Revolutionary Soldiers of Wilkinson County, Ga.
Henry Atkinson, VA. (pension) 
James Arnold
John Ball
_____Barber (Mary widow  1827)
Col. Robert Barnett, 1827
Cornelius Batchelor, 1827
Thaddeus Beall
William Beck
____Benson, Eliza widow 1827
Timothy Bennett
Stephen Billue
William Bivins, 1827
Ezekial Boggs, 1827
John Bowen, Sr., 1827 lottery, living in Fairchild's Dist. VA (pension)
Eleazer Brack
Samuel Brady, Sr.
___Brown, Ann widow 1827
Peter Buckles, 1827
James Bullock
Lemuel Burket, 1827
James Edward Butler
William Caile, NC
Nathaniel Cannon SC (pension) 1827
David Clay, NC (pension)
Alexander Carswell
George Clifton
Joseph Davidson died in 1852, 99 yrs
Jeremiah Dickson S. C. Militiar 1758-1826
Spencer Douglas 1827
John Eady, Sr.
George Etheridge
Issac Etheridge
Robert Etheridge
__Fairchild, Elizabeth, widow
James Faulk (Fould) 1838
___Gainor, Phebe, widow 1827
___Garrard, Elizabeth widow 1827
Thomas Gray died Feb 27, 1833
James Gibson 
Major John Hatcher
William Hatcher
___Howard, Sarah widow 1827
William Jenkins, S.C. (pension)
William Kemp, 1827
James Kinney, Sr.
Hansell Lassiter, 1928
Lawson (Jane widow 1827)
Lawson (Martha, widow 1832 lott.)
William Lindsey, Sr., 1827
William Lord, Sr., 1827
__Lord, Milly widow 1827
Nimrod Lyster
Samuel Mains, N.C. (pension)
Mathews (Dicy, widow)
John Meadows
John Meredith
William Mitchell, Sr.
Thomas McCullar, 1827
___Montgomery, Mary widow
__   Newsom, Lucy, widow 1827
John Nunn, 1827
___Pace, Mildredge, widow 1827
Richard C. Pattishall 1827 lottery
John Polk
Stephen Pritchett, SC (pension)
Brice Ragan, 1827
Robert Rozar, NC, SC (pension)
___Rye, Mary, widow 1827
__Shafner, Elizabeth, widow
James Smith
William Statham, 1827
John W. Stephens/Stevens
Hardy Stewart 1827,  1838
Sarah Stokes, widow 1827
John Taliferro
William Taylor
John Tomberlin
John Ussery, 1827 lottery
Jesse Vaughn, 1827 lottery
Nathaniel Ward (died 1840)
___Wilkerson, Ester widow  1827
Henry Winterwheedle
Solomon Wright, 1827 lottery

Pension Roll

Revolutionary  War Pension Applications of Eva/Eve Clay, widow of David Clay

1832 Veterans

The Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers

We are the old, the unremembered dead
Forgot we lie
In country graveyards high in lonely hills;
We are unwept save by such tears as sheds
The pitying sky

Roselle Mercier Montgomery


On-Line:Georgia. Dept. of Archives and History, Knight, Lucian Lamar, 1868-1933

 Georgia's Roster of the Revolution / compiled by Lucian Lamar Knight, State historian and director of the Dept. of Archives and History

DAR Volunteer Look-Ups

          Index to Compiled Service Records of Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Served in the American Army in
          Georgia  Military Operations 1775-1783. Source: National Archives Microfilm M1051

     "Final Revolutionary War Pension Payment Vouchers: Georgia" NARA (National Archives) Publication M1746
     Funded by The R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation, and copies of the film were distributed by the foundation to select libraries

     Revolutionary War


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