Donations for the Civil War from Twiggs County, Ga.

List of Provisions Donated for Sick Soldiers in Hospitals in Macon

October 1, 1863, Macon Weekly Telegraph
H L Bunn, Twiggs county - 12 bushels of potatoes
Mrs S L Richardson, Twiggs county - 6 chickens, 1 sack of flour, 1 sack of potatoes
Mrs Henry Bunn, Twiggs county - 1 sack of flour, 2 hams
Henry Carter, Twiggs county - 1 bag of flour, 1 side of bacon, one lot of pickled beef, 1 sack of potatoes
J H Denson, Twiggs county - 1 kid, 1 sack of flour, 1 lot of potatoes, rice and okra
Henry Durden, Twiggs county - 1 sack potatoes
J D Tharpe and B T Ray, Twiggs county, Potatoes, hams, peas, meal, butter, buttermilk, chickens, ducks, etc
James Champion, Twiggs county - 1 kid dressed
Rec C A Tharpe, Twiggs county - 1 sack of meal, 1 sack of peas, 1 sack of potatoes
Mrs H M Tarver, Twiggs county - 1 sack of potatoes, 1 sack of meal and grits, 1 sack of flour
Mrs Susan L Varnum, Twiggs county, 3 loaves of light bread, 1 jar of lard, 30 eggs

Contributions of the Ladies of Twiggs County to The Battlefield Association
(for soldiers fighting around Atlanta)

July 12, 1864, Macon Weekly Telegraph
Twiggs County, July 7th, 1864
The Soldiers' Relief Society at Stone Creek Church. co-operating with the Battle Field Relief Society Association, send the following contributions for the sick and wounded soldiers of General Johnson's armu:
11 shirts, 7 pair socks
Mrs. L. Hardin, 1 peck of Irish potatoes, lot of vegetables, 1 bottle of wine, 2 doz. eggs, 2 pounds of butter.
Mrs. E. Hinson, 1½ dozen eggs, lot of vegetables.
Mrs. Jefferson Tharp, 1 peck of Irish potatoes, lot of beans.
Mrs. Dr. Nash, 1 ham, peck of Irish potatoes, lot of beans.
Mrs. John O. Epps, 1 ham, 1 jar of pickles, 1 jar buttler, lot of red pepper, 2 doz. eggs.
Mrs. John Nelson, 1 bottle vinegar, 1 peck of Irsih potatoes, 2 dozen eggs, 2  fans, 1 sack of flour.
Mrs. Carrie Pearson, 1 ham, 5 lbs butter, lot of vegetables and sage.
Mrs. Joseph Tharp, 1½ doz eggs, lot of beans, bandages and lint.
Miss Ann Brown, 1 fly brush, 2 fans
Miss Sallie Hardin, 1 fly brush, 2 fans.
Miss Fannie Tharp, half bushel beans, 2 dozen eggs, 2 lbs butter, jar pickles, lot of cabbage, bandages.
Mr. J. A. Tharp, one lot of beans, cucumbers, squahes, peas, pepper and sage.
Mrs. Mary Hardin, Pres.
Fannie Tharpe, Sec'y.
The above articles have been received and sent to B.F.C., Atlanta. Also had received a lot of vegetables, lard and butter.
S. Collins, Pres. M.B. F. B.
Source: Macon Weekly Telegraph, July 12, 1864

July 18, 1864, The Macon Daily Telegraph
Ladies in the neighborhood of Buzzard Roost, Twiggs county - 1 large box containing hams, flour, wines and vegetables

July 25, 1864, The Macon Daily Telegraph
Mrs H Hughes..2 hams, 2½ dozen eggs
Mrs S Methvin..1 bunch onions, sage, butter and pepper
Mrs W T Horn..tea cakes, dried fruit and vegetables
Mrs P Wimberly..1 bunch rags
Miss M E Wimberly..1 shoulder, 1 lot vegetables
___ ____..meal and grits
Mrs Mat Paul..1 lot vegetables and grits
Mrs Thos. Glover..1 ham, 1 basket tomatoes
Mrs H T Smith..7 lbs butter, ½ barrel grits
Mrs W T Solomon..1 bag sage, 1 jar butter, 1 bottle honey
Mrs J Paulk..1 shoulder, 1 lot vegetables
Wm Faulk..9 lbs butter, 1 barrel peas, etc

August 15, 1864, The Macon Daily Telegraph
Mrs M turkey, bushel bolted meal, cucumbers.
Mrs John Chapman..Irish potatoes, peas and half bushel hominy.
Mrs D G gallon syrup, two bottles vinegar and vegetables
Mrs J R ham, 11 lbs lard, 6 lbs butter, squashes, beans, beets, and peas
Mrs Meady bushel apples, cucumbers, 12 lbs lard
Mrs H M Tarver.. half peck Irish potatoes, one sack flour, sack grits, 1 ham, lot of onions and tomatoes
Mrs F D peck Irish potatoes
Mrs W M bucket lard, lot vegetables
Mrs E J Collins.. one box roasting ears, bottle wine and five chickens
Mrs R R Slappey..4 lbs butter, tomatoes, okra, onions, ginger bread, biscuit

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