1898 Confederate Pensions in Coweta County GA

Confederate Widows

Bevis	S	M			Jackson	M	J	
Boggs	M	E			Kilgore	Alzada		
Bowers	Mary				Kimble	T	L	
Bridges	M	M			Kersey	N	C	
Brook 	M	A			King	E	J	
Brooks	M	M			Lester	R 	L	
Burkes	L	C			Morris	Nancy		
Bussey	L	C			Marsh	E	A	
Carmical	M	M		Martin	Martha		
Cheshire	C 	R		May	Mary		
Cochran	E	M	Deceased	Mclane	M	E	
Cole	M	M			Meeks	Sarah		
Cruse	S	E			Morgan	Mary		
Driver	Millie	A			Moses	M	A	
Dalton	E				Nall	D	L	
Dobbs	M	A			Peak	N	H 	Deceased
Edwards	S	M			Rigsby	Sarah		
Elder	Nancy		Deceased	Shaddix	Hannah		
Freeman	M	E			Shipp	E		
Furguson	E	J		Simmons	Judith		
Gibson	F	M			Simpson	S	E	
Goodson	M	E			Skinner	C 		
Graves	E	A			Stewart	Keziah		
Gray	C 	M			Stewart	N	J	
Gurley	N	A			Strickland	L	Deceased
Haines	M	A			Suggs	Mary		
Higgins	M	J			Summer	Martha		
Hill	M	A			Terrell	S	F	
Hogue	M	E			Thornton	A 	E	
Hubbard	E				Urquart	H 	L	
Hunt 	Narcissa			Walker	W	A	
Hunter	Jane				Ward	E	C
Hyde	M				Yeager	Minerva	

Indigent Soldiers

Allen	William	M				
Boswell	Stephen					
Bexley	J	L				
Bingham	P	R				
Conger	Zach					
Collins	C	S	Deceased			
Crook	L					
Dunlap	D	J				
Dukes	Sherard	
Entrekin	J	M
Furlow	J	J
Hairston	J	M
Haynie	M	H
Harrison	Benjamin	
Hartley	Tillman	
Ingram	J	J
Jackson	Walker	
Long	J	L
Leigh	W	D
Mcdonald	Young	
Mccullough	L	
Morgan	I 	N
Millirons	C	
Mcmichael	John	
Nash	Henry	
Price	J	S
Reddin	W	L
Rucker	F	P
Ragsdale	C	D
Scroggin	William	
Slaughter	Lewis	
Strickland	R	T
Swint	Thomas	
Simril	R	E
Shaw	J	P
Smith	John	
Smith	J	L
Turner	A	M
Williamson	Zach	
Walton	J	B
Williamson	Benjamin				
Wallace	John				
Walker	G	M			
Widener	J	D			
Williams 	J	B			

Invalid Soldiers

Addy	J	S		Disease			$50.00
Arnold	T	H		Body Wound		$50.00
Austin	J	P		Blindness		$150.00
Brooks	R	P D		Wound			$50.00
Belisle	L	D		Wound			$50.00
Bevis	J	M		Wound			$50.00
Bowden	R	S		Wound			$50.00
Brewster	D	F	Total Disability	$100.00
Brewster	J	P	Loss Of Leg		$100.00
Brown	C	T		Disabled Leg 		$50.00
Condor	J	P		Disease			$50.00
Carmical	G 	H	Loss Of Eye		$30.00
Cotton	J	R		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Cranford	G	E	Wound			$50.00
Clark	John	B		Finger			$5.00
Elmore	D	E		Loss Of Leg		$100.00
Evans	R	V		Wound			$50.00
Foster	S	A		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Garrison	J	D	Wound			$50.00
Herring	Samuel			Disabled Leg 		$50.00
Hodnett	B	F		Disabled Arm & Fingers	$60.00
Hubbard	M	C		Wound			$50.00
Hutchins	A	S	Disabled Hand		$25.00
Jackson	I	J		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Jones	T	F		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Jordan	W	D		Total Disability	$100.00
Mcleroy	P	M		Wound			$50.00
Mccollum	J	R	Loss Of Leg & Loss Two Fingers	$110.00
Neely	J	P		Loss Of Arm		$100.00
North	R	A		Loss Of One Toe		$5.00
Norton	J	C		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Owens	J	B		Disabled Leg		$50.00
Payne	L	M		Wound			$50.00
Padgett	M	A		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Pearson	W	W		Disease			$50.00
Reese	J	P		Disease			$50.00
Reeves	F	A		Disease			$50.00
Roberts	G	M		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Robertson	W	L	Diseased Leg		$50.00
Saunders	S	H	Wound			$50.00
Spradlin	A	M	Disabled Foot		$25.00
Shell	J	A Z		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Stowers	J	M		Disabled Leg		$50.00
Sims	M	W T		Disease			$50.00
Smith	D	E		Loss Of Eye		$50.00
Summers	W	R		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Taylor	W	L		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Tench	R	M		Disabled Arm		$50.00
Thompson	J	C	Disease			$50.00
Thurmond	S	D	Wound			$50.00
West	Isham			Disabled Arm		$50.00
Winkles	W	J		Disease			$55.00
Young	Levi	S		Loss Of Arm		$100.00

Contributed by Dianne Wood ©2002

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