Liberty County, Georgia Brickwalls

Liberty County, Georgia Brickwalls

Knock yours down!

Here you can list the names of your “Brick Wall” relatives and information needed. It is a free service. Please, only request information on relatives that lived in Liberty County or the surrounding area. Don’t forget to let us know if you make a connection. We would like to join the “celebration.”


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  1. James Willie Denison

    Patrick Denison is my 5th or 6th great grandfather. Patrick Peter anyway. The one buried in Gum Branch. The rest are at my Family church in Wayne county.

  2. Update: I believe I have found Martha died in 1850 in Liberty County, GA , in July of that same year. Have not found deaths or burials of any other family members listed above. Still looking.

  3. Any information on Denison’s (Dennison) or Mikells from liberty , Tattnall, Dog Fennell or other counties.

  4. I am looking for information on William Patrick Dennison (Denison) born 1829 married first to a Jane Boothe ; then to a Sarah Penelope Mobley. I know Patrick and Sarah had three children. the two I know are Samuel right born 1868 in Liberty County and Richmond. I believe that William and Sarah are buried at Gum Branch Cemetery. Samuel married Sarah Jane Mikell.

    1. Hard to believe that this is a current query and about a person I might know a little about.

      William “Patrick” Peter Dennison Sr. I have he was born about 1820. He was the son of Elizabeth Horn Dennison Barber. His mother married my William Barber in Liberty on 4 August 1825,

    2. Hi Marsha,
      Patrick Denison was one of my great-grandfathers. I believe he and Jane had 8 children and he and Sarah had 6 additional children.
      I’d love to compare notes with you.

  5. We’ve run into a brick wall with William Wells, married to Vincey Price. He was killed in Liberty County in November 1839. His children included
    Matilda Ann “Tillie” Wells 1822–
    John Wells 1824–1864
    William McKinnis Wells 1826–1877
    Evan Wells 1827–1902
    David Elmore Wells 1837–1907

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    1. Hi John,
      Vincey and William Wells were my 3rd great-grandparents. I have quite a bit of information on them if you are still in search of information. There’s also a book written on the Wells Family.
      I assume you’re the son of Velma Devene and David B. Dukes? If so, you and I are 3rd cousins (Evan Wells is our common great-grandparent.)

  6. Becky Smith Morris

    General Washington Smith married Lannie Wiggins in Liberty County in 1818. Laney’s brother Peter Wiggins married General’s sister or daughter – Lucretia Smith. General and Lannie’s daughters, Martha Lucy and America or Amy died sometime after 1848 cannot find any records or burials. Cannot find General or Laney’s burial either.

  7. I am looking for any information, especially any death records for Thomas Hughes, born 1754 Virginia and died in 1812 likely in Liberty County GA. He married Mary Ann Graves in 1795 in Liberty County GA. He was my 4th great grandfather.

  8. Russell Henderson

    WOODS, Martha

    Apparently, my manygreats grandfather Warren Harville, ca. 1804 – 1848, son of Samuel Harville, married Martha Woods 30 June 1833 in Liberty County, Georgia. On 26 August 1837, in Alachua County, Florida, he married my many greats grandmother Eliza Ann Standley. Was there a Wood(s) family in Liberty County which might have included a daughter Martha? Is there a cemetery which includes a Martha Woods/Harville? Is there a court record which reports divorce for Warren Harville? Any suggestions how I may find out about Martha Woods?

  9. James Earl Swindell

    SWINDLE, George D.

