Pinetta Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Located about 1 1/4 miles off Hwy. 319 on Pinetta Road, Irwin County, Ga. Pinetta Rd. intersects with Hwy 319 (Ocilla -Tifton Hwy) about 9 miles west of Ocilla, Georgia. This cemetery was last transcribed prior to 2000 and there may now be additional burials not recorded here.

  • Adamson, Edward Eugene “Bill”  November 15, 1904-November 24, 1986; Husband of Erma O. Wright Adamson; Son of James Kenneth and Sarah Smith Adamson; Children: Edward, Weldon and Bobbie Nell
  • Adamson, Erma O. Wright   November 4, 1912-February 27, 1992; Wife of Edward E. Adamson
  • Adamson, Jr., Edward Eugene  October 20, 1933-December 30, 1983; Son of Edward E. Adamson and Erma O. Adamson
  • Brown, Sr.,Austin L. “Al”  September 11, 1921-July 30, 1994; Husband of Linda Fletcher Brown.
  • Burt, Mary Ann    July 4, 1929-April 14, 1994; Buried in plot of Clarnece E. and Geraldine Culpepper Mobley. ” In Memory Of”
  • Busbin, Todd Allan   November 26, 1984-June 11, 1995; Son of Larry and Vera B. Busbin.
  • Chaney, Jeff D.    April 17,1912-May 5, 1994; Husband of Louise G. Chaney
  • Chaney, Louise G.   December 17, 1915-June 27-1989; Wife of Jeff D. Chaney
  • Chapman, Dorothy Lavonia Gibbs  April 16, 1929-; Wife of Morris Lamar Chapman; m. July 27, 1952; Daughter of J. Richard Gibbs, Sr. and Mamie Harper Gibbs
  • Chapman, Morris Lamar   April 17, 1925-September 1, 1996; Husband of Dorothy L. Gibbs Chapman; Son of Elder J. A. Chapman and Mary Will Belk Chapman; CPL US ARMY WWII
  • Conaway, Harold Leonadio  November 14, 1930-July 9, 1996; US ARMY KOREA
  • Cox, Jimmy Jackson “Jack”  August 18, 1904-May 8,1991; Husband of Pearl Taylor Cox; Son of John Manning and Elizabeth Bridges Cox;
  • Cox, Pearl Taylor    October 12, 1905-April 19, 1998; Wife of Jimmy Jackson “Jack” Cox; Daughter of Telly and Lizzie Bass Taylor; Children: Louise, Cora Lee, Dora Mae, Clara Mae, Vernell, Jake, Henry, Herman, Cecil and Jessie;
  • Dixon, Joseph M. September 22, 1921-; Husband of Margaret Stone Dixon;
  • Dixon, Margaret Stone   August 28, 1928-; Wife of Joseph M. Dixon; Daughter of H. Ward Stone and Clyde S. Stone.
  • Dowdy, Agnes Vinson   December 7, 1924-; Wife of Elbert B. Dowdy, Sr.;
  • Dowdy, Sarah Marcella “Sister”  December 29, 1958-April 13, 2000; Daughter of Elbert B. Dowdy, Sr. and Agnes Vinson Dowdy; Siblings: Linda, Beth, Teresa, Wanda and E. B., Jr.
  • Dowdy, Sr., Elbert B.   19 March 1920-17 October 1983; Husband of Agnes V. Dowdy; Son of Joe D. and Annie Bell Baker Dowdy of Crisp County, Ga.
  • Fender, Amanda Jane Bratcher December 24, 1896-October 14, 1976; Wife of Issac F. Fender
  • Fender, Issac F. September 7, 1873-November 23, 1969; Husband of Amanda B. Fender; Children: Dona Mae, E. J. and Maudel
  • Fletcher , Clinton November 21, 1908-March 4, 1974; Son of James Paulk Fletcher and Mary Lenora Hutchinson Fletcher; Never Married.; PFC US ARMY WWII
  • Fletcher, Artie Tift November 29, 1890-March 2, 1967; Husband of Jane Sutton Fletcher; Son of James Paulk Fletcher and Mary Lenora Hutchinson Fletcher; Children: Sutton, Virginia, Doris, Paul, Amos
  • Fletcher, Christie Lillian Griffin October 27, 1922-; Wife of Paul Horace Fletcher; Daughter of Elder Ashley Griffin and Emma Gray Griffin.
