Twiggs County Georgia Passport Applications

William T. Anderson  of Macon, Ga.
Newspaper publisher traveling to Bahoura Islands for pleasure.
Born Aug 1871 Haynesville, Ga. Father C. G. Anderson born in Twiggs Co., living in Macon, Ga.
Issued Feb 15, 1918

Homer Edward Asbell of Cochran, Ga. Clerical Work traveling to Tampico, Mexico to work with oil company.
Born Feb 17, 1901 Empire, Ga. Father Francis B. Asbell born Twiggs County, lives Cochran, Ga. Issued Jun 25, 1920

Henry Eastman Bennett of Williamsburg, Va. College professor traveling to France and England for YMCA
Born Feb 6, 1873 Buffalo, N.Y.
Father William M. Bennett born Kingston, Canada, living Dry Branch, Ga.
Issued Dec 27, 1917 and May 3, 1919

Harriet Wimberly Campbell of Altamaha, Ga. Traveling to France and England on commercial business.
Born Dec 17, 1870 Inglehurst, Twiggs Co. Father Richard Orme Campbell born in Ga.
Issued May 12, 1919

James Willis Childers of Wilmington, Ca. Miner traveling to Cuba for mining interests.
Born Jul 1,  1843 in Jeffersonville, Ga. Father George Washingon Childers born in Ga.
Issued 1918 and Aug 25, 1920

John H Churchwell of Cordele, Ga. Merchant traveling to Cuba as tourist.
Born Sep 28, 1874 Pulaski Co., Ga. Father John Churchwell born in Twiggs Co.
Issued Jan 12, 1920

William M Davis of New York, N. Y. Dealer in farm produce traveling to Cuba to buy vegetables and citrus fruits
for New York market.
Born May 20, 1868 in Houston Co., Ga. Father James M. Davis born Twiggs Co.
Issued Oct 22, 1917

Olive Deloache of Newark, N. J.
Housekeeper traveling to Germany as a companion
Born Aug 24, 1883 in Jeffersonville, Ga. Father Peter Deloache born in Beaufort, S. C.
Issued Aug 6, 1924

Dr. E. J. Denson of Allentown, Ga. Physician traveling to Cuba.
Born Sep 21, 1843 in Marion, Twiggs Co. Father John H. Denson born Marion, Twiggs Co.
Issued Mar 9, 1920

John H. Denson of Dry Branch, Ga. Farmer traveling to Cuba for pleasure.
Born Nov 20, 1887 in Allentown, Ga. Father Dr E. J. Denson born Marion, Twiggs Co.
Issued Mar 9, 1920

Martha Eglin of Fairfax, Va.
Traveling to England, France, Switzerland and necessary countries to accompany husband on official business. Husband Mitiary Attache, U. S. Army
Born 1891 in Jeffersonville, Ga. Husband Major Hill W.  T. Eglin.
Issued Oct 27, 1921

James B Glover of Savannah, Ga
Cotton merchant traveling to England, France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Spain for commecial business.
Born Sep 1, 1885 in Richland, Twiggs Co. Father George Z. Glover born in Twiggs Co.
Issued Apr 10, 1920

John W Greer of Moultrie, Ga
Engineering and promtion travel to France and Great Britain for Y.M.C.A.
Born Jun 15, 1868 in Dawson, Ga. Father Newton C.  Greer born in Twiggs Co.
Issued Nov 20, 1918

William E. Hatch of New Bedford, MA. School Superintendant
Born Jun 8, 1852 in Jeffersonville, Ga.
Issued May 15, 1901.

Dollye Henry of Spokane, Wa.
Buyer and Dept. Manager traveling to France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Scotland, and Ireland buying merchandise.
Born Aug 1884 in Twiggs Co. Husband C. E. Henry born in Macon, Ga. Divorced Feb 23, 1923.
Issued Mar 23, 1923

Vance King of Atlanta, Ga
Auditor traveling to Cuba for recreation.
Born Apr 7, 1892 in Jeffersonville, Ga. Father Wesley King born in Jeffersonville, Ga.
Issued Apr 6, 1921

Peter Wright Martin of Dry Branch, Ga. Miner traveling to France, Italy, British Isles, Switzerland and Gilbratar.
Born May 14, 1857 Lochmaben, Scotland. Father Rev. Andrew Martin born in Scotland
Issued Feb 13, 1922
1924, living in Macon, retired, traveling to Itlay, France, Switzerland, Scotland and British Isles for pleasure.
Issued May 1, 1924

Idus Lafayette McNair  of Macon, Ga. Cotton buyer traveling to England and France for Y. M. C. A. work.
Born Jan 26, 1874 in Wilkinson Co., Ga. Father Mickiel McNair born in Jeffersonville, lived in Va. died Sept. 1913
Issued Jul 29, 1918; Jul 8, 1919; Sep 12, 1919

Louis L. Newsom of Lagloria, Cuba, Camaguay. Fruit grower traveling to Cuba.
Born Sep 18, 1860 in Campbellton, Fla. Father Dr. Louis L. Newsom born in Twiggs Co.
Issued Oct 31, 1917

Allen C. Watts of Macon, Ga.
Minister, traveling in China
Born Oct 3, 1878 in Jeffersonville, Ga.
Issued  Sep 15, 1911

Minter Wimberly of Macon, Ga.
Attorney and planter traveling to France and Great Britain for importation and exportation of live stock and agricultural
products and seed
Born Jan 5, 1861 in Tarversville, Ga. Father Frederick Davis Wimberly born in Houston Co. Ga.., died in 1893
Issued Apr 15, 1919

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