Towns and Communities
Of Twiggs County, Ga.
Adams Park aka Paces Station
Railroad stop, 4 miles S of Bullards. On MB RR. In mid and late 1880's it was a popular place for picnics and excursions for folks from Macon on the train. Burns Mill pond was used for boating. Dove hunting and deer hunting  were yearly events here.  Adams Park in 1888 belonged to W.B. Tarver of Twiggs county/Macon, Governor Gordon and Senator Colquitt. The Phillips Melon company started their operation here 1888.
  The "new city of Adams Park"  was laid out in 1891 by Benjamin W. Hitchcock, of New York and Col. Thomas P. Stovall. Hitchcock was the founder of Hitchcock's Georgia colony here. "He has acquired control, with Mr. Stovall, of 27,000 acres of land in central Georgia, fifteen miles from Macon and 150 miles from the Atlantic coast, upon which they propse to found the city of "Grand Center" with all the accessories of the latest modern improvements. 
  Four boulevards running to the prinicipal points of the compass will be laid out, opened and graded, and a fine chuch built for each denomination which will agree to accept and "operate" it. Three-fourths of the tract has already been in cultivation. It fronts on the Ocmulgee river, with deep water for sea-going vessels, and is tranversed by the Macon and Brunswick branch of the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia railway." Atlanta Constitution, Oct. 31, 1890
    " He invested about $100,000 in the project and ran special excursion trains from Macon and Atlanta and had great auction sales of building lots. His idea was to establish a large city principally of agriculturists. He built a hotel, dwelling houses, stores, etc. Colonel Thomas P. Stovall, of Atlanta, was general manager. Large sums were spent in advertising and quiet a number of immigrants from England and New England settled at Adams Park. "  Atlanta Constitution Aug. 5, 1893. 
Postmaster here in 1893 was A. Hoegen.  Population in 1910 - 12.  1899 Map

Allentown  1899 Map
Village in the Hammock District (1322) north of Dry Branch.  Postmaster here in 1900 was Major R. C. Thompson. School has 54 pupils. Some residents were Shade Crosby, M. E. Kitchens, Rev. G. B Ward.
1910 Map
Big Oak
Post office here 1895 - 1904. 1910 Map
Big Sandy
J. S. Crosby was postmaster here in 1883. Levina P. Epps was postmistress here in 1889. Mary J. Crawford was postmistress in 1891.1883 Map
Bonds Mill
South of Dry Branch. Post office in 1881. John T. Bond was the postmaster and  owned a steam operated grist mill here in 1880's. 1883 Map
Bullard, Bullards
Name first given to railroad station about mile from Ocmulgee River. Named after Daniel Bullard Family. Present settlement is 1½  east of the station. Post office here 1859 to 1923. T. S. Marcey was postmaster here in 1883. John L. Harrell was postmaster here in 1889,  J. T. Harrell was postmaster here in 1891; R. Ramey was postmaster here in 1893.  Population here in 1910 - 30.  On MB RR  1899 Map
Bullard Landing
on Ocmulgee River 
Joseph. K. Burns was postmaster here in 1889, 1891 and 1893. . 1899 Map
Buzzard Roost
F. P. McClendon was postmaster here in 1883. 1883 Map
Chappell Hill
Postoffice established here in 1837, Thomas Chappell Esq. appointed Post Master 
Danville aka Hughes 
North of Allentown. I. N. Maxwell was postmaster here in 1893.  Incorporated 1905. Population here in 1910 - 299. On MDS RR  1899 Map
February 22, 1840
Augusta Chronicle
    Also, that valuable and fertile body of Land, atDurham's Bluff, in Twiggs county, immediately on the Ocmulgee river, about fourteen miles below Macon, being  composed of the following lots in the 28th district, viz: Nos 203, 204, 226, 229, 230, 205, 224, 225, 227, 128, 160, 127, 206, and half acre lot in the town of Delphus, to serve as a landing from the above.
    Also, that other valuable Plantation in the same county , adjoining the above, in the 26th district, containing 607½ acres, and composing of lots 207, 208, and 210. The above plantations are partly cleared and under fence, and, the woodland well timbered. They will be sold entire, or in subdivisions to suit purchasers. Apply to the subscribers in Augusta, or to Col. William Wiggins, Marion, Ossian Gregory, Macon, or William S. Books, on the premises. Peter Bennoch, John P. King, Assignees.
