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Georgia Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Georgia ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Georgia history.

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New Georgia County Genealogy

Troup County GA Resources

  • Post-Civil War Black Marriages in Troup County Georgia
    This database of marriage collected by C. W. Barnum for the Troup County GA AHGP comes from the official marriage books of Troup County GA. These are marriages which occurred between black individuals after the Civil War through 1902.

New Georgia History

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Early Tax list for Morgan County Georgia

This first Tax list of Morgan County, Georgia serves to record the Pioneers in that territory. It was compiled from the 1807 Baldwin County, Georgia Tax lists. Morgan County and Putnam County were formed from parts of Baldwin County. This exhibit includes names extracted from Microfilm reel 187/27 Georgia Archives (partial) Stephens’ 2nd Land Lottery District which is currently Baldwin and Putnam Counties.
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Troup County, GA Population and Components of Change

Troup County, GA Population and Components of Change Date Population % Change Components of Change Total Population Change Births Deaths Inter- national Immigra- tion Net Domestic Migration 1970 44,466 – – – – – – 1971 44,700 0.5 234 – – – – 1972 44,700 0.0 0 – – – – 1973 45,700 2.2 1,000 – – – – 1974 46,500 1.8 800 – – – – 1975 47,100 1.3 600 – – – – 1976 47,500 0.8 400 – – – – 1977 47,800 0.6 300 – – – – 1978 48,300 1.0 500 – – – – 1979…

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Descendants of James Park

James Park, born 1752, Prince Edward Co., Virginia. The first wife of James Park was Elizabeth Sankey. This marriage was in Virginia. There were 2 children from this marriage: Richard Sankey Park who married Nancy Walker and had 4 children. Three of Richards children were daughters who married. They were Mary Robinson, Betsey Ann Dawson, and Nancy Holder who all resided in Georgia. Betsey Ann Park who never married. James married second, Phoebe Hogue 1794, Died Nov.27, 1823. Issue: Harriet Park, married a Swinney James Park, Jr. Joseph Park Matilda Park, … married a Chamberlain Sophia Park, b. October 30,1800…

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Joseph Moore Bible Pages

The Bible is in the hands of Jaca Mills near Ocala, Fl, dau of Lois Rawls, dau of Jaca Lillian Moore, dau of James Park Moore. Joseph Moore b. Dec 28, 1787 N.C. Martha Matilda Goss b. 7/12/1791 Ga. Married 1/19/1809 Greene Co. Ga. Joseph d. 8/23/1860 Merriwether Co. Ga Martha Matilda (Patsy) Goss Moore m. Isaac Thrash 3/16/1865 Family Register Births and Deaths Elizabeth Emily b. 12/06/1809 M. Robert Holt 12/22/1829 William F. b. 10/11/1811 d. 10/26/33 age 22 Mary Sophia b. 10/11/1812 m. Wiley M. White Charles G. b. 2/03/1816 m. Mariah Edwards, 2nd Sarah Jane Unknown Martha…

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Joshua Cannon Family Bible

Joshua Cannon Bible bo.t of T. & J. Cunningham Greensboro, 11 Aug. 1829 Marriages Joshua Cannon and Elizabeth W. Harris was married June the 24th 1819 (Greene Co. Ga.) Jeptha H. Cannon and Catherine Roberts was married November 21, 1843 (Meriwether Co. Ga. #1) Eliza C. Cannon and William F. Roberts was married 31 Mar. 1844 (Meri. ) M.C.V. (Mary Carolyn Virginia) Cannon and George E.B.B. Roberts was married Mar. 21, 1844 (Meri.) J.J. Lunsford and M.E. Spier was married Dec. the 20, 1882 W.R. Linsford and Ruby Nell Knighton was married June 3, 1917 (Terrell Co. Ga. -Walter Belvin)…

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