Twiggs County, Georgia Cemeteries

Ezekial Wimberley Cemetery
 photo courtesty of Bruce Hutchins

Old Richland Baptist Church Cemetery
photo courtesty of Joy McCook

West - Martin Cemetery
photo courtesty of Hugh T. Harrington
Left- Ezekial Wimberly Cemetery.  Center - Amanda M. Beckom Richardson at Richland Baptist Church Cemetery. Right- West/Martin Cemetery

Military Burials in Twiggs County
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Aires-Meadows Cemetery Near intersection of W, Clyde Moore & Cary Rd. Rd., Southwest of Danville 
GPS 32° 32' 59"N, 83° 19' 56"W Map
Antioch Cemetery  Listings (link) Hwy. 18, next to Antioch Baptist Ch, GPS 32° 47' 43"N, 83° 28' 00"W Map
Andrews Cemetery 6019 Marion Road. Map
Ard Family     Listings (link) -
Arrington   Listings (link) Old Marion Rd, near White Springs Baptist Church, African American
Asbell-Lamb-Sanders  Listings (link) Patricia Rd, off Hwy 96
Baker, Charles Cemetery  Baker Rd, 14.7 miles from Jeffersonville, off Griswoldville Rd. NW near Jones Co. line,  GPS 32° 52' 18"N, 83° 26' 57"W 
Barnes-Hinson    Listings (link) Caleb Hinson, Rev. Soldier buried here
Beckham Grave South of Bullard 
GPS 32° 37' 33"N, 83° 29' 17"W 
Beckham Cemetery aka Beckham-Fort Listings (link)
(Brooks markers)
Marion, southwest of Jeffersonville
GPS 32° 37' 13"N, 83° 29' 05"W 
Beech Spring Methodist Cemetery  Listings (link) Bullard Road. GPS 32° 38' 18"N, 83° 28' 45"W  Map
Bethlehem Church Cemetery Southwest of Jeffersonville 
GPS 32° 38' 09"N, 83° 30' 54"W
Birdsong Cemetery    Listings (link) across street from New Haven Baptist Church Cemetery 
Bond Cemetery   Listings (link) 11.8 miles from Jeffersonville on old Marion Rd. near Bibb Co.line
GPS 32° 44' 18"N, 83° 31' 25"W 
Samuel Bragg Family Listings (link) Maddux/Old Macon Rd. off Hwy 57 E.  GPS 32° 51' 48"N, 83° 23' 21"W 
Brown Hill Church Black, near Danville. Some burials 1919: Infant son of Mary Anderson & Jack Clay  Hazel May Clay, child of Clara Atmore & Bee Clay; Frances Hall.  1920: Albert Lee Allen; Lizzie Gainey. 1921: John Ruskin Clay. 1922: Infant son of Alberta Anderson; Tom Anderson; Lucy Coombs. 1923: Hattie Lee Gainey, daughter of Hubert & Julian Anderson Gainey. 1924: Walter Anderson, son of Alberta Anderson. 
Bryan Cemetery  Listings (link) Western Twiggs
Burkett Cemetery   Listings (link) 11.7 miles Northwest of Jeffersonville, Hwy. 80. 
GPS 32° 46' 38"N, 83° 29' 53"W 
Burns Cemetery 10.2 miles from Jeffersonville, on King Road, off Lizzie Harold Church Rd. 
GPS 32° 32' 30"N, 83° 23' 08"W
Cannon      Listings (link) off Hammock Rd.
