Montgomery B. Smith Obituary

Montgomery B. Smith, 83, died May 25, 1952 in Gilmer County, East Ellijay, GA. Mr. Smith spent practically his entire life in East Ellijay. He owned and operated a farm on Turniptown but devoted most of his time up until the county voted in stocklaw, to buying and shipping cattle. He was a strong believer in the open range for cattle and made a hard fight for open range each time the question of fences or no fences was brought up for vote. When the county voted in stocklaw, Mr. Smith stated he was through with the cattle business and as well as we recall made good his statement. He understood and throughly enjoyed the business of buying and selling cattle back in the early days when cattle were herded and often driven through the county to Atlanta market instead of shipping by rail. He is survived by wife, the former Miss Nora Johnson, daughter of the late Rev. and Mrs. A. M. Johnson of East Ellijay; daughters, Mrs. Grover C. Ward and Mrs. Claude Davenport; sons, Hoke and Glover Smith. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Walter Simmons on May 26, 1952 at the East Ellijay Baptist Church. Interment was in the East Ellijay Cemetery with Logan Funeral Home in charge of the arrangements.

Submitted by Suzanne Forte.

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  1. This was an extended family member of mine and his given name was Montraville Bailus “Mont” Smith (not Montgomery as stated above). He was the son of Daniel Augustus “Gus” Smith and Hannah Elizabeth “Betsy” Holt Smith.

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