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  • Post-Civil War Black Marriages in Troup County Georgia
    This database of marriage collected by C. W. Barnum for the Troup County GA AHGP comes from the official marriage books of Troup County GA. These are marriages which occurred between black individuals after the Civil War through 1902.

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1880 Gilmer County Georgia Census

104I. M. BucknerHead31FarmerN. Carolina/NC/SC
~Martha J. BucknerWife30HousekeeperGeorgia/NC/NC
~Georgia Ann BucknerDaughter11HousekeeperGeorgia/NC/NC
~Martha D. BucknerDaughter3HomeGeorgia/NC/NC
~~ ~~~~~
~Hiram BucknerHead60FarmerN. Carolina/NC/NC
~Lucinda E. BucknerWife50HousekeeperS. Carolina/SC/SC
~Liza E. DuckettDaughter19At HomeN. Carolina/NC/SC
~Joseph CottsBoarder41FarmerMaine/ME/ME
~~ ~~~~~
~Benjamin CharlesHead38FarmerGeorgia/TN/SC
~Martha E. CharlesWife35Keeping HouseGeorgia/GA/GA
~William T. CharlesSon18FarmeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Susannah L . CharlesDaughter16At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~John F. CharlesSon15FarmerGeorgia/GA/GA
~Jesse CharlesSon12FarmerGeorgia/GA/GA
~Martha F. CharlesDaughter10At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Nancy I. CharlesDaughter8At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Benjamin H. H. CharlesSon6At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Mary E. CharlesDaughter4At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Ara M. C. CharlesDaughter1At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Rachel CrawfordWife45/46 ??FarmN. Carolina/TN/GA
~Martha P. CrawfordDaughter22HousekeeperGeorgia/Unk/NC
~Mary I. CrawfordDaughter19HousekeeperGeorgia/Unk/NC
~Robert L. CrawfordSon12FarmGeorgia/Unk/NC
~Sarah M. CrawfordDaughter10HousekeeperGeorgia/Unk/NC
~~ ~~~~~
~W. J. CrawfordHead30FarmerN. Carolina/NC/NC
~Mary ? CrawfordWife24HousekeeperGeorgia/NC/NC
~Ira W. CrawfordSon8HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Clarisa C. CrawfordDaughter6HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~John ?. CrawfordSon4HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Arty E. CrawfordDaughter2HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Dora M. CrawfordDaughter~HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Mark W. DavisHead33FarmerTennessee/TN/Unk
~Catherine DavisWife32HousekeeperGeorgia/Unk/TN
~William T. DavisSon12FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~John W. DavisSon10FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Henry L DavisSon9FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Samuel B. DavisSon7FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Margret C. DavisDaughter7FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Benjamin H. DavisSon5FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Marion J. DavisSon2FarmN. Carolina/TN/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Elisha C. DeboardHead24FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Rachel M. DeboardWife20Keeping HouseGeorgia/NC/GA
~Sarah E. DeboardDaughter2At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Arabella C. DeboardDaughter5/12At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Isabel DeboardHead31HeadGeorgia/GA/GA
~William A. DeboardSon9FarmerGeorgia/TN/TN
~~ ~~~~~
~John A. DeferHead21FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Julia ?. DeferWife19Keeping HouseN. Carolina/SC/NC
~~ ~~~~~
~(unlegible) DoverHead33FarmerN. Carolina/NC/NC
~Mary A. DoverWife33Keeping HouseGeorgia/NC/NC
~Rosanna DoverDaughter8At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Matilda P. DoverDaughter7At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~James T. DoverSon5At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Sarah DoverDaughter3At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Mary P. DoverDaughter2At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Carrie V. DoverDaughter4/12At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~David M. DoverHead36HeadN. Carolina/NC/NC
~Jemimi DoverWife37Keeping HouseGeorgia/SC/SC
~~ ~~~~~
~D. DoverHead45FarmerGeorgia/TN/TN
~Elizabeth DoverWife43Keeping HouseGeorgia/NC/NC
~Dillion M.C. DoverSon17FarmerGeorgia/NC/GA
~Frederick T. DoverSon13FarmerGeorgia/NC/GA
~William A. DoverSon10FarmerGeorgia/NC/GA
~Jason A. DoverSon8At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Laura A. DoverDaughter7At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Araminda J. DoverDaughter6At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Martha DoverDaughter4At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Violet C. DoverDaughter1At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Margret DoverHead80Keeping HouseN. Carolina/Unk/Unk
~Jeptha DoverCousin74BoarderS. Carolina/Unk/Unk
~~ ~~~~~
~John HinsonHead25FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Mary J. HinsonSister35Keeping HouseGeorgia/NC/NC
~John A. HinsonNephew15Farm HandGeorgia/GA/GA
~Nancy A. HinsonNiece12At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~James P. MathisHead28FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Mary E. MathisWife37Keeping HouseS. Carolina/SC/NC
~Hulda A. MathisDaughter2At HomeGeorgia/GA/SC
~~ ~~~~~
~B. F. RadcliffHead29FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Sarah M. RadcliffWife27Keeping HouseN. Carolina/SC/NC
~Mary E. RadcliffDaughter8At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~Nancy S. RadcliffDaughter6At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~Cornelius RadcliffSon2At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~~ ~~~~~
~Euastas P. WellsHead28FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Martha A. WellsWife39HousekeeperNorth Carolina/NC/NC
~Sarah F. WellsDaughter7At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~John H. WellsSon4At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~Mary H. WellsDaughter2At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~Florence L. WellsDaughter6/12At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
This census transcribed and submitted by Barb Nicholson Beaver. If you have 1880 census entries for Gilmer County, Georgia and would like to contribute them for posting, please contact us!

