Twiggs County, Ga Engagements/Marriages/Divorces
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Emmie Baldwin- W. F. Wimberly 1896
Miss Lottie Moon, to Mr. J.C. Shannon. 1907

Listed by brides name:

Matilda Adkins to Jacob Flowers, Jr 1841
Alice Alford to William H. Bird 1889
Lois Alexander to Lewis Eugene Stripling 1937
Minnie Andrews to Dr. Thomas C. Gibson 1896
Cletia Armstrong- Joe Walters Faulk 1923
Temperance Arrington to T. R. Denson 1840
Lottie Inez Asbell to Thomas Lee 1921
Bertha Balkcom to Bartow Ward 1913
Elizabeth Barton to Senus H. Clark 1827
Mary A. F. Barton to Troy G. Holden 1857
Nancy Ann Bates to William E. H. Howell 1866
Lilian Beal to Josiah Cowart 1888
Mrs. Mary E. Belcher to Tomlinson Fort 1831
Georgia A. Berry to J. T. Good, Esq 1870 
Mamie Billingslea to Frank B. Tharpe 1889
Marie Birdsong to Edward Hall 1938
Anne Blackshear to Lucien H. Raines 1830
Julia A. Bond to Capt. J. M. W. Christian 1872
Nancy L. Bond to James P. Sims 1864
Kathryn Bone to Edward Hill 1941
Ada Blanche Bozeman to J. Clarence Burns 1933
Martha Clara Bradley - John Floyd Porter, Jr. 1914
Aldine Bragg to W. C. Tharpe 1906
Lizzie M. Brannon to Linton W. Burkett 1891
Piety Brazil to Jeremiah Knight 1847
Doris Elizabeth Bridges to Josh R. Wimberly 1940
Joe Thelma Brown to James Ollie Allen 1933
Reaunette Brown to P. Homer Ward 1921
Susan Brown to Samuel Sea 1875
Ann Bryan to Ira E. Dupree 1823
Mable Bryan to Dr. Velpean Robert Nobles 1916
Rony Bryan to Williard Boyington 1829
Sarah Bryan to Hugh Lawson 1827
Janie Mae Bryant to John L. Chambliss 1940
Edna Bryons- A. G. Adkins 1928
Cora Bullard  to George W. Etheridge 1891
Victoria Bullard to Louis C. Billingslea 1889
Harriet M. Bunn to Frederick D. Wimberly 1834
Bessie Burke to J. R. Wimberly 1895
Lottie Burke to Mark Faulk 1892
Belle Burkett to Jeff Butler 1889
Louisa M. Burkett to Kimbril F. Burkett 1862
Sallie Burkett to A. J. Glover 1883
Georgia Ann Burns to James T. Glover 1852
Fleeta Butler to B. F. Fitzpatrick 1882
Mrs Eliza Butts to Walter Lucas 1818
Frances Marie Cain to Charles H. Carter 1923
Mrs. Emma Slappey Califf to James Slaughter 1902
Gladys Califf to Eugene Thomas Humphries 1927
Glynn Marion Califf to James Jackson Windham, Jr. 1919
Virginia Campbell to C. A. Vaughn 1868
Carroll Marriages 1894-1988
Elizabeth Gilbert Carswell to Oscar Thomas Chapman 1907
Mitt Carswell to S. E. Jones 1902
Verna Chambers to Prentice Findley 1903
Lois Champion to J. T. Brewer 1945
Anne Curleton Chapman to Ramsey Emmett Snell 1920
Mrs. Mary A. E. Chapman to William S. Kelly 1854
Roxie Ann Chappel to Acton Nash 1857
 Ruth Electa Chappell to Herschel Victor Davis 1923
Mrs. Delphia Chivers to James McInnis 1876
Edna Christian to Paul Wasden 1933
Vera Churchwell to Herbert L. Carroll 1943
M.S. Coley to Charles W. Mims, Esq. 1877
Mary Williams Coley to John M. Shores 1945 
Nannie Katherine Connor to Wesley N. Raymond Jr. 1940 
Mary Dennard Coombs to Clair H. Armstrong 1917
Mary A. E. Coombs to James L. Glover 1847
Mary S. Coombs to Henry S. Wimberly, Jr. 1872
Era Ellen Copeland to Henry Faulk Harrison 1940 
