McArthur-Pace Family
Wilkinson County, Ga.
Graciously submitted by Bob McArthur
 This is Bob McArthur's great grandfather's document  His father John Thomas McArthur was John's grandson by way of James Franklin McArthur. This is a verbatim copy  with all the typos, misspellings, and punctuation errors as they appeared in the original.

"Georgia Lowndese Co., Jan. 6, 1907.
 Near Valdosta, Ga. At Lewis Rivers McArthurís:-  To the children and grandchildren of John and Winnie McArthur.
Dear Children:-
 Having had in mind some time to write a sketch of the births and marriages and also the deaths of my family I to day am attempting it, knowing that it will be improperly done but such as it is I present it to you as a record of my family according to my rceollectoim.
McArthur Grand Parents
Commencing with my Grand Parents on the McArthur side, giving such history as I may have: my Grand Father Daniel McArthur and my Grand Mother Genette McArthur, who having the same name, but of no kindred relation, were born in Scotland and married there and shortly afterwards, in 1774, came to America and settler in N. C., Robinson Co.  They farmed for a living.
Daniel McArthur was born, 1741. Gennett McArthur was born, 1752.
They were married in 1774.
My Grand Parents Children and Grand Children.
Their childrens names were as follows:-- Mary, Sarah, Duncan, Charles, John my Father, Peter, Archibald, Neil, Alexander, Allen, Isabella.
Mary was born Apr. 14, 1775. She married Archibald Booye and had three children; Daniel, Margarette and Nancy. They moved to Gadson Co, Fla. where they died.
Sarah was born Feb. 12, 1777. She married Malcolm McDaniel and had five children; Daniel, Mary, Gennette, Cathrine, and Elizabeth. They moved to Sumpter Co., Ala.
Duncan was borne Mar. 4, 1779. He married Jane Thompson, and they had five children; Alexander, John, Neil, daniel and Genett, who died. When this was written they lived in Cumberland County, N. C.
Charles was borne May the 25, 1780. He married Effie Graham in telfair County, Ga. There childrens names were, Daniel, Duncan, Sarah, Gennett, Peter, Mary, Alexander, and Allen.
John, who was my Father, was borne Apr. 7, 1782. He came to Washington County Ga, And Married Harriet Pace, on the 29th of Septermer, 1813. They had seven children; Daniel P. Samuel, Mildred B, Mary, Sarah, John, and harriett Rebecca.
Peter was born Mar. 2, 1784. He married Annie Jane Lesbie in Wilkinson, Ga. and after Daniel, his oldest son was born, she died. He finally Gracy Pittman of Wilkinson Co., Ga. and afterward moved to Randolph Co., Ga. where they had seven children: Epsey, Newton, Jasper, Bluford, Allen and some other names not given.
Archibold was born Sept., 28, 1786. He came to Ga. and about 1812.
Neil was born Nov., 2, 1788. He married and at last accounts had several children and still lived in N. C.
Alexander was born Feb. 6, 1791. He married in N. C. where he and his only children, John and William, died several years ago.
Allen was born July 6, 1793. His first wife and child by her died in N. C. He then married Elizabeth McDaniel. Their children were Sarah, Genett Mary, Isabella, Duncan, Daniel, Elizabeth, Hariett, Charles and Allen. He came to Ga. and finally his death his family moved to Texas.
Isabella was born Nov. 10, 1796. She married Richard Bone and came to Ga. in 1834. They raised ten children; Gennett, Elizabeth, Ann, Archibald, Neil, Sarah, John, Malcolm, Isabella, and Thomas. They Finally moved to Montgomery Co., Ga. where they died.

