Wilkinson County Georgia Homicides 1820 - 1960
Date Name of Victim Charged Notes
Feb 29, 1820 Nathan Bowen, white Jacob Justice, White Governor's Proclamation Southern Recorder Aug 1, 1820 
July 18, 1822 Godfrey Lee, white John Lee, White Georgia Journal  Jul 30, 1822
before or in  1831 Not stated Hezekial Williams, White Williams was shot while escaping from Penitentiary Southern Recorder May 19, 1831
1831 Jim, slave of James Hatcher Joseph McCearly, White Governor's Proclamation, Georgia Journal Jan 8 1831
1834 Manson . White Owens and Glover, White Georgia Journal, May 7, 1834
 Georgia Telegraph May 15, 1834
1838 Henry Rhud, White Mr. Jenkins, white Condemned to be hung Jenkins, who was respited by the Governor, died in jail. Southern Recorder Jun 5, 1838 
May 4, 1841  William Keaton, White Samuel M. Pittman, White Georgia Journal June 15, 1841
Dec 17, 1848 Dr. John L Barge, White George James Bostick, White Sandersville Progress Jan 7, 1849
1851 Mrs Hardy Keil, Miss Mason, White slave of Hardy Keil, Black Women were murdered, the slave was caught and burned at the stake. Federal Union Aug 12, 1851
1852 NA W. T. Beck, White Manslaughter, sentenced 4 yrs. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976
Aug. 1, 1854 John M. Spence, White Allen Rogers, White $100 reward by governor in 1854. Macon Weekly Telegraph 8-29-1854
1856 NA Jacob Jordan, White Vol. Manslaughter. Source: "Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976" 
Dec. 24, 1856 William E. Green , White George Slaughter aka
John Thompson, White
Green killed at Rogers Store in Laurens Co.  $500 reward offered by Eason Green, Jesse J. Green, Benjamin C. Green and Marshall H. Green. Columbus Enquirer, Tri-Weekly 2-17-1857
Dec 28, 1857 Gen. James B. Bostwick, White M. V. B. Allen, White Justifiable homicide Federal Union Jan 5,  1858 
Oct. 11, 1858 Dr. Joseph Golden. White John E. Wiggins, White stabbed in thigh and leg.The Weekly Georgian, 10-12-1858
April 1866 Josiah Jones, White Shadrach Croom, White Shooting near Gordon, found guilty of murder in October 1866, sent to penitenery, pardoned by Governor Bulloch in 1869. Macon Weekly Telegraph 5-7-1866,Daily Columbus Enquirer 11-7-1866
June 1866 Mrs. Louisa Rawlins/Rollins, White Pompey O'Bannon & William Dennis aka Thomas Johnson, Black Mrs Rollins, 8 month old baby & 3 yr old daughter were also beaten.
Pompey O'Bannon was taken from jail in July 1866  by a mob of 200 - 300, tortured and burned at the stake. William Dennis, aka Tom (Reward) was found in Columbus and convicted of murder in Wilkinson Co. in Oct 1866. He confessed to the murder as well as a Mr. Crews (Col. Cruise)  in Atlanta. He was was publically hung in Irwinton Nov. 2, 1866.  Macon Weekly Telegraph 6-29-1866, 7-2-1866, 7-9-1866; Macon Telegraph 7-1-1866,  7-23-1866, 7-24-1866, 7-25-1866, 7-30-1866,  8-23-1866, 11-7-1866
Columbus Daily Enquirer, 7-4-1866, 7-22-1866, 8-2-1866, 8-9-1866, 8-19-1866, 8-22-1966. 10-4-1866, 10-7-1866
Aug 17 1867 Jennie Brannon, Black  Alfred Brannon alias Alfred Bell, Black Whipped wife to death. Federal Union Aug 27, 1867
Publically hung per Freedman Bureaus Records
Nov. 1867 Montgomery Lampee White John Towler, White Shootout involving Towler a fireman on the Central Railroad, at railroad track in Gordon.  Daily Columbus Enquirer 11-13-1867
August 26 1868 John Fleetwood, Black Charles F. Frasuer, White Fleetwood was a prominent radical. Frasuer was arrested.  Macon Weekly Telegraph 9-4-1868
1868 Man called Texas.
Nathaniel Cornwall Nov 30, 1877,
of Jefferson County, White
Washington McDaniel 
aka Wash McDaniel
Charles Heath, White
Tried, convicted, sentenced to be hung. Reprieved from hanging in  Dec 1869  until Jan 1870. Escaped from jail, then escaped from train, moved to Quincy Florida under the name of Charles Heath. Found in January 1878 living in Screven County, sent back to Wilkinson and sentenced to the penitentiary for life. Sent to Dade coal mines where he confessed to the  murder of  Nathaniel Cornwall of Jefferson county . He was brutally murered by another prisoner there in 1881.
