Twiggs County, Ga
In The News 1850 - 1859

February 26, 1850
The Georgia Telegraph
Four months after date, application will be made to the honorable the Inferior court of Twiggs county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell two negroes, belonging to the estate of Labora Beckcom, late of said county, deceased. Simon N. Beckcom, Ex'or. feb 5

July 30, 1850
The Georgia Telegraph
Strayed or Stolen   From the subscriber living 9 miles below Macon, on the road leading to Marion, Twiggs county, about the 18th inst. a Bay Horse, about 7 years old. He has a scar on one of his thighs. I think the right, and a remarkable short mane, a natural pacer. A reward of ten dollars will be paid to any person who will deliver said Horse to me, or a reward of five dollars for any information that will lead to the recovery of the Horse. ABISHA ANDREWS. july 30

December 3, 1850
The Georgia Telegraph
  Richland Academy, Twiggs Co.
  The next term of this Academy, will commence on the first Monday in January, and continue twenty two weeks. We trust that the healthfulness of the location, the high tone of moral feeling that pervades the community, and an untiring zeal on our part to advance Pupils in all that conspires to make thorough scholars and good citizens, will secure a liberal share of the public patronage. Rates of tuition, viz: Junior Class pr. qr. $4.00; Middle Class pr. qr. $3.50; Senior Class pr. qr. $8.00. Music on Piano pr. qr. $10.00. French, German, Spanish or Hebrew, $2.00.
  Vocal Music Free.
  Board may be obtained in excellent families at $7.00 per month. Geo. F. Mellen. nov 26

March 11 1851
The Georgia Telegraph
In Carrolville, Tishomingo county, Mississippi, on the 7th ult. Wiley Belsher, near 60 years of age, formerly of Twiggs
county, Ga.

August 29, 1851
The Georgia Telegraph
Executor's Sale
  Will be sold on the first Tuesday in July next, before the court house door, in the town of Marion, Twiggs county, during the legal hours of sale, one negro woman name of Sina, about 34 years of age. Sold for the benefit of the heirs of the late Thomas Chappell, late of Twiggs county, deceased. THOS S. CHAPPELL, JOSEPH J CHAPPELL, Executors.

August 5, 1851
The Georgia Telegraph
"Southern Meeting in Twiggs. In accordance with a previous notice, a large and enthusiastic meeting of the Southern Rights party of Twiggs county, met in Marion at the Courthouse on the 30th of July, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for the Representative Branch of the General Assembly.
  On motion of the Hon. Thomas Glover, Capt. Daniel W. Shine was called as Chairman and Henry Faulk and Lewis Solomon, Esqrs., as Secretaries of the meeting.
  The Chair called upon Col. W. W. Wiggins to explain the object of the meeting - which was briefly done - and then, on motion of Col. W. W. Wiggins, the following committee was appointed, to-wit:
  W. W. Wiggins, Abisha Andrews, R. T. Lingo, Thomas Glover, and James Miller, to report matter for the action of the meeting."
 "On counting out the ballots, Col. Hardy Durham receiving a majority, was declared by the Chairman as duly nominated.
  On motion of the Hon. Peyton Reynolds, the following committee was appointed to notify Col. Durham of his nomination, and request his acceptance of the same, to wit:
  Peyton Reynolds, Abisha Andrews, Henry Faulk, Benj. B. Smith and Mark Pettis.
  On motion of Col. John Fitzpatrick, Col. W. W. Wiggins, was called for, and addressed the meeting, urging upon our friends unity of feeling and unity of action...
Daniel W. Shine, Chairman

August 12, 1851
Macon Weekly Telegraph
  Will be sold before the court house door, in the town of Marion, Twiggs county; on the first Tuesday in September next, between the usual hours of sale the following property to wit:
  One House and Lot in the town of Jeffersonville in said county, known as lot number four containing one acre more or less, adjoining Ellis Long's residence on the south-west; It being the lot whereon John H. Denson now lives; levied on as as the property of Augustus A. Collins to satisfy one fi fa issued from Wilkinson Superior Court in favor of Orrin Davis, Admr. and Nancy Pitman Admx., of Buckner Pitman deceased, vrs. Augustus A. Collins, Thomas N. Beall, Samuel J. Bush and Samuel Beall, security, said fi fa now transferred to Erasmus and Azmond A. Beall. Property pointed out by pltffs. atty. James Hammock, shff. july 29

  November 25, 1851
The Georgia Telegraph
DIED. At his residence in Twiggs county, on the 19th inst., Gen. H. B. Tarver, in the 61st year of his age.