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Rock Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Rock Creek Baptist Church Cemetery is located in Cherry Log, Georgia

NameDate Of BirthDate Of Death
Elizabeth D. Searcy Harris04 May 182709 Feb 1891
Enoch Harris11 Feb 186025 Aug 1867
Frank E. Harris15 Aug 186107 Nov 1862
Richard Overton Harris15 Mar 185418 Mar 1920
John Searcy17981883
Overton Ledbetter Searcy15 Nov 183009 Nov 1919
Submitted by Carol Berry.

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Old Cartecay United Methodist Church Cemetery

These are the graves in the old church cemetery. The church burned down about 1855 and was rebuilt on land donated by Barnett Wilson in 1859 from virgin pine on the land. The original church grounds and cemetery reverted back to the Lewis Ellington family at some point and then belonged to S. M. Simmons and was deeded back to the CUMC in 1940 by a descendant, W. A. Simmons. There are no doubt many unmarked graves that remain to be identified – so if anyone should know that their ancestor was buried there for certain, please contact us or…

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Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Ellijay

Off West Highway 232, Ellijay, Georgia This may only be a partial listing of this cemetery and not complete. If you would like to submit names, photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to click on the contact us at the top of this page to contact us.

Pheoebe Hunnicutt Bryant Baity24 Apr 183208 Sep 1929Unmarked
Bunion BramlettJuly 188809 Aug 1898~
C. T. Bramlett17 Jun 184525 Jun 1904~
C. W. Bramlett30 Apr 187215 Jan 1956~
Charles L. Bramlett~17 Jul 1938~
Elisha Bramlett~~Unmarked, no dates
Elisha Clay Bramlett~~Child of W. L. & Leona, Unmarked
Elizabeth Bramlett09 Apr 186308 Mar 1896Wife of W. A.
Infant Bramlett~~Inf/O W. A. & F. E., no dates
Infant Bramlett~~Inf/O W. A. & F. E., no dates
Infant Bramlett25 Jul 188425 Jul 1884Inf/O W. A. & F. E.
J. M. Bramlett~~~
J. W. Bramlett24 Sep 188605 May 1888~
Jim Bramlett09 Dec 190311 Nov 1909S/O L. M. & M. D. Bramlett
Leona A. Bramlett06 Mar 187910 Mar 1943~
Lewis M. Bramlett27 Mar 187529 Sep 1962Sr., Masonic Emblem
Lou Ann Bramlett~~Dau. of Bobby & Sarah, No dates
Mag Bramlett~~"Mag", Unmarked, no dates
Margaret Bramlett08 Jul 184229 Jul 1927~
Mary Bramlett21 Nov 187023 Mar 1933~
Pearl Bramlett~~Child of W. L. & Leona, Unmarked
Pearl Bramlett~~Inf/O William L. & Leona,
Unmarked, no dates
Ralph Bramlett~~Inf/O William L. & Leona,
Unmarked, no dates
Sarah Bramlett19 Feb 189520 Jan 1896Dau. of W. A. & F. E.
William Bramlett04 May 188417 Jul 1887~
William Lewis Bramlett14 Nov 187305 May 1888~
Marietta H. Brooks30 May 188502 Sep 1885~
Cinda Burgress~15 Aug 1908D/O Steven & Lizzie
Dexter Burgress~21 Sep 1908S/O Steven & Lizzie, Age 3 years
Elizabeth BurgressApril 185931 Aug 1954~
Mary Burgress~20 Sep 1908D/O Steven & Lizzie, Age 15 years
Steven Burgress16 May 185913 Nov 1916~
Louise Elizabeth Carruth02 Oct 190613 Nov 1906~
