Tails Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Ellijay


This is only a partial listing of this cemetery and is by no means complete. If you would like to submit names, photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to click on the email icon at the bottom of this page to contact me. To view additional information, where available, click on the name of the individual listed. I only have additional information or photos of those individuals who’s names are underlined.

Cleveland A. Barnes16 May 189622 Apr 1966
Lillie E. Barnes13 Jul 190117 Oct 1979
Morris C. A. Barnes06 Apr 193529 Sep 1991
Ruth Ann Barnes~28 Jun 1958
Minor B. Breedlove18051919
Sarah L. Brock13 Jul 185506 Oct 1900
Andrew J. Bryant18841936
John Bryant~~
Lina D. Bryant18841961
Mary E. Bryant~~
Mildred L. Bryant19181919
Talmadge Caudell10 Aug 193210 Sep 1985
James Henry Chastain06 Oct 189722 Mar 1972
Minnie Mae S. Chastain13 May 190220 Jun 1958
Ira Anderson Cochran19111973
Virginia Parker Cochran19172000
Martha Ann Orr Cook18531917
Lora Copeland17 Aug 188527 Nov 1898
Pleas Copeland20 Jun 189020 Jun 1892
Elsberry N. Corbin18571932
Florence R. Corbin01 May 191201 Nov 1948
Frank E. Corbin10 Sep 1895~
Gussie Ernie Corbin01 Jun 191623 Nov 1982
John N. Corbin21 Jan 195821 Jan 1958
Mary Ann Corbin18621939
Mary Nell Corbin02 Dec 193326 Dec 1949
Noah Paul Corbin01 Oct 190511 Jun 1985
Paul Corbin06 Oct 193005 Jan 1934
Ruth Geneva Corbin08 Feb 195101 Mar 1951
Edna Ernie Crooke11 May 193320 Oct 1988
Daniel Douthit04 Jul 184912 Jan 1920
Delaney Douthit05 Nov 185206 Feb 1928
Merbin Freeman05 May 194523 Jan 1995
Patricia R. Freeman03 Jul 1948~
James Harold Hyatt19341980
Willie Lenoir06 Nov 187323 Mar 1889
F. L. Lockard13 Apr 180916 Aug 1887
M. J. Lockard25 Feb 182307 Jan 1916
Coon Rod LowFeb 181826 Jun 1888
Martha M. Low16 Sep 181613 Dec 1898
Julianna C. Miller18321885
Ranson Carr Miller11 Oct 183104 Apr 1928
Fabmer Orr17 Feb 181818 Apr 1892
Rosa C. Orr25 Sep 182521 Jul 1894
Annie Mae Corbin Pinson12 Nov 194809 Jan 1997
David Quarles16 Jun 184711 Mar 1921
Evlin Quarles06 Jul 184323 Mar 1926
Floyd Quarles19051969
John Quarles10 Nov 181830 Jan 1889
Josie Quarles18771968
Rosetta Jane Quarles22 Nov 18791881
Sarah Quarles02 Jun 182523 Nov 1922
Lillie A. Rodgers02 Mar 187214 Jun 1909
Kenneth Vernon Sanford22 Aug 196108 Jan 1998
Rube Andrew Sarrows14 May 190020 Apr 1973
Ben Sitten18721958
Lockie Sitten18651954
D. F. Tankersley26 Mar 181618 Dec 1866
Elisabeth Tankersley~26 Jun 1848
Exie Tankersley~~
Henry M. Tankersley18531933
Jane E. Tankersley18561922
Mary Tankersley12 Oct 182520 Dec 1898
Anna Sitten Weeks19001932

If you have any additions or corrections that you would like for me to make please contact me. Your contributions will be most welcome.

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