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ALLEN -Researching the ancestors of GIDEON A. ALLEN who lived in Twiggs country from 1820's to 1845. He was born April 22, 1904 in North Carolina and married MARY ANN HORN, daughter of JOAB HORN  and NANCY DIXON, IN 1828 in Twiggs County, GA. Both he and his wife were members of the Richland Baptist Church. Gideon had a brother named GREEN B.ALLEN who married ELIZA DISHAROON in Baldwin County in 1832. Both Gideon and Green Allen's family left Twiggs County, GA and settled in Bossier Parish, LA in 1845. While doing my Twiggs County Georgia research, I encountered a few other Allen families who were in the area during the ime as Gideon Allen. The relationship of these familes appear to be closely linked to him, but unknown. Gideon and Green Allen also had a sister named EDITH ALLEN but I have no further information on her. Please contact me if you have an information on Gideon, Green, or other Allen family members who lived in Twiggs County during this time period. Thanks Cary Allen, emailed 5/27/2016. Cary Allen     

ANDERSON - I am trying to find a connection between  Reuben Anderson, who was born December 22, 1793 in Georgia, and the Anderson family of Twiggs County. Reuben was the first person in my family to purchase land in Robertson county, TX on which my family still ranches. I am hoping to follow the Anderson line farther back to gain insight on its origins but am having trouble with Reuben. I will appreciate any help. Mallory Sampson 11/30/2011

BAILEY- Searching for information on PHILIP BAILEY b. 1760-1769 per census who is included in the 1818 Twiggs County Digest. Philip moved to Houston County 1822 and then to Marion County where he died 1839. Ralph Bailey, Mandeville, La. 10/12/2008

BARNES/BOWDEN-  I currently am looking for any leads on parents or lineage of Isabella Barnes Bowden.  She was married to Matthew Bowden in 1835.  She was born approx 1822 in Twiggs County, Georgia.  She died in 1901 in Roth Homes in Bibb County, Georgia.  She was buried in Twiggs County.   She had 13 children.  She is my 4th Great Grandmother.   Angela Bowden Iery 6/24/2014

BEATY - I am searching for the Thomas Beaty referenced below:
Georgia Journal and Messenger  Excerpts:
25 April  1820
Twiggs Co.
Nancy Beaty and John Thomas has applied for letters of adm'r on the estate of Thomas Beaty.
signed Micajah Fulgham..clerk
  I believe that this Thomas Beaty might also have been in Laurens County and Pulaski County GA before his death.   I think he might have been the father of  orphans Andrew Decatur Beaty and Thomas Jefferson Beaty (guardianship papers listed in Pulaski Co. in 1824.). Thanks, Connie Beaty

BENFORD - Looking for information on the Benford families-
   John Monroe Benford 1858-?
   Alonzo Benford  1862-1887  ??
   Jame Robert "Jim Buck" Benford  1866-?
   Jarrott A. "Dutch" Benford  1868-1941
   Ashley M. "Ash" Benford 1871-1950 ??1952??
What I think I know that James Robert was married 3 time
  A) Elizabeth Jane Youngblood 1866-1890
  B) Elizabeth Etheridge 1866-?
  C) Susan Elizabeth "Susie" Beck  1870-?
Allen 03/14/2005

BERRY -I seek information on this elusive ancestor who was in Albama in  1830.   All I can find of him in Georgia was that he was in Chambers First Militia in the war of 1812.   He was on the 1818 tax roll of  Twiggs Co. Ga.   Also there was an indication that he may have been on  the Warren Co. Tax roll at one time.
 From the "up the wall" community of researchers  -Joanne W Gokey. P.S. Will appreciate  learning if you have any info on this man. 8/1/2009

BERRY, JOHN - I, along with distant family member, Stephanie Copes Varney,  are looking for information on a John Berry whom we know lived in Twiggs, GA. She has put together some extensive information and more information will be helpful.. Here is what she has put together from what is known so far. God Bless You.   Rev. Rick Stoneking. 2/9/2011

BETHEL CEMETERY: I am trying to find Bethel Cemetery in Twiggs County. Several sources show Francis Marion Gibbs and his wife Sarah, both died in 1878, in this cemetery a well as other Gibbs relatives. Anyone have any idea where this cemetery is? Dee Witt    02/14/2015