Annie Mae Charles~~Child of Ben & Mary, no dates
Charme Charles~~Child of Ben & Mary, no dates
Clifford Charles~~Child of W. T. "Bud" & Elizabeth,
No Dates
E. Clyde Charles11 Nov 190601 Jun 1986Child of W. T. "Bud" & Elizabeth
Edward Paul Charles~~Child of Ben & Mary, no dates
Ethel Charles~~Child of W. T. "Bud" & Elizabeth,
No Dates
Fred Charles21 Aug 191010 Jan 1911~
Howard Charles~~Child of W. T. "Bud" & Elizabeth,
No Dates
Jesse Charles08 Sep 181521 Jan 1903~
Mary T. Charles05 Sep 190612 Oct 1906D/O Henry & Eva Charles
Susannah L. Charles17 May 182224 Jun 1901~
William F. Charles05 Sep 184701 Sep 1889S/O Jesse & Susanah Charles
William T. Charles~~"Bud", No Dates
Willie Charles~~Child of Ben & Mary, no dates
Joseph Clark~~Unmarked, no dates
Billie Darl Crawford04 Nov 194215 Jan 1943~
Mary Ivie Crawford18691958~
Robert J. Crawford18661938~
Enoch W. Critchfied01 Aug 183608 Nov 1891~
Marrietta S. Critchfied29 Oct 184412 Apr 1898~
Mary Critchfield08 Nov 186105 Mar 1884~
Infant Crooke~~Infant of Jim & Mollie, Unmarked,
No dates
James P. Crooke25 Apr 187905 Feb 1917~
Rita Faye Crooke18 Sep 195418 Sep 1954Inf/O Charles & Edna Crooke
John Wesley Dale02 Jul 187404 Aug 1894~
Waldo L Davenport05 Mar 191113 Jan 1979~
Alice Davis~~Infant of B. W.
Alice Smith Davis18791964~
B. W. Davis18751967Rev
C. D. Davis17 Aug 192102 Jan 1976Jr., Vet. of WW2 & Korean War
Cicero W. Davis12 Dec 189523 Mar 1967~
Clifford D. Davis23 Apr 189617 Apr 1963Sr., PFC. Co. G, 9 Inf. WW1
Darcie M. Davis20 Jul 192928 Dec 1983~
Dora Arizona Davis19041984Unmarked
Floyd B. Davis18 Mar 192820 Dec 1944~
Gwenndale Davis19411941~
Harrison S. Davis04 Feb 190425 Apr 1983~
Jesse Truman Davis02 Nov 191710 Jan 1973Vet of WW2,
Masonic Emblem on Marker
Kathy G. Davis28 Aug 195618 Jan 1957~
Martha Ann Davis20 Oct 189513 Feb 1976~
Nina Davis19231954~
Rosa B. Davis06 Oct 189412 Apr 1964~
Shelba J. Davis19421942Dau. of W. W. & Ruth Davis
Two Infants Davis~~Infs/O Paul & Elizabeth, Unmarked
william Lewis Davis20 Mar 189210 Oct 1952Rev.
Arie A. DeBord18531931~
Bertha Mulkey DeBord28 Nov 191804 Feb 1946Wife of Harley
Grannie Isabell DeBord18231895~
Harley DeBord06 Aug 190620 May 1966~
John B. DeBord18431915~
Rebecca Jane DeBord07 Dec 186923 Jul 1901~
Amanda Isabella DeBorde01 Sep 188321 Mar 1898~
G. E. DeBorde16 Sep 185828 Dec 1915~
Martha DeBorde02 Jul 190003 Jun 1901~
Mary L. DeBorde21 May 188621 May 1894~
Rosey G. DeBorde15 Jan 185928 Aug 1900~
Charles DeFoor03 Mar 192030 May 1936~
Dora DeFoor~~No Dates
Ernest K. DeFoor19311987~
King DeFoor~~No Dates
Octavia DeFoor27 Jun 189705 Sep 1987~
Grant C. DeFoor06 Feb 189630 Apr 1983Sr.
Earnest DeFore19311987~
James L. Dobbs18 Jul 193513 Aug 1982~
Burel Dotson02 May 191123 Oct 1934~
Ellen G. Dotson18771957~
George W. Dotson185614 Dec 1933~
Mary Jane Dotson09 Jan 186104 Jan 1942"Sis"
Sammuel K. Dotson01 Dec 184902 May 1923~
T. W. Dotson18961959~
Zolley L. Dotson19011910~
Ernest Duckeet16 Jun 190613 Mar 1960~
John B. Dudek12 Jul 194202 Apr 1975S/Sgt. U.S. Army, Vietnam