  • Fletcher, Jane Sutton March 10, 1892-July 29, 1985; Wife of Artie Tift Fletcher; Daughter of John Ross Sutton and Flora A. Hooks Sutton.
  • Fletcher, Myrtle Rebecca Hall July 26, 1917-September 4, 1989; Wife of James Sutton Fletcher, Sr.; Daughter of Chesley Monroe Hall and Lizzie Bell Simmons Hall
  • Fletcher, Paul Horace November 11, 1916-October 15, 1992; Husband of Christie Lillian Fletcher; Son of Artie Tift Fletcher and Jane Sutton Fletcher; Children: Kenneth, Emilyn
  • Fletcher, Sr., James Sutton May 1, 1914-January 13, 1965; Husband of Myrtle Rebecca Hall Fletcher; Son of Artie Tift Fletcher and Jane Sutton Fletcher; “Children: Jane, Sue Carol, Linda, Jimmy and Joel.
  • Fletcher, Sr., Thomas Franklin “Frank” October 22, 1903-July 11, 1973; Husband of Thelma Mozelle Blount; Son of James Paulk Fletcher and Mary Lenora Hutchinson Fletcher; Children: Frank Jr., Lenora Jane, Jim, Charlie, and John David.
  • Fletcher, Thelma Mozelle April 6, 1903-November 2, 1961; Wife of Thomas Franklin “Frank” Fletcher, Sr.
  • Fletcher, Warren David March 12, 1896-December 30, 1979; Husband of Jimmie Hudson Fletcher and PVT US ARMY WWII; Son of James Paulk Fletcher and Mary Lenora Hutchinson Fletcher; Father of Mary Ethel Fletcher Heider
  • Gibbs, Betty Lou Bradshaw  April 19, 1940 – March 5, 1968; m. August 2, 1959 Wife of James J. Gibbs, Jr.; Daughter-in-law of James J. Gibbs, Sr. and Nassie Mixon Gibbs; Daughter of Mr. Mrs. Crawford Bradshaw of Pensacola, Florida; Children: Brenda, Michael, Donna;
  • Gibbs, Dona Mae Fender October 4, 1922-May 10, 1997; Wife of (1) Shelly B. Brooks; (2) E. Albert Gibbs; Daughter of Amanda Jane Bratcher Fender; Children: Robert and Roy Brooks
  • Gibbs, E. Albert December 20, 1913-May 9, 1977; Husband of Dona Mae Fender Brooks Gibbs
  • Gibbs, Jr., John Richard “J.R.” August 20, 1923-December 5, 1989; Husband of Vella Grace Paulk Gibbs; Son of J. Richard Gibbs, Sr. and Mamie Harper Gibbs; Children: Earl, Keith, and Reggie; S SGT US ARMY WWII
  • Gibbs, Mamie Harper June 15, 1902-June 23, 1976; Husband of J. Richard Gibbs, Sr.; Daughter of Wiley and Nancy Harper;
  • Gibbs, Michael Curtis   July 23, 1961-March 8, 1968; Son of James J. Gibbs, Jr. and Betty Lou Bradshaw Gibbs.
  • Gibbs, Nassie Mixon July 12, 1918-December 5, 1993; Wife of James J. Gibbs, Sr..
  • Gibbs, Sr. James Jackson   December 7, 1919 – December 18, 1993; Husband of Nassie Mixon Gibbs; Grandfather of Brenda and Donna Gibbs; Son of John Albert Gibbs and Alder Lynn Land Gibbs 1)Buried in Ben Hill County, Salem Baptist Church Cemetery. Children: James J. Gibbs, Jr.; ;
  • Gibbs, Sr., John Richard May 20, 1902-September 15, 1967; Husband of Mamie Harper Gibbs; Children: J. R., Dorothy and Randolph.
  • Gibbs, Vella Grace Paulk May 13, 1927-; Wife of J. Richard Gibbs, Jr.; Daughter of Jacob and Margaret Gray Paulk.
