Mountville, Troup County, Georgia History

Mountville was so named because it is the most elevated spot in the county-a little city set upon a hill. It is located on land lot 202 of the seventh land district, on a part of 183 on the eastern side, and a part of 215 on the west side. Land lot 202 was drawn by Neal McRea in the land lottery on March 12, 1827; it came into the possession of Joseph H. Green, of which transaction there is no public record, and was bought by Daniel Davis on December 4, 1832. The first store of the community was built by Daniel Davis in land lot 202 at the intersection of the old trail from Cowetah Town on the Chattahoochee across King’s Gap to McIntosh Reserve in Carroll County and the trail from Indian Springs, the capital, to West Point (Franklin) and Alabama points. This store was also the post office, and Daniel Davis was the first postmaster.

All of the houses at this early period were two-room log cabins with stick and mud chimneys. Other stores were soon built at this advantageous point. All the stores sold whiskey and on Saturday afternoons there was many a “fist and skull” fight in consequence. Horse races were held at Mountville on possibly the first race track in the county.

Daniel Davis donated the site of the first school of the community, and Dr. Joseph Bradfield gave five acres of land on which Mount Pleasant Church was built.

At a later date Isaac Fincher built a two-story wood shop, at which were made wagons, buggies and furniture. Some of the furniture may be found in the homes of Mountville at this day. J. N. Carlton, who came from Vermont, was an assistant in the shop. He also taught school, Sunday School, made coffins and buried the dead. He was also a splendid nurse and ministered to the sick in the entire neighborhood

At the time of Sherman’s march to the sea, a company of his cavalry passed through Mountville just at sunset. Wheeler’s cavalry came in advance of Sherman’s and had already requisitioned food for themselves and their horses. When Sherman’s cavalry demanded and took food for the men and feed for their horses, one citizen, Wilson, objected to supplying them, so they took what they wanted and then burned his house.

At one time Barnum and Bailey’s Circus camped at Mountville over night, and watered the animals from the wells. One of the elephants broke loose during the night and created a great deal of excitement.

Mountville community is probably the oldest settlement of Troup County, although it was not incorporated as a town until November 29, 1897. The settlers are of Anglo-Saxon and Scotch-Irish descent, and have always been noted for their generosity and kindness, for the fear of God, and for the art of plain living and high ideals.

Among the early settlers are noted the following: William Beasley, Hiram Bird, Nathan V. Boddie, Thomas Evans, William Evans, Benjamin Fincher, Cornelius P. Marchman, Daniel Owens, Jacob Thrash, David Watson. To these were added at a later date: G. V. Boddie, Dr. Joseph Bradfield, John Carlton, Robert and Millard Fincher, Judge Hightower, Wilson Partridge, Boss Woodward, the families of Florence, Harmon and Nance and many others.

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  1. Trying to find parents of Frank Robert Partridge, b 11 Oct 1854, Mountville, Troup Co, Ga,

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