    These are some of my Brick Walls I have experienced in searching for the parents of George D. Swindell/Swindle that lived in the Bay View Community and Beards Creek Community of Liberty County GA and possibly in other communities of Liberty County, GA. GEORGE D. SWINDLE (1829-1910), TATTNALL, LIBERTY, & LONG CO, GA I’ve been researching the genealogy of George D. Swindle (3/9/1829-10/18/1910) and Esther Weathers Swindle (11/30/1835-4/4/1912) for the past few years. George D. Swindle and Esther Weathers Swindle were married in Tattnall Co. GA on 7/6/1852 and they are my great-grandparents. They are buried in the old Poplar Head Church Cemetery on Fort Stewart in Long County, GA. Unable to locate any information on George D. Swindle’s parents or his grandparents. A George Swindle, believed to be George D. Swindle, served in Company D and Company H, 5th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Calvary during the civil war. In this research I have located information on many decedents of George D. Swindle and Esther Weathers Swindle. They had six children [Henry Aquilla Swindle (B 8/4/1835 D 1930) that married Martha Stubbs on 5/11/1831; James Benjamin Swindle (B 1856-D 192?) that married Loanza Smiley on 1/3/1878; Emma Mae Swindle (B 1857) the mother of Jacob H. Swindell; George Brook Swindell (B 6/9/1861 D 2/12/1917) that married Emily N. Wilkinson on 1/28/1894; Weltha Ann Swindell (B 1866 D 1931) that married William N. Clark on 3/30/1910; and Horace Baker Swindle (B 10/25/1871 D 10/25/1916) that married Martha M. ‘Tilly’ Smiley]. The George D. Swindle family first appeared in Tattnall County GA Census in 1860. Old land records in Liberty County GA Court House show the name spelling there changed from Swindle, Swindel, to Swindell in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. We suspect George D. Swindle came to GA from NC, SC, TN, or Virginia and his father may have been named James Swindle (?) a son of Solomon Commodore Swindle and his 1st wife Sarah Lemons(?). We suspect that Henry Alexander Swindle of Willie GA is a brother of George D. Swindle. Henry Alexander Swindle (3/1836-7/16/1907) and Jane Denmark Swindle (3/13/1842-9/21/1908) married on 10/8/1857 and they lived in Willie GA (a dead town in Liberty County GA). Henry and Jane had 10 children [ Hattie Clementine Swindle (B 1858) married Rufus Meldrin Sheppard; Sarah M. Swindle (B10/7/1862-D12/5/1942) married Joseph M. Stubbs on 8/28/1878; Redden Swindle(B 1864); Queen Swindle (B 1/8/1868-D 9/2/1949) married Henry Ebner Strickland on 11/30/1886; James ‘Jim’ Swindle (B 1869); America Swindle (B 1870) married Willie Brannen on 1/7/1886; Eliza J. Swindle (B; 1872) married J.H. Denmark on 5/28/1892; Charlie C. Swindle (B 1877) married America Stubbs on 9/23/1895; Jasper Wilson Swindle (B 1880) married Vida Cornelia Floyd; and Elizabeth Swindle (B 9/5/1854-D 9/1/1912) married James Elis Mobley. on 3/21/1872]. In an effort to help establish relationships to George D. Swindle, we are searching pedigree information on: James Swindle (B circa 1803 SC) and his first spouse Mrs. James Swindle (?) and his second spouse Sarah A. Riley Swindle (B c. 1800 SC) and spouse Sarah from Liberty Co GA. W.B. Swindle and spouse M.J. Dubberly that were married in Tattnall Co GA on Mar 22, 1881. Solomon Commodore Swindle (B c. 1800 VA) and his 1st spouse (Sarah Lemons) and 2nd spouse Elizabeth Depriest. Private William Swindle from Liberty Co GA served in CSA Co D, 5th Regiment Georgia Volunteers Calvary. Private Samuel S. Swindle from Liberty Co GA served in CSA Co D, 5th Regiment Volunteers Calvary. Private Edward Swindle served in CSA 1st Company F, 25th Regiment Georgia Volunteers Infantry. Private James H. Swindle served in CSA 1st Company F, 25th Regiment Georgia Volunteers Infantry, Private John J. Swindle served in CSA 1st Company F, 25th Regiment Georgia Volunteers Infantry. Private M.M. Swindle served in Liberty Independent Troop around 1916. Private R. Swindle served in Liberty Independent Troop around 1916-1917. Lieutenant H.A. Swindle, Constitutional Guards, Taylors Creek GA about 1887. Private R. Swindle Constitutional Guard, Taylors Creek GA about 1887. Moses Swindle age 40, Patty Swindle age 85, Rosa Swindle age 16, Mollie Swindle age 4, and Annie Swindle age 1 year in Liberty Co GA about 1870.