  • Guy, J. T. Monk February 8, 1921-November 8, 1969; Husband of Helen H. Guy Wiggins
  • Harper, Dorman Lee   April 29, 1930-May 14, 1986; Husband of Helen Hayes Harper m . June 13, 1949; Son of John B. and Elizabeth Whitley Harper; Children: Rich, Glenn, Deena and Marla; Siblings: Kenneth, Lamar, Joyce, Chloe, Lannelle, Mrs. Cobb
  • Harper, Helen Hayes August 27, 1934-; Wife of Dorman Lee Harper
  • Hayes, Evie Lee March 13, 1913- January 8, 1975; Wife of Thomas Edd Hayes
  • Hayes, Thomas Edd June 23, 1908-October 28, 1996; Husband of Evie Lee Hayes; Father of Helen Hayes Harper
  • Hayes, Thomas Wayne   April 22, 1943 – December 27, 1985; Son of Thomas Edward and Evie Lee Simpson Hayes; Children: Michael Wayne, Gregory Lee, Tonya Shea and Alison Nichole; Siblings: Robert and Helen; SP4 US ARMY;
  • Hendley, Herman R.   February 10, 1935 – October 28, 1990; Husband of Jayne Fletcher Hendley; Son of Julian and Ruby Morgan Hendley Bryant; Children: Sharon and Kelley; ;
  • Hendley, Jayne Fletcher July 30, 1940-; Wife of Herman R. Hendley; Daughter of James Sutton Fletcher, Sr. and Myrtle Hall Fletcher; Children: Kelley; ;
  • Henry, Aline Holt (b. Bartow County, Ga.) December 11, 1909 – January 16, 1992; Wife of J. Calvin Henry; Daughter of Murphy and Rosie Stephens Holt; Children: Helen Henry Guy Wiggins; Siblings: Charlie M., John O., Jimmy, J. T. and Virgil Holt also: Eunice, Marie, Ruth, Dorothy and;   Carolyn;
  • Henry, J. Calvin January 14, 1906-March 16, 1993; Husband of Aline H. Henry
  • Howell, Scarlett Michele April 10, 1974-June 24, 1980; Daughter of Sammy and Susan Young Howell
  • Howell, Susan Young August 14, 1952-June 24, 1980; Wife of Sammy Howell; Daughter of Edsel and Maudine Young
  • Hunter , James Ernest    September 10, 1913 – March 31, 1988; Husband of Eloise Whitley Hunter; Son of John Holiday Hunter and Sarah Alda Dixon Hunter.
  • Hunter, Eloise Whitley   November 8, 1913-; Wife of J. Ernest Hunter; Daughter of Archibald Mac Whitley and Lula Mixon Whitley
  • Hunter, John Holiday    July 6, 1889-July 12, 1966; Husband of Sarah Alder Dixon Hunter; Married. May 26, 1907; Son of D. E. and Maggie Dixon Hunter; Children: J. Ernest Hunter; Siblings: Mrs. A. J. “Sarah” Rowell, and Mrs. Mollie Owens
  • Hunter, Sarah Alda Dixon October 19, 1890-May 22, 1973; Wife of John H. Hunter; Mother of J. Ernest Hunter
  • Jones, Archie March 23, 1901-June 13, 1938; Husband of Abbie York Jones Mulkey; Children: Evoline, Ruby, Christine, A. C., J. B., Faustine, Geraldine, L. W.
  • McCard, Robbie Nell Parrish April 17, 1933-July 10, 1980; Wife of McCard ; Daughter of Robert K. Parrish and Beatrice S. Parrish
  • McCranie, James S.   July 2, 1944-February 11, 1985; Husband of Patricia W. McCranie; Son of Clyde and Sara Lee Sims McCranie; Children: Christopher Monroe and Sara Elizabeth;
  • McCranie, Patricia Warren March 7, 1947-; Wife of James S. McCranie
  • McFarland, James Archie   July 8, 1911-May 24, 1974; Husband of Nannie Sandiford; Son of Benjamin Franklin McFarland and Rosa Mae Hickman; Children: Lillie Murl, Gwenette, James Kenneth
  • McFarland, Nannie Sandiford  May 22, 1914- September 4, 1999; Wife of James Archie McFarland; Daughter of Thomas Phillip Sandiford and Athie Wynn Sandiford; Siblings: Warren, Edna Underwood, Zelda Spicer; ;
  • McGee, George January 25, 1917-September 13, 1976; Husband of Myrtice L. McGee
  • McGee, Myrtice L. August 20, 1923-; Wife of George McGee
  • Mixon, Joe Marvin February 14, 1944-July 16, 1990; PVT US ARMY
  • Mixon, Jr. , Jesse July 12, 1918-July 3, 1994; Husband of Lou Emma C. Mixon;
  • Mixon, Lou Emma C. November 19, 1919-; Wife of Jesse Mixon, Jr.
