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Wilkinson County Georgia Historical Schools
According to the Southern Recorder Nov. 30, 1858, Wilkinson County had 25 schools and $680 school fund.18

General Assembly School Acts
1810 - 1856

Talmadge Institute

Poor School Fund Act 1835

Teachers 1852-1859
Poor Schools

School Canning Club Members 1918
Toomsboro High School Scrapbook 1928-1929
Toomsboro High School photo 20's

1930 Toomsboro High School Graduation Announcement

Wilkinson County High School
Class of '65
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Note: The Educational Survey of Wilkinson County Georgia 1918, is now on line!

It has been brought to my attention that the photos of Vernon Johnson School and Clear Creek school were reversed. 
Changes were made below.

Academy of Wilkinson County
was the first school in the county.  Located in Irwinton.  Trustees: 1808 - Arthur Fort, Stephen Johnston, Wm. Lord, John Hays, Wm Bivins . Trustees: 1810- John Hatcher, Mathew Carswell, Daniel Hicks, Stephen Gafford, Jeremiah Loftin. 1813- Nicholas Thompson and Thomas Ard replaced  Stephen Gafford and Jeremiah Loftin removed. 1815 -David Rowland added. 1816- Ely Brack  replaced John Ball (deceased.) In 1825 Alphaus Beall was Secretary of the Board of Trustees. 
Associate Principals in 1848 J. M. Leavitt, D. C. W. Chandler

Allentown School
was located 1 mile east of Danville, near the corner of Wilkinson, Bleckley, Twiggs & Laurens counties, with students from each county. In 1918 the school term was 5 months.  They had 9 grades and Miss Emmie Gordon had 27 students. 1918 Canning Club Members: Louise Herndon; Viola Herndon;  Clara Herndon; Lizzie Sapp; Annie Mae Jones; Elizabeth Pierce; Isabelle Nunn; Beulah NeSmith; Lottie Little 
Batchelor Academy 
Was near Gordon. According to Union Recorder Nov 28, 1899, "Miss Minnie D. Samples has accepted a school at Bachelor Academy, near Gordon where she will go the first of January." 

Bateman School
was located near or in Ivey. In The students went to school 5 months and had 6 grades, 1 teacher and 25 students

Bell School
 in 1918 was located in the Bell School District. The students went to school 5 months. Mrs. E. N. Greene was the teacher.

Bethel School
was located 5 miles S W of Irwinton. In 1918 the students went up to the 6th grade. Miss Lila Gallemore was the teacher of 27 students.
Black Creek Academy
was located near Black Creek in Bloodworth's District in northern Wilkinson County. Created in 1836 the trustees were Trustees: John Hall, George Shinholser, Bryant Obanion, Oathneel McCook and Thomas Underwood

Bloodworth School
was located near Ivey. In  1918 the number. of grades were 8,  and there were 40 students
Bower's School
was in Toomsboro. The prinicpal was O. Bower in 1874.    See James Freeman's report card 1874
Brundage Mount High, Elementary, and Primary School. 
African-American school was located in the Shinholster Quarter near McIntyre.

Butler School
was located 4 miles north of Bell School. In 1918 there  were 6 grades and Miss Annette Butler daughter 11 students.
Calhoun School
was an African American School in Iwinton.
Calvary Hill School
near Irwinton was an African American School. Prof. William Merida Hubbard taught here for 2 years.
Centerline Academy
was in Bloodworth District. Mentioned in 1893 article in The Union-Recorder.

Chapman School 
was located in Allentown. In 1918 it had 5 grades and Mrs. T. B. Williams taught 39 students.

Clear Creek School 
was south of Gordon, 3 miles north of Vernon Johnson School & Asbury Church. 
In 1918 there were 5 grades, 5 months of school and 1 teacher who taught 27 students.

Cool Spring Academy aka Cool Springs School
Was in Allentown. Esablished around 1842. In  1855 the trustees were Anderson Ingram, Willis Allen, John Gainey, William F. M. Brown, and Eli Sears. Incorporated in 1856.
In 1918 the 17 students went to school for 5 months. Their teacher was Miss Allie Penticuff. 

Danville School 
was located in Danville in Wilkinson County. In 1918 students attended schools 9 months up to the 10th grade. E. B. Lazenby was the principal, Miss Lucy Bellows the assistant. 61 students from Wilkinson county and 12 students from Twiggs County attended. The school was set on fire and burned down 1932.