January 20, 1852
Federal Union
MARRIED. In Twiggs county, 8th inst. by Rev. David Roberts, Mr. Thomas Harden of Warren county to Miss Mary Elizabeth daughter of James S. Miller, Esq.

October 12, 1852
The Georgia Telegraph
Died, in the city of Marietta, on the morning of the 24th ult. after an illness of twenty-five days, Mr. Frederick R. Tarver, of Twiggs county, Ga., in the 25th year of his age. The deceased was possessed of amiable qualities, and was respected and beloved by all who knew him. He professed to have embraced religion almost six months before his death, and had intended on his return to Twiggs county, to join the Methodist Episcopal Church; but ere his design could not be fulfilled, it pleased God, as we trust, to remove him to the Church triumphant. Several hours previous to his decease, he expressed to his relatives and friends entire readiness and willingness to meet death, and he seemed to be apprehensive only of too much anxiety to be released from his sufferings. His death has inflected a severe bereavement upon his youthful widow and numerous relatives and friends. May the consolations of Heaven be theirs.

October 19,1852
Macon Weekly Telegraph
  Married, in Twiggs county, on the evening of the 30th ult. by Rev. Henry Bunn, Mr. James T. Glover, to Miss Georgia Ann, daughter of James Burns, Esq.

November 2, 1852
Georgia Telegraph
DIED - On the 14th ult., in Twiggs County, at the home of his mother, JOSHUA S. JOHNSON, in the 17th year of his age.

November 23, 1852
The Georgia Telegraph
"DIED, at his own residence in Twiggs county, on Saturday morning, November 7th, Henry Faulk, Jr., son of Mark Faulk, deceased, in the 26th year of his age." (survivors: wife, mother, brothers & sisters.)

January 25, 1853
Georgia Telegraph
MARRIED, on the 20th inst., by Judge Davis, Mr. JAMES B. WALL, of Twiggs county, Ga., to Miss REBECCA A., daughter of John H. Lowe, Esq., of Bibb county.

January 29, 1853
The Georgia Citizen.
MARRIED.   In Jeffersonville, Twiggs co. Ga., by Rev. J. E. Sharpe, on the morning of the 6th inst., Mr. SEBOURNE V. SAULS to Miss SARAH E. MCCAY, all of Twiggs co.

February 8, 1853 
Macon Weekly Telegraph
   Died, in Twiggs county, on the 1st inst., RICHARD DESHAZO, in the 52nd years of his age. The deceased had his faults as other men; but it can be truly said of hime that he was an honest man. F.

March 1, 1853
Federal Union
MARRIED. In Twiggs county, on the 12th ult., at the residence of Mrs. F. Solomon, by the Rev. H. Bunn, Mr. C. R. Faulk to
Miss J. M. E. Solomon, daughter of Mrs. F. Solomon, all of Twiggs county.

March 1, 1853
Federal Union
~excerpt~ DIED, At his residence in Twiggs county in the forty-third year of his age CHARLES WHITEHEAD. Under a tedious affliction he had long expected the solemn message of death; but confident of a happy immortality he performed his duty faithfully to the last. He has left many friends, but chiefly a bereaved widow and six children to mourn his loss.

May 17, 1853
Macon Weekly Telegraph
All persons indebted to the estate of Benjamin Koonee, late of Twiggs county, deceased, are hereby notified to make immediate payment, and those having claims against said deceased, are notified to present them in terms of the law to the undersigned. Rhesa Street, Adm'r.

July 12, 1853
Federal Union
~excerpt~ Hugh L. Dennard and Charles R. Faulk, applys to me for letters of Administration de bonis non, on the estate of James Solomon, late of said county deceased....Marion, June 13th, 1853. Lewis Solomon, Ordinary.

...Martha J. Benford, Executrix of the last Will and testament of John Benford, late of said county, deceased, applies to me for letters of dismission from said estate...Marion, May 21, 1853. Lewis Solomon, Ord'y.