Chance Hill Church Cemetery GPS32° 42' 18"N, 83° 32' 32"W 
Concord Church Cem.  Listings (link) SE of Jeffersonville, near Wilkinson Co. line  GPS 32° 39' 25"N, 83° 16' 45"W
Cool Spring Primitive Baptist Church Cem. Listings (link) Cool Springs Rd.  GPS 32° 34' 20"N, 83° 17' 35"W
Coombs Cemetery   Listings (link) " land district 24, Aerial View #37, in Land block #70. The cemetery is located near the intersection of Highway 96 and Highway 358. At the first dirt road west of the intersection, called Dirstrict Road, turn north and look for Richland Creek. When you cross Richland Creek look for the the first logging road on the left(West). There is a steel locked gate. The cemetery is about one quarter of a mile up the logging road at the crest of a hill." Billey Miller 
Corn Cob Cemetery -
Crocker Cemetery  Listings (link) The cemetery is on the west side of Marion Ripley Road.  The GPS coordinates for the cemetery are:  N 32.671794 and E -83.440556. Submitted by Jay French 
Crosby -Pettis  Cemetery  Listings (link) -
Danville City #1 Listings -
Dye Cemetery   Listings (link) Cochran Short Route, 3 miles N of Bullard
ElSharath  Missionary  Baptist  (Listings (link) -
English Cemetery  Tarversville, west of Danville 
GPS 32° 36' 10"N, 83° 26' 17"W 
Epps - Champion 11.7 miles from Jeffersonville, Northeast corner, near New Haven Church
GPS 32° 50' 21"N, 83° 24' 29"W 
J. T. Ethridge  Listing (link) Hill and Dale, west of Jeffersonville
Faulk Cemetery  Listings (link) 8.3 miles Southwest of Jeffersonville, Old Marion Rd. 
GPS 32° 40' 18"N, 83° 26' 28"W 
Faulk aka Denson Level Listings (link) Old Richland Baptist Church Rd.  GPS 32° 36' 05"N, 83° 26' 22"W
Finch Cemetery  Listings (link) Northwest of Jeffersonville, near Fitzpatrick on Cresent Rd.
GPS 32° 43' 43"N, 83° 27' 23"W
First Congregational Holiness Church Cemetery Listings (link) off Ga. Kaolin Rd. 
GPS 32° 48' 23"N, 83° 26' 53"W 
Fowler Cemetery West of Danville, Homer Chance Hwy. (358)
GPS 32° 36' 15"N, 83° 17' 26"W 
Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery Listings (link)  GPS 32° 40' 43"N, 83° 30' 41"W 
Gallmore - Chapman Cemetery  Southeast of Jeffersonville, near Wilkinson County line. Gallmore Mill Rd.
GPS 32° 39' 26"N, 83° 16' 45"W 
Glover Cemetery West of Jeffersonville. 
GPS 32° 42' 03"N, 83° 28' 29"W
Gospel Mission Baptist Church Cemetery Listings (link) off Ridge Road between Highway 57 and Old Gordon Road 
GPS 32° 50' 06"N, 83° 28' 48"W 
Greater New Hope Church Cemetery  Southwest of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 36' 41"N, 83° 29' 03"W 
Griffin Give Church Cemetery Northwest of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 48' 03"N, 83° 25' 13"W
Griffin's Chapel Baker Road
Hale Cemetery  10.3 miles Northwest of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 42' 34"N, 83° 30' 27"W 
Hammock Cemetery Listings (link) off Hammock Rd.
Hardy-Durham Cemetery South of Jeffersonville. GPS  32° 38' 36"N, 83° 21' 58"W 
Harriett Chapel Black. John Carden buried here 1920
Hart Cemetery Black
Harrison Cemetery  Listings (link) Located on Hammock Road, past New Haven Baptist Church Road
Herring Cemetery Listings (link) Off Riggins Mill Road near the Bibb/Twiggs County line
Higginsville Church Hwy 80.  GPS 32° 46' 30"N, 83° 31' 39"W 
Hinson - Barnes Cem.  Listings (link) Off Gaskin Road
Huffman Family Cemetery -
Hayden Hughes  Listings(link) About 5 miles northeast of Jeffersonville
Hughes Cemetery  Listings (link) About 1 mile south of Higgsville Church  on lands of the Estate of Ben Jones.
Jeffersonville Cemetery  Listings (link) Jeffersonville
GPS 32° 41' 18"N, 83° 20' 26"W
Jones - Denson Cemetery  Listings (link) Road off Hwy 80 at Ripley, Northwest of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 43' 08"N, 83° 25' 22"W 
King Cemetery aka Balls CME Church Cemetery, Wilkinson County (link) Balls Church Road. GPS  32° 44' 54"N, 83° 18' 00"W 
J. J. Kitchens Cemetery   Listings (link) Rawlings Rd., off Ridge Rd. near Bibb & Jones Cos. GPS 32° 50' 25"N, 83° 28' 40"W 
William Henry Kitchens Listings (link) Corner of Kitchens Road/Big Oak Road. GPS 32° 50' 13"N, 83° 27' 48"W
Kitchens Cemetery 
aka Jessup-Kitchens  Listings (link)
south of Gospel Mission Baptist Church on Jessup Road. GPS 32° 50' 01"N, 83° 28' 58"W 
Land Cemetery   Listings (link) W of Jeffersonville, GPS 32° 42' 03"N, 83° 28' 18"W
Latson Cemetery  Listings (link) Dry Branch, Latson Road
Laurel Grove Cemetery
aka Log Grove Cemetery
Southwest of Jeffersonville on Adams Road. GPS 32° 40' 29"N, 83° 31' 27"W
Lee Family Listings (link) Lucy Chapel Rd.