Fairview School 
was in McIntyre. In 1918 students attended school 5 months. There was 1  teacher and 47 students.
Friendship School
one teacher school, Mr. S. Boon was teacher here in 1902. The old building replaced by new one and
Miss Odessa McCoy of Macon was the teacher in 1923.

Glenella School 
was near McIntyre.  Miss Mamie Cone Roberts (of Sparta) was teacher here in 1902 and some students were Daisy Branan, Willie Donnelly, Myrtie Pace, Ira Holliman, Oscar Holliman, Ellen Hogue,  Jimmie Hogue, Willie Hogue and Amanda Young. In  1918 students attended 5 months up to grade 7.  Miss Mary Smith was the teacher of 33 students.

Gordon School and High School
fronted the railroad tracks in Gordon where the police department is currently located.  In 1918 the 120 students attened school for 9 months. There were 10 grades. Teachers were  J. N. Sarrette, Principal. Miss Cora Hall. Miss Izetta Davis, and Miss Mae Pope. 
Griffin's District Academy
was at or near Nicklesville, south of Toomsboro.
Established in 1836 the trustees were Robert Rozar, William B. Smith, Elisha Hall, William Cawley and Daniel Hall.

Harrison Academy aka Manson School 
was located in the Turkey Creek Distr., 3½ miles SE of New Providence on land donated by Allen Davidson.
Established in 1849 as Harrison Academy the trustees were A. W. Jordon, Nimrod Burke, R. T. Rozar, John Burke & Samuel Meredith. Incorporated in 1850. In 1918, school term was  5 mons, 6 grades, teacher - Miss Anilois Philmon with 32 students.

Hazeldean aka Hazeltine School
was located north of Toomsboro on Hwy 112. In 1918 school term was 1 month, there was 1 teacher and 39 students.
High Hill Academy
was located south of Irwinton at Pleasant Plains church.  Established in 1836, the trustees were Richard Lewis, James Gibson, Samuel Bragg, Joel Rivers, and Archibald Smith. Later trustees were Isaac Hall, James Ross, William Carswell, Joel Hardie and William Herndon
Irwinton Grammar School
was located in Irwinton on 441 N.  Formerly the Irwinton High School. Opened 1954 during school consolidaton.
The old lunchroom is still on the property which currently houses the library in Irwinton. See Mrs Holliman's 1954-55 7th grade class photo

Irwinton High School
 Photo of Irwinton High School Class of 1937 or 1938

Kemp School
was located south of Toomsboro. It was African American. 1916 Map
Lafayette Academy
located in High Hill District at Bethel Church, 3½ miles southeast of New Providence. 
Established in 1837 the trustees were William E. Carswell, Williamson Calhoun, John Smith, Samuel M. Carswell and Green B. Burney. 

Lavender School
was located at the intersection of  Asbury Church Rd and Bells-Wood Rd.  west of Irwinton.
In 1918 the students attended school 5 months, 7 grades. Miss Ellen King was the teacher of 27 students. 1916 Map
Liberty School
was located north of Toomsboro on County Rd. No. 165 next to a church per the 1916 map. It was African American. Map
Liberty Hill Academy
was located in the Fork/Passmore district near Liberty Baptist Church. 
Established in 1836 the trustees were James Hatcher, Lewis Clay, Ratliff Boone, John Meredith and Daniel S. Pierce.

was behind McIntyre Baptist Church, early 1900's - 1926

1926 - 1953
Photo from 1953 McIntyre School Year Book
was at corner of Julian Roberts Bypass at  intersection of Vinson Rd. 

McIntyre School 

According to the 1953 McIntyre Year Book, the school was open in  1888  until consolidation in 1953.  In the early 1900's the school was held in places such as a house in the yard of the railroad house, old store buildings and other vacant buildings.  In  1918 the school was open for a term of 8 months and had grades to 9. J. T. Dupree was the principal and Miss Ophelia Snow, assistant.  62 students were attending. 

Mt. Carmel School

was located next to the Mt. Carmel Church, off 441 N, in Bloodworth's District. In 1903 Mamie Cone Roberts was the teacher here.  In 1918 there were 7 grades, and 49 students attended the school.

Mt. Aetna School
Location not known. E. Underwood opened Feb 3 1814 per Georgia Journal 3/2/1814.
Mt. Pleasant Academy
was located in Currie's/Lords District.
Established in 1836, the trustees were Joel Dees, William Lord, Wiley Miller, Hansford Davis and Jethro Dean.