BLACKSHEAR - Blackshear, Elizabeth marriage to Peterson Sanders/Saunders. Peterson Sanders was originally identified as living in Wilkinson County, GA; the section he was living in became part of Twiggs County in 1809, so he did not move. Date may be between 1810-1818 based on the ages of their children in the 1830 census in Marion County, GA. He served in the War of 1812 in the Georgia Volunteers and in the Georgia Militia. He was a constable in Twiggs County in 1815, and lived or had property there until 1822. Elizabeth Blackshear’s father, Moses, died in Twiggs County in 1822, and her younger brother, Joseph Blackshear, lived there until his death in 1864. I know records were lost in courthouse fire, etc, but am trying to discover another avenue to validate their marriage in Twiggs County. Any assistance at all will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, C Sanders  (genealogy email) 02/28/2014

I am looking for any information for the Following:
BLALOCK - Mary Blalock: how are her parents?     When did she die?
CLANCE- Wiley Clance: When was he born? Where is he buried?
Any help would be gratefully appreciated. This is a line that I keep running into brick walls. Floyd Edwards    2/5/2007

BOWDEN/BARNES-  I currently am looking for any leads on parents or lineage of Isabella Barnes Bowden.  She was married to Matthew Bowden in 1835.  She was born approx 1822 in Twiggs County, Georgia.  She died in 1901 in Roth Homes in Bibb County, Georgia.  She was buried in Twiggs County.   She had 13 children.  She is my 4th Great Grandmother.   Angela Bowden Iery 6/24/2014

BUNCH, James Jackson - I am looking for information on J J  (James Jackson) Bunch born in Georgia. He was in Cotton Hill, Clay, Worth, Bibb, Randolph County,Macon Coleman Georgia. Any information or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Thank you, Kimberly  09/01/2015

BURNEY Green Blount – I am trying to find directions to the McCallum Cemetery, where Burney and his wife Sarah Frances Ball Burney are buried.  His sons may also be buried there.  The list of cemeteries states Burney  Cemetery is located one mile west of the site of Old Ball’s Church.  That places it just inside Twiggs County.   My great grandmother, who was his granddaughter-in-law, wrote they are buried at McCallum, which is shown on DOT maps south of Ball Church Road near McCallum’s Pond.  Blue Chip Road appears to head in that direction, but everything is Posted.  Has anyone been there?  Is it accessible from Blue Chip Road or from Magnolia Street in Jeffersonville?  Rumor has these two roads used to intersect.  Who owns the land where it is located?  Thank you for any assistance you can give. JDorsey

CHAPMAN - My name is Kristen Chapman. My 5x Great Grandfather was John Chapman b: 1/6/1820 in Jeffersonville. He died 10/8/1892. His home is the historical "Hollywood" Plantation. He was married four times and had many children. Anyone having information about him or his wives and children or any of my ancestors welcome!!
Kristen 10/01/2013 

CHAPPELL - Trying to locate the graves of John C Chappell or Thomas Chappell.  John C Chappell died between 1805-1808.  Thomas died something in the 1830’s.  Martha Chappell 2/15/2008

CHILDERS - I have been told that Eliza Childers and brother William Childers were both born in Twiggs Co. Eliza was born May of 1873 and William Oct of 1875/6. The mother of these children was Martha or Emeline Banks,Mitchell Childers. Do not have a first name of the father. Martha Emeline Banks was first married to a Daniel Mitchell in Winchester,Franklin Co Tn.  Divorced sometime after 1868.  She was still in Winchester in 1870. Need to find a marriage record also for M.E Mitchell and the__Childers. I would appreciate any help I might receive from Twiggs Co GA. Thanks Carolyn Lindsay 5/28/2009

CLOUD - . Jeremiah, whose obituary says was born in Twiggs County GA in 1784. Three people (known to me) resided in Twiggs County who were named Jeremiah CLOUD.  Two were Revolutionary Soldiers, and were father and son.  The father, and perhaps the son, served under General Elijah CLARKE in the Revolutionary War, and both are recorded as dying in Twiggs County in 1783, even though the county wasn't formed until 1809.

