Swindle – Swindell Family Veterans

George D. Swindle/Swindell (b 3/9/1829:d 10/11/1910) served in Company D and Company H, 5th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Calvary during the Civil War or the War between the States. He is buried in the “Old” Poplar Head Church Cemetery (that is now a part of Long County, GA) on the Fort Stewart US Army Reservation, Fort Stewart, GA. Unable to obtain any other specific data on his military duty. William Ralph Swindell (b. about 1899; d Unknown), grandson of George D. Swindle/Swindell served in the Liberty Independent Troop, Liberty County, Georgia He attended his fathers (George Brook Swindell) funeral on 2/12/1917 in military uniform with a military guard. He was serving some type of restricted military duty from an incident where he was alleged to have thrown soapy lye water into an officer’s face and/or served him coffee made with lye water while serving kitchen police (KP) duty. He was on the troop roster when it departed for the Mexican Border in 1916. He served military duty with the Liberty County Independent Troop between 1916-1917. Unable to obtain any other specific data on his military duty, except that I know he received some type of government pension in the 1940’s and 50’s that may(?) have been from his military duty.

Submission by Earl Swindell.

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