Cook Family Cemetery (link)
Grave Photographs

These Two Photos by Eileen B McAdams 2008

These are not all the tombstones there. Click on photo for larger view.
Below contributed by Steve Connor

Dolly P. Cook
b. 30 AUG 1862  d. 20 FEB 1940
William Jackson Cook 
d. 1903 (son of William Marion Cook)
This is not a gravestone but a memorial erected in the Cook Family Cemetery in 1996.  The family has not discovered the graves of Amos and Polly.  Amos was the brother of William Marion Cook who is buried in the Cook Family Cemetery.
Elberta Cook Payne
b. 22 MAR 1903  d. 15 APR 1997

Nancy Vann Cook
b. 1821  d. 19 JUL 1896
(wife of William Marion Cook)

William Marion Cook
b. 1809 d. 15 APR 1875
(husband of Nancy Vann)

Beaddie Register Cook
(wife of Dock Barrilou Cook)

Doctor B. Cook
b. 4 JUL 1861  d. 3 JUN 1935
(son of William Marion Cook.  Doctor is not a title but his first name.  His middle name is shown as Barrlou here - other places it appears as Barkaloo)

"Infant Child of A.R. & Fanny Cook
Born and Died Oct 12 1881    With Jesus"

Winnie Mae Davidson Cook
b. 12NOV1877  d. 8JAN1943
(wife of Dock B. Cook)

W. Hampton Cook
b. 10 JUN 1854 d. 5 JAN 1942
(son of William Marion Cook)

Fannie W.   (Frances W. Smith)
b. 31MAY1849 d. 5MAY1926

Arthur B. Cook
b. 1859  d. 1895
(son of William Marion Cook)

Marion Gilbert Cook
d. 1901

Benjamin Cook
b. 24 OCT 1851 d. 15 MAR 1895
(son of William Marion Cook)

Joel A. Cook
b. 27 JUN 1856  d. 28 JAN 1938
(son of William Marion Cook, husband of Dolly Patrick)

Sacred to the memory of Fannie Cook
born in 1853 died Oct 13 1881
She is at the beautiful gate watching and waiting for us"
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