Mayors and City Clerks of Lagrange Georgia

LaGrange has ever been noted for its sound business interests, its cultural institutions, its shaded streets, its beautiful homes, and its hospitable people. The legacy of its pioneers for probity in every day living, for valor and courage in times of distress, and for the enjoyment of the arts and sciences, is one that is carefully guarded by their descendants. The records prior to 1874 cannot be found, and there is no authentic roster that can be given for officers prior to that time, except the ones mentioned in the text above. The rosters follow:

Mayors of Lagrange

1874-75 William C. Yancey
1876        Francis M. Longley
1877-79 John N. Cooper
1880-81 John Edward Toole
1882-84 Thomas J. Harwell
1885        Robert S. McFarlin
1886-87 Frank M. Ridley
1888        Henry E. Ware
1889-90 Elisha D. Pitman
1891-92 James F. Park
1893-95 Davis J. Gaffney
1895-97 Enoch Callaway
1898       Thomas S. Bradfield
1899-00 Thomas J. Harwell
1901-03 John D. Edmundson
1903-04 Orville G. Cox
1905-15 John D. Edmundson
1916-17 Henry Reeves
1918       C. N. Pike
1919-23 S. H. Dunson
1924-27 Grover C. Hunter
1928-31 Herman C. Fincher
1932-      R. S. O’Neal

City Clerks of Lagrange

1874-78  Egbert Beall
1879-87  John G. Whitfield
1888-90 S. A. Reid
1891-92 Orville A. Bull
1893       Frank P. Longley
1894-98 W. W. Randall
1899-00 James T. Johnson
1901-03 James B. Ridley
1904-19 Thomas J. Harwell
1920-23 D. A. Leman
1924-      J. H. Moss

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