Revolutionary War
Revolutionary War Veterans who lived in Twiggs County, Georgia
Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books:
Robert Belcher; Jacob Dennard; Arthur Fort; Henry Hoppey; John Lawson; Evans Long; Robert Raines,
Robert Rutherford; John Shine; Vincent Tharpe
Military Burials in Twiggs County
Alexander Angelly, lottery 1827
Stancil Barber, lottery 1820,
John Barker, lottery 1827.
Robert Belcher, died in Twiggs County
William Bird, lottery 1820 
Dempsey Brown, lottery 1827
Blake Bryan, burial Ezekial Wimberly Cemetery
Edward Bryan, burial Bryan Cemetery
Frederick Buchelew, 1820 Lottery
Daniel Bullock, lottery 1820
Samuel Carter, lottery 1820
Grisham Cofield, early lottery 1820
Joseph Collins, lottery 1827.
John Crafford, lottery 1820
John Crawford, lottery 1820
Joseph Crittendon, lottery 1827
Andrew Cunningham, lottery 1827
Nicholas Darby, lottery 1820
Richard Darby, lottery 1820
Jacob Dennard, buried Cemetery north of Jeffersonville 
William Duffel, visited Gen. Lafayette in Milledgeville
Benjamin Dunn, Sr. , lottery 1820
Benjamin Durden, lottery 1820
James Easterling, Sr., lottery 1820
John Elleby, granted land in Irwin Co. 1829
Samuel Evans, Stone Creek Church member
Asa Faulkner, lottery 1820
Booth Fitzpatrick, burial, Fitzpatrick cemetery
Arthur Fort died Twiggs County, 1833, age 85
Joseph Fowler, Sr., lottery 1820 
Thomas Fulton, lottery 1827
Isaac Gilder, lottery 1820, buried Prospect Methodist Church
Robert Gilder, lottery 1820
Goodwin, Lewis,  lottery 1832
Major James Gordon, in Braddock's defeat. died at 91
Peter Griffin, lottery 1820
John Guerry, Sr. lottery 1820 
_____Harvey, Sarah - widow, lottery 1832
Thomas Harcher, lottery 1827
John Hawthorne, lottery 1820
John Henderson, lottery 1820, died before 1833 
Caleb Hinson, burial Barnes-Hinson Cemetery
Isaac Hollinsworth, lottery 1820
William Holliday,  1832 lottery,
George Holman, lottery 1827
Henry Hoppey, died Twiggs County 1820
David Jamison, Sr., lottery 1820
Jacob Johnson, lottery 1820
John Jones, burial Jones-Denson Cemetery
Thomas Jones, lottery 1827, Stone Creek Church member
Keith John, 1840 census

Benjamin Joyner, a revolutionary soldier, was wounded at the battle of Kettle Creek in Georgia. He was married to Elizabeth Norton, daughter of Jonathan Norton and his wife, Mary Chopin of Georgia.Mary Alice Leskin
Henry Kent, lottery 1827
John Kent, lottery 1832
Col. John Lawson died in Twiggs County, April 1816. Obituary
___Lavar, Mary widow (will)
Ephraim Liles/Lisle, Private- South Carolina,  lottery 1832, 1840 census, died April 4, 1854 aged 104, wife Margaret Young according to pension records
John Linton, Sr., 1820 and 1827 lottery
Evans Long, died in 1819, burial Ezekial Wimberly Cemetery
Aquila Low(e),   lottery 1820
William Mahon, lottery 1820
John B. Matthews, lottery 1827
Samuel Pate, Sr. , lottery 1820
Edward Penny, lottery 1820
Harmon Perryman, lottery 1827
William Peters, lottery 1827
____Phillips,  Mary, widow, lottery 1832
Charles Railey/Raley,  visited Gen. Lafayette in Milledgeville; lottery 1827,
Robert Raines, died in 1816 Twiggs County
Benjamin Ray, lottery 1827. Burial Ray Family Cemetery
Rehum Redding, lottery 1820
James Rogers, lottery 1820
Robert Rutherford, died in Twiggs County 1814
Henry Sapp, lottery 1820, died oct 29, 1829, aged 83, and on the same day Remilson Sapp his wife at 93.
John Shine - born N. C. 1759, under Gen. Caswell, at battle near Camden S.C. in 1780, visited Gen. Lafayette in Milledgeville; died in 1832. Buried Family Cemetery
Jacob Simpson, lottery 1820
John Simpson Sr., lottery 1820
Henry Slappey, died in Twiggs County 1820
Slatter, _______, lottery 1832, Elvilah,  widow
William Smith, lottery 1827
Lazarus Solomon, lottery 1827, died in 1833, burial Soloman Family Cemetery, 2 miles west of Fitzpatrick, Ga. 
Richard Stephens, Sr.  lottery 1820 and 1827
Robert Stanford, lottery 1820 
John Stiles, lottery 1820, Cemetery on Land Lot 35, district 27
Thomas Taylor, Sr. 1840 census
John A. Tharp(e) Sr.  lottery 1820,
Rev. Vincent Tharp(e), detailed by Gen. Francis Marion to "rifle guns" for his army. Buried Stone Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Thomas Thombey, lottery 1820
Needham Tyler,  lottery 1820
Henry Wall, lottery 1827
Julius Wells, lottery 1820
William Wheeler, lottery 1820
Allen Wicker(s), lottery 1820
David Williams,  lottery 1820;  Ditha, widow,  lottery 1832
John Williby, lottery 1820
John Wimberly, burial in Ezekiel Wimberly Family Cemetery


On-Line:Georgia. Dept. of Archives and History, Knight, Lucian Lamar, 1868-1933

 Georgia's Roster of the Revolution / compiled by Lucian Lamar Knight, State historian and director of the Dept. of Archives and History

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          Index to Compiled Service Records of Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Served in the American Army in
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