John J. Edwards~26 Sep 1952~
Elbine Elliott20 Apr 185925 Mar 1934Wife of Jim Elliot
Essie Elliott19041979~
Jimmie Elliott09 Jul 189328 Sep 1918"Dock", S/O Elvira Elbine Elliot,
Died in France,
Pvt., Co. G. 830 Inf., US Army
Lee Elliott??1959~
Leona Elliott18921981~
Mary C. Elliott14 Aug 182824 Oct 1886Wife of Lakey Elliot, large field stone,
hand engraved
Nena Emogene Elliott~~No Dates
Nettie Jane Elliott18671935~
Ralph Elliott18931984~
Willie Elliott18871977~
Walter C. Flanigan13 Apr 189315 Nov 1955~
Charles Fleming~~Unmarked
Edith Smith Fleming187116 May 1905Unmarked
Annie Gaddis02 Mar 183217 May 1886Wife of "Bob" Gaddis
Emma A. Gaddis186712 Mar 1905Wife of Elex Gaddis
Infant Gaddis~~Infant of Millard & Nancy Susie
Kathleen G. Gaddis19221981~
Millard Gaddis~~Marked Gaddis
Nancy Gaddis13 Jun 187527 Jul 1943"Susie"
Robert L. Gaddis19001954~
Ruby Lee Gaddis19441945~
Della Sanford Garland18 Jan 190812 Oct 1971~
Arthur W. Grant189701 Jun 1905~
James M. Grant13 Apr 191310 Feb 1956~
Lethia Grant25 Feb 190521 May 1905~
Richard M. Grant22 Feb 190515 May 1905~
Arthur Griggs09 Feb 189007 Jun 1911~
Charlie Griggs08 Oct 189109 Nov 1943~
David H. Griggs05 Jan 185506 May 1941~
James Griggs20 Oct 183311 Apr 1917~
Johnny Griggs17 Sep 191017 Oct 1922~
Katherine Griggs20 Jun 187427 Oct 1904Dau. Of J. H. & Nancy
Lillie GriggsJanuary 188717 Jun 1914Wife of Lonzo Griggs
Little Ruba Griggs23 Apr 191425 Jun 1914Daughter of Lonzo Griggs
Lizzie B. Griggs18911954~
Loucinda Griggs13 Apr 188721 May 1959~
Nancy Griggs183619 Mar 1907Wife of J. H. Griggs
Thomas Griggs26 Jun 185826 Jun 1932~
Willard Griggs27 Dec 191230 May 1918~
Willie Griggs06 Mar 190915 Feb 1942~
Baby Hall17 May 190617 May 1906~
Callie Hall14 Mar 190514 Mar 1905Infant
Florence E. Hall10 Sep 190016 Nov 1900~
William B. Hall01 Feb 187008 Mar 1914~
William T. Hall01 Feb 187009 Mar 1914~
Infant Hensley~~Inf/O Mr. & Mrs Johnny,
Unmarked, no dates
Infant Hensley~~Inf/Of Alford & Floy,
Unmarked, no dates
John C. HensleyFebruary 185829 Sep 1937~
Peggy A. Hensley13 Nov 1861~Only Date
Rosetta Hensley~~D/O John C. & Peggy,
Unmarked, no dates
Thomas Calvin Hensley08 Mar 189903 Jan 1918Died in WWI
Amanda Elizabeth Hogsed20 Jun 198720 Jun 1987~
Ailene Willis Hooker28 Apr 190522 May 1905~
Lockey Hunnicutt25 Dec 1815March 1878~
Len O. Hyde09 Nov 186301 Feb 1899~
Mary Hyde~01 Feb 1899Wife of Len Hyde
Susie C. Ingle11 Feb 190512 Mar 1905~
Clearence Jones~~Marked with C. Jones
Emma Jones20 Mar 188427 Aug 1940~
Estes Jones17 Dec 192404 Jan 1985~
W. R. Jones20 Feb 190507 May 1905~
Willard Jones~~Marked with W. Jones
Frances Kidd02 Apr 191629 Jul 1916~
Katherine Kidd18 Jul 191330 Jul 1915~
Samuel A. Kidd31 Mar 190507 Apr 1905~
Annie Lee Kilgore03 Jan 190805 Jun 1985~
J. B. Kinsey~~Unmarked, no dates
Reece Kinsey02 Dec 190823 Feb 1982~
Delmer L. Land19 Apr 190527 May 1905~
Anna Logan20 Mar 190522 May 1905~
Azalee Logan18931947~
Ben Jess Logan03 May 188627 Jun 1969~
Billy D. Logan23 Jun 193524 Jul 1965~
Child Logan~~Child of John A. & Rebecca,