  • Mixon, Marvin J. June 7, 1912-September 1978; Husband of Ruth Mixon
  • Mixon, Ruth April 1, 1920-December 3, 1989; Wife of Marvin J. Mixon;
  • Mobley, Carroll E.   August 2, 1943-March 9, 1999; Son of Clarence Edwin and Geraldine Culpepper Mobley; Daughter: Diedre
  • Mobley, Clarence Edwin “Perch”  December 6, 1919-November 20, 1998; Husband of Geraldine Culpepper Mobley; Son of Albert L. and Leona Hall Mobley; Children: Carroll and Peggy;
  • Mobley, Geraldine Culpepper  August 13, 1922-; Wife of Clarence E. Mobley; Daughter of Joseph C. and Annie Culpepper of Worth County, Ga.;
  • Mulkey, Abbie York Jones April 29, 1908-May 29, 1995; Wife of (1) Archie Jones; (2) Johnie R. Mulkey; Daughter of F. A. York and Mamie Worthy York.
  • Mulkey, Brenda Sue April 9, 1947-June 6, 1949; Daughter of Johnie R. Mulkey and Abbie York Jones Mulkey; Sister of George, Barbara, “Bud”, and Linda; ;
  • Mulkey, Donnie Carver   May 9, 1889-December 2, 1982; Wife of (1) Rich H. Mulkey and (2) Wootson M. Mulkey (brothers-both buried in Irwinville Cemetery,; Irwinville, Georgia); Daughter of Andrew and Louisa Jones Carver of Coffee County, Ga.; Mother of Johnie R., Rachel, Ruby, Esther, and Myrtice;
  • Mulkey, Johnnie R. December 1, 1915-November 19, 1969; Husband of Abbie York Jones Mulkey, Son of Donnie Carver Mulkey; Children: Barbara, George, Bud, Linda and Brenda
  • Mulkey, W. R. “Bud” November 5, 1940-October 28, 1998; Son of Johnnie R. Mulkey and Abbie York Jones Mulkey
  • Musslewhite, Baby b/d December 10, 1968.
  • Parrish, Beatrice S. August 15, 1908-June 14, 1994; Wife of Robert K. Parrish.
  • Parrish, Frank “Hub” November 12, 1899-February 3, 1973; Husband of Leila H. Parrish;
  • Parrish, Lamar    October 12, 1912- July 20, 1986; Husband of Mary T. Parrish; Son of Wiley F. Parrish and Sarah L. “Lucy” Wilkerson Parrish; Children: Roger, Jacqueline and Janice;
  • Parrish, Leila Bell Harrelson  June 1, 1902-April 17, 1982; Wife of Frank “Hub” Parrish; Daughter of Bradley and Laura Anne Godwin Harrelson of Telfair County, Ga.; Children: Ralph, Charlie, Lloyd, Mary, Lillie, Anne, Velma and Doris
  • Parrish, Mary Tucker    September 17, 1921-; Wife of Lamar Parrish; Daughter of Robert Walter and Katherine Carver Tucker; ;
  • Parrish, Robert K. “Rob” January 24, 1903-July 9, 1990; Husband of Beatrice S. Parrish
  • Parrish, Sebern A. “S. A.”   September 1911-February 15, 1985; Husband of Rachel Mulkey Parrish; Son of Frank W. and Rachel Willis Parrish; Children: Peggy Jean, Kent, and Natalie and Dianne; ;
  • Paul, Jesse 1921-1974; Husband of Jewell Mixon Paul.
