World War II
573 Wilkinson County Men Enlisted in World War II

Wilkinson Co. WWII Soldiers Who Died For Their Country
Schiller P. Balkcom; Alton S. Bell; Bobbie C. Bloodworth; William N. Booth; Herman Brack;
 Leo P. Carr;  Charles L. Dixon; Ellis G Hatfield; Jackson E. Hatfield; J. Durwood Hogue
Walter N. Isenberg; Waldo W. Lindsey; Berends E. Lord; John H. Namson
Joseph C Moore; PFC Lindsey Pennington;
John T Prosser; James Fred Simpson; Cleveland Weeks;  Marvin T Williford

World War II Veterans Burials

Ensign Harvey Dupree, 24, of McIntyre was killed on Jan 16, 1942 when the training plane he was in, crashed and burned 7 miles southwest of the naval air station in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lt. Joseph E. Butler, of Irwinton, a Navy pilot  attacked the  Japanese army on a bridge  on the island of Bougainville, which is part of the Solomon Islands. He flew with one hand on his controls and recorded the attack which was broadcast on WGN radio in Chicago March 4, 1944. The Oakland Tribune Oct. 1, 1943.
AWARDED MEDAL. T-Sgt. James H. Brown, Irwinton, Ga., has been awarded the Army Good Conduct medal for exemplary behavior and efficiency, it was announced at headquarters of the IX Troop Carrier Command somewhere in England. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Brown, Irwinton. His wife, Cpl. Edith F. Brown, is with the WAC detachment at Camp Stoneman, Calif. Macon Telegraph 26 Mar, 1944. Pg 10 

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