  10. James Earl Swindell

    SWINDELL, William Ralph ‘Bub’

    We are searching for any information on William Ralph ‘Bub’ Swindell (…dle, …del) born 1890’s and died in 1950’s or 1960’s. Ralph or ‘Bub’ as he was called was the oldest son of George Brook Swindell/Swindle (1861-1917) and Emily N. Wilkinson (1869-1933) of Liberty/Long County, GA. Ralph Swindell was in the Armed Services ( Army?) and wore a uniform when he attended his father’s funeral in 1917. ‘Bub’ Swindell believed to have had a family with children in Joplin, MO and another family with children in Atlanta, GA. He returned to Long County GA about 1945-46 with even another family (Wife: Harriet and daughter, Irene, that was then about 17 years of age). He was receiving some type monthly government pension. Apparently his wife, Harriet, and daughter, Irene, were from Salt Lake City or Ogden Utah. Family separated in Long Co GA and all left the area about 1947-48 and there has been no contact since. Harriet Swindell and Irene Swindell may have gone to Atlanta, GA. I would especially appreciate any information you can share on parents of George D. Swindell/Swindle and on his grandson William Ralph ‘Bub’ Swindell and his children and families.

  11. SOUTHWELL, Rev. John L.

    I am researching the Southwell family. Rev John L. Southwell, wife Mary Roberts Hylton Southwell and son Wilson C. Southwell resided in Liberty County Georgia during the 1830’s. I would appreciate any information regarding this family. They had two other children: Lorenzo Dow Southwell and Elvira Southwell.

  12. O’NEAL, Charles D.

    O’Neal, Charles D. b.1843 in Bladen Co. N.C.who married Mary Standley Feb. 25, 1863 in Liberty Co. I’m looking for source that proves he was in “Liberty Volunteers” and where he may be buried. I believe he died betwen 1870-1880.

  13. MYRICK, James Tarlton

    James Tarlton Myrick and his family moved to Liberty Co. abt. 1856 from S.C. and enlisted in Co. H, 25th Regt., Liberty Volunteers…..died on the march from Missionary Ridge, Tenn. to Dalton, Ga. I am unable to find records verifying his military service and/or his burial site. I am unable to link him to any other Myrick’s. Anyone out there with any other info?

  14. MARTIN, Sarah

    I am interested in any information on Sarah Martin who was born in Liberty County, Ga in 1809. Her parents were Mr. Martin and Isabella Graham. She married Henry Leroy Wilkinson in Warren County, Ga in 1830. They later settled in Lee County, Ga. Thank you.

  15. KEATON, Kader Lawson

    My brick wall is Kader Lawson Keaton, known to have lived in Liberty County with his wife Julia Ann or Julianne Shaw. I am unsure of the parents of each. They had children, one of whom is my greatgrandfather William. Also Kader Lee, Martha and others I cannot recall right now. If you have any information, I would appreciate hearing it.

  16. JOHNS, Jeremiah & Levicy

    Seeking information on Jeremiah Johns and wife Levicy. Information I’ve seen says Levicy Johns died after 1870 in McIntosh, Liberty Co. Ga.


    Mathie A. Gainey. . . . . his unit was listed as the “Irish Dixie Greys.” Wonder who else was in that unit and what happened to them?

  18. Russell Henderson

    HODGES, Rebecca

    My manygreatsgrandfather Samuel Harville married Rebecca Hodges 2 January 1804 in Liberty County, Georgia. On an August 1803 Liberty County list of persons authorized land lottery draws are a Joseph Hodge and the orphan children of John Hodges. Does anyone know anything about Rebecca Hodges, the family of Joseph Hodge, or the orphan children of John Hodges? I am trying to find a family for “my” Rebecca.