  • Paul, Jewell Mixon Aprl 17, 1923-September 14, 1998; Wife of Jesse Paul; Daughter of Thomas Mixon and Pearlie Barry
  • Paul, LaVaughn 1944-1990; Son of Jesse Paul and Jewell Mixon Paul
  • Paul, Thomas A.   September 13, 1952-August 6, 1968; Son of Jesse Paul and Jewell Mixon Paul
  • Robinette, Joshua Allen November 23, 1987-December 24, 1988
  • Stankowitz, Eva, J. October 18, 1913-August 31, 1980; Wife of Rev. Rollie Stankowitz
  • Stankowitz, Rev. Rollie Novembe 22, 1911-; Husband of Eva J. Stankowitz
  • Stevens, Sue Carol Fletcher Wiggins  October 21, 1942-December 10, 1982; Wife of (1) Larue Wiggins (2) Robert W. Bryan (3) Stevens; Daughter of James Sutton Fletcher, Sr. and Myrtle Hall Fletcher; ;
  • Stone, Clyde Sandiford   February 14, 1908-March 31, 1987; Wife of H. Ward Stone ; m. April 10, 1927; Daughter of T. P. Sandiford and Athie Nisarah Wynn Sandiford
  • Stone, H. Ward    May 25, 1903-October 25, 1977; Husband of Clyde Sandiford Stone; Son of James L. and Martha “Mattie” Akridge Stone
  • Stone, James R. “J.R.”   September 15, 1908- February 18, 1965; Husband of Mamie L Tucker; Son of James L. and Martha “Mattie” Akridge Stone;
  • Stone, Mamie L. Tucker September 30, 1912-April 29, 1982; Wife of James R. “J. R.” Stone; Daughter of Robert Walter and Katherine Carver Tucker; Children: Rev. Bobby Stone and Mrs. James Casper
  • Stone, Mary and Martha b/d October 10, 1967; Twin Daughters of Bobby and Betty Stone
  • Sumner, Betty Ruth Bryant April 4, 1935-; Wife of Crawford Sumner; Daughter of Homer and Betty E. Bryant; Children: Tony and David
  • Sumner, Kayla Amanda December 17, 1991-December 13, 1992; Daughter of Tony and Jane Sumner
  • Sumner, Willis Crawford Novembe 23, 1933-August 24, 1997; Husband of Betty Ruth Bryant Sumner; Son of W. C. and Myrtle Parrish Sumner
  • Townsend, Tiney Elbert May 12, 1914-September 11, 1994; Husband of Lenora Jane Fletcher Townsend; Son of Taylor and Alice Pate Townsend; Children: Mary Alice, Doc, and Walt; ;
  • Tucker, G. D.      December 16, 1910-May 6, 1986; Husband of Louise C. Tucker
  • Tucker, Louise Cox   October 10, 1923-January 15, 2000; Wife of G. D. Tucker; Daughter of Jimmy Cox and Pearl Taylor Cox; Children: Mamie, Genell, Virginia and Dianne;
  • Tucker, Marvin W. July 6, 1914-February 27, 1981; Husband of Vivian Stone Tucker; Son of Robert Walter and Katherine Carver Tucker
  • Tucker, Vivian Stone March 31, 1923-; Wife of Marvin W. Tucker
  • Whitley, Carl J. March 17, 1939-; Husband of Myrte Mixon Whitley
  • Whitley, Michael J. November 3, 1965-May 9, 1966; Son of Carl J. Whitley and Myrtle Mixon Whitley; ;
  • Whitley, Myrtle Mixon   August 4, 1941-August 7, 1978; Wife of Carl J. Whitley; Daughter of Jesse Mixon, Jr. and Lou Emma C. Mixon; ;
  • Wiggins, Daniel Bruce March 19, 1968-November 12, 1990; Son of Larue Wiggins and Sue Carol Fletcher Wiggins Stevens;
  • Wiggins, Dianne Michelle May 16, 1961-May 30, 1982; Daughter of Larue Wiggins and Sue Carol Fletcher Wiggins Stevens
  • Wiggins, Helen Holt Guy   March 26, 1928-; Wife of (1) J. T. Monk Guy (2) Wiggins;
  • Wynn, Milton Eugene “Gene” November 28, 1904-July 14, 1993; Husband of Pearlie Page Wynn; Son of Frank Wynn and Frankie Yearty Wynn; Children: Milton Eugene, Roland, John Eston, James Dale “Buddy”, Hazel, Glenda Sue, Mary Lee and; Jean.
  • Wynn, Pearlie Page March 18, 1913-; Wife of Milton E. Wynn.
  • York, James Andrew    June 22, 1914-May 12, 1981; Husband of Mildred Wilkes York; Son of William Asa York and Minnie J. Fletcher York; Children: Eddie and Ann
  • York, Mildred Wilkes   May 8, 1914-August 17, 2000; Wife of James A. York; Daughter of Thadeus Wilkes and Alvena Yeomans Wilkes

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1.Buried in Ben Hill County, Salem Baptist Church Cemetery.
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