Joshua Cannon Family Bible

Joshua Cannon Bible bo.t of T. & J. Cunningham Greensboro, 11 Aug. 1829


Joshua Cannon and Elizabeth W. Harris was married June the 24th 1819 (Greene Co. Ga.)
Jeptha H. Cannon and Catherine Roberts was married November 21, 1843 (Meriwether Co. Ga. #1)
Eliza C. Cannon and William F. Roberts was married 31 Mar. 1844 (Meri. )
M.C.V. (Mary Carolyn Virginia) Cannon and George E.B.B.
Roberts was married Mar. 21, 1844 (Meri.)
J.J. Lunsford and M.E. Spier was married Dec. the 20, 1882
W.R. Linsford and Ruby Nell Knighton was married June 3, 1917 (Terrell Co. Ga. -Walter Belvin)
Jarves Elrod or Elwood Lunsford departed this life in the year of our Lord Jan. 10..age 2 (Can not read year)


Joshua Cannon was born 10 June 1795 (SC)
Elizabeth W. Harris was born 31st August 1799
John Lawrence Cannon was born 14th Sept. 1820
William Wesley Cannon was born 22 Sep. 1822
Jeptha Harris Cannon was born 18th Dec. 1823
Mary Caroline Virginia Cannon was born 8th May 1826
Eliza Cordilia Cannon was born 17 August 1828
Charles Andrew Cannon was born_______
Augustin Pope was born 1st May 1833
Sara Elizabeth Cannon was born May 17, 1835
Annie Catherine Cannon was born 26th May 1835
Martha Victoria Cannon was born June 27th 1841
Joshua E. Cannon son of Jeptha was born…..1844
Jesse Wilmot Roberts son of Virginia was born 12th Jan. 1846
Mary E. Woolbright was born Nov. 23rd. 1859
Daniel Joshua Woolbright was born Sep. 5th 1862
(This family was in Greene 1820,30)

***Bible in the hands of Mrs. Sadie Cooper
Rt. 1 Box 108 Ariton, Al. 36311 in 2000***

Submitted by Ms. Gerry Hill

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