Mamie Cormmanni to Col. A. P. Wood 1911
Doris Clegg to James C. Hester 1945
 Rebecca Davis to James F. Land 1863
Mary E. Dennard to Dudley M. Hughes 1873
Miss Deizell to D. G. Hughes 1883
Sidney Bertha Dunevent to Thomas E. Methvin 1920
Jennie Dupree to R. H. Carswell 1863
Caroline C. Durham to Dr. Henry S. Wimberly 1834
Mary E. Ellis to J.M.B. Denson 1866
Mrs. E. J. Evans to Alfred Chance 1875
N.A. E. Evans to W. H. Barr 1877
Belle Everett to T. J. Jordan 1888
Nancy Exum to Maj. Benjamin Bryan, Jr 1830
Cowan Faulk to  Prof. H. L. Worsham 1909
Ellen Hughes Faulk - Jasper McArthur Wall 1917
Janet Vickers Faulk to William H. Harrell 1919 
Lucretia Faulk to James Land 1838
Mary Alice Faulk to Hugh A. McCallum 1932
Wilhelmina Faulk to Rupert Clude Hobbs 1927
Inez Goodwin Fitzpatrick  to Leon S. Fernald 1902
Juliet Fitzpatrick to Archibald Colguhoun Ross 1911
Mary E. Fitzpatrick to Henry F. Solomon 1854
Rosebud Fitzpatrick to J. Wilbur Harwell 1914
Agnes Fleming to G. C. Moffett 1820
Nancy Flemming to Gen. Thaddeus G. Holt 1829
Wilma Florence to Thomas Alton Yancey 1928
Ketina Floyd - Cobb Lampkin 1897
Audrey Freeman to George Gray 1937
Clara Ruth Gallemore to Charles Bennett Wall 1935
Dora R. Gallemore to Adam A. Long 1878
Mabel Cordelia Gallemore to Mr. John Hugh Grayson 1928
Lois Gettys to Charles Anderson Duggan 1931
Miss Gilbert to Wm Ca(r)swell 1830
Martha D. Gibbs to Rev. C. G. Johnson 1868
Nannie G. Gibson to Dr. A. Mathis 1873
Georgean Garvis to Randel Railey 1873
Belle Glover to J. W. Falk 1891
Mary Glover to Lawrence Joyner 1830
Agnes Goss to H. L. Dennard Hughes 1919
Joseph Isabelle Graves to Dr. Arthur Story McCallum 1923
Johnnie Ruth Gregory to George Dewey Bailey 1919
Eleanor Griffin to Joseph W. Walters 1913
Elizabeth Griffin to Carl Gettys 1928
Ella Griffin to W. B. Edmundson 1881
Elva Agnes Griffin to  Jerome Hartwell Holmes 1930
Minnie Leola Griffin to Mr. Homer Lee Chance 1929 
Mary A K Guerry to Henry G. Abernathy 1827
Mary S Hadley to Major John Harden 1818
Mary Virginia Harris to S. Sgt. Donald F. Lemmel 1945
Grace Madalyn Hamrick to Charles Leverett Hodges 1943
Lodoiski P. Hardin to Alexander Belamy 1833 
Matilda Hardin to Benjamin R. Montgomery 1833
Mrs. A. E. Harrell to R. R. Manning 1865
Willa Hasty to Henry Howard Wimberly 1938 
Rubye Carolyn Helton to J. Gayden Swann 1933 
Mrs Hannah Henderson to William Birmingham 1833
Mrs Nancy Hill to Rev. John M. Gray 1827
Sarah S. Hill to George Granberry 1874
Prudence Hodges to John Hamiter 1833
Ruth Holley to James Fletcher Covington 1906
Mary Annie Holliday to Willie Paul Findlay 1935
Miss Horton to J. L. Gallemore 1899 
Audrey Howell to Thea Souther 1944 
Josephine Hughes to T. E. McCrea 1861
Maria Hughes to Franklin Chambers 1868
Josephine E. Hunnicutt to C. F. Hamrick, Jr. 1943
Julia Marie Hunnicutt to Mr. Harry Flanders 1935
Cordelia Hunter to F. M. Johnston 1887
Willie Hunter to H. G. Newby  1874
Eviline Jackson to Robert Jackson 1872
Martha A. Jackson to B. F. Tharp 1843
Nanie E. Jackson to James McCallum 1867
Sallie E. Jackson to Richard D. Stewart 1913
Mrs. M. F. Jarvis to S.T.C. Murray 1868
