Ellijay City Cemetery, Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia

This is only a partial listing of this cemetery and is by no means complete. If you would like to submit names, photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to contact us!

To view additional information, where available, click on the name of the individual listed. I only have additional information or photos of those individuals who’s names are underlined.

James William Cantrell18 Jan 194217 Nov 2000
Kenneth L. Conner16 Aug 192511 Dec 1984
V. Kathleen Conner18 Jan 192922 Apr 1994
Alene Johnson Crawford05 May 1928~
Lillie C. Crawford18801954
Montel Bruce Crawford28 Apr 190920 Mar 1973
Thomas Eugene Crawford23 Jan 1927~
Anne D. Curtis30 Jul 1930~
Dorothy S. Curtis08 Nov 189914 Jan 1996
Elmer C. Dick13 Mar 1923~
Inez R. Dick23 May 1923~
Paulette D. Dick30 Jan 195005 Dec 1994
Bernice Nelson Dillard29 Nov 1922~
Francis E. Dillard18 Sep 192228 Aug 1993
Tony Boyd Griggs13 Jun 195102 Apr 1974
Claire Lovvorn Hadden12 May 1930~
Robert L. Hadden21 Sep 191907 Jan 1992
John D. Hall17 Jan 193018 Jan 1993
Lillie Bearden Hall14 Feb 1933~
Lorene Sisson Hall07 Apr 1944~
William T. Hall10 Jul 192724 Jun 1997
Calvin L. Jackson26 Sep 192623 Sep 1997
Lunelle D. Jackson18 May 1930~
Bennie Lee Hipp Johnson01 Mar 191829 May 1995
Larry Franklin Johnson25 Aug 1942~
Marie Ann Bennett Johnson15 Aug 1944~
Ralph Jones19 Aug 192003 Dec 1962
Richard Oscar Jones28 Aug 189010 Mar 1966
Wade E. Jones23 May 192716 Feb 1997
Zola Wishon Jones09 May 189013 Jun 1969
Hayden Smith Kell21 Jun 191101 May 1985
Lois B. Kell26 Mar 1919~
Charles H. Kiker23 Jun 190604 Jun 1993
Dessie Kell Kiker30 Jun 1914~
Cecil E. Mathews14 Jun 191302 Oct 1986
Margaret L. Mathews13 Apr 191710 Feb 2002
Hershel G. Nelson26 Sep 189430 Apr 1969
Lillie Mae Nelson02 May 190111 Aug 1969
John Thomas Porter11 Nov 190705 Jul 1973
Minnie Bell Charles Porter08 Jul 190630 May 1980
Edith Cox Williams14 Jan 189806 Feb 1989
Henry B. Williams13 Jan 189413 Aug 1967
H. V. Williamson22 Jun 190524 Nov 1989
Verta L. Williamson04 Aug 191116 Apr 2001
Beatrice C. Withrow30 Oct 190419 Aug 1972

Contributed by Paula Franklin

If you have any additions or corrections that you would like for me to make please contact me. Your contributions will be most welcome.

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