MEXICAN WAR (1845-48)
The war was due to a dispute over the territory between the Nueces and Rio Grande rivers in April 1846. The conflict was resolved with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1849), whereby Mexico ceded California and New Mexico to the United States.

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Malachi Madison Sanders, Sr.

      On-Line A review of the causes and consequences of the Mexican war. By William Jay.  Pub. 1853.
           Collection: Making of America Books
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     The Mexican War, from Texas Trails

    1st Regiment of Georgia Volunteers for 12 months June 1846 to May 1847
         White, Rev. George. Historical Collections of Georgia , p.115-120.    First Regiment of Georgia Volunteers Only.
         Names of Officers and Privates . Making of America- online book -INDEXED
     Battalion of Georgia Volunteers for the war (5 companies) July 1847 to July 1848
     Battalion of Georgia Mounted Volunteers for the war (6 companies) September 1847 to July 1848
     Great Page Telling History - lists Georgia Militia units. HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF THE GEORGIA NATIONAL GUARD

   Index to Mexican War Pension Files by Virgil D. White. (Waynesboro, 1989).
     Applying for pensions for the Mexican War.
     Types of records available for the Mexican War Veterans
     Newspaper accounts give company officers, battles, letters from the front, as well as deaths and wounded.
     Aztec Club of 1847 - Military Society of the Mexican War Searchable Data Base for Officers
     The Descendants of Mexican War Veterans
     Mexico City National Cemetery

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