Frances Randolph Jenkins to John Bell 1945
Angelyn Johnson to Otis Leaston Chivers, Jr.  1942
Hattie Johnson  to John W. Dykes 1900
Lena Johnson to Ivey Justice 1931
Myrtle Irene Johnson to Herbert Arthur Irvin 1937
Nelle Louise Johnson to Royer Dyer Flynt 1912
Alice Jones to Charles Whitehurst 1886
Alice P. Jones to William C. Faulk 1883
Annie Estelle Jones to James Heyward Balkcom 1911
Claud Jones to J. Walker Jones 1889
Claude Eloise Jones to George Eugene Asbell 1918
Dorothy Carswell Jones to Lieut. Alfred Russell Truslow 1931
Ella Jones to D. W. Brown 1883
Iris Jones to Eugene Kaiser 1931
Laura Lena Jones to William Wesley Clance 1940
Mary C. Jones to James H. Land 1876
Mary Lizzie Jones to J. H. Davis 1898
Minnie N. Jones to F. H. Land 1871
Miss Jones to George Z. Glover 1881
Sara Hendry Jones to Edward S. Adkins 1933
Martha E. Jordan to Charles J. Reynolds 1842
Neppie Jordan to John T. Wall 1880
Mrs. M.A.R. Kelley to Purnell Hearn 1875
Alice Kennington to Giles Atkins 1902
Mary Elizabeth Kennington to Chester Arthur Burge 1924
Pauline Bernice Kennington to Richard O'Kelley 1928
Agnes Virginia Ketterbaugh to John Ashley White 1936 
Kathleen King to Wyriott C. Adams 1916
Jewel Kitchens to E. G. Scoven 1945 
Mary Kitchens to James D. Ellis 1855
Lucy Edith Knight to Marion V. Holliday 1931
Mrs.. E. A. Lamb to Henry Howell 1865
Hazel Lamb to George Seaton 1944
Bertha Mae Land to Leon Preston Word 1940 
Elizabeth M. Land to William O'Daniel 1860
Martha Land to Henry M. Loyless 1857
Mona A. Land to  F. H. Land 1871
Gertrude Langston to Charley Bowden 1912
Annie Lanier to Dudley H. Shannon 1920
Ruth Lavender to Paul L. Collins 1932
Aileen Lee to A. Turner Wimberly 1941
Camilla S. Lester to Dr. William N. Stewart 1849
Eleanor H. Libbey to Wiliam Yancey Griffin 1888
Georgia Narcissa Linder - Hampton C. Sadler 1916
Rebecca A. Lowe to James B. Wall 1853
Alice A. Lowry to William J.F. Mitchell  1832
Melba Lucas to Marvin Roscoe Hambrick 1943
Mary Jane Lowry to Rev. Jacob R. Danforth 1845 
 Eugenia Mann to William B. Harper 1876

Elizabeth Martin to Thomas J. Bryant 1833 
Irene Martin to J. G. Rockmore 1914
Hattie V. Mason to Henry D. Clark 1874
Laura W. Massey to Capt. James R. Van Buren 1883
Louisa Massey to James Jarvis 1833
Taletha Massey to Obadiah Adams 1833

Winifred Massey to William Bryan 1836
Annie Maxwell to Hembree Randall Carroll 1940
Mrs. Mary V. Maxwell to Joseph J. Wimberly 1900
Sarah Maxwell to Emory Linder 1930
Addie McAllum to A. Dawson 1856
Mary McAllum to William Chappel 1856
Velma Eudelle McArthur to Robert Coffey Slappey 1925
Sarah E. McCay to Seabourne E. Sauls 1853
Eliza McCallum to J. Wesley Calhoun 1843
Nannie Elizabeth McCallum to James H. Whitehurst 1920 

Ida Lon McClain to Augustus Franklin Martin Jr. 1907
Mabel McCoy to Thomas A. Curry 1903
Martha Nell McCrary to James F. Lanier 1943
Nancy McCrary to J. H. Hartley 1923
Lois Wall McCrory to Cpl. Joseph James Scarfuti 1942 
Willa Mae McNeal to Aaron Clifton Martin 1937
Sarah M'Ree to Rev. Fred. D. Wimberley 1816
Maurine Meadows to J. W. McCallum 1934
Louisa Melton to Robert Fulton 1840
Minie Melton to Willie Bull 1889
