Georgia State Gazetteer, Business and Planterís Directory, Vol. II, 1881-82
A.E. Scholes & Co., Publishers, Offices: Augusta, Macon, Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus
Copied in 1976 by Joe Baggett from the originals at the Carnegie Library, Atlanta, Ga.
The original as printed contains some typographical errors and misspellings. In some cases the population figures differ slightly from 1880 population statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau.

County Directory, Giving Population, List of County Officers, and every Post Office in Each County
Note: c.h. indicates courthouse or county seat.
Abbreviations for words used in the original text: w=white, c=colored

Population: w 2,844, c 6,074
C.A. Solomon, ordinary
John R. Nelson, clerk
Wm. H. Stokes, sheriff
Thomas H. Jones, tax receiver
Chas. G. Johnson, tax collector
Geo. R. Gallemore, surveyor
Alex. Thompson, coroner
Post offices: Big Sandy, Bondís Mill, Bullardís, Buzzard Roost, Elmwood, Jeffersonville (c.h.), Pine Ridge, Twiggsville

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