....John E. Bateman, Administrator on the estate of William Bateman, late of said county deceased, applies to me for letters of dismission from said adminstrationship...June 27, 1853, Lewis Solomon, Ordinary

...Elizabeth Bateman applies to me for letters of Guardianship of the persons and property of Mary Y. Bateman, and William Bateman, minors of William Bateman, deceased...Marion, June 27, 1853. Lewis Solomon, Ordinary.

..William J and Nancy A. H. Nelson, minor heirs of Wilson Nelson, late of said county deceased, is with a Guardian, to represent them in a settlement of their deceased  father's estate..Marion, June 18, 1853. Lewis Solomon, Or'y

..Joseph Davidson, Administrator on the estate of Aaron Davidson, late of said county, deceased, applies to me for letters of dismission from said administratorship.
   ...Marion, July 4th, 1853. Lewis Solomon, Or'y.

...Joseph Davidson applies to me for the Guardianship of the persons and property of the minor children of Aaron Davidson, deceased, to wit: Caroline; Mary; and Thomas Davidson...Marion, July 4, 1853. Lewis Solomon, Or'y..

August 2, 1853
Southern Recorder
DIED, On the 26th ult., in Twiggs county Mrs. Missouri H., wife of John Chapman and the daughter of James and Jane McCrary of Baldwin, aged twenty-two years nine months and twenty days. She has left a husband and two children and a large circle of relations and friends to mourn their irreparable loss.

October 18, 1853
Southern Recorder
~excerpt~.., he would have spared DOLLY ANNA WIMBERLY. She died of typhoid fever, at Tarversville, on the night of the 7th October, 1853, aged 18 years 2 months
and 19 days....

October 18, 1853
Southern Recorder
~excerpt~DIED Of yellow fever, in Shieldsborough, Miss., Sept. 7th, 1853, in the 25th year of his age, Dr. IRA E. DUPREE, junior, son of Doctor Ira E. Dupree, of Jeffersonville, Georgia.

November 22, 1853
Macon Weekly Telegraph
Legattees' Sale The Plantation of the lateJohn Parker, in Twiggs county, about ten miles below Macon, containing seventeen hundred acres more or less, together with a fine lot of Hogs, Horses, Males, Plantation Tools, Corn, Fodder, &c., &c.
  The sale will commence on the premises on Friday the ninth day of December next, and continue from day to day until all are disposed of. Sold for a general distribution of the Legatees.
  Terms- The Land will be sold for one-half cash, the balance a credit of twelve months for notes, with approved security, the stock, farming utensils, corn, fodder, c, will be sold on a credit of twelve months for notes, with approved security. For further particulars, apply to ROBERT. K. PARKER, On the Premises. July26-50.

November 29, 1853
Federal Union
~excerpt~..sold on the first Tuesday in December next..real estate of Lavinia N. Brooks late of said county deceased, to-wit, 405 acres of land ..numbers not known,,whereon said deceased formerly lived, and adjoining lands of Peyton Reynolds and Wm. C. Finch..
   ..first Tuesday in January next,..will be sold, one negro man, Henry, about 25 years of age..Simon N. Beckom, Adm'r. Oct. 10, 1853.

  Adminstrator's Sale...first Tuesday in January next,..Estate of Richard Deshazo, dec'd, to-wit, one negro man Sam, about 40 years of age, and Philips about 30 years..Robt. Deshazo, Adm'r, v. 8, 1853

  property belonging to the estate of James T. Campbell, dec'd, to wit, one negro woman Sarah 23 years of age, and Stephen a boy 8 years of age....Gustavus McCrea, Adm'r. Nov. 8th 1853

..Susannah Lyles applies..Guardianship..person and property of Ephiram J. Lyles, heir at Law of Allen Lyles, dec'd, late of Twiggs County..November 1853. Lewis Solomon, Ord'y

 ...Daniel W. Shine, Sen'r applies..Adminstration upon the estate of Daniel W. Shine, Jr..late of said county dec'd..Nov. 15th 1853. R. A. Solomon, Dep Ord'y.

December 3, 1853
Augusta Chronicle
MARRIED, On the 1st inst., by Rev. G. H. Cliett, Mr. FLOYD A. FINCH, of Twiggs county, and Miss MARY A. ZACHRY, of Columbia county.