Colunbus Ledger Enquirer 11-28, 1869; Macon Weekly Telegraph, 2-05-1878, Union and Recorder April 9, 1878;   Georgia Weekly,12-17-1880; 12-31-1880. Atlanta Constitution  07-10-1878; 12-21-1887 
1869 L. A. Golden , White Richard Nelson, White Sentenced to penitenary for life in 1869 pardoned by Governor Bulloch Dec.  28 1869. Atlanta Constitution 10-21-1869, Columbus Ledger Enquirer 12-29-1866
1871 Robert Parker, White William Davis, White
Daniel H. Tucker, White
Justifiable, Federal Union Jun 7, 1871 
1870 - 1871
Two Men, Black
Unknown, White
Skeltons were found in 1875, 1 was lynched, other possibly shot.  Savannah Morning News 4-2-1875
August 1871 Green Porter, Black Thomas McRae, White Coroner inquest ruled  "wilful murder"  in 1871.
Tried and convicted Oct. 1873.  Escaped jail, caught in 1876.  Macon Weekly Telegraph 8-15-1871 
Sep 1871 Sheriff Matthew Deason, White unknown group of men, KKK? See  Report of the Joint Select Committee.. . By John Scott. Published by G.P.O., 1872. FREE AT books.goggle.com. White Gagged, shot in head and threw in pond. Daily Gazette & Bulletine 9-11-1871, Macon Weekly Telegraph 10-29-1872. 
Oct 1871 Joel Deese, White Unknown Murdered, body found in woods near his house. Oct. 6, 1871. Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
George Meadows, Black
Boston Fulward, Black
unknown group of men, KKK? See Report of the Joint Select Committee..  By John Scott. Published by G.P.O., 1872. FREE AT books.goggle.com. White Shot
Feb. 1872 Joel Burke , White Sam Hicks aka Sam Blount; Jack Vickers & Eli Colley/Isaac Coley 
Robbed and beaten to death at his store. Sam Hicks confessed, implicated Jack Vickers and Eli Colley for accepting stolen money. Sam Hicks was hung May 10, 1872 in Irwinton. Macon Weekly Telegraph  2-27-1872. 3-12-1872, 4-11-1872, 5-14-1872. 
March 16, 1872 Jane Johnson; Black Dallas Dyer, White Dyer of Twiggs County, while drunk, killed the woman with a knife on the way home from Gordon to Twiggs county. He escaped, $250 reward offered by governor.  Macon Weekly Telegraph 3-26-1872, 4-9-1872
August 1873 Major Charles Kelly, White Silas J. Sanders, White shooting in Gordon, old feud since war. Macon Weekly Telegraph 8-19-1873, 8-26-1873
1873 NA Adam Brown, White Charged with murder, got life.  Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817 -1917 
June 1875 John H. Freeman, White H. H. Watkins, White Killed by his son-in-law. Augusta Chronicle June 15, 1875
Nov 1875 Mingo Baker, Black Chain-Gang Guards, White Shop while attempting to escape with 5 others. Macon Weekly Telegraph Nov 16, 1875.
Dec 18, 1875 Jordan Chambers, Black Unknown Shot at home. He was the" third State's witness that has been mysteriously killed since the attempted insurrection - two in adjoining counties and one in this."  Augusta Chronicle Dec. 2, 1875
1876 Ellen Coats, Black Lish Coats, Black Murdered his cousin and left body in Turkey Creek swamp, said he didn't intend to kill her but give her a severe whipping.  Georgia Weekly Telegraph and Journal and Messenger  1-18-1876
Sep 1876 Joe Temples, Black Joe O'Bannon, Black Self defense. Georgia Weekly Telegraph
Nov 25 1876
Mr. Sanders, White
Mr. Barrentine, White
W. H. Dykes, White
Self defense, W. H. Dykes, Gordon Town Marshall. Savannah Morning News 11-28-1876.
