Henderson Chapel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Holt, Georgia. This cemetery was last transcribed prior to 2000 and there may now be additional burials not recorded here.

  • Benson, Cintha  S.    May 2, 1882-April 17, 1971; Wife of Lee A. Benson
  • Benson, Lee A.     January 24, 1872-August 10, 1948; Husband of Cintha S. Benson
  • Grantham, Effie Paulk    August 11, 1900-July 13, 1950; Wife of Willie M. Grantham; Daughter of  Manasseh Paulk and  Rebecca McMillan; No children.
  • Grantham, Willie M.    December 2, 1902-July 28, 1976; Husband of Effie Paulk  and; Son of Jacob Grantham and Mattie Julia Dupree
  • Griffin, Arthur     August 3, 1893-May 25, 1961; Husband of  (l) Fannie Griffin and (2) Sophronie Paulk  ( Fannie buried at Bethlehem, Irwin Co.); Son of  Bartow Beaugard Griffin and Rachel McMillan; Children: Raymond, Wycliff,  Wendell, Wydene, Clarence, Waldo, Mildred,and Raymond
  • Griffin, Betty Joyce Minix; Wife of James Donald Griffin   January 25, 1934-
  • Griffin Clarence E.    November 13, 1916-January 3, 1934; Son of Arthur Griffin and Sophronie Paulk  Griffin
  • Griffin, James Donald    December 12, 1928- January 22, 1993; Husband of Betty Joyce Griffin; Son of Willie and Elizabeth Sutton Griffin; MSGT US AF WWII, KOREA , VIETNAM
  • Griffin, James Waldo    August 7, 1918-July 5, 1983; Husband of Lois Moore; Son of Arthur Griffin and Sophronie Paulk Griffin
  • Griffin, Lois  Moore    November 28, 1918-January 7, 1983; Wife of James Waldo Griffin
  • Griffin, Margery Clements    November 14, 1923-; Wife of Raymond W. Griffin; Daughter of    J. A. Clements and Martha Renew Clements.
  • Griffin , Raymond Washington   June 1, 1920-March 27, 1995; Husband of  Margery Clements  m. August 31, 1945.; Son  of Arthur Griffin and Sophronie Paulk Griffin; T SGT US ARMY  AIR CORPS WWII
  • Griffin, Richard     June 24, 1891-January 12, 1953; Husband of Van Paulk; Son of Bartow Beaugard Griffin and Rachel McMillan Griffin; Children: Hollis, Edith and Shirlely
  • Griffin, Sophronie Paulk    October 22, 1896-March 15, 1978; Wife of Arthur Griffin; Daughter of Daniel T. Paulk and Missouri Merritt Paulk
  • Griffin, Van Paulk    November 21, 1893-March 19, 1984; Wife of Richard Griffin; Daughter of George L. Paulk and “Blannie” Sutton Paulk
  • Harper, Bessie Paulk    September 9, 1918-; Wife of Daniel Jacob Harper; Daughter of John Mack Paulk and Lula Gray Paulk; Children: Alfred, Sylvia and Jerry
  • Harper, “D. J.” Daniel Jacob   November 1, 1916-January 11, 1973; Husband of Bessie Paulk Harper; Son of Albert Lucius Harper and Eliza Ann Fussell Harper
  • Harper, Linda Pusey    November 1, 1946-September 3, 1980; GrandDaughter of Albert Benson
  • Hunter, Carol Lynne Bradford   January 4, 1953-September 20, 1994; Wife of Gerald M. Hunter, Sr.; Daughter of Henry C. and Eula T. Bradford  of Jacksonville, Fla.; Children:  Gerald M., Jr., and Matthew Steele and Amanda Lynne
  • Hunter, Clarence J.    April 10, 1925-April 12, 1992; Husband of Rhoda Lott; Son of Ludie Hunter  and Katie Tucker Hunter
  • Hunter, Gerald Marshall,Sr.   April 29, 1952-September 20, 1994; Husband of Carol B. Hunter; Son of Carl and Minnie Benson Hunter.
  • Hunter, Katie Tucker    September 5, 1902-January 12, 1990; Wife of Ludie Hunter;  m. October 23, 1918; Daughter of Alonza Tucker and Mary Paulk Tucker.