December 20, 1853
Federal Union
MARRIED, Near Twiggsville on the 10th inst., by Isaac H. Meadows, J.P., Mr. James J. Arnold to Miss Nancy Paget all of Twiggs co., Ga.

January 3, 1854
The Georgia Telegraph
EXECUTOR'S SALE. - Will be sold on the first Tuesday January next, at the courthouse in Marion, Twiggs county, within the usual hours of sale, four likely Negroes, to wit: Simon, a man about 25 years of age; Sarah, a woman about 32 years of age, and her two small children, Harriet and Lucy. Sold as the property of James Vinson, late of Twiggs county, deceased, for a division among the legatees. Terms cash. JOSEPH BLACKSHEAR, Ex'r. nov 22.

January 31, 1854
Federal Union
~excerpt~ DIED, In Tarversville, Twiggs county, on the night of the 18th inst., Signal T. Rainey, aged 53 years.

June 20, 1854
Southern Recorder
~excerpt~  It is a painful duty to record the death of a friend; and it is with a heavy heart that we speak of the loss of one so young, so gifted, so intelligent and pious as HENRY T. WIMBERLY. He died at Tarversville, Twiggs county, Ga., 27th may, in the 20th year of his age, after an attack of measles in a very malignant form. His illness, which was short, he bore without a murmu'

July 14, 1854
The Georgia Citizen
   DIED in Twiggs county, on the morning of the 4th of July, in the 21st year of her age, Mrs. Georgia Ann, consort of Chas. P. Reynolds.

  ~excerpt~ DIED near Marion Twiggs co., on the morning of the 26th ult. Henry Hartwell, youngest son of Lewis and Lucy Ann F. Solomon, age 14 months.

October 21, 1854
Federal Union
MARRIED. Near Twiggsville, Twiggs county, Ga., 22d instant by the Rev. Jas. W. Trawick, Mr. John Blount of Pulaski county, to Miss Matilda Tarver of Twiggs Co.

October 31, 1854
Georgia Telegraph
Sixty days after date, application will be made to the Honorable the Ordinary of Twiggs county, for leave to sell two-fifths (2-5th's) of the interest in five negroes belonging to the Estate of Bennet Tull, late of Twiggs county deceased, and for the purpose of a division. JAS. W. ANDREWS, Ex'r of Bennet Tull deceased.

Sixty days after date, application will be made to the Honorable the Ordinary of Houston county, for leave to sell one-fifth interest in five negroes belonging to Francis M. Tull, a minor, and for the purpose of a division. Wm. T. Swift, Guar. of said minor. sept 19.

October 31, 1854
Georgia Telegraph
EXECUTRIX SALE.  The undersigned offers for sale that valuable Plantation, situated in Twiggs county on the River road leading from Macon to Marion, but eleven miles from Macon. it contains 1000 acres, about half of which are cleared and under a high state of cultivation, the remainder well timbered. On the premises is erected an excellent gin house and Screw, also a comfortable framed dwelling with good negro houses. There are two excellent wells of water on the place which have never been known to fail. If desired the Stock can be purchased with the farm, consisting of mules, hogs, and horned cattle. Persons desiring any information, can receive it by calling for the undersigned, residing in Macon, or her son at the farm. Sold for the purpose of a division among the legatees.
POLLY H. STEWART, Executrix. sept. 12

December 26, 1854
Macon Weekly Telegraph
MARRIED, On the evening of the 19th inst., by Rev. L Solomon, William S. Kelly, Esq., of Twiggs county to Mrs. Mary A. E. Chapman, of the county of Bibb.
  On the evening of the 21st inst., bt Rev. L. Solomon, Henry F. Solomon, Esq., to Miss Mary E. Fitzpatrick, all of Twiggs county.


February 20, 1855
Southern Recorder
~excerpt~ OBITUARY. Death again made his appearance in our midst on the 10th inst., and seized for his victim. WILLIS F. LAMB, aged about 30 years, after a painfull illness of 23 hours, of Pneumonia.....

July 27, 1855
Federal Union
Charles G. Bell - storehouse, lot in Jeffersonville, misc. items, livestock

John Cranford, Sen. Land and negroes for sale, James Hammock, Adm'r.
Mary Merritt, land for sale , John G. Glover, Adm'r.
John A. Wynn - negroes for sale, Haywood Hughes, Adm'r.
Jesse Collier, 250 acres, Thomas Co. John P. Bond, Adm'r.
Littleberry Hughes, 135 acres, dower interest of Elender Hughes. A. B. Hughes, Adm'r.

