Wilkinson County Ga. Masonic Lodges

Concordia Lodge No. 45
Possibly a Jewish Lodge, active in 1853

"Looking through the Beale and Hughs Store books, I found what looked like a Masonic Lodge but wasn't shown as such.  It just stated, "Concordia Lodge #45.  Irwinton, Monday, July 2, 1853.  "One block of ribbon @$.50 paid in full."  Page 61. W. C. Courthouse-Clerk of the Court. " E. Ranny Brewer

Cool Spring Lodge, No. 185, F.A.M.
      (Moved to Twiggs County)

     In 1854,  a warrant for a charter of Cool Springs Masonic Lodge was granted. The lodge is still active.  The first officers were: Eli Sears, Worshipful Master; James R. Coombs, S. W. ; W. W. Lee, J. W. ; B. S. Carswell, Treasurer; C. B. Strickland, S. D. ; J. W. Summers, J. D. ; Thomas P. Smith, Tyler. Other members were Ira E. Perry, J. V. Chuning, William F. M. Brown and Noah McGowing
     In 1879 when the Cool Springs Church moved from Wilkinson County to Twiggs County four miles southwest of Allens Cross Roads (Danville), the lodge was moved to Laurens Hill (Laurens County), then later to Lucy Chapel Church (Twiggs County)  and at present to Danville, Twiggs County.
     Some members in 1862 were Ira Perry; W. J. Gallemore; W. A. Gainey; J. W. Summers and J . C. Carrol
     In 1873 the Worshipful Master was James Coombs. Some members: Robert J. Smith, R. A. Hill. T. G. Hill. D. G. Hughes and
Judge J. E. McDonald. In 1899 Professor C. C. Saunders was a member.
     In 1905 the "Blue Lodge" of Masons has elected "Uncle Peter" Barkwell, W.M.; D. G. Hughes, Jr., J.C.; C. R. Lamb, S. W.; S. A. Bryan, secretary; W. H. Bryan, Treasuer. Some 1908 members were S. A. Bryan, W. R. Haynes, J. T. Holloway. and D. H. Bozeman.
Sources: History of Wilkinson County, Victor Davidson; Proceedins of the Grand Lodge of Georgia  in Macon, Nov. 1854; Proceedings of the One Hundred and Twenty-Second Annual Communiation of the Grand Lodge of Georgia Free and Accepted Masons Held in The City of Macon Oct. 27-29 A.S. 1908; Macon Telegraph

Gordon Masonic Lodge No. 240F. & A. M.
(Still Active)

    Instituted in Nov. 2, 1860 with Washington J. Solomon the first worshipful master. Henry Goodman, senior warden and John T. Lingo, junior master.
   The first Masonic Hall was on the second story of a wooden building which was burned October 6, 1879. A new brick building was built in 1880 and the second floor used for the Masonic Hall, the lower for the  Gordon School. In 1914, a new masonic temple  was built on the corner of Main St. and Railroad Ave. The building was razed in the 1990's.
       1914 Members were R. L. Wood, worshipful master; D. G. Hardie, S. W. ; Joe Leslie, J. W.; C. H. McCook, Sec.; B. F. Ryle, Treas.; and J. F. Jackson, W. A. Jones, R. E. Evans and J. E. Bell, building committee.
    Other members: J. H. Bateman, Sol Isenburg. Sidney W. Lee,  John Pink Bloodworth, Fleming Bloodworth. J. W. Brooks, Jr.

(Carmel) Irwinton Masonic Lodge No. 150 F. & A. M.
(Still Active)

    "William O. Beall deeded one acre for the church located at the fork of U. S. Hwy 441 and the Toomsboro Road and the building was completed in 1856.  He was a Baptist and Worshipful Master of Carmel Lodge No. 150, Masonic Grand Lodge of Georgia." Ron Bell
  June 15, 1875, Georgia Weekly Telegraph. The Irwinton Masonic Lodge and the Irwinton Grange bought the old Courthouse last Tuesday for $500.
    Some members in 1873 A J Miller, J. E. Chambers, W. E. Harville, Dupree, Shinholser, Dr. Thomas Simmons.
    Some other members - Daniel Burke, Alexander H. Nesbit, Joseph. E. Butler, H. A. Hartley, Victor Davidson, John C. C. Todd, John Marvin Hall, Emile Johnson, Leon P. Player.
    In 1925 the Irwinton Lodge No. 150 F. & A. M. held its regular election, electing the following officers: R. A. Maddox, Worshipful Master; G. Fred Everett, Senior Warden; R. L. Hartley, Secretary; J. E. Holleman, Treasurer; F. G. Byington, Senior Deacon; A. W. Hall, Junior Deacon, C. C. Beck, Senior Steward; W. L. Skelton, Junior Steward; H. F. Heywood, Tyler.

Toomsboro Masonic Lodge
(Information Needed)

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