Child Logan~~Child of John A. & Rebecca,
Child Logan~~Child of John A. & Rebecca,
Claude T. Logan19111970~
Clyde Logan28 Aug 190907 Dec 1909~
Dorothy Logan~~Dau. Of Harace & Fair, Unmarked
Harace E. Logan26 Mar 190512 May 1905~
Infant Logan~~Son of Jule & Paralee Logan
Infant Logan~~Infant of Jim & Cordie, Unmarked
Infant Logan~~Grandchild of Viola Burgess,
Infant Logan~~Infant of Harace & Fair, Unmarked
John A. Logan09 Feb 190503 Apr 1905~
John Thomas Logan19301988~
Johnny W. Logan10 Feb 189319 Aug 1979~
Lillie W. Logan15 Oct 189224 Apr 1974~
Mary Louise Charles Logan02 Jul 185408 Aug 1935Wife of B. A. Logan
Rebecca Logan11 Feb 190502 May 1905~
Robert Logan13 Dec 190?25 Nov 1912~
Johnathan Thomas Low00 Feb 193400 Mar 1934Son of Clarence & Rosey
Betty Luttrell27 May 192814 Dec 1987~
John B. Martin~~Dates Unknown
Mary Martin~~Wife of John B. Martin
William Martin26 Aug 188319 Apr 1905"Bill"
Ray May09 Jan 192012 Mar 1970~
Sam May25 Jul 189813 May 1940~
Elza Logan Minton24 Apr 1871~Unmarked
C. S. Mitchell26 Oct 1857~First person Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Buford L. Mulkey14 Apr 192229 Jan 1973~
Frank C. Mulkey02 Aug 192613 Jun 1979U.S. Army Tec. 5, WW2
Love J. Mulkey19351986~
Mary Elma Mulkey02 May 190210 Aug 1973~
Oscar Dailey Mulkey06 Sep 189709 Aug 1968Married Sept 13, 1917
Rachel Grant Mullins01 Feb 190512 Mar 1905~
Infant Twin Newton31 Dec 194031 Dec 1940Inf. Twin of Jimmie & Omie
Infant Twin Newton31 Dec 194031 Dec 1940Inf. Twin of Jimmie & Omie
Omie Newton190131 May 1905~
Dennis Nixon28 Nov 190814 Jul 1976~
James Elisha Osborn30 May 189515 Feb 1942~
Iowa Parks13 Apr 19011991~
Franklin D. Pinson22 Sep 193215 Nov 1955~
Sam Pinson18 Sep 190822 Feb 1985Jr.
Bobby Jean Pittman~~Child of Burie Pittman
Ethel Z. Pittman03 Feb 189924 Feb 1971~
Geraldine Pittman30 Apr 190503 Jun 1905Unmarked
Harace Pittman04 Mar 190517 May 1905Unmarked
Howard W. Pittman12 Jan 189600 May 1963~
Howard W. Pittman13 Jan 189608 May 1963~
Michael Pittman23 May 190523 May 1905Unmarked
Phillip S. Pittman31 Oct 1917~~
Rick Andrew Pittman17 May 190518 May 1905Unmarked
Hilda T. Pritchett13 Apr 188304 Nov 1959~
Ivory B. Pritchett07 Dec 180218 Sep 1895~
John D. Pritchett03 Sep 1820~~
Lum Pritchett28 Sep 1827~~
Effie M. Stepp Puckett20 Jan 190324 Sep 1963~
John William Puckett09 Jul 190115 Dec 1978~
Martha Gail Puckett08 Apr 194611 Sep 1982~
Robert Kimsey Ralston19481986~
Benny F. Ratcliff29 Feb 194004 Oct 1969~
Frank Ratcliff03 Jun 191125 Dec 1984~
Laura Ratcliff09 Jun 188606 May 1969~
M. C. Ratcliff15 Jul 188209 Apr 1943~
Ronald S. Ratcliff26 May 194826 Nov 1970~
Willie Ratcliff31 Aug 192409 Jul 1981~
Alvin Quinton Sanford04 Jul 184920 Oct 1949~
Noel H. Sanford02 Feb 190203 Nov 1974~
Sam Sanford11 Sep 193728 May 1938~
Thomas R. Sanford20 Feb 189118 Nov 1962~
Tom B. Sanford30 Jan 189026 Mar 1974Sr.
Martha A. Sanford28 Aug 189514 Jan 1979~
Charlie Sisson05 Feb 189517 Jan 1967~
Charlie L. Sisson21 Dec 192411 Feb 1926~
Lillie S. Sisson28 Sep 187728 Feb 1977~
