Pinetta Fletcher Cemetery

Pinetta Fletcher Cemetery is listed as Warren Fletcher Cemetery in “Irwin County Cemeteries” by Jessie Paulk. Located about 1/3 mile from Hwy 319 on Pinetta Church Road, in Irwin County Georgia. This cemetery was last transcribed prior to 2000 and there may now be additional burials not recorded here.

  • Bouchard, Gail Ellen Willcox  February 3, 1944-August 1, 1985; Daughter of Dr. William David Willcox and Geneva Ellen Hussey; Wife of Richard Malon Bouchard
  • Clements, Dollie Parrish  December 30, 1891-February 12, 1970; Wife of James Jackson Clements; Daughter of Wiley F. Parrish
  • Clements, Geraldine Moore  1943
  • Clements, Infant Son (Probably James Millard) November 24, 1906-July 25, 1907; Child of Sarah Alice Walker Clements and George Edwin Clements , Great grandchild of James B. Fletcher and Malissa Paulk Fletcher.
  • Clements, James Jackson  November 11, 1882-January 22, 1952; Husband of Dollie Parrish Clements
  • Clements, Marion Wendell  17 August 1939-April 1972; Son of Miriam Clements Fletcher
  • Cobb, Millie Fletcher Paulk May 8, 1839- Nov 19, 1911; Wife of (1) Hiram Paulk (2) Thomas Cobb m. January 21, 1865
  • Dawson, Catherine Ellen Fletcher  17 August 1897-23 October 1932; Wife of Russell Kent Dawson, Daughter of J. P. and Lenora H. Fletcher
  • Duren, Frances Elizabeth Willcox  October 30, 1923-January 8, 1996; Daughter of  Dr. Charles Hugh Willcox and Elizabeth Missouri Fletcher; Wife of Richard Quillen Duren
  • Eason, Bessie Lee March 13, 1914-April 20, 1914; Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. W. H. Eason (Alice Barton) who married Feb. 26, 1905
  • Fletcher, Benjamin Drew  June 7, 1898-July 25, 1908
  • Fletcher, Betty Kay Busbin  August 19, 1963; Wife of Robert E. “Bobby” Fletcher; Daughter of Gordon Busbin and Polly Fletcher Busbin
  • Fletcher, Clifton H. “Cliff”  January 23, 1904-February 9, 1985; Husband of Miriam Clements; Son of George Warren Fletcher and Sarah Gibbs ; Grandson of Henry T. Fletcher and Sarah Paulk
  • Fletcher, Daughter Elizabeth  December 2, 1898-March 21, 1899; Child of E. G. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Douglas Mc Arthur  November 21, 1946-May 7, 1965; Son of Plemon and Nona Paulk Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Elbert G. (Ebb) September 28, 1863-January 16, 1911; Son of John W. Fletcher and Martha Slaughter Fletcher; Husband of Elizabeth R. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Elizabeth R. Fletcher  September 23, 1872-February 13, 1910; Wife of Elbert G. (Ebb) Fletcher; Daughter of James B. Fletcher and Malissa Paulk Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Gertrude June 8, 1899-Oct 21, 1903 [1]age 3 years, 8 months and 12 days; Daughter of W. J. and Susan Fletcher; Sister of John Glover, Betty, and Sallie.
  • Fletcher, Infant b/d Nov 1, 1890; Child of Betty B. and E. G. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Infant b/d July 16, 1895; Child of Betty R. and E. G. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Infant Daughter  September 6, 1936-September 7, 1936; Child of Mr. And Mrs. Plemon G. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Infant May 6, 1894-May7, 1894; Child of Betty R. and E. G. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Infant n/d; Child of J. P. and Lenora H. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Infant Twins b/d December 30, 1940; Children of J. E. and Rebecca R. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, James 1852- 1863; Son of J. W. Fletcher and Ellen Paulk Fletcher
  • Fletcher, James B. ( Black Jim)  December 1836-1913; Husband of Malissa Paulk; Son of William Fletcher and Mary Ann Dorminey
  • Fletcher, James Edgar “Eddie”  June 30, 1904-July 22, 1966; Husband of Rebecca Roberts Fletcher; Son of Elbert G. Fletcher and Elizabeth Fletcher
  • Fletcher, James Paulk ( Hash Jim)  July 23, 1868-August 13, 1950; Husband of Mary Lenora Hutchinson;; Son of James B. Fletcher and Malissa Paulk Fletcher