Leslie Cemetery  Listings (link) Old Macon Rd. off Taylor Wood Rd. 
Leslie Cemetery  On Bullard/Jeffersonville Road, east from Bullard
Liberty Hill Cemetery  Listings  Fountain Rd., near Wilkinson County line. GPS 32° 47' 42"N, 83° 22' 23"W 
Linda Melton Late Cemetery  NW of Jeffersonville. 
GPS 32° 42' 40"N, 83° 29' 20"W 
Lizzie Harrell Church Cemetery  Southwest of Danville. GPS 32° 32' 16"N, 83° 22' 18"W
Lowe-Johnson Cemetery  Listings (link) Bullard/Jeffersonville Road
Lucy Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery
partial listings
Lucy Chapel Rd., west of Danville GPS 32° 35' 19"N, 83° 18' 34"W 
Marion Cemetery  Listings (link) Marion, Southwest of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 39' 40"N, 83° 26' 15"W 
Mary Chapel Methodist Buzzards Roost - Westlake Mary Hannah Slappy buried here
McLeod Cemetery  Listings (link) Hwy 57,  across the street from Battlefield Road
aka Chappel-McCallam   Listings (link)
Northeast of Jeffersonville, near Wilkinson County line Southwest of V. L. Riley Rd. GPS 32° 43' 06"N, 83° 18' 55"W 
Meadows Cemetery  Listings (link) -
Melton Cemetery  Listings (link) Corner of I-16 and Sgoda Road
Mercer Cemetery  Listings (link) Hopewell Church Rd,  off Myricks Mill Rd. GPS 32° 45' 30"N, 83° 22' 14"W 
Thomas Methvin Grave  Listing (link) Two miles SW of Jeffersonville in a pine forest on the left side of Ga Hw 96.
GPS 32° 39' 27"N, 83° 21' 47"W
Mount Gilgal Church Cemetery Liberty Hill Rd, GPS  32° 48' 30"N, 83° 28' 27"W
Mount Olive Church Cemetery GPS 32° 35' 02"N, 83° 23' 20"W 
Mount Zion Baptist   Listings (link) West of Danville 
GPS 32° 36' 03"N, 83° 18' 28"W 
Mount Zion Cemetery  Near Marion 
Myers Family Cemetery -
Nelson Cemetery  Listings (link) NW of Jeffersonville, near Bibb County line. Near the Dry Branch Kaolin mine office on what is now known as the Ware Place.
GPS 32.7823616,-83.4751768
New Haven Baptist Church CemeteryListings (link) NW of Jeffersonville,  road from New Haven Church 
GPS 32° 50' 18"N, 83° 24' 42"W 
New Hope Cemetery  West of Danville. GPS 32° 36' 09"N, 83° 26' 12"W 
New Hopewell Cemetery NW  Jeffersonville, near Wilkinson Co. line.  GPS 32° 46' 49"N, 83° 22' 27"W 
New Mount Zion Cemetery Highway 18 across from Shiloh Church
New Richland Baptist Church  Listings (link) Hwy. 96  GPS 32° 34' 07"N, 83° 24' 29"W
Nobles Cemetery  Listings (link) Across from Cool Springs Baptist Church. GPS 32° 34' 12"N, 83° 17' 28"W 
O'Daniel Cemetery  Listings (link) Bullard Rd. Halfway between Bullard & Old Marion. SW of Jeffersonville
GPS32° 38' 55"N, 83° 28' 18"W. Map
Old Marion Baptist Church Marion 
Olive Grove Baptist Church -
Pace Cemetery  Listings (link) Old Pace place, near Adams Park Rd.
Parker Cemetery Listings (link) Parker Rd.