Mary Mims estate, Elisha Davis letters of Administration.
James W. Andrews, Isham G. Andrews, letters of administration.
Littleberry Hughes, Haywood Hughes, letters of Administration.
Reuben Lamb, Willis F. Lamb, Adm.
Samuel Pate, Henry Anglin, Sen.
Kelly Glover, John Glover executor of will
Lavinia N. Brooks, Simon N. Beckcom, Adm.
Daniel W. Shine, junr., David W. Shine, Adm.
Daniel Vaughn, William T. Vaughn, Adm.
Joseph J. Boynton, Benjamin Bryan, Executor of will
Bennett King, Jehu King, Admr
Zacheriah Harrison, MARRIAGES: C Admr..

August 28, 1855
Macon Weekly Telegraph
MARRIED.  On the 26th inst. by Rev. L. Solomon, Charles P. Reynolds, Esq. to Miss Mary A. E. Rhodes all of Twiggs county, Ga.

August 28, 1855
Macon Weekly Telegraph
Notice - All persons indebted to the estate of James W. Andrews, late of Twiggs county deceased, are requested to make immediate payment, and those having demands against said estate, will present them properly attested within the time prescribed by law. Isham G. Andrews, Admr.

Setemper 11, 1855
Federal Union
~excerpt~  Died, near Marion in Twiggs county, on the 2d instant, William E. only child of Wm. C. and Sarah F. Finch, three years six months and ten days.

November 20, 1855
Federal Union
MARRIED, Near Twiggsville, on the 11th inst, by S. V. Sauls, J. P., Mr. James D. Ellis to MissMary Kitchens, all of Twiggs county, Ga.

January 10, 1856
Columbus Inquirer, Tri-Weekly
MARRIED.   On the 2d January, by Rev. J. E. Dawson, Mr. A. Dawson of Houston county, Ga., to Miss Addie McAllum, of  Twiggs county, Ga.

January 22, 1856
Maryland Sun
Horrible Tragedy in Georgia
    It was briefly mentioned, a few days ago, that SAMUEL TAYLOR and wife, an old and respected couple, residing in Twiggs County, Ga., had been brutally murdered. The Macon Citizen says:
  "Mr. TAYLOR was found dead in his bed, and his wife,SARAH, gasping in death alongside of him, each with one large wound on the head, inflicted by the cutting edge of an axe.  MRS TAYLOR lived, in an insensible state, about two hours after Mr. TAYLOR'S  son, James, reaching the house from his own residence, less than a mile distant. The fiend who committed the double murder afterward attempted to burn the house, having kindled a fire on the bed, between the murdered couple, and laid a pile of kindling wood under the same, more effectually to destroy all traces of the atrocious act. Owing to the bed clothing being chiefly of woolen material, the fire did not progress rapidly, but filled the house with smoke, which caused a child of MRS. TAYLOR'S granddaughter, sleeping with its mother in another part of the house, to awake and rouse its mother, who, though deaf and dumb, managed to rouse the negroes and give the alarm to the neighbors, after putting out the fire.
  From an eye-witness of the scene we learn that, so offensive was the odor of burning human flesh and blood, and of woolen and cotton goods in the room where the dead bodies lay,  the company assembled (about a dozen neighbors) were compelled to lay out the dead and remove the remains of the bedding before the Coroner, living twenty miles off, could be summoned to hold an inquest. This was done on Tuesday afternoon, and  a verdict given according to the foregoing facts, and with suspicion that LEWIS, a negro fellow of Mr.  TAYLOR'S about 28 years old, was the murdered"
(Note: Convicted of the crime, he was hung in October 1856)

March 11, 1856
Southern Recorder
  Died, at his residence in Twiggs county, near Cool Spring, 28th ult. of Pneumonia, Mr. JOHN W ALLEN, aged about 44 years.  The deceased was a good neighbor and a good citizen. In him the worthy poor ever found a friend. In his intercourse with his fellow man, he was social and confiding, and honorable in all his dealings. During the few short days of his last suffering, he murmured not, but bore with a calm resignation the intensity of his affliction. The dread messenger death caused no fears for him. He passed away quietly as on who sleeps. Peace to his memory. C.