Post office established here July 10, 1890. T.J. Robertson was postmaster here in 1891 and 1893. 1899 Map
District Path
Dry Branch
Community settled in 1808, post office established 1879. George W. Thorpe was postmaster here in 1891.  On MDS RR 1899 Map
Elmwood aka Fitzpatrick. 
Elmwood Post office 1881. 1883 Map
Post village, William C. Faulk was postmaster here in 1887.
Fitzpatrick aka Elmwood
Named for family of Benjamin S. Fitzpatrick. On MDS RR. Elmwood Post office 1881. 1883 Map R.S. Fitzpatrick was postmaster here in 1891.    1899 Map
On MDS RR  1899 Map
Post village between Macon and Marion established in 1830. Post master James M. Granberry. Changed name to Lonicera in 1836
Huber aka Philip, Phillips  Station
On MB RR 1955 Map
Post village, established in 1833, first postmaster A. B. Higgs, was located a few miles below Marion on the Savannah road. Nathan Berry was postmster here in 1842.
aka Rains, Raines Store
Post office known as Raines Store was established in 1828. Josiah Murphy lived near here in 1846. Changed to Jeffersonville in 1849 to honor the Jefferson family.  In 1854 had two churches, high school and 150 inhabitants. Ellis Long, postmaster, 1859. Became county seat in 1868. M. E. Solomon postmaster here in 1883. A. F. Martin was postmaster in 1887.  Sallie D. Pettis was postmistress here in 1891 and 1893.  Incorporated 1905. Population in 1910 - 740. On MDS RR 
Lonicera is Latin for honeysuckle. Old community on road to Macon.  Post office established here in 1836, was formerly called Granberry. John Eanes postmaster in 1836.  See   1839 map
Myricks Mill aka Big Sandy
Former community visited by Marquis de Lafayette in 1825. General Stith Parham Myrick  owned 3,700 acres here in 1863 and lost it to foreclosure in 1873.  Post office here 1881 Link to photo of Mill
Pace's Station
Railroad stop. Post office here in 1870. 
Pikes Peak 
Highpoint on the  MDS RR about 9 miles northest of Jeffersonville. 1899 Map
Pine Ridge
Post office here 1881. Mrs. L. M. Burkett was postmistress here in 1884.  1885 Map
Raines' Store/Rainesville
Post office known as Raines Store was established here in 1828. Changed to Jeffersonville in 1849 to honor the Jefferson family. 1839 Map
Reeds/Reids Station  1899 Map
Ripley aka Ripling
Former community was 6 miles north of Jeffersonville. Orginally named Ripling in June 1892 by John Walker Jones. Changed to Ripley in August 1892, post office here until 1921. J. W. Jones postmaster here in 1893.  Population was 25 in 1910.   On MDS RR  1899 Map
Shady Grove
 E. J. Collins store mentioned in 1876 news item. In District 355 northern section of county.
 post office established in 1888.  Shedrick. E. Jones was the postmaster here in 1889, 1891; John E. McDonald postmaster  1893.  1899 Map
Tarversville, aka Tarver(s), Tarvers Store
Located in SW corner of Twiggs, 3 miles east of Ocmulgee, 2 miles sw of Marion. Named for Hartwell H. Tarver, postmaster. First post office called Tarver's Store in 1826;  . Called Tarversville in 1831. In ___ it contained an academy, a few houses and stores and post office. John H. Regan postmaster here in 1862. 1883 Map
North of Tarversville, post office here in 1859, James T. Evans postmaster in 1866. J. S. Evans postmaster in 1883.  J.S. Vaughn was postmaster here in 1887. H. S. Newby postmaster here in 1889. Robert R. Newby was postmaster here in 1891.   1883 Map
Westlake aka Buzzard Roost
Ferry across Ocmulgee River near here On MB RR. Post office here 1881. J. F. Carter was postmaster  in 1887. R. R. Slappey was postmaster here in 1891. 1883 Map
Post Office est. 1893 1899 Map

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