May 1878
Lavonia Gainey, Black
Joe Burke, Black
10 yr old Joe Burke killed baby he was looking after. Savannah Morning News, 5-12-1878i
Dec 25 1879 Mary Payne, White Frank Goodman, White charges dropped, ruled as accidental. Dublin Post 1-1-1880
1881 John Lowe, Black Unnamed, Black drunken brawl at John Burke's store at New Providence, Georgia Weekly Telegraph 12-2-1881 
Dec. 1881 Seaborn Miller, Black Harmon Carswell, Black Sentenced to life in pentitenary April 1882
Georgia Weekly Telegraph and Journal and Messenger 12-9/1881;4-14-1882
July 4 1882 T J. Wood & Joseph Johnson ,White John Monroe Benford of Twiggs, White He left the area after 2 warrants were issued for his arrest. 4 years later he was found in Alabama and took back to Wilkinson County. Claiming self defense he was acquitted in 1886. Macon Weekly Telegraph 8-10-1883, 9-3-1886, 9-7-1886,
May 1883 Ambrose Lingo, Black Wife, Miranda Lingo, Black She confessed to the ax murder of her husband 1 month after she killed him. Sentenced to 20 years, sent to Old Town Camp. Jefferson Co, She was living in Turkey Creek District in 1900. Macon Weekly Telegraph  5-8-1883; Union and Recorder 10-23-1883
October 1883 Dick Cooper, Black Either J. W. Vaughn, Henry Clay or Benj. H. Jackson, White Clay's hog was stolen and being butchered by J E Holder.  The three men, in pursuit of Holder, were fired on by Dick Cooper who was angry at the men for knocking down the wife of Holder.   Justifiable homicide.
Macon Telegraph  Oct. 23 and 24, 1883
October 1883 Joe Holder, Black Seth Wells and/or Boss Wells; Black See above
Macon Weekly Telegraph, October 24, 1883
Aug. 1885 Zack Edwards, Black Lucius Hart, Black Shot during quarrel, self defense possible.
Macon Weekly Telegraph 8 -5-1885
1888 James Sheffield , White Will Collins, Black Convicted of robbery and murder he was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Dade Coal Mines in Oct. 1888, Atlanta Constitution 5-1-1888, 10-1-1888, 10-2-1888
October 24, 1888 John Gladin, Black Joel Rivers, Black Quarreling about rent Rivers shot & killed Gladin, at Sanders Mill.  Rivers escaped. The Macon Telegraph 10-25-1888
Sep 1889 King Smith, Black Dan Reeves/Reid. Black A fatal stabbing at Jordan Stream Church between Dick Beall (injured), King Smith & Dan Reeves/Reid. Macon Wky Tele. 9-17-1889. Escaped from Eastman jail - 10-15-1890 
Oct 1889 Charlie Jackson, White Jimmy Jackson, White Boys playing with knives accidentaly stabbed his brother. Atlanta Constitution 10- 17-1889
Nov 1891 Mrs James M. Knight
Fox Hall 
Burgulary, murder, house burned. Fox Hall was arrested in Dec. 1891 and taken to the Bibb County jail for safekeeping. Atlanta Constitution 11-14-1891,Macon Weekly Telegraph 11-13-1891,  11-19-1891,12-16-1891 12-23-1891
September 1894 J. Ira Taylor, White W. A Stuckey bro.-in-law, White Macon Weekly Telegraph 9-10-1894, trial.
Atlanta Constitution 2-8-1895 found guilty.
Savannah Tribune, 11-16-1895 goes to the pen. 
Macon Weekly Telegraph 2-19-1906; Pardoned 
September 13, 1895 J. H.  Stanley, White Dave Cummings, Arthur Holliman, accesssory, Black Macon Telegraph September 23, 25,  1895; Oct   12, 1895; 
March 1895 Owen Holliman , White unknown; clan? Shot near home near Balls Church. Atlanta Constitution 3-12-1895
Jan 1896 Rev. Warren Powers, Black "Phabe" Dixon, suspect, Black A preacher who lived 7 miles from Toomsboro was shot at his home and died in his wife's arms after a sermon about martial infidelities.  Dixon took the sermon as applying to him.  Knoxville Journal Jan 21, 1896;  Atlanta Constitution  Jan 18, 1896
Oct 1896 Mack M. Hughes , White Will Temples, Dorse Parker, Mirt Taylor, Joe Weeks charged, Black Found shot 1/2 mile from his home. Suspects were charged and in Irwinton jail in November 1896. Atlanta Constitution  11-21-1896
June 4, 1898 Joe Fountain, Black Perry Roberson, Black Fountain shot Roberson due to his fascination for Fountain's wife. He then gave himself up to sheriff. Macon Telegraph 6-6-1898
May 1899 John Briscoe. Black Mack Cannon, Black
Mary Briscoe (wife of John Briscoe) Black
Near Ivey, on the plantation of John Beck, he was  bludgeoned with ax. Both confessed.