The third Jeremiah CLOUD, my 4th g-grandfather, and possibly descended from the above Jeremiahs, is recorded in his obituary as having been born in 1784 in Twiggs County, GA.  All evidence we have indicates he lived there until he and his family removed in 1816 to Alabama (Mt. Meigs area) following the Creek Cession.  They lived in Alabama until about 1836 and arrived in groups in the Republic of Texas over the period of middle 1836 through 1837, settling in Austin's Colony.  (One reputable source -- Youngblood - Armstrong and Allied Families -- indicates that this Jeremiah CLOUD spent some time in South Carolina sometime prior to 1828, though there is no other evidence for that known to me.)

The above-mentioned General Elijah CLARKE is recorded to have joined the patriot militia in "Twiggs County" about 1774 under Andrew PICKENS.

See the narrative about the family of Jeremiah CLOUD submitted to Alabama Heritage:

email contact: Tom Cloud - tcloud (at) 7/21/2011

COBB - Im looking for any info on Thomas F. Cobb born Apr 1852 in Twiggs County, Georgia and married Margie Nichols they had 5 sons,  I belive,  and on 1910 US Federal Census the last name is then spelled Cabb: Columbus L. Cobb; William M. Cobb; James T. Cobb; John F. Cobb; Charles Clevelond Cobb was my great grandfather.
   Thomas also married Julia A. Patterson and had 2 more children Isa or Ira and Otis Willis Cobb. I'm wanting to find out who Thomas F. Cobb's parents are.  Thanks Amy.  9/26/2010

COLLINS - JONES -  Looking for information on the Collins or Jones family.  African-American. They lived in this area from 1920-1940.
Prince Collins 1911-? ; Arthur Collins 1908-?; James Collins 1922-?; Lulie M. Collins 1926-?; Mary Collins (Jones) 1907
Ruby Jones 1928-?; Fannie Jones 1925-?; Annie M. Jones 1926-?; Prince Jones 1930-?, Tiavette 3/3/2014

COLLINS - I am looking for parents of William Pickney Collins born 28 March 1816 in District 354 , Twiggs County, Georgia. Mary Jo 5/11/2012 

COOPER/PEACOCK - The few things I have found indicate that my great-great grandmother, Martha J. Lucy "Puss" Cooper, was born in Twiggs Georgia in 1828 and married to John M. "Jack" Peacock  but I am stuck and can't get past that. Can anyone help me? Ron Lazenby 2/23/2012

DAY-RADFORD--FOUNTAIN-FORT-DIXON-PRUETT-SIMPSON. Seeking information on parentage of Daniel C. Day and siblings who grew up in various households in the 1850s-1860s in Wilkinson and Twiggs Counties GA. The following list of Day siblings and their birth dates is from a hand written list (author unknown) found in a paper wallet in a field beside a burned out house in Wilkinson County in the early 1900's.
Lusindy Day b. 25 Apr 1836 d. 25 Nov 1840 (birth and death dates on original list)
Benjamin T. Day b. 5 May 1839 in GA
Lucinda Day b.13 Aug 1841 in GA d. c. 1915 in Bibb Co., GA
Martha Day b. 21 Nov 1842 in GA d. 6 Jun 1917 in Bibb Co., GA
James M. Day b.25 Oct 1846 in GA
William F. Day b. 22 Apr 1848 in GA d. c. 1904 Twiggs Co. GA
Daniel C. Day. b. 22 Jul 1849 in GA d. 29 May 1912 in Wilkinson Co.GA;
Addison H Day b. 6 Oct 1850 in GA d.c. 1910 on Savannah River in drowning accident
Eliza Day b. 23 Nov 1852 in GA d.28 Nov 1852 (birth and death dates on original list)

In the 1850 Census of Wilkinson Co GA, 8 year Lucinda Day and 1-year-old Addison Day were living with the Thomas and Nancy Fort/Dort Family (difficult to decipher surname script).
In the 1850 Census of Wilkinson Co GA, 7-year-old Martha Day was living with the Benjamin and Jane Fountain Family.
In the 1850 Census of Twiggs Co GA, 5-year-old James M. Day and 2-year-old Daniel C. Day were living with the John and Priscilla Radford Family.
In the 1860 Census of Wilkinson Co GA, 12-year-old James M. Day and 10-year-old Daniel C. Day were living with the John and Priscilla Radford Family.
In the 1860 Census of Wilkinson Co GA, 12-year-old William F. Day was living next door with John and Priscilla Radford's son and daughter-in-law, James G. and Emaline P. Radford.
In the 1860 Census of Wilkinson Co. GA, 14-year-old Martha Day was living with the Jeremiah Dixon family.
In the 1860 Census of Wilkinson Co GA, 21-year-old Benjamin Day is married to Mary A. and they have a 4-month-old child, Rebecca.
Seeking info on Benjamin Day and contact with any of his descendants.