  • Hunter, Ludie     November 21, 1898-February 17, 1989; Husband of Katie Tucker Hunter; Son of David Franklin Hunter and Sallie Jane Griffin Hunter.
  • Hunter, Minnie Alpha Benson   December 6, 1925-July 6, 1974; Wife of Carl Franklin Hunter; m.June 24, 1941.; Daughter of  Albert David Benson and Ada Alberta Padgett Benson.
  • Hunter, Rhoda Lott    December 4, 1925-; Wife of Clarence J. Hunter; m. December 18, 1948.; Daughter of  Donnie Lott and Rachel Merritt Lott
  • Paulk,  “Blannie” Mary Blansett Priscilla Sutton May 3, 1870-June 30, 1958; Wife of George L. Paulk; Daughter of John L. Sutton and Priscilla Griffin; Children: John, Van, Claude and Alda
  • Paulk, Christie Annie Hatfield   December 28, 1894-May 19, 1986; Wife of Manasseh Paulk; Daughter of James Ira Hatfield and Christian Vickers; Children: Ira Mae, Stella, Clydie, Willie Dee, Geraldine, Geneva
  • Paulk, Claude J.     May 6, 1897-December 20, 1979; Son of George L. Paulk and  Blannie  Sutton Paulk; US ARMY WWI; Never Married.
  • Paulk,  George L.     June 7, 1871-October 23, 1960; Husband of Blannie Sutton Paulk; Son of Micajah  W. Paulk and Martha Van Whiddon
  • Paulk, Jacob Thomas    January 6, 1892-January 26, 1973; Husband of Margaret Gray Paulk; Son of Manasseh Paulk and Rebecca McMillan Paulk; Children: Ernest, T. J., Vella Grace, Margie
  • Paulk, Manasseh “Nassie”    May 10, 1893-April 29, 1951; Husband of Christie Annie Hatfield; Son of Manasseh Paulk and Rebecca McMillan Paulk
  • Paulk, Margaret Gray    August 28, 1895-November 10, 1980; Wife of Jacob T. Paulk; m. December 28, 1913.;  Daughter of John W. Gray and Mollie Tucker Gray.
  • Paulk, Ruby Ross     July 27, 1911-; Wife of Warren W. Paulk, Sr.; Daughter of; Children: Warren Jr. and Herschel
  • Paulk, Thomas David    February 18, 1943-February 24, 1994; Husband of (1)  Linda Holliman (2) Wanda Lewis; Son of  T. J. and Evelyn Benson Paulk
  • Paulk, Warren W. Sr.    October 1, 1902-February 6, 1989; Husband of Ruby Ross Paulk; Son of  Daniel T. Paulk and Missouri Merritt Paulk.
  • Tindell, John Harrell    December 25,  ?; Child of John Ivey and Effie Mae Benson Tindall
  • Walker, Deborah Ann    April 4, 1961-January 11, 1997; Wife of Talmadge Emilio  Walker
  • Walker, Edna Griffin    October 25, 1910-July 5, 1974; Wife of Talmage Walker; Daughter of  Willie and Lizzie Sutton Griffin; Eastern Star
  • Walker,  James Ronald    June 13, 1948-August 25, 1985; Son of Talmadge and Edna Griffin Walker.
  • Walker, Joseph G.    July 23, 1870-September 7, 1952; Husband of Rosa Ann Walker
  • Walker, Rosa Ann    May 17, 1860-August 31, 1946; Wife of Joseph  G. Walker
  • Walker, Talmage     June 28, 1911-August 23, 1972; Husband of Edna Griffin Walker; Mason; Son of Joseph G. and Rosa Ann Walker
  • Walker, Talmadge Emilio    July 7, 1954-; Husband of Deborah Ann Walker; Son of Talmadge and Edna Griffin Walker
  • Walker, William T.    December 2, 1902-February 1, 1973
  • Young, John     February 28, 1895-November 4, 1971; Husband of Una Paulk Young.
  • Young, Una Paulk    August 5, 1894-February 16, 1992; Wife of John Young; Daughter of Daniel T. Paulk and Missouri Merritt Paulk; Children: Dilbon and Daniel

One child unmarked grave in this cemetery.

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