Mack Cannon sentenced to hang Oct 27 1899, the first hanging in the county in 30 years. After the private hanging the body was sent to Meda Ga. for burial. Mary Briscoe sentenced to 99 years in prison. Atlanta Constitution 10-6-1899; Columbus Enquirer-Sun, 5-12-1899
May 1899 Jack Gilbert, Black W.A. Jones, White In Gordon, ruled self-defense Macon Telegraph 5-4, 5-5-1899
July 1900 Ruby or Rutha Tindall, White
John I. Tindall, White
James Gilbert Tindall, white James Tindall was accused of poisoning his father and then shooting his younger sister. He sent to the asylum where he escaped in  1902 and "kidnapped" Agnes Roach  and eloped to Jeffersonville. 
SavannahTribune 8-11-1900; Atlanta Constitution 8-12-1900; Atlanta Constiution Aug- 23-1902; Columbus Daily Enquirer 8-24-1902; Augusta Chronicle 8-24-1902
1904 Cap Moise/Maye, Black 6 yr old child, Black Atlanta Constitution  4-6-1904
October 1904 Grant Dorn, White Charlie Dixon, Black, suspect assaulted at his sawmill at Black Lake. Atlanta Constitution 10-27-1904. Macon Telegraph 11-1-1904
1906 Dave Brookins, Black Unknown Macon Telegraph 6-19- 1906
1906 Dock Collins, White Ben Huff, White Fight. Ben Huff was the nephew of Dock Collins. Atlanta Constitution 7-5-1905; Union Recorder July 10, 17, 1906
1907 Jim Ardline, Black  Town Marshall & Mob, White Killed at Gordon. Union Recorder Feb 12, 1907
1909 George F. Hatfield, White J. J. McConnell, White Pistol duel in Irwinton over long time grudge.. Atlanta Constitution  7-23-1909
May 4, 1910 Edward Napier, White William Deason, White Corner's inquest  ruled justifiable homicide. Went to trial in Oct. 1910.  The grand jury did not return an indictment. Atlanta Constitution 5-10-1910, 
1911 Andrew Chapman, Black Mob of white men Chapman was accused of raping a white woman, on the way to jail he was taken from the deputy and hung. Macon Daily Telegraph Oct 11, 1911 
April 13, 1912 C. A. Bell, White Norman Davidson, White While protecting himself from Bell, his brother-in-law,  Davidson stabbed Bell who died, Davidson he broke jail and lived in Florida for 7 years before turning himself in.  Case was declared a mistrial. Macon Daily Telegraph Aug 10, 1912. Atlanta Constitution April 2, 1919,  Macon DailyTelegraph, April 11 and 15, 1919, Columbus EnquirerApril 12, 1919
Jul 1913

Louise Daniel, Black

James Daniel, Black

Albert Battle, Black
12 yr old James Daniel shot his 6 yr old sister on Napier plantation. Milledgeville News  Jul 18, 1913.

Received life term for murder,  Died in prison in 1929.
"Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976"
Feb 23, 1915 Ira Bloodworth , White Luss Mixon, White Shot over girlfriend, Mixon escaped. Gov. offered $200 reward.Macon Daily Telegraph Feb 24, 1915; Macon Daily Telegraph, Feb 26, 1915; Atlanta Constitution Mar 6-1915. Atlanta Constitution Mar 6, 1915
March 1915 John D. Pennington, White John Fountain, Black
Adolph Hicks, Black
Robbery and  murder, John Fountain & Adolph Hicks (confessed) arrested. Atlanta Constitution 3-8-1915, 3-9-1915, 3-11-1915
1916 NA Yoeman Gardy, Black Manslaughter, 2 years in prison. 
"Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976" 
1916 NA Will Johnson, Black  Murder. "Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976" 
Feb 1916 S. A. Fountain, White Marvin Harris, Black Fountain was shot. Harris was lynched in Twiggs County. Atlanta Constitution  2-13-1916
Dec. 25, 1917 Charley Sapp, White ___Beal, suspect, Black Shot in Irwinton. Macon Weekly Telegraph 12-26-1917
June 6, 1919 Tom Reed, Black Ed Jackson,   Black Jackson acquitted, Macon Telegraph Oct 11, 1919
July 29, 1919 Johan Abbaglin, White W. Henry Amerson, White Shot in thigh, and bled to death, by Amerson on Baldwin County/Wilkinson line. Got Manslaughter 15-20 yrs.
