Andrews – Barnett – Griffin Bible

The last know owner of this Bible was Mrs. Helen Griffin Steel of Locust Grove, GA.

Nathan Barnett Departed this life the 4 day of April 1818
Elizabeth T. Johnson departed this life 22 day of Dec. 1830 Aged Nineteen years Six month and five day
Nathan Barnett was Born March 2nd 1778
Ave G. Barnett was born June 20th 1776
Lucy W. Barnett daughter of Nathan & Ave her mother was Born January 14 1798
John G. Barnett was Born December 12th 1799
Mary A. Barnett was Born November 26th 1801
William J. Barnett was Born November 29th 1803
Susna G. Barnett was Born January 31st 1806 (torn)
A. Barnett was Born January 30th 1808 (torn)
Beth Barnett was Born July 7th 1811
Thomas G. Barnett was Born November 27th 1813 (handwriting changed)
John Leonard Johnson was Born November 27th 1818
Nathan B. Johnson was born July 16th 1819?
Elizabeth T. Johnson was Born Dec 8 1830
Mary Elizabeth Barnett was born August 18th 1835 (at the end of The Prophets)
Nancy W. Aallen (sic) Daughter of William and Elizabeth her mother was Born 30th of March 1809
John R. Allen Born 30 March 1809
Thos. Milton Griffin Born Jany 7th 1816
Maryan Caroline Griffin Born 14th Novm. 1817
Sarah C. Griffin was born 5th May 1797
John Griffin was married to Sally his wife 24th Septr.
In the year of our Lord 1814 (another page) John Griffin Was Born September3rd 1740
Mary Griffin Was Born Febuary 14th 1754
Jno. Griffin and Mary his Wife were married November 19th 1772?
Susanah Griffin daughter of John and Mary her mother was born September the 11th 1773
Ave Garnet Griffin was born June 20th 1776
David & Jesse Andrews Griffin was born Feby. 14th 1778
John Griffin was born Decbr. 6th 1779
Mary Griffin was born Sept. 11th 1781
Robt.? Griffin was born Decr.? 1783
William Griffin was born Augt. 15th 1785
Thos. Griffin Sept. 24th 1787 (name to faint on copy to read) 21 1790
James Griffin was born July 7th 1792
Wiat Andrews Griffin was born Sep. 21, 1793
George Washington Griffin born Feby. 11th 1797? Departed this life Octobr. 3rd 1799
Remember you that Lives above. (Apocrypha title page) (too faint to read) Griffin’s Book April 2 17??
William Griffin Senior departed this life 31 January 1817?
John Griffin (back of New Testament title page)
Mark Andrews moved out of Essex into Cumberland the 17th day of November. in the year 1759
Mark Andrews born the 2nd day of July in the year 1724
Ave Andrews the wife of Mark Andrews born the 9th Day of July in the year 1731
Elizabeth Andrews the daughter of Mark Andrews & wife Ave his wife was Born ye 7th day of August 1748
John Andrews born ye 27th of January in the year 1749/50
Jess Andrew Born ye 18th day of March in the year 1753
Mary Andrews Born ye 14th day of Febry in the year 1754
Hannah Andrews Born ye 9th of December in the year 1755
William Andrews Born ye 23rd of Febry in the year 1758
Susanna Andrews Born ye 24th of April in the year 1760
Thomas Andrews Born the 12th of December in ye year 1761
Garnett Andrews Born the 11th day of June in the year 1764
Wiatt Andrews Born the 29th day of August in ye year 1766
Ann Andrews Born the 23rd day of August in ye year 1768
Ave Andrews the wife of Mark Andrews Departed this Life the 29th of October in ye year 1768
Mark Andrews Departed this Life the 20th day of January 1775
Clabourn J(o)hn BarNett (sic) was Born June the 13 177(no fourth digit)
(Beginning of Matthew too faint on copy to read) Decbr the 24th 1791
I John Griffin started to Georgia & January 27th 1792
I Landed in Green County on Big Creek with my family.
John G. Barnett was born the 12 day of Dec. 1799
Christian? East in the wife of J.G. Barnett was born 4 February 1813
J.G. Barnett was married To Miss Christiana Eastin on the 3 day of Febuary 1831
Nathan Thomas Barnett yhe son of J.G. Barnett and Christiana his wife was born the 12 day of May 1832
Thomas G. Barnett Was married to Miss Sarah Adams on the 27 of May 1834
Mary Elizabeth Barnett Was born the 18th day of August 1835
John Adams Griffin Barnett Was born 10th of December 1837(8 written over it) (sheet of paper, found in Bible)
John Griffin born in Virginia Sept. 3 1740 Married November 19, 1772
Mary Andrews born Feb. 14 year 1754.
They Came from Powhatan County, Va. To Green County, Georgia in 1792 Dec. 24 1791
I John Griffin Started to Georgia on Jan. 27th 1792
Landed in Green County on Big Creek with my family.
John Griffin, son of William came to this place 1823

This Bible was transcribed from a copy of the 1761 edition of the Bible published by Mark Baskett, London.
Copies can be found in Barnett folder of the surname section of the Georgia Department of Archives and History.
It can also be found in the October 14, 1989, Number 1095, edition of Family Puzzlers.

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