Pearce Cemetery 1 W. of Jeffersonville, Friendship Church Rd.  Co. Rd. #74. GPS 32° 40' 36"N, 83° 30' 30"W
Pearce Cemetery 2 W of Jeffersonville, Friendship Church Rd. Co Rd.  #74. GPS  32° 40' 36"N, 83° 30' 30"W 
Theophilus  Pearce grave  Listing (link) Could be one of the above
Phillips (Henry H.)  Listings (link) Cochran Short Route
Phillips/Person/Chance Hill Regina Rd, near Chance Hill Church
Pikes Peak Cemetery Black, Ike Curtis buried here 1920
Prospect Church Cemetery Listings (link) South of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 37' 48"N, 83° 20' 03"W
Prospect Methodist Church Listings (link) -
Ray Cemetery Listings (link) Off  Old Marion Road
Read (W.H.) Listings (link) One mile east of Read Station at Southern Railroad
James Reynold (link)  Off Hwy 80, Allentown. GPS 32° 35' 24.6" N 83° 14' 04.7" W
(Old) Richland Baptist Church Cemetery Listings (link) Southwest of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 37' 51"N, 83° 24' 02"W 
Sanders Cemetery Southwest of Jeffersonville. GPS32° 35' 17"N, 83° 23' 48"W 
Shiloh Church Cemetery Western Twiggs County. GPS 32° 32' 54"N, 83° 29' 54"W 
Smith Cemetery  Near Houston Co. line. GPS  32° 35' 32"N, 83° 30' 32"W 
Solomon Cemetery 8.5 mi. from Jeffersonville on Hwy. 80,  1st road on left. Rev. Soldier Lazarus (Layurus) Solomon buried here 1865- 42-1833 per 30,638 Burials in Georgia
Spoliwa Bible Camp Cemetery -
J. T. Stevens Cemetery Black, Cresent Rd., Fitzpatrick
St. Mark's Church Black, Ada Ellis buried here 1920
Stone Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Listings (link) Riggins Mill Rd. GPS 32° 45' 42"N, 83° 29' 33"W 
Old Stone Creek Cem. Listings (link) About 2 miles from current Stone Creek Church. In Bibb County, formerly Twiggs County. GPS 32° 47' 42"N, 83° 30' 39"W
Sutton Cemetery Black, Hixie Hand buried here 1920
Swift Creek  Black, Prince Collins buried here 1920
Tharp (Vincent)  Cem 1 Listings (link) NW of Jeffersonville,  Riggins Mill Rd. GPS 32° 45' 49"N, 83° 29' 09"W 
Tharp (Jeremiah) Cem 1 Listings (link) NW of Jeffersonville, off Riggins Mill Rd. GPS 32° 46' 30"N, 83° 31' 39"W 
Tharp (Jeremiah) Cem 2 Listings (link) NW of Jeffersonville, off Riggins Mill Rd.
Thompson Cemetery Listings Maulk Thompson Road
Upper Mount Zion Baptist Church -
Vaughn (Wm. T.) Cem.   Listings (link) Southwest of Danville. GPS 32° 34' 25"N, 83° 22' 38"W 
Vaughn (Daniel) Cem.  Listings (link) 4 miles from Danville Hwy 358
Wall Cemetery Listings (link) Cresent Rd. NW of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 44' 27"N, 83° 27' 45"W
Walters Cemetery
aka William Walters Cem Listings (link)
Southwest of Danville. GPS  32° 33' 36"N, 83° 23' 30"W 
Washington Family Cemetery -
Waters/Wood/Lanier Cemetery  Listings Off  Myricks Mill Road near Fitzpatrick
West-Martin Cemetery  Listings Fountain Road. GPS  32° 47' 43"N, 83° 21' 55"W
Charles C. Whitehead Cemetery  Listings (link) Beside the O'Daniel Cemetery off Bullard Road. GPS 32° 38' 55"N, 83° 28' 18"W
White House Burial Ground Black, Sallie Hughes buried here 1920
White Springs Church Cemetery Northwest of Jeffersonville. GPS 32° 42' 53"N, 83° 29' 33"W
Williams Cemetery  Listings (link) Next to ElSharath Baptist Church Cemetery. 
Wimberly Cemetery Jeffersonville. GPS  32° 41' 05"N, 83° 20' 20"W Map
Ezekial Wimberly  Cemetery with photos Hwy. 80. 1.5 miles west of Jeffersonville. In wood across  railroad tracks.
Ezekial Wimberly- Tarver Listings (link) Bleckley County 1/2 mile from Twiggs county line, off Hwy. 129

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