Sam Sisson~~Unmarked, no dates
Stella Sisson09 Jul 190424 May 1982~
T. Wayne Sisson08 May 193621 Jul 1952~
Betty J. Smith26 Oct 186827 May 1949~
C. W. Smith06 Jan 185509 Jul 1894~
D. G. Smith~~Unmarked, no dates
D. G. Smith~~Unmarked, no dates
Edith Smith~~Unmarked, no dates
Hamilton G. Smith08 Nov 186710 Mar 1934~
Infant Smith~~Inf/O Walter & Maggie, Unmarked
J. Harley Smith15 Dec 190016 Jun 1975~
Jennie Smith08 Dec 186628 May 1904Wife of D. G. Smith
John Henry Smith17 Jan 187506 Aug 1894Son of Stephen & Elizabeth
Leana Ann Smith07 Jun 1857~~
Maggie Smith02 Apr 190220 Jun 1941~
Mary E. Smith20 Feb 189028 Jun 1890~
Samuel J. Smith01 May 187002 Apr 1927~
Samule Smith24 Oct 188926 Jan 1902Son of H. G. & S. A.
Walter Smith06 Mar 190506 May 1905Unmarked
Julia Elliot Spivey~~Unmarked
Arkie Troglin Flanigan Stephens1895May 21, 1905Unmarked
Mary H. Crooke Stephens28 Dec 188202 Mar 1964"Mollie"
John T. Sutton29 Mar 190501 Jun 1905T./SGT. U.S.A.F.
Cecil Robert Tankersley20 May 193031 May 1953Pvt., GA Co K/Inf. 7, Div. Korea P.H.
Vertie Lee Tankersley23 Apr 193228 Feb 1934~
Billy James Troglin19 May 193702 Oct 1984"Bud"
Charlie E. Troglin17 May 190414 Jul 1961~
Delmer Troglin19141988~
James A. Troglin05 Oct 187325 Dec 1942~
Julia Troglin31 Dec 189105 Mar 1928~
Mary A. Troglin05 Jul 187403 Mar 1950~
Jonathan Eugene Tucker28 Dec 196511 Jun 1981~
Irene Vick13 Mar 190501 Jun 1905~
Mose Vick11 Mar 190507 Jun 1905~
Pauline Vick31 Mar 193513 Apr 1935~
Burlie Waters06 Apr 190506 Apr 1905~
Dock Waters09 Jun 189627 Feb 1957Pvt. M.G. Training Center WWI
Duran Waters06 Apr 190506 Apr 1905~
Fred Waters10 Apr 190510 Apr 1905~
Infant Waters~~Inf/O Henry Waters, Unmarked,
No dates
Jane Waters~~Child of Dover Water, Unmarked
John R. Waters12 Feb 190523 Apr 1905~
Josephine Ingle Waters~~Wife of Henry Water, Unmarked
Rev J. L. Waters12 Mar 190527 Apr 1905~
Rose Waters13 Mar 189011 Jul 1977~
Sarah C Waters11 Feb 190523 Apr 1905~
Sandra Diane Watkins03 Jun 195628 Jul 1973~
Infant Webb~13 May 1897Child of Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Webb
Infant Webb~21 Mar 1896Child of Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Webb
D. L. Welch187025 Dec 1937~
James Welch11 Oct 194511 Oct 1948Jr., Child of Earnest Welch
Luther I. Welch26 Jun 190408 Sep 1976~
Mary Ann Welch18811961~
J. A. Willis18821959~
J. L. Willis11 Apr 194408 Aug 1944~
Leah Willis16 Jun 185430 Jun 1925~
Nan Willis18871974~
Gola L. Wisson16 Mar 190502 Sep 1978~
David J. Witherow10 Jan 186320 Feb 1930~
Elise Witherow10 Jan 186413 Feb 1955Wife of D. J. Witherow
Burley A. Withrow17 Mar 190509 Jun 1905~
Daisey Withrow20 Dec 190822 Feb 1983~
George Withrow13 Dec 192915 Dec 1929~
Kenneth Dwayne Withrow06 Dec 194327 Dec 1986~
Mary R. Withrow01 Apr 190504 Jun 1905~
Newt Morris Withrow18 Sep 191110 Nov 1974ST U.S. Navy
Ray Withrow28 Apr 193928 Apr 1939~
Wylene Withrow00 Jun 195000 Jun 1950D/O B. A. & Ruth Withrow
James C. Wright24 Mar 196508 Apr 1965Child of Charles Wright
Ephram Yother~25 Jun 1894Age 64 years
Nancy Yother~~Unmarked