Cornelia Methvin to William L. Burkett 1912
Lucile Methvin  to A. K. Smith 1915
Mary Miller to Capt. M. R. Bell 1884
Mary Elizabeth Miller to David Harden 1852
Elizabeth Mimms to Dr. David Jameson 1817
Samantha Mimms to William Methvin 1860
Frances Myrick to Melton Moore 1930
Edna Deberry Muse to Walker P. Jones 1933
Pearl Napier to Dr. Mark H. O'Daniel 1887
Ruby Wylene NeSmith to Sgt. Kenneth Lyal 1944
Susan L. Newby to Cohen F. Asbell 1872
Queen Newby to Levy Sauls 1873
Myrtil May Nobles to C. H. Sauls 1928 
Sarah Frances Nobles to J. F. Lord 1916
Virginia May Nolan to Merill E. Methvin 1923
Margaret Rose Norris to John Edward Key 1924
Mary Reid Norris to William Bross Lloyd, Jr. 1933
Mattie O'Daniel to Judge C. C. Smith 1894
Bessie O'Neal to J. G. Morrison 1913
Sallie O'Neal to Franklin Will Smith 1876 
Lurany Oliver to Noah Wheeler 1834
Rebecca Pace to William Barton 1830
Nancy Paget to James J. Arnold 1853
Ida Loette Parrott to Oscar Lee Garner 1916
Carrie Alma Payne to I. H. Melton, Jr. 1923
Osie B. Payne to Newton Shy 1918
Miss Peacock to Charles Nutting 1881
Ann Perry to Matthew Wright 1829
Dilly Phillips to Robert F. Cowart 1883
Edna Reunette Pope to Juston P. Ball 1944
Mary A. Pope  to W.H. Fowler 1876
Dora Porter - James Fletcher Hanson 1922
Frances Porter to Olin Patterson 1922 
Mary Lucille Porter to John Baker Griffin 1928
Eliza J. Price from Simpson P. Price divorce 1875
Sara Frances Pulliam to Bernard Lee Best 1934
Martha A. Railey to Charles Ray 1858
Emily G. Raines to Thomas E. Blackshear 1831
Mackie-Lou Rawlings to S. C. Jones 1899
Mary Jane Ray to Josiah W. Hearn 1860
Julia A. Read to Tilman S. Dinson 1862
Nettie A. Richardson to George L. Collins 1877
Mary A. E. Rhodes to Charles P. Reynolds 1855
Addie Roberson  to Wiley M. Pearce 1864
Mollie M. Roberts to Capt. James M. Folsom 1861
Ora Kate Rodgers to John F. Burke 1942
Marguerite Rutledge to George L. Bost 1924
Lucy Ryle to Robert F. Jones 1912
Juliet Agnes Ross to Wycliffe J. Herrington 1939
Ruth Rutherford to Griffin Sauls 1923
Martha Camille Ryle to Arthur Joel Land 1942
Sarah Ann Sandiford - Lorenzo M'Millin 1827
Thelma Lois Sapp to Eldon Lagrant Carter 1938
Isadore Sauls to Elbert T. Sauls 1873
Eliza A. Saxon to James S. Miller 1840
Ethel Belmont Shannon to Dr. Robert Idus Butler 1911
Virginia Shannon to John Faulk May 30, 1878
Georgia Ann Shine to Edward S. Bostrom 1845
Mrs. Mary Shine to Capt. D. W. Shine 1868
Ida Skrine to T. A. Hill 1890
Hannah Slappey to William M. Tarver 1828
Rebecca Slappey to Morgan Whitehurst 1929
Virginia Slappey to Alathia Walters 1907
Ann Eliza Slappey to Thomas J. Johnson 1835
Mary R. Slappey to Dr. Ruffin R. Tarver 1827
Roxyleen Slappey to Jerry B. Randall Jr. 1931
Erma Smith to Carl Richardson 1933
Lillian Smith to Frank Lamb 1922
Margaret Louise Smith to Harvie Roscoe Yates 1933
Susan Smith to William Solomon 1828 
Miss Smith to Ike Estes 1914 
Virginia A. Smith to W.L. Renfroe 1888
Daisy Ardelle Snow to Grady Lewis 1934
Geraldine C. Solomon to W H Beckcom 1856
J. M. E. Solomon to C. R. Faulk 1853
Laura H. Solomon to Col. John G. Coleman 1846
