Old Cartecay United Methodist Church Cemetery

These are the graves in the old church cemetery. The church burned down about 1855 and was rebuilt on land donated by Barnett Wilson in 1859 from virgin pine on the land. The original church grounds and cemetery reverted back to the Lewis Ellington family at some point and then belonged to S. M. Simmons and was deeded back to the CUMC in 1940 by a descendant, W. A. Simmons. There are no doubt many unmarked graves that remain to be identified – so if anyone should know that their ancestor was buried there for certain, please contact us or the church… Leslie Thomas

HMary A. BLACK19291981~
AJohn CLANTS18031891~
DLucinda ELLINGTON18101875~
DLewis D. ELLINGTON18101859~
CSarah QUILLIAN18151864wife of Rev. B. B. Quillian
CElizabeth QUILLIAN18391849daughter of Rev. B. B. Quillian
CJerusha Joanna QUILLIAN18411851daughter of Rev. B. B. Quillian
CLivonia Josephine QUILLIAN~~daughter of Rev. B. B. Quillian
DJames B. L. SIMMONS18521855~
BDaniel E. SLAGLE18211876father
BPriscella Ann SLAGLE18361901mother
BSarah Lorene SLAGLE18521902daughter of D.E. & P.A. Slagle
BLeslie McKindrbe SLAGLE18671888~
BEllenore Emogene SLAGLE18551863daughter of D.E. & P.A. Slagle
BDavid M. SLAGLE18331853~
ESilas H. SMITH18101885~
EJohn T. SMITH18391862~
EJane Johnson SMITH18101889~
HHenry WIKLE17851844~
HAnna WIKLE17951878~
BUnnamed SLAVES~~there are five (5) slave graves

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