Dickson Cemetery, Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia

Name Date of BirthDate of Death
Rosanna Arington~29 Jun 1906
G. W. Bartlett18601936
Lula Bell Bartlett18801958
Alonzo D. Boykin16 Nov 186721 Oct 1876
Tommie Chaney18 Nov 190724 Nov 1907
Baby Christmas~1939
Wilmer Christmas~1939
Mary Ann Coleman18 Jan 1855~
William R. Coleman22 May 188030 Nov 1885
Babe Dickson11 Oct 186331 Aug 1865
Emely E. Dickson21 Jun 185501 Sep 1858
Emma Lillie Dickson09 Jun 188603 Apr 1887
Leeola Pauline Dickson15 Jun 189517 Jul 1908
Marion Dickson13 Nov 185903 May 1931
Mathur Marvin Dickson14 Feb 188820 Oct 1905
Rachael McCook Dickson10 Oct 182224 Aug 1895
Rebecca Frances Fussell Dickson25 Apr 186001 Aug 1920
W. G. Dickson19 Mar 181523 Apr 1895
Missouri Garris~24 Mar 1913
George Cleveland Horton23 Dec 188430 May 1938
Katie Hutchinson13 Sep 184513 Nov 1908
Rachael Maude Young Lindsey19011937
Dora M. Luke23 Apr 189507 May 1895
James D. Luke30 May 189329 Dec 1895
Daniel McCook~00 Jan 1858
George E. McCook10 Apr 181520 Jun 1902
J. R. McCook11 Feb 184401 Apr 1928
Jennette M. McCook06 Mar 184729 Mar 1907
Johnie Ossie McCook03 Apr 188515 Jun 1886
Marye McCook~18 Jan 1903
Rachael McCook~00 Mar 1866
Sara A. McCook18 Jun 182031 Aug 1901
Archie McCullar~02 Feb 1877
J. F. McCullar~age 7
Mary Ann Young McCullar02 Mar 185513 Dec 1911
Susan McCullar~82 years
J. J. Minix13 Jan 185520 Aug 1929
Jacob Minix18 May 185815 Apr 1868
Mary Minix06 Jul 184303 Aug 1912
J. A. Mixon05 Nov 188318 Jun 1897
Nancy June Mixon12 Sep 189215 Jan 1893
James W. Myers20 Dec 189710 Sep 1898
G. D. Myres (Myers)15 Aug 185529 June 1916
Robert L. Phillips18691951
Mary Lizzie Marie Portier15 May 191823 Aug 1918
Alvin Pridgen1912~
Enoch Pridgen18821940
Fathie (Faithie) Young Pridgen10 Apr 188701 Sep 1904
George W. Pridgen~00 Aug 1918
Maggie Pridgen18891960
Mary M. Pridgen~00 Dec 1930
Narcis Pridgen18881926
Ruth Pridgen~1934
Mary Rowell~~
Mary E. Selph18861964
C. H. Swails30 Jan 186003 Apr 1911
Herschell Swails18 Jan 192426 Jul 1925
Jacob Swails16 Mar 190508 Oct 1922
Judie Swails20 May 184029 Oct 1891
Mary Swails182118 Nov 1873
Morgan Swails179724 Apr 1870
Rhoda Walker18821938
Dan Wash~14 Oct 1934
Daniel Wash27 Jun 188016 Sep 1906
Lizzy Wash~10 Feb 1942
Walton Wash29 Jun 187812 May 1896
Felles Williams09 May 191319 May 1915
Annie Bell Young05 May 188528 Aug 1886
Ashley Young10 Dec 187703 May 1893
Eunice Young12 Oct 191205 Jul 1913
George W. Young20 Mar 186712 Sep 1887
James Young10 Jul 187905 Jun 1905
Madison D. Young11 Nov 186013 Oct 1934
Mary S. Young04 Feb 188215 Feb 1906
Nancy Ida Young08 Feb 188101 Oct 1885
T. A. Young10 Mar 185026 Jun 1917
William H. Young30 Mar 190219 Sep 1902

Source: Submitted by Paul A. McDonald, Jr.

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2 thoughts on “Dickson Cemetery, Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia”

  1. Steven W. Clark

    To whom would I seek permission to film a movie or TV series on this cemetery? The Wash family are my relatives on my Mother’s side. Dan was my Great Great Grandfather (I believe). We are looking for locations to advertise for the film industry growing in Fitzgerald. Dickson Cemetery did come to mind. This is my military email as I am still Active Duty.

    1. My Brother in law bought some property out on Dickson Mill Rd a couple of years ago and after a lot of digging, we now believe it may be the old Dickson family plantation. His land is bordered by Dickson Mill Creek that flows to Dickson Mill Pond. We have only recently discovered the Dickson Cemetery and are in the process of digging deeper into this history since my husbands family is from the area. They have all heard stories but we have to find someone that has facts. My brother in law is normally a private person, but he was astonished that I found this listing on the internet, and said he would like to know more about the history of the property he purchased. I am unsure of his email but if you would send me yours, I will be happy to send it to him. Mine is lauragoodman02@gmail.com. Perhaps more people working together on this, we can find out something.

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