1919 Death Index, Haralson County, Georgia

This information comes from the Haralson County, Georgia, death certificates held at the Department of Archives and History in Atlanta, Georgia, and is specific to the year 1919. Images of these certificates will be added as time allows. Until then, if you have a request for one, please make it in the comments section below. The individual must be in the table below, or the certificate is not available.

NameDeath DateCertificate NumberImage
Abernathy, James23 Jan 1919284-A
Ballen, Inf. of A. E.25 Sep. 191913470-A
Barnett, Elish J.16 Feb. 19191469-A
Bedenbough, Inf. of Jess20 Oct. 191915725-A
Bell, Inf. of Annie P.21 Oct. 191915729-A
Bell, Mary E.02 No.v 191915732-A
Benefield, James E.11 Aug. 191913469-A
Bennett, Theodore Blanch05 Feb. 19195621-ABennett, Theodore Blanch death certificate 1919
Bettles, Rhoda13 Dec. 191920513-A
Biggers, Inf. of O. H.08 May 19195625-A
Blackman, Desay12 Jun. 19197794-A
Boyd, Pauline10 Jul. 191911483-A
Boykins, Janie08 Feb. 19191471-A
Broox, Inf. of W. D.11 Mar. 19192607-A
Brown, Ed09 Apr. 19193977-A
Brown, Jessie D.21 Nov. 191917971-A
Chambers, Inf. of George A.26 Sep. 191913475-A
Chambers, Moida E.26 Sep. 191913474-A
Chandler, Lela M.10 Feb. 19191472-A
Clay, Hosea J.6 Jun. 191913468-A
Cole, Elbert10 Jan. 1919547-A
Conall, Jessie R. H.16 Mar. 19192509-A
Connell, Joseph I.? Jan. 1919280-A
Curry, Sam13 Jun. 19197796-A
Daniel, Martha M.26 May. 191911480-A
Daniel, Mrs. Minnie26 May. 19195620-A
Daniell, Josiah B.22 Apr. 19193973-A
Daniell, Josiah B.? Apr. 191911485-A
Davis, H. Jinnie05 Oct. 191913471-A
Dobbs, Mary12 Feb. 19191473-A
Dukes, C.28 Jan. 1919433-A
Eavins, Inf. of M. N.23 Nov. 191917968-A
Fincher, W. J.02 Apr. 19193974-A
Giles, Jesse M.11 Aug. 191911499-A
Hannah, John L.16 Nov. 191917972-A
Head, William C.22 May. 19197799-A
Herrin, Mrs. Hannah16 Dec. 191920512-A
Hines, Sam7 Sep. 191911498-A
Irvin Niesie05 Feb. 19191468-A
Johnson, Ella20 Oct. 191915730-A
Johnson, Frederick W.19 Sep. 191913472-A
Jones, Mrs. Kancy30 Dec. 191920509-A
Kelley, Elizabeth31 Jul. 191911488-A
Kilgore, Catherine14 Jun. 191913467-A
Knight, Jane27 Dec. 191920510-A
Knight, Millie G09 Jun. 191911501-A
Knight, Nerby12 Jun. 191911502-A
Lancaster, Marvin H.19 May. 19195628-A
Land, Ester01 Feb. 19191466-A
Langley, Walker08 Jul. 19197798-A
Larens, Verdell06 Mar. 19192608-A
Luke, Ama M04 Sep. 191911497-A
Maning, Inf. of William A.8 May. 19195624-A
Mathews, Amanda M.28 Apr. 19193976-A
McAdams, Martha13 Dec. 191920511-A
McClendon, Mrs. Eunice24 Jul. 19199557-A
Mckibbin, Evelin V.31 May. 19195615-A
Merritt, Loise18 Sep. 191913473-A
Miller, Prealey J.13 Apr. 19193975-A
Miller, Sarah A.20 May. 19195622-A
Moon, Ida13 Oct. 191915724-A
Newman, Carl04 Oct. 191915726-A
Newman, Rhody A.16 Feb. 19191474-A
Nichols, Mrs. T. A.19 Jun. 19197797-A
Norman, Lula E.08 Jun. 19197800-A
Parish, John W.20 Aug. 191911494-A
Pirkle, Buford05 Sep. 191911493-A
Pirkle, Desta05 Sep. 191911492-A
Pirkle, J. R.05 Sep. 191911489-A
Pirkle, Lindsey05 Sep. 191911491-A
Pirkle, Mrs. Rhoda L.05 Sep. 191911490-A
Puckett, William C.27 Dec. 191920508-A
Rainey, Amanda E.31 Mar. 191911481-A
Ridley, Stella07 Jun. 19195625-A
Robinson, Grace14 Feb. 19195616-A
Simpson, Joseph M.? Jan. 1919281-A
Smith, Mrs. Lula19 Jul. 19199558-A
Smith, Sarah J.20 May. 19195618-A
Snell, John R.16 Oct. 191915727-A
Stagner, Inf. of John20 Apr. 19195619-A
Stagner, John A.04 Jun. 19195617-A
Suddeth, Inf. of John23 Mar. 191911496-A
Tillery, Lillie25 Apr. 19195627-A
Tolbert, Oscar23 May. 19195623-A
Waldron, Mrs R. A.19 May. 191911500-A
Walker, William O11 Apr. 191911484-A
Ware, Eula28 Aug. 191911482-A
Ware, Lilly04 May. 191911487-A
Ware, Seborn04 Apr. 191911486-A
Watson, J D23 Sep. 191915733-A
White, Inf. of C A25 Nov. 191917970-A
White, Mary H30 Dec. 191920514-A
White, Oscor31 Oct. 191915731-A
White, Samanthy A28 Nov. 191917969-A
Whitfield, Mrs Mollie11 Oct. 191915723-A
Whitker, Charles C20 Oct. 191915728-A
Wilson, Mae.24 May. 191911495-A
Wood, Kster17 Jul. 19199556-A

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