April 29, 1856
Federal Union
   Died, in Twiggsville, Twiggs county, on the 2d inst., of Asthma, Mr. Uriah Evans. Mr. E. was formerly a resident of North Carolina. He has left a family and many friends to mourn his loss.

June 17, 1856
The Georgia Telegraph
  On the morning of the 10th inst., by the Rev. G. R. McCall, Mr. William Chappell to Miss Mary McAllum, all of Twiggs county, Ga.
May joy and peace their steps attend
And sorrow ne'er their prospect blight;
May blessings rich on them descend,
All all be theirs that can delight.

September 16, 1856
Georgia Telegraph
PLANTATION FOR SALE. The well known Plantation belonging the estate of G. H. Jordan, deceased, situated in Twiggs county on the Ocmulgee river, twenty-one miles below Macon, four miles below Tarversville, and two miles from Buzzard Roost landing on the Ocmulgee. It contains fourteen hundred and fifteen acres, about eight hundred cleared and in cultivation. It is one of the best Plantations for Corn and Cotton in the State as the growing crops will attest, and has unsurpassed advantages for raising Stock. Corn, Fodder, Cotton, Stock, Plantation Tools, &c., will be sold if desired with the place.
  Mr. Hicksen Lee, on the premises, will show it to persons wishing to purchase.
   Possession given on the first of January next.
   Terms - One third cash, on delivery, balance one and wo years, with interest for approved paper.  Apply to JAMES GARDNER, Ex'or. Augusta, July 26, 1856. sept 9

October 14, 1856
Macon Weekly Telegraph
  On Sunday morning the 5th inst., at the residence of Mrs. Lucinda Pearce, in Twiggs county, near Marion, by the Rev. Lewis Solomon, William H. Beckcom, Esq., to Miss Geraldine C. Solomon, daughter of Col. Henry Solomon, late of said county.

January 27, 1857
Federal Union
~excerpt~ Died in Twiggs Co. Jan 11th 1857, in the fourth year of her age Henrietta Ellen, daughter and only child of Mr. Henry and Mrs. S. Faulk.

March 24, 1857
Macon Weekly Telegraph
Grand Jury, March 16, 1857
Lewis Solomon, Foreman; Thomas H. Jones; Eli S. Griffin; John W. Gilder; Joseph Blackshear; William Methvin, Sr.; Abisha Andrews; Henry Faulk; Elam Hinson; Henry Lamb; Milton Wilder; Francis M. Jones; Archibald McAllum; Charles G. Johnson; Solomon J. Bond; Robert Paul; Henry Land; Thomas B. Pace; James Hammock; Action E. Nash; Robert R. Slappey; Samuel P. Gragg (Bragg?); W. Neel, Clerk.

March 31, 1857
Macon Weekly Telegraph
MARRIED. On the morning  22d inst. by Rev. Lewis Solomon, TROY G. HOLDEN, Esq., to Miss MARY A. F. BARTON,  all of Twiggs County, Ga.

April 2, 1857
Columbus Enquirer
DIED. At the resideence of John Fitzpatrick, Esq., Twiggs county on the 11th March, MRS. ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK, aged 96 yrs.

April 28, 1857
Macon Weekly Telegraph
Married.   In Twiggs Co., by the Rev. C. A. Tharp, on the evening of the 21st of April, 1857, Mr. Acton E. Nash to Miss Roxey Ann Chappel, Daughter of  T. S. Chappel, all of the above Co.

June 30, 1857
Federal Union
  ~excerpt~DIED at his residence in Twiggs county, on the morning of the 15th inst., our worthy and much lamented Brother, Benjamin B. Smith, in the 67th year of his age.

September 8, 1857
Federal Union
MARRIED, On the morning of the 3d September, by the Rev. Lewis Solomon, at the residence of Wm. S. Kelly, Esq., in Twiggs county, Henry H. Cox, Esq., of Clinton, Ga, to Miss Mary Virginia Williams, daughter of Col. William Williams, of the city of Brunswick, Ga.

