Military History of
Revolutionary Soldier
Major John Hatcher
 b. 7/07/1757   d. 4/20/1835

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 After the British occupation of Georgia, John Hatcher was attached to  General Nathaniel Greene's command for a time, serving in Colonel William  Candler's Regiment.   John was later assigned to serve as Captain in the  12th Company of the Columbia County Regiment of Militia. There was much  Indian unrest in Georgia during the period that John served in the 12th  Company.   In 1800, John was commissioned a Major of the Georgia Militia.

 John Hatcher, certified a refugee soldier; Co. E. Clarke on 25 Jun 1785

 John Hatcher, Sr. served as a Legislator from Warren County from 1805  through 1809 and in 1810 moved his family to Wilkinson County, Georgia.

 Served as a Lieutenant in Captain Jeremiah Beall's Company of the Georgia  Militia commanded by Colonel Robert Middleton in 1779 and after the British  occupation of Georgia joined Colonel William Candler's Regiment of Refugees  from Georgia In 1781 and 1782, he was a private in Captain Patrick Carr's  Company of the Burke County, Georgia Militia commanded by Colonel James  McKay. At one time, he was under General Nathaniel Greene. He was wounded in  the Battle of Cow-Pens and Fairfax.  He received bounty land along  Williamson's Creek Swamp in Washington County for his services. He was a  native   Of Henrico Parish, Virginia and later served as the State Senator  from Wilkinson County, where he was a member of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church.  Buried: Old Hatcher Cemetery on plantation, Passmore District, near Oconee  river.

 John Hatcher spent the last 24 yrs of his life in WilkinsonCo, GA

 From Deaths in The Federal Union (Milledgeville, GA.)
 12 May 1835
 Died at his residence in Wilkinson County, Georgia on the 20th ult. Major  John Hatcher, in the 83rd year of his age - a patriotic and fearless soldier  of the Revolution.

 Gravesite of Major John Hatcher, Sr. The Hatcher Plantation in Wilkinson  County.  This is now owned by Carl W. Shepherd, a descendant of John  Hatcher.  The Plantation is located on State Road 112, about 5 miles on the  right hand side of the road from Toomsboro going toward Milledgeville,  Georgia...........The old Cemetery is about a mile back of the home place  where John Hatcher and family members are buried. The DAR chapter marked his  grave."

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Hatcher Cemetery Sign Feb. 2007 by Eileen B. McAdams, Grave Marker photo by William Hatcher 2004

Photo Feb. 23, 2007, Eileen B. McAdams

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