Macon Weekly Telegraph 9-13-1919. 
Sep 20, 1919 Irvin Stevens,  Black James Moore, White Acquitted, self defense. Macon Telegraph Oct 4 and 10, 1919
Oct 1919 Billie Rozier, Black Lamar Carswell, Black Jealousy over woman. Macon Daily Telegraph 11-1-1919
Nov 30. 1919 Jack Ridicer, Black Unknown Parties from Laurens County, White Ridicer shot & wounded Hansel Rosier in Laurens Co. Ridicer was taken to the main road at Big Walnut church and hung.  Macon Daily Telegraph 12-2-1919, Atlanta Constitution 12-18-1919
March 16, 1920 Deputy J. T. Dixon, White Will White, Black While attempting to arrest Will White  Sheriff Player (recovered) & Deputy Dixon, who died March 23, were shot. White escaped, $1500 reward offered.
Macon Weekly Telegraph 3-17, , 24, ; 4-6 1920
Columbus Ledger 3-17-1920 
June 20, 1920

Aug 11, 1921
DeWitt Faulkner of Baldwin Co., White

W. T. Webb, White
Tom Ray of Baldwin Co., Black

A. G. Webb, White
Faulkner was shot in Wilkinson County, while trying to collect debt. Ray escaped, ended up in Detroit Michigan in Oct. 1920, the Michigan governor, fearing reprisals, refused to release him to Sheriff Player. Ray said he killed him in self defense. Michigan authorities released him from jail.  June 22, 1920. Aug 5, 1921 Macon WeeklyTelegraph, Aug 5, 1921 Savannah Tribune

Shot by his father, Macon Telegraph Aug 12, 1921
 1922 George W. Butler, White Jim Jerry Bloodworth, White Mistrial was declared April 1922. Atlanta Constitution 4-9-1922.  Retried, got 10-15 years, commuted in 1926. Jim Jerry Bloodworth was shot (recovered)  by Dosh Hardy in 1916. Jim was the brother of Ira Bloodworth killed in 1915.
Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976
Sep 1925 Willie Dixon aka Sims, Black Unknown Whites  Taken to Wilkinson Co. from Milledgeville and beaten to death for killing Amy Oxford, nurse at State Sanitarium in Milledgeville. Macon Telegraph Sep 22, 1925
Aug 21, 1926 Jack G. Jones,  White Deputy Sheriff A. C. Kimsey, White Altercation lead to killing with pistol. Kimsey received 2-3 yrs for voluntary manslaughter Macon Telegraph Aug 23, 25, 1926; Oct. 5 1928. Paroled 1930. "Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976" 
Mar 5, 1927 A. T. Veal, White B. F. Pate, Jr., White Shot through forehead in January, died Mar 5. Augusta Chronicle 1-31-1927; 2-1; 3-6, 1927
June 24, 1928 Daniel Harper, Black Howard Shoats, Black
Willie Johnson, Black
Murdered, body thrown on RR tracks, Macon Telegraph June 26; Jul 12, 1928. Death certificate
June 12, 1929 Jim Allen Rozar/Rozier, Black Mamie Rozar/Rozier, Black
Abe Martin, Black
Poisoned with Arsenic. His wife and Martin got life sentences per his death certificate. Macon Telegraph Sep 6/1929

1930  NA Ernest Brown, White Charged with murder, Imprisoned 1930, paroled in 1944. Source: Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817 - 1976
April 1930 Henrietta Davis, Black Leighton Green Stabbed to death Macon Telegraph April 8, 1930
May 31, 1930 Henry Phelps, Black F. W. Patterson, White shot, justifiable per death certificate
Jun 1930 Bessie Butler, Black Robert Lee McArthur, Black Stabbed to death. McArthur given life term.  Macon Telegraph  Jun 19, 1930; Oct. 10, 1930. Escaped 1935. Source: Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817 - 1976
Aug 1930 James T. Hill, White M. L. "Boss" Holder, White Affray betwwen the two men, Hill shot to death. Macon Telegraph Aug 15, 1930
Apr 1931 Frances Fountain, Black Lewis Phelps, Black 
Jimmie Lee Bryant, Black
Henry Moye, Black, charge dropped
Phelps and Bryant got life term.  Robbed and killed, Bryant paroled in 1938*. Apr 25, Oct 14, 1931,  April 11, 1932 Macon Telegraph; *Source:  Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817 - 1976
1932 NA John Green, Black Manslaughter, pardoned 1938 Source""Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976"
April 1, 1933 Ray L. Butler, White
C. Lester Rutherford, White
Hubie McConnell, White
Arnold McConnell, White
John Thomas Layton, White
Hubie McConnell given life for the death of Butler. Arnold McConnell and John Thomas Layton acquitted on death of Butler.