New Providence School 
was located in Turkey Creek District. In 1918 the school term was 5 months and went up to the 5th grade. One teacher, 21 students.
Oakdale School 
and Oakdale Methodist Church was located on Oscar Davidson's property.  Going north on Stuckey road, passing the road to Pleasant Plains Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Road, about 100 yards on the right was where it was located. 
The Knight family now owns the property.  R. Elizabeth Brewer

Old Union School
was located 2 miles northeast of Poplar Head school, 5 miles north of Salem.  SE of Toomsboro. 
In 1918 Miss Bessie Happoldt was the teacher for 12 students. The school term was 5 months, grades to 5. 
The school was also used for Sunday School and occassional preaching services.

Pleasant Plains School 
was located south of Irwinton. In 1918 the school term was 5 monts, 8 grades. Miss Leila Isreal was the teacher of 36 stuents.

Poplar Head School 
was located southeast of Toomsboro near Old Balls Ferry Rd in the Salem school district. 
In 1918 the school term was 5 months, 7 grades. One teacher had 44 students.

Poplar Springs School 
was located near Poplar Springs Church south of Toomsboro.
 In 1918 the school term was 5 months, 7 grades. The teacher was Mrs. J. W. Lanier who taught 35 students.

Red Hill School
was near Gordon. In 1918 the school term was 5 months, 7 grades. Miss Mary Fountain was the teacher and had 25 students.
Red Lane School
was an African American school located across from Hancock Cemetery near Liberty Church Parker Hill Church Rds.
Red Level School
was at Red Level Community, Miss Cora Eula Gumm, of Milledgeville,  was a teacher here in 1903. 

Salem School
was located next to Salem Church, south of Toomsboro. In 1918 the school term was 5 months, 7 grades, 1 teacher for 29 students.
Sand(y) Hill School 
was located in the Bell school district, near Allentown. In 1918 ther school term was 5 months. There was 1 teach for 22 students.

Shady Grove Academy/School 

was located 1/4 mile northeast of the present Big Sandy Church on Hwy 112 south of Toomsboro. It was on 5 acres of land and the nearest school was 5 or 6 miles away. Established in 1849 the trustees were James H. Loftin, George M. Merkinson and James Pierce. Dr. E. M. Kennedy was the principal here in 1886.  In 1918  the school term was 5 months, 8 grades.  Miss Hortense Wynn was the principal and Miss Eddie Stanley, assistant. 67 students attended the school.Students and Teacher at  Shady Grove School 1927-1928.

Snow Hill School 
was located in the Snow Hill community northwest of Ivey. The school was on the right of the cemetery on Jackson land. See toombstones in photo. 1916 Map.  In 1918 the school term was 5months, 6 grades. There was 1 teacher for 35 students. When the school was closed in the late 1920 or Early 30's, the students went to Mount Carmel." Byron McCook

The Talmage Institute 
was located in Irwinton. Established in 1853 the trustees were  Green B. Burney, Thomas N. Beall, William Fisher, Eleazar Cumming, E. J. Gilbert, N. C. Hughs, Leroy Fleetwood, F. D. Ross, James Jackson, Joel Deese, R. L. Story, R. I. Cochran, N. A. Carswell and William Taylor.
   Professor J. R. Glenn was here in 1875. Professor Carleton Burke Chapman was principal here 1880 - 1883. Frank M. Johnston was a teacher here in 1882. Miss Daisy Lines was a teacher here in the early 1880's.  T. N. Beall was the president of the board of trustees in 1884. Profesor John C. bass was the principal in 1888.  Professor Overstreet was the principal here from 1889 to 1890.
   In 1891 Professor W. L. Abbot was the principal. Miss Lillie Riviere was a primary department teacher. Miss Rebie Pilcher was an intermediate department teacher. Some high school students in 1891 were Pearl Cannon, Bertha Bunn, Annie Lindsey and Irlene Wood. Professor Sherman was the principal in 1893. See Mementos early 1890s.
  In 1899 Professor Martin Smith was the president.   In 1918  the Talmadge Institute had a 9 month term, 9 grades.  L. D. Grice was the Principal. Miss Mable Hunter, Assistant. Miss Rubye Culpepper, Assistant. 68 students were enrolled.
Name changed to Wilkinson County High School by 1921. May 1921 Graduates: Claire Carswell, Florence Hartley, Alice Parker, Ardelle Davidson, Floried Carswell and Louise Billue.