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Effingham County Addresses

Effingham County Government: Effingham County Clerk 601 N. Laurel St. Springfield, GA 912-754-2101 Effingham County Probate 901 N. Pine St. Springfield, GA 912-754-2112 Effingham County Superior Court 901 N. Pine St. Springfield, GA 912-754-2118 Effingham County Vital Records Office P.O. Box 307 Springfield, GA 31329-0307 912-754-6071 Springfield City Hall 130 S. Laurel St. Springfield, GA 912-754-6666 Effingham County Libraries: Effingham County Library 810 Highway 119 S. Springfield, GA 912-754-3003 Effingham Law Library 901 N. Pine St. Springfield, GA 912-754-1628 Old Jail Museum Library 1002 Early Street P. O. Box 999 Springfield, GA 31329 Open: Sundays 2-5 pm {200 plus genealogy…

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Coweta County Georgia Vital Records

Coweta County Birth Records See also: Bible Records Coweta County Marriage Records Marriages 1827-1900 by Groom A thru F Marriages 1827-1900 by Groom G through K Marriages 1827-1900 by Groom L through Z Marriages 1827-1900 by Bride Abbott through Couch Marriages 1827-1900 by Bride Couch Through Helma Marriages 1827-1900 by Bride Helton to Murphy Marriages 1827-1900 by Bride Murphy Through Zuckerman See also: Bible Records Coweta County Death Records Coweta County Georgia Deaths 1927 – 1929 Coweta County Georgia Deaths 1930 – 1932 Coweta County Georgia Deaths 1933 – 1936 Coweta County Georgia Deaths 1940 Coweta County Georgia Deaths 1941…

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