Pace Grand Parents.
My grand Parents on my Mothers side were raised in S. C. where they were married some time about 1772.  His name was Nathaniel Pace and my Grand Motherís name was Mildred Boykin.  They raised twelve children whose names were as follows;
Rebeca born Sept., 10, 1773. Thomas, born Jan., 22, 1776.
Tabitha, born April 8, 1777. Nathaniel, born Feb., 9, 1779.
John, born Apr., 14, 1781.  Elixabeth, born Jan., 10, 1783.
Francis, born Sept., 28, 1785. William, born Sept., 28, 1788.
Sarah, born Dec., 18, 1790. Samuel, born April 18, 1793.
Bryant, born April 18, 1795. Harriett, who was my mother, was born in Washington Co., Ga. July 27, 1797.
 Being one of the younger children of our family I knew but very little about my Motherís family only such as lives near us around Macon, Bibb Co., Ga.
 Tabitha Pace married a Dennard and lived in Ala. on the Ala. River where she raised two children and died at about 75 years of age.
 Thomas Pace married one of Govenor Irwins Daughters of Baldwin Co. and lived in Macon Ga. Had three daughters who married as follows,
Nancy married Thomas Lamar, Harriett married Robert Collins and Rebeca married Robert Pattern all of Macon where they all died.
 Thomas Pace was one of most remarkable men of his time and was Major in the Indian and British war of 1812 to 1814.  His first wife died and after his first children were all grown and married he married his second wife and raised a very interesting family, who after his death, moved to Texas.  His second wife was named Elizabeth Everet of Houston Co., Ga. He died of cancer on the tongue. He sufferd intensely and literly perished to death not being able to take and nourishment.
 Nathaniel Pace was never married and lived where my mother was born in Washington Co., Ga. where he died in 1850.  He accumalated considerable property and willed it to his brothers and sisters children.
 Francis Pace was married to Richard Whitaker of Wilkinson Co., Ga. where they both died having raised five children; Nathaniel, Thomas, Hudson, Francis and Mildred.
 Thomas Whitaker, a son of Richard Whitaker, married Elizabeth Rivers our motherís sister.
 Bryant Pace married Rebeca Irwin a cousin of Thomas Paceís first wife and lived in Bibb Co. near my fatherís home where she was buried. He then went to Ala. where he died.  His children were William, Baldy, Rhody, Nathaniel, and Irwin all of which moved to Ala.
 William Pace married Nancy Mosley of Lafayette Co. He finally moved to Gordon, Wilkinson Co., Ga. and died. His children were John, Harriet, Merideth, Lucenda, Calista, Isabela and Hiram.
 Samuel Pace married Nancy Hardin of Washington Co., Ga. moved to Bibb and finally to Stewart co. where he died.  His children were Bryant, John, Eliza, Harriet, Nathaniel, and Elizabeth.
 The other children of the Pace family I knew but very little about.  My Grand Mother Pace lived with my mother several years when I was very small. She finally went to her daughter, Tabitha Dennard, and died at the age of 84, in Alabama.  Her property was chiefly negroes given to her children by her cousin James and Franklin Canta of S. C.

The births of my family were as follows;-
John McArthur  Apr. 7, 1782. Harriet Pace  Feb. 27, 1797.
John McArthur  June 23, 1826. Winnieford Rivers  Dec. 24, 1835.
Charles Allen McArthur  Feb. 19, 1852. John Joel McArthur  Jan. 5, 1854.
Mary Harriet McArthur  May 14, 1855. William Daniel McArthur  July 2, 1857.
Sarah Elizabeth McArthur  May 5, 1859. Richard Samuel McArthur  Feb. 10, 1861.
James Franklin McArthur  May 24, 1865. Thomas Jackson McArthur  Apr. 30, 1868.
Arthur Lee McArthur  March 27, 1870. Lewis Rivers McArthur  Aug. 17, 1872.
Laura Winnieford McArthur  Jan. 17, 1875.

 The marriages of my family were as follows;-
 John McArthur and Harriett Pace were married Sept. 29, 1813.
John McArthur and Winnie Rivers were married Nov. 28, 1850.
John Joel McArthur and Georgia Robinson were married Dec. 10, 1873.
Mary H. McArthur and William Robinson were married Dec. 10, 1874.
Sarah E. McArthur and J. W. Robinson were married Dec. 10, 1874.
Wm. Daniel McArthur and Sabra Yaun were married Feb. 21, 1878.
James Franklin McArthur and E. A. Whiteside were married Apr. 11, 1888.
R. S. McArthur and Lucy May Stanley were married Dec. 19, 1894.
Thomas Jaxon McArthur and Sannie Horn were married Sept 12, 1895.
Lewis Rivers McArthur and Eva B. Henderson were married Feb. 1, 1899.
Arthur Lee McArthur and Willie Glover Were married Nov. 1, 1899.
Lewis Rivers McArthur and Carrie Wisenbaker  were married Nov. 6, 1902.

The deaths of my family were as follows;-
John McArthur, my Father, died Sept. 19, 1846.  Harriet McArthur, my Mother, Died July 10, 1873.  Joel Rivers, Winnies Father, died Nov. 18, 1863.  Mary Rivers, Winnies Mother, died June 11, 1857.  My sister Mildred Boykin, who married Milton Ham, when I was very small died and was buried at the old grave yard in Bibb, where my Father and Mother were buried.
Bro Samuel died in Rome Ga. at the age of 84 years.
Brother Daniel Pace died at his old home in Bibb Co., Ga. and was buried in the old grave yard of my father.
Harriet Rebeca McLennon Died at the old home in Bibb Co. and left one child, Donald McLennon, she having married Roderie McLennon a Canadian by birth.
Laura Winnie McArthur, our youngest daughter, died Jan. 26, 1891 and was buried at our family grave yard in Wilkinson Co., Ga.
William Daniel McArthur Died at Lumber City, Ga. where he was buried on July 9, 1902.
Richard Samuel McArthur died Sept. 29, 1902 and was buried at his home in Wilkinson Co., Ga. by his Sister Laura."

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