October 20, 1857
Federal Union


.... sold..first Tuesday in December next,...
Alford, a negro man, 35 years old; Moses, a negro boy, about 12 years old; Lyddy, a negro woman about 45 years old; levied on as the property of Robert Rozar,..execution controlled by John Fitzpatrick;..W. W. Bozeman, Dep'y Sh'ff. Oct. 16th, 1857.


..Allen B. Bullard and Thomas B. Pace applies for..persons and property of Cebell F., Susan V, George F., and Kenady Bullard, minor orphans of Henry Bullard deceased. ...October 12, 1857..Lewis Solomon, Ord'y.

..Francis Brazile, minor child of John Brazile, ...deceased, is without a Guardian of her personal property...October 12, 1857

...leave to sell the land and negroes belonging to the estate of John F. Paul, ..dec'd. James E. Paul, Adm'r. Ocobter 12, 1857

Administrators Sale-With the will annexed...last Will and Testament of William C. Finch, ..deceased,..sold..First Tuesday in December next...706 3-4 acres, ..part of number 134, 131 and 130, ..28th Dist...adjoining lands of John A. Barclay and C. R. Faulk..whereon deceased formerly lived, about 450 acres wood land, a good Gin House and Screw and other outbuilds..Floyd A. Finch, Adm'r. Sarah F. Finch, Adm'rx. October 12, 1857

..Simon N. Beckcom, Executor of the last Will and Testament of Laborn Beckcom..letters of dismission..July 22, 1857

..Archibald H. Moore, of Willis S. Moore..letter of dismission. June 2nd, 1857

..James Hammock, Administrator..Wm. and John Cranford...letters of dismission..June 15, 1857..

John Sanders and William T. Vaughn, of William Herring...letters of dismission..July 8th, 1857.

November 17, 1857
Federal Union
   ~excerpt~Departed this life on the morning of the 7th instant at her residence in Twiggs county, Mrs. Lucinda Pearce, (formerly the widow of Col. Henry Solomon deceased,) aged about fifty two years.......

December 1, 1857
Macon Weekly Telegraph
MARRIED, By Rev. Lewis Solomon, on the morning of the 22d inst., Henry M. Loyless, Esq., to Miss Martha Land, Daughter of Henry Land, all of Twiggs co., Ga.

January 5, 1858
Macon Weekly Telegraph
Married. In Twiggs, on the evening of the 24th inst., by Henry Faulk, J.I.C. Mr Charles Ray, to Miss Martha A. Railey, all of Twiggs county.

January 19, 1858
Federal Union
Caroline Ray, slave for sale
John W. Walters
James Taylor, slaves for sale
John Brazell, land for sale
John Edmonson

D. G. Hughes, runaway slave

November 2, 1858
Federal Union
Willis F. Lamb
Andrew L. Joyner
John Asbell, land for sale
John Edmondson, land and slaves
Jonas. Hale
Jesse J. Bull
Joseph Parker
Caroline Ray
William C. Finch

November 8, 1858
Daily Federal Union
~excerpt~Mrs. Lizzie Canon, wife of Dr. D. G.Canon and daughter  of Joseph and Elizabeth Blackshear was born in Twiggs county Georgia the 9th of March 1840 and died in Coffee county Ala., on the  26th,, October 1858. Her disease, Consumption, was painful and protracted, which she bore with christian forttude.
   The writer of this saw her often, and on the day preceeding her death she expressed an entire willingness to die.
   Said she, I love my husband and my little infant babe, but I an now willing to leave them all....


January 25, 1859
Weekly Georgia Telegraph
DIED, at his residence in Twiggs county, on the 17th inst., Henry Sand (Land), in the 56th year of his age.

March 15, 1859
Southern Recorder
DIED, of typhoid pneumonia, at the residence of Rev. Henry Bunn, his son, THADDEUS J. BUNN, on the 8th of February last. He died professing an undiminished trust in his Savior.

April 26, 1859
The Weekly Telegraph
DIED. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." Dolly Anna, daughter of Henry S. and Caroline Wimberly, died in Twiggs county, Georgia, on the evening of the 10th inst., in her seventh year, of croup.

April 26, 1859
The Weekly Telegraph
Notice - All persons indebted to the Estate of James C. Hail, late of Twiggs County, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment; and all persons holding claims or demands, against said estate must present them in legal form within the time prescribed by law, or this notice will be plead in . Simeon Tharp, Administrator. april 19

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