Twiggs County Georgia Newspapers

Enterprise, started 1893, publishers Barclay and Hunter, published Friday (1900)
Press, started 1875, publisher F. S. Barclay, published Thursday (1900)
*Jeffersonville Middle Georgian Jun. 25, 1925-Jul. 29, 1927
*New Era Mar. 15, 1929-Dec. 6, 1929 (scattered issues)
*Twiggs County Citizen Feb. 15, 1906-Jan. 1, 1925
*Twiggs County Local May 18, 1928
*Twiggs County New Era Jan. 24, 1930-present
*Twiggs Herald, started 1898, Wimberly and Dennard publishers, Mar. 15, 1901-Nov. 17, 1905 (1900)
1901 J J Wimberly, editor; F E & J J Wimberly, publishers
1902 J J Wimberly, editor and publisher
1903 J J Wimberly, editor and publisher
1904 Samuel Lowrie, editor, Herald Publishing Company
1905-1906 J Hunter Johnson, editor, Herald Publishing Company
1907-1909  J B Guerry, editor; W E Kelley, publisher
1910 W E Kelley, editor and publisher

*microfilm holdings of the Georgia Newspaper Project., University of Georgia
Source: Library of Congress, Ayer and Sons American Newspaper Annual 1900-1911

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