Wilkinson County Post
 The Wilkinson County Post.
Jacksdon St. Gordon, Ga.
Newspapers -bound copies for viewing and cds for sale
in Wilkinson County Superior Court

Book 1- Wilkinson Appeal- Feb 1875 to Southerner Appeal- Dec 1889
Book 2- The Southerner- Sept 1875 to Southerner Appeal- Aug 1890
Book 3- Southerner Appeal- Aug 1888 to Southerner Appeal- June 1890
Book 3- Southerner Appeal- July 1890
Book 4- Gordon Press Appeal- Aug 1890 and Irwinton World- April 1893 to  The World- Sept 1893
Book 5- The Bulletin- March 1900 to The Bulletin- Dec 1900
Book 6- The Bulletin- Jan 1901 to Irwinton Bulletin- Dec 1903
Book 7- Irwinton Bulletin- Jan 1904 to Irwinton Bulletin- Dec 1906
Book 8- Irwinton Bulletin- Nov 1894 to The Bulletin- Dec 1897 and The Macon Telegraph- May 1939
Atlanta Journal- May 1939
Screen and Radio Weekly- Jan 1936

5 CDs for Sale
 5 [five] CD's altogether, they 1852 to 1942.  They are available from Superior Court Clerk in Irwinton. The price is
$35.00 per CD + postage [varies depending on how many you order]. The number to call is 478-946-2221. 

3 copies Ga. Telegraph 1852; 1 copy Federal Union 1855; 1 copy  Central Georgian 1869; 1 copy Georgia Weekly Telegraph 1873; 2 copies Macon Telegraph & Messenger 1874;  3 copies Wilkinson Appeal 1875; 1 copy The Southener 1875;  7 copies  Southerner and Appeal 1877;  1 copy  Southerner and Appeal 1878; 10 copies Southerner and Appeal 1878; 1 copy The Gainesville Eagle, 1879; 20 copies Southerner and Appeal, 1880; 1 copy The Macon Telegraph and Messenger 1880; 15 copies Southerner and Appeal 1881; 1 copy Early County News, 1881; 15 copies Southerner and Appeal, 1882;  15 copies Southerner and Appeal, 1883; 11 copies Southerner and Appeal, 1884; 1 copy The Central Georgian 1886; 2 copies  Southerner and Appeal 1886;  18 copies Southerner and Appeal 1888; 49 copies Southerner and Appeal 1889; 1 copy Southerner and Appeal 1890; 1 copy The Gordon Reporter 1920; 1 copy Wilkinson County News 1942; 3 copies The Wilkinson Times, dates unknown; 4 copies Southerner and Appeal, dates unknown. 

25 copies Southerner and Appeal 1889;  22 copies Southerner and Appeal 1890; 10 copies Gordon Press 1890;  40 copies Gordon Press 1891; 40 copies Gordon Press 1892; 6 copies Gordon Press 1893; 11 copies The Irwinton World 1893;  24 copies The Irwinton World, 1894; 34 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1898; 32 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1899; 6 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1900. 

 35 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1900; 28 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1901;  47 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1902;  40 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1903; 1 copy of The World, date unknown 

 1 copy The Eclectic Star 1871;  39 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1904;  43 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1905; 41 copies The Irwinton Bulletin 1906 

Toombsboro Appeal started about 1870  in Toomsboro. Started legal advertisements i.e. sheriff's sales, notice of sale, in 1875.  Before that the legal advertisements were published in the Macon and Milledgeville  papers..
Irwinton Southerner started in Irwinton in 1870's
Toombsboro Appeal and Irwinton Southerner consolidated to
The Southerner-Appeal December  1875.  C. E. Carnes was the editor and owner and had a subscriber base of 1,400.   J.H and Charles R. Hodges were editors and publishers in 1878, Charles R. Hodges sold the paper to H F. Carswell in Nov. 1880. Mr. Carswell retired as editor and  John M. Huff became editor in 1881. Thomas H. Morris bought and edited the paper in 1885.
 In 1888 Joseph Lingo was the editor. and sold it to H F Carswell in 1888.
In 1889 the paper was to moved to Gordon and changed name to:

Gordon Press. Created in July 1890 Robert Brewer was the business manager and editor. Dan Vaughn was the editor in 1890.  Robert Brewer was the editor in April 1891. Charles G. Morris was named editor and general manager in 1891.

The Blade, Gordon
Irwinton Blade, started October 1890, B. F. Jacobson publisher, T. W. White, editor.
Irwinton World, Irwinton, John A. Perry, editor in 1894 , Populist paper
The Guide, Irwinton, Mr. Lydy editor in 1895, Populist paper

Irwinton Bulletin started 1895 in Irwinton by George Henry Carswell and his brother-in-law John Todd, who sold his interest to Mr. Carswell a few months later. George Henry Carswell was editor and publisher in 1900 W.H. Rutland was editior when he died in November 1904.  James F. Williams, editor in 1906, died 1907.  Lamar Tigner was editor in 1907
P F Duggan, editor and publisher 1909. Harris Waters, editor and publisher 1910.
Samuel W. Hatfield, editor 1911, L.P. Hatfield, publisher, 1912  title changed from Irwinton Bulletin to
The Bulletin. Was leased by The Wilkinson County Banner, J. R. Crandall, publisher and was to be published at Toombsboro in 1912.  John Fleming Bloodworth and Lamar S. Tigner purchased the paper in 1920. George H. Carswell, Editor at one time.

Irwinton Sidelight  was being published in  April of 1904 per article in Atlanta Constitution 4/7/1904

Wilkinson Appeal   C. E. Carnes, editor in 1874, retired and was succeeded by Judge J. C. Bower who resigned from the editorship and was replaced by Rev. E. B. Barrett in 1875.  C. E. Carnes of the Irwinton bought the Appeal and consolidated it to called the Southerner-Appeal

Wilkinson County News, started in 1922 in Gordon by Eli Bartow Hubbard, editor until 1925. Joseph Boone, Editor

(sources: History of Wilkinson County Ga., Victor Davidson;  Atlanta Constitution, Washington Post, Macon Telegraph,  Georgia Annual 1912 )

Microfilm available from Georgia Newspaper Project:
 Irwinton Bulletin Mar. 8, 1907-Dec. 22, 1911 title changed to The Bulletin
 The Bulletin Jan. 5, 1912-Dec. 31, 1954
*Wilkinson County News Mar. 14, 1925-Dec. 23, 1938; Oct. 4, 1940-present

Source: Atlanta Constitution; Library of Congress, Ayer and Sons American Newspaper Annual 1900-1911

East Wilkinson County Public Library
154 East Main Street, P.O. Box 546
Irwinton, GA   31042-0546
(478) 946-2778
Gordon Public Library
284 Milledgeville Hwy. West, P. O. Box 336, Gordon, GA   31031-0336
(478) 628-5352

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