey Jr. Who still resided in NC.

Generation No. 2

2.  JACOB AUTRY Jr. (JACOB, CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born 1783.  He married ELIZA HAYNES about. 1809.

Children of JACOB AUTRY Jr. and ELIZA HAYNES are:

  1. GREEN BERRY5 AUTRY, b. 1811, Greene Co GA; d. About. 1888, Oconee Co. GA.

Generation 3

3.  GREEN BERRY AUTRY (JACOB Jr., JACOB, CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born 1811 in Greene Co GA. 1888 in Oconee Co. GA.  He married (1) CAROLINE T. MALCOM December 23, 1835 in Walton Co GA, daughter of GEORGE MALCOM and SUSANNAH ALLEN.  She was born February 07, 1820 in Good Hope, Walton Co GA, and died October 25, 1861 in Oconee Co GA.  He married (2) SARAH FRANCES EVANS September 02, 1866 in Walton Co GA.  She was born 1850 in GA.

Caroline and Green are enumerated in the 1860 census in Clarke Co GA, High Shoals District, house 254.

Caroline is believed to be buried in Oconee Hills Cemetery in Athens, GA in an unmarked grave. The records for this cemetery were destroyed so it is uncertain.

Green Berry Autry is buried in “East Cemetery”, a field on the east side of Ray’s Church Road in Eastville, Oconee County Georgia. This Unmarked Grave Of Green B. Autry Was located by using deed records and family tradition. This is also the burial place for Silas East, Joel Autry’s father-in-law.


  1. SARAH ANN AUTRY, b. 1837, Walton Co GA.
  2. SUSAN R. AUTRY, b. April 25, 1839, Walton Co GA; d. May 12, 1895, GA.
  3. GEORGE WASHINGTON AUTRY, b. December 12, 1842, Walton Co GA; d. April 08, 1915, GA; m. AMEDIA GRIFFITH, August 23, 1866, Clarke Co. (now Oconee CO) Georgia.
  4. JACOB P. AUTRY, b. September 26, 1846,or 1844 Walton Co GA.CSA War records indicate: Private August 8, 1863. Captured near Calhoun, GA, May 16, 1864, and sent to Camp Douglas, IL prisons. In U.S. Army Hospital, Alton, IL, with chronic diarrhea. May 16, 1865. Released at Camp Douglas, IL, June 20, 1865.  Released from Hospital June 27, 1865. Burial: Ray’s Methodist Cemetery Oconee County GA
  5. ELIZA JANE AUTRY, b. 1849, Walton Co GA; d. June 28, 1893, GA.
  6. JOEL C. AUTRY, b. December 12, 1850, Walton Co GA; d. June 30, 1919, Oconee County Georgia.
  7. DAVID MALCOM AUTRY, b. March 24, 1852, Walton Co GA; d. January 31, 1917, GA.
  8. JOHN GANNAWAY AUTRY, b. May 10, 1854, Walton Co GA; d. September 19, 1941, GA.
  9. SAMUEL LUMPKIN AUTRY, b. 1856, Walton Co GA; d. 1947, GA.
  10. MARTHA C. AUTRY, b. 1858, Walton Co GA.
  11. NANCY M. AUTRY, b. 1859, Walton Co GA; d. 1860, Walton Co GA.
  12. WILLIS NORRIS AUTRY, b. January 09, 1841, Walton or Green, Georgia; d. October 22, 1927, Spalding Co, GA


  2. FRANCES AUTRY, b. 1870.
  3. VICTORIA AUTRY, b. 1873.
  4. THOMAS AUTRY, b. 1875.
  5. ELIZABETH AUTRY, b. 1878, Green County GA.

Generation No. 4

4.  JOEL C. AUTRY (GREEN BERRY, JACOB BROWN, JACOB, CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born December 12, 1850 in Walton Co GA, and died June 30, 1919 in Oconee County Georgia.  He married ELIZABETH EAST December 11, 1870 in Clarke Co. (now Oconee CO) Georgia, daughter of SILAS EAST and HARRIET HOWZE.  She was born February 20, 1844, and died December 17, 1928 in Oconee County Georgia.


Burial: Ray’s UMC Oconee County GA

Photograph below of Joel and Elizabeth East Autry’s family. Taken in Eastville, GA About 1900

From left: W.C. Warren, Fannie Warren and daughter, Lillie May; Asa Autry; James P. Autry; Samuel L. Autry; Olivia “Levi” Autry Dooley; Walter B. Autry; Josiah A. Autry, his wife, Pearl, and daughter Florrie. Seated are Joel C. Autry, Bettie (Elizabeth East) Autry and Melinda Snow, Elizabeth’s sister. Eastville was named for Silas East, father of Bettie Autry, who owned all the land in the community. (Source: Donnie East)

Children of JOEL AUTRY and ELIZABETH EAST are:

  1. ANNIE E.7 AUTRY, b. October 19, 1871.
  2. EUGENIA “Fannie”AUTRY, b. February 1873.
  3. JOSIAH AUTRY, b. 1875, Oconee County Georgia; d. 1943, Oconee County Georgia.
  4. 6. JAMES P. AUTRY, b. September 1877, Oconee County Georgia.
  5. WALTER B. AUTRY, b. February 1880, Oconee County Georgia; d. September 21, 1960, Atlanta Georgia.
  6. 7. SAMUEL LIVINGSTON AUTRY, b. February 1882, Oconee County Georgia; d. February 24, 1963, Oconee County Georgia.
  7. 8. ASA GWYNN AUTRY, b. July 07, 1884, Oconee County Georgia; d. June 24, 1937, Oconee County Georgia.
  8. OLIVIA “Levi” AUTRY, b. July 09, 1887; d. November 24, 1978.

