Evergreen Cemetery, Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia

NAME Date of Birth Date of Death
John Cleveland Brown31 Jan 188700 Dec 1974
Annie Rogers Clemons06 Sep 190209 Jun 1964
Chattie B. Clemons12 Jun 189702 Aug 1974
John Clemons22 Aug 188909 Feb 1963
William B. Clemons10 Apr 189426 Aug 1964
A. B. Griner29 Feb 189209 Nov 1972
Nina Lou Bass Griner25 Jul 190317 Jan 1955
James Monroe Harrell03 Mar 189111 Apr 1971
James Monroe Harrell20 Jun 192117 Jun 1997
Margaret Winifred Daniel Harrell02 Oct 185625 Aug 1915
Ruby Myrtice Melton Harrell02 Oct 189014 May 1954
William Levi Harrell20 Oct 186016 Nov 1935
William Melton Harrell10 Jun 192423 Feb 1944
James Walter McCranie19 Aug 188506 Mar 1967
John Marion McCranie25 Dec 191712 Aug 1942
Mildred Louise Taylor McCranie15 Nov 191729 Jan 1965
Orleana Gertrude Harrell McCranie27 Jun 188509 Feb 1974
Rebecca McDuffie McCranie11 May 188526 Aug 1962
Roderick Manning McCranie13 Jan 187815 May 1951
Roderick Manning McCranie28 Nov 191231 Aug 2000
Jane Eola Brown Melton17 Oct 190926 Nov 1996
John Robert Melton01 Apr 193026 Feb 1999
William Tom Melton00 Apr 190700 Oct 1970
Delmar Preston Nunnery {4}15 Sep 190016 Nov 1923
Ollie Corinne McCranie Oakes17 Aug 190704 Aug 1971
Rufus Pate07 Jul 191120 Aug 1973
Vesta Malinda Westberry Pate25 Aug 191626 Nov 1986
Jesse Steve Raynor15 Mar 189608 Aug 1966
Mary Lizzie McCranie Raynor27 Aug 190410 Aug 1983
Herman Ivan Sherrill04 Jun 191007 Aug 1978
Willie Morris Sherrill07 Oct 191114 Apr 1989
Hilary Stone Taylor15 Sep 189109 Apr 1975
Alberta Dowdy Willcox18 Dec 189823 Aug 1995
Robert T. Willcox12 Jan 187829 Jul 1960

Source: Submitted by Diana McGowan Pate, Brenda Melton Rousseau, Bill Harrell, and Susan Nunnery.

If you have any additions or corrections that you would like for me to make please contact us or use the comment form at the bottom of this page. Your contributions will be most welcome.

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  1. Oh, please help me find Gwinnett county genealogy. Did it change names? I’m looking for my grandfather, Clifford Hutchins. Regards, Carol Getty

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