Lucinda married James F. Pruett of Wilkinson Co. GA b. 17 Oct 1842 d. c. 1899 in Bibb Co., GA   They lived in Macon, Bibb Co., GA. Where are they buried? They had one son, James Henry Pruett. Seeking contact with any descendants.

In GA in 1865 Martha married a Jewish soldier who deserted the Union Army during the Civil War, Peter Sternberg,  b.Mar 1842 in Ohio d. 1908 in Penn, St. Joseph Co., Indiana. After the war ended, they returned to Indiana to live. They had one child, Sarah Annie, who died at 7 years old. After Peter died in Indiana in 1908, Martha returned to Macon, GA, and lived with her sister, Lucinda Day Pruett, and Lucinda's family in Macon. Martha died in Macon of malaria in 1917 and her body was shipped to Indiana to be buried beside her husband and daughter. All buried in Eutzler Cemetery , Misawaka, St. Joseph Co., Indiana.

Seeking any info on James M. Day and contact with his descendants.

William F. Day m. in Twiggs Co. about 1869 widow, Missouri Beall Mercer b. 1842 in GA d.1879 in Twiggs Co., GA.  They had two daughters, Myra and Fannie. Fannie married Obidiah ("Obe") D. Fountain. They had no children. Myra married Newton I. Booth. They had several children. Seeking contact with any descendants. Fannie and Myra and their husbands are buried in Asbury Cemetery in Wilkinson Co. Where are William and Missouri Day buried? William did not remarry after Missouri died. Family story that William Day was shot and killed in Twiggs County by a jealous husband who found William with his wife.

My great, great grandparents were Daniel C. Day and Sarah Jane Snow who m. 5 July 1864.   Sarah Jane Snow b. 1851 In Wilkinson Co. GA d.4 Jul 1930 in Wilkinson Co. GA. Both buried in Snow Hill Cemetery, Wilkinson Co. GA. Have extensive information on this line and willing to share.

Addison H. Day married in Wilkinson County GA about 1868  to Sarah E. Simpson b. 4 Feb 1857 in Wilkinson Co. GA d.2 May 1922 in Wheeler Co. GA
The family lived in Laurens County GA and eventually relocated to Alamo, Montgomery/Wheeler Co, GA. Family stories hold that Addison would leave home for long periods of time and would return and stay a while and then disappear  only to return again. Once he went to the spring to get a bucket of water and was gone for 2 years! Family story is that he had 3 families. One wife and family in Montgomery/Wheeler Co; a second wife and family in Wayne Co. GA; location of third family unknown.  Am in contact with Wheeler Co descendants. Seeking contact with any Wayne Co. descendants.

Any help on any of these families would be greatly appreciated. Wayne H. Day, Clarkston, GA. 3/27/2007

DENNARD - Jacob - I am looking for someone who might have more information about a Revolutionary Soldier who died in Jeffersonville and was supposedly buried in a cemetery just north of Jeffersonville.  It was thought that DAR marked the grave years ago. The man was Jacob Dennard born 1750 in South Carolina and died in 1810 in Jeffersonville, GA.  He served as lieutenant under Captains Mapps and McBee, Colonel Roebuck's 6th regiment, South Carolina.  If you have any information
or possible leads, please email me Joy McCook    Thanks! 1/6/2006

DESHAZO - I am trying to locate records of my 2nd grt grandfather, Elbert Henderson DeShazo, born in Twiggs County, Ga in 1820.  The next census he appears in is 1840, when he is married. I want to know if there is a local census for 1830 and 1840 that has him listed. I need to know who his parents were and also his siblings. He married Elizabeth Adaline Gamble (Gambol) on June 11, 1845 in Shelby, GA. He served in the Civil War and died in a POW camp in Cook County, Illinois, and he is buried there. His daughter, Francis "Fannie" was my grt grandmother. Anything information on this family is welcome. Sherry 10/17/13