5.  WILLIS NORRIS AUTRY (GREEN BERRY, JACOB BROWN, JACOB, CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born January 09, 1841 in Walton or Green, Georgia, and died October 22, 1927 in Spalding CO GA.  He married MARTHA MATILDA ADAMS September 22, 1861 in Georgia.  She was born 1842 in Georgia.


He served in the 44th GA Regiment, GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA, CSA, from Clarke Co GA.  He was captured at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House and remained a prisoner until the end of the war.

Burial: Hampton Henry Co GA

Children of WILLIS AUTRY and MARTHA ADAMS are:

  1. CARRIE ELIZABETH7 AUTRY, b. January 20, 1865, Georgia; d. December 02, 1942.
  2. BELLE AUTRY, b. 1867, Georgia.
  3. C. PUTMAN AUTRY, b. 1869, Georgia.
  4. ESSIE AUTRY, b. 1871, Georgia.
  5. SUSIE AUTRY, b. 1873, Georgia.
  6. JOE P. AUTRY, b. 1875, Georgia.
  7. SARAH AUTRY, b. 1876, Georgia.
  8. ANNIE AUTRY, b. 1878, Georgia.
  9. MATTIE AUTRY, b. about. 1879, Georgia.
  10. MERRILL AUTRY, b. About. 1880, Georgia.

Generation No. 5

6.  JAMES P.7 AUTRY (JOEL C., GREEN BERRY, JACOB BROWN, JACOB, CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born September 1877 in Oconee County Georgia.  He married EULATOR MAXEY July 26, 1908 in Oconee County Georgia, daughter of JAMEC MAXEY and MAMIE MCGANUHEY.  She was born 1892, and died 1963 in Oconee County GA.


Burial: Union Christian Church OconeeCounty Ga. Eulalah M. Autry on her gravestone

Children of JAMES AUTRY and EULATOR MAXEY are:

  1. MARY8 AUTRY, b. 1909.
  3. JOHN HENRY AUTRY, b. Aft. 1910.

7.  SAMUEL LIVINGSTON AUTRY (JOEL C, GREEN BERRY, JACOB BROWN, JACOB, CORNELIU, JEOPINE) was born February 1882 in Oconee County Georgia, and died February 24, 1963 in Oconee County Georgia.  He married LONIE ARTHUR About. 1902 in Oconee Co GA.  She was born 1884 in Oconee County GA, and died 1976 in Oconee County GA.


8. ASA GWYNN AUTRY (JOEL C., GREEN BERRY, JACOB BROWN, JACOB, CORNELIUS, JEOPINE) was born July 07, 1884 in Oconee County Georgia, and died June 24, 1937 in Oconee County Georgia.  He married CLYDE MAXEY December 14, 1905 in Oconee County Georgia; She was born May 03, 1888 in Oconee County Georgia, and died February 26, 1964 in Oconee County Georgia. She was the daughter of JAMES C. MAXEY and LOUISA BUTLER.

Burial: Union Christian Church Oconee Co GA

Burial: Union Christian Church Oconee Co GA
Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star and member of the Garden Club of Athens

Children of ASA AUTRY and CLYDE MAXEY are:

  1. LOUISE ELIZABETH AUTRY, b. September 27, 1906; d. February 05, 1992, Atlanta, GA; m. (1) JOE E. BROWN, About 1926; b. June 07, 1908; d. October 1981, Clarke County Georgia. Burial: Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Athens, GA; m. (2) JAMES CARNES, About. 1943; d. Cedartown, Georgia. Louise was named after her two grandmothers, Louisa Butler Maxey and Elizabeth East Autry. Burial: Union Christian Church, Oconee CO GA.
  2. AGNES AUTRY, b. August 27, 1908; m. JOHN ARTHUR REDMAN.
  3. iii. ASA TALMADGE AUTRY, b. September 18, 1918, Oconee County Georgia; m. GRACE CRONIC. He is 82 and both are living in Gainesville, GA, still active in church and life.
  4. CAROLYN1 AUTRY was born January 21, 1911, married THOMAS H. BOWDEN. Both were buried at Union Christian Church Oconee Co GA.

From the Archives of Charles Wesley Brown, son of Louise Elizabeth Autry and Joe A. Brown


3 thoughts on “My Autrys from France to Oconee County”

  1. Thomas Redwine Hartshorn Jr

    My name is Thomas Redwine Hartshorn Jr. Only member in my entire family NOT born in Georgia as I was hatched in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My mother was Eva Autry, daughter of Patman Autry, son of Willis Norris Autry, my maternal Great Grandfather.

  2. I am trying to find a Sarah Autry who was mother to James William “Bill” Guinn who was born Alabama 1850, and died Jackson Co., AL 1933. I got his death certificate and the name of mother appears to be Sarah Autry or Auty. The dad is Elias Guinn. His name has also been listed as Henderson Gunn, Elious Gwyn, among other spellings. He lived in Jackson Co., AL from about 1846 until his death in 1904. He is buried at Roach’s Church Cemetery, Fackler, AL.
    1850 he was listed with a Milly. Could be Sarah Melissa Autry I guess or he could have had a child with someone before he married the Milly. He could have had a child with more than 2 or 3 ladies. He married 1866 to a Sophia Wilbanks Burch. Another theory is, since he married 1866 to another lady, the person who informed the funeral home may have never known for sure. He was the same informant for one other relative, and it seems he was wrong in that case also. Thanks, Kathy

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