Troup County Georgia Land Boundaries

THE ACT of the General Assembly of Georgia to organize the territory lately acquired from the Creek Nation was signed by the governor on the 11th day of December, 1826. The territory was that between the Flint (Thronateeska) River and the Chattahoochee River, and extended from the old north line of Early County to the north line of Coweta County. The engineers divided the whole area into sections, which were three land districts or twenty-seven miles from north to south; the sections were numbered from south to north:

Section 1. The southernmost, designated as Lee County. Section 2. North of Lee County, designated Muscogee County. Section 3. North of Muscogee County, designated Troup County. Section 4. The northernmost, designated Coweta County. Section 5. West of Chattahoochee River, designated Carroll County. ORIGINAL COUNTY. From the above division it will be seen that the original Troup County was composed of twelve land districts, which were numbered from the southeast corner of the county on the Flint River:

DistrictLand LotsDescription
First156Manchester on the western edge.
Second272Warm Springs near the center.
Third289Durand and Chipley.
Fourth272Salem and Pleasant Grove.
Fifth331West Point to Pyne.
Seventh256Mountville and Stovall.
Ninth256Woodbury and Oakland.
Eleventh256Hogansville and Lone Oak.
Twelfth290Harrisonville and Ware Crossroad.
3146Original County land lots and fractions.
Fourteenth168Liberty Hill and Houston.
Fifteenth192Antioch and Glenn.
Sixteenth59West Point and Abbottsford.
3565Total land lots.

The last three districts were transferred from Carroll County in 1827. BOUNDARY CHANGES. The first change in the bounds of Troup County was made on December 24, 1827, at which time parts of the county were transferred to Harris, Talbot and Meriwether counties; and the three districts of Carroll County west of the Chattahoochee River on southern end of the county were transferred to Troup: 14th, 15th and 16th. The county of Heard was created on December 22, 1830, and a portion of Troup County in the general shape of a triangle was transferred to Heard County, leaving only four and one-half miles of the original county boundary on the north side, and adjacent to Coweta County.

The following minor changes of addition and subtraction were made as indicated below:

  1. February 17, 1854, the north half of land lot 108 of the 5th district transferred to Troup.
  2. March 1, 1856, land lot 73 of 14th district, partly in Heard, transferred as a whole to Troup.
  3. March 4, 1856, land lots 62, 63, 64, 51, 52, and 39 of 14th district transferred to Troup.

February 20, 1877, land lots 37 and 60 of 11th district, the parts north of Yellow Jacket Creek, transferred to Coweta.

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