DOPSON - My family has worked on the Dopson lineage several different times through the years and we have all stopped at Jesse Dopson (Dobson) born c.1750 in North Carolina and deceased in Twiggs County, GA c.1817. Married to Averilla Moore with children Andrew Henry Journagan Dopson and Margaret (Peggy) Dopson. The family spent some time in Twiggs county with Andrew Henry possibly dying there as well c.1844-1850. According to our documentation, most of Andrew’s children were born in Twiggs county. If there is any information concerning Jesse Dopson who is our brick wall, I would much appreciate hearing it. Claire Dopson 1/28/2009

DUNN - I am looking for any information on Andrew Jackson Dunn who was born in Georgia ca 1835.  His parents or grandparents may have been the Dunns who lived in Twiggs County between 1815 and 1840,   He married a Sarah Hammock in Barbour Co Alabama in 1859.  She was the daughter of Thomas Hammock and Mary Angelina Pittman who lived in Twiggs between 1815 & 1820 before moving on to Randolph and then to Barbour in the 1840s.  Mary Angelina was the daughter of John R. Pittman who also moved to Randolph in the 1830s. Thanks, Sue Cummings, 3/29/2007

DURDEN - Researching the ancestors of Frank Durden born 1885, Alexander Steven Durden born 1852, Joshua Lewis Durden born 1851 all born Bullard crossing mother's name Melinda C.  Frank, Alexander and Joshua were all born in Twiggs county.  Mother and boys are on 1870 census Twiggs county living with the Dryer family. Jentry may be mothers maiden name. Chad Durden 11/1/2009.

DURHAM/THARPE/THROPE/CROCKETT- any info on these names would be helpful. info on my great grandparents, Calvin and Annie Mae Durham, or Emma Tharpe or Thorpe. Annie died around 1976. anyone who knows of  these two families contact me, they lived in Jeffersonville, and near by towns. Charles  6/7/2007

EPPS/RYLE - My great-grandmother, Patience Ryle Epps, last appears in the public records in the 1870 federal census for Wilkinson County. She was the widow of Edward C. Epps of Twiggs County, who was killed in the Civil War. Where was Patience after 1870?   Any information would be appreciated.   Bob Epps. 3/18/2009

ETHRIDGE/FOWLER - I am looking for a person who was born in 1910 named Bonnie  Ethridge (an adoptive last name).  Bonnie and her little brother,  Lloyd (also adopted by the Ethridges) were in the 1930 census with  Bonnie L. (Louise) being the wife of Avner Fowler with a 2 and 4/12th  year old daughter named Louise with everyone born there in Twiggs  Co., Ga., except Bonnie, who told her birth state as North Carolina  (along with her mother and her father).  Lloyd is down below as the  12 year old son of JT and Louise Ethridge.
     In the 1920 Twiggs census, Bonnie is listed as Bonnie L.  Ethridget, the 9 year old daughter of Joel Talbot Ethridge (misspelled  Ethridgt too) and her 2 year old brother Lloyd.  All their birth  dates state Twiggs Co., Georgia.
      I know that Bonnie died in about 1960 and a funeral was held  somewhere near Twiggs County.  I don't know if she remarried, but she  did leave Avner Fowler and Louise and two more children - Sarah and  Billy, and go off to "find herself."  She had another daughter named  Fay.
    I am told that when Bonnie was about eight years old and her  brother a newborn that her parents (mother a Cherokee Indian, father  unknown) died of influenza. That Bonnie was outside when neighbors  came by in the morning and she told them her parents were "sleeping,"  and when they came back in the evening, she said they were still
"sleeping."  They checked, hearing a baby crying, and found the  parents dead.
      Any help I would appreciate.  Bonnie is my grandmother. I  always knew her adoptive mother as my grandma -- Louise Ethridge.   Avner Fowler is my grandfather.  thanks very much. V/r - Sharon Walker. 10/1/2009

FISHER -  I am looking for information on Reverend C. F. Fisher who was a resident of Twigg County . He is listed in the History of Twigg County. Please let me know if you have anything relevant.  Thanks Tami Jordan 8/31/13

FLOOD/WIMBERLY - Bettie Ann, wife of James FLOOD appears in the 1880 census of Bibb County, GA with their four children.  The family appears again in the 1885 census of Orlando, FL where she is Elizabeth FLOOD.  With the exception of her youngest daughter's 1960 death certificate which names her mother as Betty Ann WIMBERLY, these are the only known records.  Because of the historical association of the name WIMBERLY with TWIGGS County and the close proximity of BIBB County to TWIGGS, I suspect that Elizabeth Ann WIMBERLY may have been born in TWIGGS County. J. Wesley Hall.  11/01/13

