Wilkinson County, Ga. Land Records
1805 Land Lottery Books  (link)
1805 Land Lottery drawing 4th District (link)
1805 Land Lottery drawing 5th District (link)
1805 Land Lottery Misc surveys (link)
Richard Dunn land lot 1805

1807 Land Lottery List of Wilkinson Co.
Drawers Aug 19 & Sep. 9, 1807

1820 Land Lottery
1821 Land Lottery Reg. 1-7

1827 Land Lottery Drawers Living in Wilkinson (link)
1827 Lottery Drawers Living in Wilkinson Alphabetical (link)

1832 Cherokee Land Lottery
Homestead Exemptions 1868-1871
Brickle, John to Capt. John Shaw 1805 
Chambers, William to Hicks, John D. Deed (link)
Dominy, Dupree, Dominy, Jackson & Payne (1853-1882 Misc deeds)
Dukes, Drury (Lottery Survey) 1804 (link)
Dupree, Dominy, Fordham et al (link)
Justice, Elsey to Mason, Theophulous (link)
Langford, Edmond (1805 Land Grant) (link)
Montgomery, Margaret - Bozeman, Thomas (Agreement)
Stuckey, Starling - Hughs, Thomas 1815 Deed
Tompkins, Giles - Tompkins, Nicholas (link)
Wheeler (Ira) Family  - H.W. Price Deed
Wynn, Elizabeth (Land Grant)
Wynn, Robert W. W. (Land Grant) (link)
Wynn, Wm (Land Diagram Dist 2)

1890 Tax Digest
Wilco Land Lots Map
Militia District Map
Land and Crops in 1880
Land Record Index
Early Land Records from Franklin and Richmond County Estate Records
1812 Hancock Co. Taxpayers With Wilkinson Co. Property

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