All 3 given life for the death of Rutherford. Apr 4, 1933, Macon Telegraph; Oct 7, Nov. 9 1933 Augusta Chronicle. 
Layton prison Nov. 1933, was pardoned in 1940. Hubie was paroled in 1941.  "Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976" 
Apr 1933 Henry Parks, Black Unknown Apr 10, 1933 Macon Telegraph
Mar 1934 Jason Blissett, Whited City Marshal W. B. Lord, White Gun battle, Mar 15, 1934, Macon Telegraph
1935 NA Josh "Bird" Carswell, Black Murder, paroled 1938. Source: Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817 - 1976
1935 NA Bennie Hudson, Black Vol.  Manslaughter, paroled 1938. Source: Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976
1936 Mrs. Caleb Harris, Black Caleb Harris, Black Charged with beating to death is wife. Apr 07, 1936, Macon Telegraph. Paroled 1942 , "Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976"
1936 Nat Hughes, Black Leon Bynum, alias Byington Killed with ice pick, Apr 07, 1936 Macon Telegraph
1936 Unnamed Bill Gallimore Killed woman at Danville, April 7 1936, Macon Telegraph. 
Nov 1938 John Brown Sanders Lee Brown Jr, White
Jake Dye, White
Weston Rhodes, White
Nov 23, 1938 Macon Telegraph.
Not Charged. None of the names listed in"Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976"
1939 NA Ernest Black, Black Got life, paroled in 1947
Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976
1940 Wilbur Heard, black Chief W. M. Beck Macon Telegraph April 3, 1940
1942 NA Louvenia Milton, Black Got life, paroled in 1942
Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976
1942 Lester Rozier, black J. C. Wood, white Justifiable, July 24, Macon Telegraph 
June 1943 Vinie (Fannie?) Mae Metts, Black
his sister-in-law, Black 
Willie "Big Boy" Metts, Black Shot his wife and stabbed his sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Macon Telegraph 04 Jun 1943
Paroled 1952, retried 1955, paroled 1962 per Source: Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817 - 1976
May 30, 1949 Caleb Hill Jr., Black Dennis L. Purvis, White
Malcolm V. Pierce, were suspects.
Not indicted by grand jury. 
Taken from jail and killed by white mob. Jun 17, 1949 Augusta Chronicle
Nov 1949 Rev. C. Washington Anthony, Black. Solomon Payne, Black Nov 27, 1949 Augusta Chronicle
1951 NA Charley Joyner, black Guilty of Murder, life sentence. "Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976" 
Aug 11, 1956 Ruth Killingsworth, White Sarah Lou Killingsworth, White Accidentally shot her sister while protecting herself against an intruder. Aug 13, 1956, Augusta Chronicle
Aug 7, 1960 Robert Eugene Hall, White Sam Snow, White Justifiable homicide Aug 9, 1960 Marietta Daily Journal
Nov 25 1990 Keith McKissick, Black - Murder. life sentence
Nov 11, 1991 Phillip Steele, Black - Murder during burglary, life sentence
Sep 24, 1994 Maria Stincer Arnold, White Jeremiah Arnold, White Age 16 plead guilty to killing his mother on a camping trip, later saying his father killed him. Life imprisonment
Dec 3, 2001 LaRodney V. Carswell, Black - Murder
Jun 06, 2011 Ronnie Rozier, White Zachary Allen Beck, White Shot Rozier at his home. Got 20 years in prison.
Aug 8 2011 Anthony Whipple, Black Teomesion Williams, Black Shot outside nightclub. Sentenced for Voluntary Manslaughter

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