FOWLER - Wanting to contact descendents of Mrs Mary Fowler. Nieces and Nephews of Victor Davidson in regards to Elder David Smiths bible. These descendents of Mrs. Fowler are from the Danville Ga. area. I am Robert L. Smith the gr. grandson of Elder David Smith. Thanks. Robert 01/08/2011

GALLOWAY/GREEN/LILES/VANN - 1800-1870 Looking for information on these family members: Mary Galloway, Harriet Green, Robert Green, Ephriam Liles, Sanders Vann.  Geraldine   2/16/2005

GARDNER - I am researching Charles H. Gardner who was born in New Jersey in about 1834.  In the 1880 Census in Twiggs Co., he was a carriage maker. In the 1860 Census in Baldwin Co., Ga., he was listed as living with his brother Reuben Gardner.  Charles served as a Confederate soldier. [Source: C. H. Gardner, Index to Georgia Confederate Pension, p. 367 srv. Co. K 10th Ga., he filed Twiggs Co., Ga.]

 Source Information for 1880 Census:   Census Place Jeffersonville, Twiggs, Georgia. Family History Library Film 1254168. NA Film Number T9-0168
    Page Number 52A
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 C. H. GARDNER   Self   W   Male   W   45   NJ   Carriage Maker   NJ   NJ
 J. B. GARDNER   Son   S   Male   W   21   GA   Farmer   NJ   NJ
 George B. GARDNER   Son   S   Male   W   18   GA   Laborer   NJ   NJ
 P. H. G. GARDNER   Dau   S   Female   W   17   GA   Housekeeper   NJ   NJ
 D. N. GARDNER   Son   S   Male   W   12   GA   Laborer   NJ   NJ
 W. C. GARDNER   Son   S   Male   W   1   GA      NJ   NJ
 Emanda O.   Other   S   Female   B   13   GA   House Servant   GA   GA

I have very little information on him or his family.  I would think he is buried in Jeffersonville.  I would be happy to receive any information on him or his family. Thank you. Elizabeth Salvatore 6/26/2006.
(Note from Eileen: Charles Gardner died in 1889 and is buried in the Jeffersonville Cemetery).

GARDNER- I am researching a Thomas Jefferson Gardner born 1815 in Georgia. He is found in the 1840 Twiggs Co., Census M704--Roll 51, Division 355, page: 387
Thomas J Gardner
1 male age 20-30
2 females age 0-5
1 female age 20-30
This would be him, a wife and two daughters, D. E. Gardner and L.H. Gardner. I do not know the names, only initials. I do not know  his wife's name either.

He is found on the 1845 Tax List for Morgan Co., GA

He shows up again in the 1860 Butler Co., Alabama Census
T.J. Gardner, 45, Male b 1815 GA Occupation: Preacher, Real Estate $800 GA
D. E. Gardner, 23 F b 1837 GA
L.H. Gardner, 20 F b 1840 GA
N.L. Gardner, 19 F b 1841 GA
H.M. Gardner, 14 F b 1844 AL
L.M. Gardner, 12 F b 1848 AL
R.W. Gardner, 8 M b 1852 AL (This is Robert Warren Gardner)
M.L. Gardner, 1, M b 1855 AL (This is Matthew L. Gardner)

He married [2] Mary J. E. Amos--Marriage Date 12 Dec 1861 Butler Co., Alabama Marriage Index, bondsman S.J. Campbell, Official JP Mr. Amos'
He died 1865

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you recognize any of the names here and are researching the same family, please contact me. Thanks Lefty Livin' Searching for my roots one branch at a time....... 2/14/2007

GLOVER, Heyward - Looking for anything on Heyward Glover born in 1865 in Georgia. He was OAD (of African descent). Please help. Trying to find out his fathers name. His wife name was Sylvia (Silvia). She was a slave so I don’t have a maiden name. Heyward was considered mulato, so I believe his father was white. Also looking for his mother. You can also reach me at Try this one first for contact. 7/25/13