Thompson Branch School
was located in North Wilkinson County at the intersection of Council-McCranie Rd. and Hayward Smith Rd. Near Thompson Branch. 
In 1918 the school had a 5 month term, 6 grades. Miss Sara Lawrence was the teacher of 46 students.

Toomsboro School
was located on Central of Georgia Railway in Toomsboro. In 1918 the school term was 7 months, 10 grades. Miss Mary E. Bales was principal and Miss Ruth Martin assistant. 46 children attended the school.  1922 Photo1928/29 Photos of Students

The Toomsboro Grammar School, not pictured, was built about 1939 under the WPA program and was struck by lightning and burned in June 1943.

Toomsboro High School 
Struck by lightening twice in 1940's. 1st time burned to ground.

Toomsboro Faculty elected for 1935 school year which began September 2, 1935.
W. C. Siler, Superintendent/Mathematics (fr: Summertown, Ga.?)

Ruth Higginbothom (fr: Brunswick), Evelyn M. May (fr: Macon), Miss Johnnie Miller  (fr: Woodland), Inez Mercer (fr: Gray), Ruby Lockhart (fr: Tennille), Mary Fountain (fr: Gordon) Helen Johnson (fr: Marshallville), Doris Lindsey (fr: Tennille), and Miss Willie Mae Hall (fr: Toomsboro).  Source:  Macon Telegraph August 11, 1935

Turkey Creek Academy
was located in the Turkey Creek District near Gordon on land formerly owned by L. L. Hall. . Established in 1836 the trustees were  Trustees: John T. Harrison, Timothy Sears, Anderson Ingram, William Payne and Joel Butler. 

Turner School
was located 3 miles northwest of Gordon. In 1918 the school term was 5 months, 7 grades.
Miss Katie Rossee was the teacher of 27 students. Local Civil War Hero James Rufus Kelly taught here.
Union School 
was located at Intersection of Hwy 57 & Oochee Ck Rd.  On 1916 Map, not shown in 1918 booklet on the schools.
It was located next to old Union Methodist Church. Freeman Cemetery is near here.
Union Hill Academy aka Rivers Academy
was located in Ramah District probably on Massey Hill  S. of Gordon. Established in 1836 the trustees were James Richard Lewis, James Gibson, Samuel Bragg, Joel Rivers and Archibald Smith.  Sherman's soldiers burned it in 1864 during the March to the Sea.
Union Hill School
was an African American school located southeast of Toomsboro next to Union Hill Baptist Church 1916 Map

1918 and 2004
Vernon Johnson School 
was located on Wilkinson/Twiggs County line in Clear Creek school district and had students from Wilkinson and Twiggs counties. 
The building is still  standing, across from Asbury Church.   In 1918 the school term was 5  mo. term for Wilkinson County students, 6½ months for Twiggs county students, 8 grades. It had 1 teacher and 31 students.
Washington Academy 
was in the High Hill District.
Established in 1840 the trustees were  Green B. Burney, Solomon Arnold, John Breedlove, Ellis Harvill, and Lewis Shears.

See Whitaker Photos for names of children
Whitaker School
was located in the Mt. Carmel School District 2 miles north of McIntyre on 441. In 1918 there were 5 grades, and 30 students.
Whitehurst Academy,
a 2 story boarding school  was located 1½ miles south of Gordon near Central Railroad. Established in January 1866 by Wilkinson Mayberry Whitehurst. " He & his wife Nancy Bryan Whitehurst taught here for 2 yrs before hiring teachers. A music teacher was hired and a Sabbath school established. " Davidson, History of Wilkinson County
Wilkinson County Academy 
was 4 miles from Irwinton. Established in 1824 the trustees were  William Beck, James Neal, Alpheus Beall, John F. Simmons, Charles Culpepper, [Illegible Text] Roberson and Richard Whitaker. John S. Barry, govenor of Michigan, taught here. This old red brick schoolhouse used as a granary during the civil war was burned in Nov. 1864 by Sherman's troops during the March to the Sea.
Woodlawn School
Was located on Hill-Collins Rd. NE of Toomsboro Hill-Collins Rd. next to the present day African American  Philadelphia Church 

*Source:Educational Survey of Wilkinson County Georgia by ML. Duggan, Rural  School Agent Under Direction of State Department of Education, M.L.Brittain, State Superintendent of Schools 1918, original copy owned by Larry & Eileen McAdams ;  Georgia Legislative Documents,  Digital Library of Georgia; History of Wilkinson County, Victor Davidson

Eileen Babb McAdams Copyright 2002