  • Fletcher, John Glover 23 July 1868-13 August 1950; Husband of Bessie Chafin; Son of William Jacob (Boy) Fletcher and Susana Samantha (Susie B.) Sutton Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Malissa Paulk July 14, 1839-1926; Wife of James B. Fletcher; Daughter of Jacob Paulk and Catherine Henderson
  • Fletcher, Martha M. Slaughter  August 17, 1835-August 17, 1891;  2nd Wife of J. W. Fletcher m. October 3, 1854
  • Fletcher, Mary August 12, 1892-19 March 1893; Child of J. P. and Lenora H. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Mary Lenora Hutchinson  December 22, 1871- April 17, 1961; Wife of James Paulk Fletcher; Daughter of Bailus Champion Hutchinson
  • Fletcher, Mildred March 1, 1925- September 10, 1927; Daughter of J. E. and Rebecca R. Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Miriam Clements  August 4, 1904-May 30, 1986; Daughter of James Jackson Clements and Dollie Parrish Clements
  • Fletcher, Nona Paulk December 31, 1914-July 19, 1989; Wife of Plemon Gaskin Fletcher and Daughter of Joel Paulk and Mary Isabell Newbern Paulk
  • Fletcher, Plemon Gaskin  February 14, 1906-August 1, 1970; Husband of Nona Armada Paulk Fletcher and Son of James Paulk Fletcher and Mary Lenora Hutchinson Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Rebecca Roberts  September 18, 1898-October 10, 1971; Wife of “ Eddie” Fletcher; Daughter of John A. Roberts and Juda Ann Roberts ( 1st cousins)
  • Fletcher, Robert Eugene “Bobby”  April 11, 1931- June 29, 1997; Son of James Edgar “Eddie” Fletcher and Rebecca “Becky” Roberts.; Husband of (1)Abbie Mae Canter and (2) Betty Kay Busbin
  • Fletcher, Sr., J. W. ( John W.)  January 7, 1832- April 23, 1917; Son of William Fletcher and Mary Ann (Polly) Dorminey; Husband of (1) Ellen Paulk (daughter of James Paulk and Faithy Akridge); (2) Martha Slaughter;; And (3) Mary Jane Tucker
  • Fletcher, Susie B. Sutton  October 25, 1862-November 17, 1917; Wife of William Jacob (Boy) Fletcher; Daughter of Joseph Z. Sutton and Missouri Sumner
  • Fletcher, William Jacob (Boy)  October 31, 1860-November 17, 1920; Husband of Susana Samantha (Susie B.) Sutton; Son of James B. ( Black Jim) Fletcher and Malissa Paulk Fletcher
  • Fletcher, Willie T. November 1, 1891-August 2, 1905; Buried between J. W. Fletcher, Sr. and Martha Slaughter Fletcher
  • Fletchr, Son b/d March 5, 1906; Child of E. G. Fletcher
  • Hutto, Ida Rosette February 19, 1908-October 8, 1908; Daughter of Riley and Ealon Hutto
  • Langley, Lillie Fletcher Weaver  April 3, 1889-June 21, 1962; Wife of (1) William Thomas Weaver and (2) Mr. Langley; Daughter of Elbert G. Fletcher and Elizabeth B. Fletcher
  • Luke, Millie F. (called “Sweet”)  March 4, 1893-January 7, 1906; (only daughter of Mrs. M. V. Luke); 12 years, 10 months and 3 days
  • Luke, Millie Fletcher August 5, 1874- March 4, 1893; Wife of Jessie J. Luke; Daughter of James B. Fletcher and Malissa Paulk Fletcher
  • Myers, J. D.  February 2, 1854-13 July 1923
  • Nash, Robert Emmett October 6, 1957-October 9, 1957; Son of Willis and Martha Parrish Nash
  • Owens, Mollie Hunter September 27, 1892 -January 8, 1993; Mother of Plemon Owens
  • Owens, Plemon July 16, 1915-September 20, 1950; Son of Mollie Hunter Owens
  • Padgett, Son of b/d September 7, 1909; S. L. and Effie B. Fletcher Padgett, Jr.
  • Parrish, H. Wayne March 1951-January 1998; Son of H. Wesley Parrish
  • Parrish, H. Wesley October 25, 1925-October 21, 1986; Son of Henry W. Parrish and Ruby S. Parrish
  • Parrish, Henry W. May 20, 1898-April 26, 1945; Husband of Ruby Snellgrove Parrish
  • Parrish, Infant Myrtle Rowena  1934; Daughter of Henry W. Parrish and Ruby Snellgrove Parrish
  • Parrish, Jr., Earnest S. June 13, 1960; Son of Earnest S. Parrish , Sr. and Norma J. Parrish
  • Parrish, Norma J. May 15, 1932; Wife of Earnest S. Parrish, Sr.
  • Parrish, Ruby S. February 18, 1907-September 14, 1975; Wife of Henry W. Parrish
  • Parrish, Sarah L. “Lucy” Wilkes  Aug. 7, 1875-June 3, 1963; Wife of Wiley F. Parrish; Probably born in Wheeler County, Ga.
  • Parrish, Sr., Earnest S. February 28, 1932; Husband of Norma J. Parrish
