Lax Community Cemetery

Located on Holt Road, Irwin County, Georgia. This cemetery was last transcribed prior to 2000 and there may now be additional burials not recorded here.

  • Barrentine,  Jr., James Alton   November 30, 1931-April 7, 1992; Husband of  Mary Elizabeth H.; US NAVY  ( November 30, 1929-April 7, 1992)
  • Barrentine, Mary Elizabeth Hutto        December 11, 1935-; Wife of James Alton Barrentine,  Jr.; Daughter of  Willie Jordan Hutto and Effie Merritt Hutto
  • Black, Carolyn  1973
  • Black, Pat      1975
  • Brooks, Hubert  1904-1988
  • Heath, Clifford  W.     July 6, 1911-January 19, 1977; Husband of Delda L. Heath
  • Heath, Delda L. April 9, 1914-July 2, 1995; Wife of Clifford W. Heath
  • Heath, Infant   n/d
  • Hutto, Annie Barrentine December 26, 1924-; Wife of Richard Hutto  m. April 11, 1942
  • Hutto, Daisy McCook  “Mammie”   November 7, 1917-December 26, 1997; Wife of  R. J. Hutto; Daughter of Iverson and Nellie Grantham McCook; Children: Tony, Noah, Willie, Robert J., Nellie and Carolyn
  • Hutto, Richard  April 1, 1921-; Husband of Annie Barrentine Hutto; Son of Willie Jordan Hutto and Effie Merritt Hutto
  • Hutto, Robert J. “R. J.”        July 30, 1915-October 17, 1993; Husband of  Daisy McCook “Mammie” Hutto; Son of Willie Jordan Hutto and Effie Merritt Hutto
  • Hutto, Sheila Diann     April 12, 1971-April 13, 1971;  Daughter of Shirley and Noah Hutto
  • Hutto, Vernon   October 15, 1930-July 16, 1990; AC3 US AF Korea
  • Pearson, Louise January 16, 1924-February 6, 1972
  • Pearson, Mary J.        June 28, 1904-June 12, 1970; Wife of M. C. Pearson
  • Pearson, M. C.  July 28, 1898-March 6, 1975; Husband of Mary J. Pearson
  • Purvis, Estelle Hutto   March 12, 1925-January 16, 1992; Wife of Willis Purvis
  • Purvis, Willis  August 1, 1912-December 7, 1994; Husband of Estelle Hutto Purvis; Son of Allen and  Agnes Joyce Purvis
  • Sanderson, Olgar Rae Moore      October 16, 1922-March 29, 1994; Wife of William  “Bill” L. Sanderson. [1]Infant grave outside Sanderson plot no marker.
  • Sanderson, William “Bill” Loyce August 2, 1915-July 17, 1999; Husband of Olgar Rae Moore Sanderson  m. March 19, 1940; Son of Griffin Sanderson and Mae Files Sanderson; Children: Gail, Shirley, Debra and James
  • Stephenson, John (b. Kansas City, MO)   May 27, 1905-December 27, 1985; Children: Mrs. Patricia Ann Brooks
  • Stone, Annie Bell       June 27, 1936-June 26, 1996. [2]Unmarked grave between Louise Pearson and Annie Bell stone


1Infant grave outside Sanderson plot no marker.
2Unmarked grave between Louise Pearson and Annie Bell stone

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