  19. HENDRY, Dr. Tillman Enoch & Mattie Cone

    I am looking for Dr. Tillman Enoch Hendry and wife Mattie Cone Hendry. Dr. died May 16, 1940 and Mattie July 5, 1929. we would like to know where they are buried. We have been to some cemeteries in and around Ft. Stewart and found some of their infant children. One of the sons is buried in Jacksonville, Fl. Feb 9, 1971 (Enoch Cone Hendry) my father in law. Thank you for any information.

  20. Russell Henderson

    HARVILLE, Samuel

    My manygreatsgrandfather Samuel Harville lived in Liberty County, Georgia from about 1800 to about 1833. From 18 January 1815 to 26 February 1815, a Samuel Harville served as a sergeant in Company H (Captain John Winn’s Company of Infantry) of the Second Regiment (Pray’s) Georgia Militia, War of 1812. Was Captain John Winn resident of Liberty County and was his company composed of Liberty County residents? (Although I know of no other Samuel Harvilles living during that time, “my” Samuel Harville would have been about fifty years old — pretty old to be a serving soldier.)

  21. HALL

    I need information on the Hall name in Liberty County, GA, please. My family returned to McIntosh County from FL twice, once in 1807 and again in 1817. I think they have a connection to the area of Liberty County before Mcintosh County was cut out of Liberty.

  22. GREEN, Rebecca Jane

    Rebecca Jane married Andrew Frasier Maulden in Liberty Co., Ga. in 1845. Does anyone know who her parents/ancestors were?

  23. FLOWERS, Ralph Danvis

    Looking for burial place of Ralph Danvis FLOWERS, infant son of Henry Wilson FLOWERS and Amanda Levina SIMMONS. He was born Sept 1896 and died 18 Nov 1898, in Walthourville, Liberty Co., Ga.

  24. FLOWERS, Charles, Sr.

    Who are the CORRECT parents of Charles Flowers, Sr. of Liberty Co., Ga.?? Some undocumented info says John Flowers and Elizabeth _______? of Robeson County, NC. However, two NC genealogist I have hired to search this problem have failed to find any documentation to support this family lore. I’ve recently hired a local historian in Lumberton to work on the problem but, have not received any info yet. Sure hope someone with the answer will see this post on your web site and respond.

  25. Mary Evelyn Clark Stewart

    CLARK, James Julian

    Born Nov. 13, 1886. Died Nov. 2, 1984. Would like to know any genealogical facts.

  26. BLOUNT, Willie/ William/ Hamp and Nettie Virginia

    I am looking for information on my grandmother and grandfather, Willie/ William/ Hamp Blount and Nettie Virginia Blount. I know at one time they lived in Fleming. My father was E. V. Blount. Any help would be truly appreciated.

  27. Laura Anderson-Sweat

    ANDERSON, Jonathan

    I would like to be able to find the parents & siblings of Jonathan ANDERSON. He was born in SC bet. 1802-1810, and is listed on the 1838 GA State census for the first time in Tattnall County. He is also listed on the 1840 thru 1860 Federal census of Tattnall County, GA. Because the formation of Tattnall Co. from Liberty Co. in 1801, it is possible that he could have been a boy in Liberty Co. for a short time. The 1830 Federal Census lists the Estate of William ANDERSON, dec. with the following: 1 M 5-10yrs, 2 M 10-15yrs, 1 M 15-20yrs (b.1810-1815), 1 F 5-10yrs, 1 F 10-15yrs, 1 F 40-50yrs…and 56 slaves. If anyone can find proof of a will of this William Anderson, I would REALLY love to know who his family was (by name). Also in 1849, a Benjamin Johnston sells Jonathan Anderson, 100 acres in Liberty Co. on Feb. 9th, 1849. Jonathan’s neighbors from 1840 to 1860 connect with Liberty Co., namely John & Gideon Popwell / Poppell. Any help could possibly break a 50 year old brick wall about our Jonathan’s history. Thanks for printing this. I really pray that it helps.

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