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 Creek Indian War  May 5,1836- Sep 30, 1837. GA & Al
Samuel Beall
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Green Blount Burney was a captain of a mounted infantry group called the "Wilkinson Grays."
Hillary Hartley
Nathaniel C. Hughs, Nov 29, 1815 - Jan 14, 1881, buried Irwinton City Cemetery 
59th Congress, Ist Session, House of Representatives, Report No. 2718
March 29, 1906. - Committed to the Committee of the Whole House and ordered to be printed.
Mr. Richardson, of Alabama, from the Committee on Pensions submitted the following Report.
Report (To accompany H. R. 16828)
  The Committee on Pensins, to whome the bill (H.R. 16828) granting an increase of pension to Georgia Ann Hughes, have considered the same and respectfully report as follows:
    Georgia A. Hughs, of Irwinton, Ga., is the widow of Nathaniel C. Hughs, who was a private in Captain Burney's company, Georgia Volunteers from Jne 6, 1836 to July 21, 1836, in the Florida Indian war. The soldier died January 14, 1881, and this claimant, who was married him  December 27, 1842, is now receiving the pension of $8 per month allowed by law to the widows of said war.
  In an affidavit accompanying the bill claimant sets forth that she is now about 80 years old, with a daughter dependent upon her for support; that she owns a little home and a small tract of land, and that the income from all her property is not more that $125 per year.
  There are many precedents for the proposed legislation, and the passage of the bill is therefore recommended when amended as folllows:
   Change the claimant's name where it appears in the title and body of the bill to "Georgia A. Hughs."
   In line 6 change soldier's name to "Hughs."
   In line 7 strike out "Colonel Williamson's regiment."
  In line 8, after "Infantry," insert "Florida." 
submitted by R. Elizabeth Brewer
Nathaniel Shepherd 1836 Creek War  Capt. G.B. Burney's Co., 2 Reg't Williamson's (link)
Nelson Stuckey:
Nelson enlisted as a private with Captain Burney's Ga Volunteers on June 6, 1836
and served for forty-six days. He was honorably discharged on July 21, 1836.
Additional Comments:
Nelson had to petition the Commissioner of Pension under the Act of July 27,
1892, for compensation for his service during the Indian War of 1836.  On the
top sheet of the petition, he states that his address was Cool Springs,
Wilkinson County, Georgia.  In a letter dated August 8, 1892, "F. Carswell,
Ordinary in and for said County Nelson Stuckey aged seventy four years a
resident of said County.  Was being duly sworn according to law declares that he
is the identical Nelson stuckey who was a private in Capt. Green B. Burney's
Company Regiment Georgia Vol., whereas commanded by Col. Williamson in the war
with the Seminole or Creek Indians in the year 1836 that he volunteered in
Irwinton Wilkinson County on or about the first of June 1836 and was mustered
into service at Columbus Georgia and continued in service in said war until
peace was declared and was honorably discharged."  Nelson Stuckey received a
pension of $8 per month.  He was dropped from the pension roll on January 6,
1905 because of his death. (Ga. Archives)  submitted by R. Elizabeth Brewer
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    Nov 20, 1817- Oct 31, 1818 battles in Florida and Georgia
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        Fort Scott, Ga.
 Nov 1,1835- Aug 14,1842  Florida, Georgia, and Alabama
    Dec 20, 1855, to May 8, 1858.
Henry Davis, soldier of the Seminole war was disabled and replaced by his son Oren Davis (died 1863)per Davidson's History of Wilkinson County.
1832 Veterans
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