Georgia History Stories

In this book the author has undertaken to relate what seemed to him to be the most interesting events in the history of Georgia, from the planting of the colony in 1733 to the years immediately preceding the War of Secession. The narrative, as a rule, is adapted to children from twelve to fifteen years of age; however, the author believes that it will be interesting reading for grown people, and for youths of some maturity. In several instances the author has found that the subjects treated could not be well presented in the form of children’s stories. Such is especially the case with nearly all that is contained in Part III, the Development Period. In preparing this volume the author has read and studied with the utmost care a great many books bearing on Georgia’s history. He has also done much original investigation. His aim above all things has been to make his work authentic and reliable. While he has tried to write in an attractive style, he has refrained from trifling with his subject — a fault too common with many writers of the so-called history stories of the day.

The following are the principal sources from which the facts and information contained in this volume are derived:

  • History of Georgia to 1798. By Rev. W. B. Stevens. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1859.
  • History of Georgia to end of American Revolution. By C. C. Jones. 2 vols. Boston, 1885.
  • James Oglethorpe. By Henry Bruce. New York, 1890.
  • History of Alabama. By Albert J. Pickett. Charleston, 1851.
  • Miscellanies of Georgia. By Absalom H. Chappell. Colum-bus, 1874.
  • Story of Georgia and the Georgia People. By Rev. G. G. Smith. Macon, 1900.
  • Historical Collections of Georgia. By Rev. George White. New York, 1854.
  • The Sahburgers. By P. A. Strobel. Baltimore, 1855.
  • Tomo-chi-chi, Mico of the Vamacrazi’s. By C. C. Jones. Savannah, 1876.
  • Dead Towns of Georgia. By C. C. Jones. Savannah, 1878.
  • School History of Georgia. By Lawton B. Evans. New York, 1898.
  • School History of Georgia. By Charles H. Smith. Boston, 1896.
  • Stories of Georgia. By Joel Chandler Harris. New York, 1896.
  • Life of Gen. James Jackson. By Thomas M. P. Charlton. Augusta, 1809.
  • Life of George M. Troup. By E. J. Harden. Savannah, 1840.
  • Case of the Cherokee Indians Against the State of Georgia. By Richard Peters. Philadelphia, 1831.
  • Georgia and State Rights. By Ulrich B. Phillips. Washington, 1902.
  • Memories of Fifty Years. By W. H. Sparks. Philadelphia, 1870.
  • Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist. By Elizabeth L. Johnstone. New York, 1901.
  • Historical Sketches of Colonial Florida. By Richard L. Campbell. Cleveland, 1892.
  • Historical Record of Savannah. By F. D. Lee and J. L. Agnew. Savannah, 1869.
  • American State Papers (numerous volumes).
  • Old Pamphlets on Georgia Colonial history.

Source: Georgia History Stories, by J. Harris Chappell, Ph.D., published 1905, by Silver, Burdett And Company.

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