  • Parrish, Wiley F. Nov 8, 1867- April 28, 1951; Husband of Sarah L. “Lucy” Wilkes Parrish; Father of Lamar,and Herman Parrish, and Dollie Parrish Clements.
  • Paulk, Elbert Thomas 1884-1965; Husband of Lena Turner Paulk; Son of John W. Paulk and Nancy E. Turner Paulk; Grandson of Millie Cobb
  • Paulk, Faitha Akridge November 6, 1805-January 19, 1888; Wife of James Paulk
  • Paulk, James September 15, 1798-March 4, 1861; Husband of Faithy Akridge Paulk and Father of Ellen Paulk Fletcher; Son of Micajah Paulk and Mary C. Young
  • Paulk, John W. 15 March 1864-5 Jul 1936; Husband of Nancy E. Turner; Son of Hiram Paulk and Millie Fletcher Paulk Cobb
  • Paulk, Lena Turner; Wife of Elbert Thomas Paulk m. March 19, 1911 1895-1955
  • Paulk, Nancy E. Turner Sept 1868- 1952; Wife of John W. Paulk; Daughter of Joseph Alexander turner and Rachel Pickren Turner
  • Stone, Carrie Stone February 12, 1882-October 17, 1949; Wife of Henry A. Stone (m. June 5, 1904) Children: Robert, Roy, Lucille
  • Stone, Henry A. October 7, 1870-October 6, 1943; Husband of Carrie Stone Stone
  • Stone, James L. April 6, 1873 -April 2, 1956; Husband of Martha Akridge (m. Jan. 1, 1915)
  • Stone, Martha Akridge March 1940; Wife of James L. Stone
  • Stone, Thomas Roy May 11, 1905-September 27, 1939; Son of Henry A. Stone and Carrie Stone Stone
  • Tucker, Catherine “Katie” Carver  June 3, 1893-June 8, 1985
  • Tucker, Robert Walter; Husband of Catherine “Katie” Carver Tucker Feb 22, 1890-January 21, 1949
  • Turner, Connie 1974; Daughter of Charles Doc Turner and Connie Fletcher Turner; GrandDaughter of Cliff and Miriam Fletcher
  • Weaver, Infant son (probably William Edgar Weaver)  no date; Child of Lillie Fletcher and William Thomas Weaver  probably born Oct 1, 1908
  • Wilkerson, Infant Beth  June 15, 1946-October 12, 1946; Daughter of C. E. Wilkerson (Cliff) and Mabel Parrish Wilkerson; GrandDaughter of Francis Marion Parrish
  • Willcox, Sallie (Sarah Amelia)  October 29, 1890-October 24, 1908; (age 17 years, 11 months, and 21 days); Wife of Dr. C. H. Willcox; Daughter of William Jacob (Boy) Fletcher and Susana Samantha (Susie B.) Sutton
  • Willcox, Susie Mae March 13, 1914-March 15, 1918; Daughter of Dr. C. H. Willcox and Bettie Fletcher Willcox
  • Worthy, G. B. April 1859- November 9, 1951; Husband of (1) Martha E. Worthy  (2) Nora Hutto (3) Ora Bell Smith m. March 25, 1906; Grandfather of Abbie York Jones Mulkey
  • Worthy, Martha E. November 20, 1863-June 26, 1902; Wife of G. B. Worthy; Grandmother of Abbie York Jones Mulkey
  • Worthy, Nora Hutto  July 12, 1883-October 15, 1904; Wife of G. B. Worthy married Nov 6, 1902
  • York, Annelle no date Daughter of F. A. York
  • York, Henry Fletcher May 23, 1911-Februrary 25, 1998; Husband of Nellie Alice Laminack and Son of William Asa York and Minnie Fletcher York
  • York, infant son no date; Son of F. A. York
  • York, Mamie Worthy October 15, 1888-January 15, 1922; Daughter of G. B. Worthy and Martha E. Worthy; Wife of F. A. York; Mother of Abbie York Jones Mulkey
  • York, Nellie Alice Laminack  March 4, 1906-April 28, 1977; Wife of Henry Fletcher York
  • York, William Asa November 2, 1856-Dec 14, 1944; Husband of (l) Abbie Tomberlin, (2) Minnie Fletcher and (3) Bessie Chafin Fletcher; Father of Henry F. York

Graves not in this Cemetery

  • Bowen, Elizabeth (Betty) Missouri Fletcher Willcox- buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Ben Hill county , Ga.
  • Fletcher, Clinton  buried in Pinetta Baptist Church Cemetery

Graves listed in “Cemeteries of Irwin County” and still not found.

  • Bostick, Henry W.
  • Bostick, Melissa Fletcher
  • Cobb, Thomas
  • Fletcher, Evelyn
  • Fletcher, Jacob
  • Fletcher, Mary Ellen
  • Paulk, Mary
  • Willcox, Marcus Fletcher

There is one unidentified grave in the Willcox section.

And there are 2 graves not identified -they have hardly any markings.

Many thanks to June Harper of Irwin County, Georgia, for the above information.


1age 3 years, 8 months and 12 days

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