Lizzie Solomon to Robert Flournoy 1884
Lucy A. Solomon - John M. Combs 1901 
Mary Solomon to Shadrack Jones 1885
Virginia A. Solomon to William Faulk 1847
Mary Southall to Capt. Thomas G. Bates 1829
Sarah Spurlock to Kennady Dennard 1817
Caroline Starr to Dr. Josh. R. Wimberly 1832
Mattie J. Steeley to W.M. Chapman 1864
Julia Stephens to John M. Blount 1893
Josephine Swinney to Dr. W. Rowland 1848
Frances Carswell to George W. Tarpley 1836
Matilda Tarver to John Blount 1854
Callie Taylor to F. D. Wimberly, Jr 1867
Alma Tharpe to D. Rogers James 1923  
Emma Opal Tharpe to Stephen Shedrick Jones 1923
Maggie Tharpe to James Solomon 1886
Miss Tharpe to Thomas Lowe 1839
Almeta Thompson to Curtis Elkin Green 1939
Huldy Thompson to John Lucas 1849
Barsheba Tidwell to James Jameson 1831
Miriam Elizabeth Titshaw to William Frank Cook 1939
Anna Aurelia Todd to J. H. King 1878
Cumming Urquhart toThomas Ellis DeFore 1933
Julia Ann Vaughn to Daniel S. Harrison 1834
Ethel Carolyn Vaughan to Marvin Fort Bass 1919
Mary Virginia Vaughn to James E. Bryant 1930 
Sarah Elizabeth Vaughn to Comer Jack Taylor 1911
Mary Lee Walker to Claude N. Bridges 1933
Bertha Mae Wall to Wm Faulk Shannon 1907
Sarah A. Wall to Dr. Lemuel S. Lockhart 1844
Sarah Caroline Wall to Harold S. Pittman 1945
Camilla V. Ward to R. H. O. McLendon 1867
Mrs. Louisa M. Ware to E. J. Collins 1863
Pearl Webb to Tully B. Williams 1911 
Maria Ware to William Paul 1830
Mary Watts to John Corbett 1828
Addie Wester to Ira McCormack 1915
Clara White to W. H. Champion 1910
Florence Whitehurst to George W. Methvin 1917
Katye Frances Whitehurst to William Chamberlain 1942
Mary Frances Whitehurst to Clarence Reginald Black 1927
Miss Whitfield to J. H. Solomon 1896
Mrs. Disa Williams to Daniel Massey 1842
Louise Williams to Carl Gettys 1930
Mary Virginia Williams to Henry H. Cox 1857
Martha M. Willis to George W. Childers 1840
Addie Wimberly to E. Juette Brown 1942 
Alice  L. Wimberly to John E. Taylor 1871
Carrie Wimberly to D. S.Faulk 1902
Clara Wimberly to Mark Cooper Pope 1920
Hallie Wimberly to Richard Orme Campbell 1892
Hattie Wimberly to Col. Joseph D. Jones 1874
Isolene Wimberly to Eugene Robbins 1900
Leonora Irene Wimberly to Charles C. Gleeson 1923
Lucie Wimberly to James J. Wall 1890 
Mary Wimberly to Col. Michael Watson 1827
Mary E. Wimberly to John D. Lawson 1871
Sue Wimberly to Frank Sanders 1931
Laurea A. Wood to John W. Mercer 1875
Mildred Wood to Benjamin S. Fitzpatrick, Jr. 1917
Martha Woddard to James Park 1828
Mary A. Zackry to Floyd A. Finch 1853
 Nell Johnston Zachary to S-Sgt. George W. Patterson 1944
Franklin Will Smith and Sallie O'Neal were married 27 January 1876 in Bibb County By J. E. Andrews J. P.
source:  Georgia's Virtual Vault, Bibb County Marriage Records. His parents were Bradie Mitchell Smith and Lucinda J Pearson,
and her parents were John H. “ Jack” O’Neal, Sr. and Sarah Sallie Hardy. Submitted by David Howard 6/16/2010 
Mrs. E. B. Kenedy vs E. W. Kenedy 1870 
Evilien Jackson vs Robert Jackson - 1872
Eliza J. Price vs Simpson Price - 1875

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