GLOVER. Mark Juneous - Looking for information on Mark Juneus Glover. His family has lived in Twiggs County, Georgia for Decades. Don't have much information. They were probably slaves or share croppers. Thank You Cathy Martin 11/24/2008

GLOVER, Robert (Bob) - Looking for information on the parents of Robert (Bob) Glover who was born in Twiggs County, GA, about 1881.  He married Allie Hoge in 1903 and is shown in Shady Grove, Twiggs, on the 1910/1920/1930 with his wife and children.  Have not been able to locate him in the 1900 or 1940 census, although it is believed he died in Twiggs County in 1957. This is an African American family.  Any help you might give me would be greatly appreciated.  Robert Glover is the great-grandfather of my friend Jessica Glover.  I am helping he with her family history.  Thank you so much. LouAnn Blakely 6/01/2014

GOODWIN - Looking for any information on Henderson E. Goodwin who was born on May 30, 1819 in Twiggs Co., GA (?) He married Emmaline (Mindy) who was born Aug. 7, 1835. Any info on their family or children would be deeply appreciated. Thank you. You can reach me at  Karen Goodwin 9/7/2007

GRAHAM (Grayham), James Lee: I am searching for the ancestors of  James Lee Grayham who drew a lottery in Tattnall County. 1850 Census lists him as born in Twiggs in 1827. Family says he ran from home while young and lived with relatives in NC. There at two Grayhams in the 1830 and 1840 Census Samuel Grayham and Ishmael Grayham. There are other records of these two in Twiggs. There is Georgia Genealogical Magazine article that mentions Ishmael Grayham marrying a Sally Thunderbird in 1826 in Bibb County. Thanks Graham     2/16/2005

HALE - CHAPPELL - James Hale 6 Jan 1790-25 Oct 1847 Crawford Co Ga.
wife Nancy Chappell 28 Dec 1797 Marion, Twiggs, Ga-6 Oct 1856 Crawford Co Ga.  Jerry  3/27/15 

HART- I am looking for info on Henry Hart son of Marmaduke and Mourning Collum Hart born about 1825.   First married Bonita ? had 2 or 3 daughters,
then married Druscilla ?? He and Druscilla with their family traveled to Lousiana just prior to 1860, but Henry must have died enroute.  Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated.     Thanks   Mary Hart Martin.     3/3/2015 

HASTY - I am looking for information about Hillary Hasty.  He was born in North Carolina in 1800 to 1810 and moved to Twiggs County GA.  He was on the 1830 and 1840 census in Twiggs County.  I would like the name of his wife ( the mother of his daughter Charity Elizabeth Hasty, b. 1841.)  I believed he married a second time to Sarah Gilbert about  1845.  Any information on his family would be appreciated.Thanks. Dorothy Akins 9/1/2006

HINSON- I am trying to find more information on Caleb Hinson. Husband of Margaret. I have searched extensively and can find no information as to his background, mother, father etc. Would greatly appreciate any information.  Thanks Joel Hinson. 8/29/2013

HOLLINGSWORTH- I am searching for information on a Mary. I believe she was born about 1805.  Married between 1820 and 1830 to a Hollingsworth.  She is listed in the 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 census as Mary Hollingsworth.  Cannot find her in the 1870 census.  In 1830 she has one male and three females and listed as head of household.  She is a neighbor of Thomas McGough and later James C. McGough. One of her daughters, Mary (Polly) Hollingsworth (my Great, Great Grandmother) married James C. McGough in Twiggs County in 1852.  Is there a way to find a will from her husband leaving the farm to her. I am fairly new to searching and since the courthouse burned in 1901, how would I search? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mollie Reynolds 2/9/2006

HORNE -Ancestors Henry Horne and Victory Horne- They were born in Twiggs County Ga. 1885. Want to know my gret great grandmother Victory Horne's maiden name. Joe Strange Jr. juniorjr50strange@gmail. com. 2/19/2017

JOHNSON - am searching for a Martin Johnson...have no info except family rumors say he was born in GA....he married my gggrandmother, Mourning Trussell Johnson, sometime between 1818-1820.   Mourning died in 1837.   I saw a marriage license in the Bibb County, AL register for a Martin Johnson and a Safrona Bolins 1840.  Mourning died in Greene County, AL.  There is no more info on Martin after that date.  Any help would be appreciated.    Probably Martin was born 1800 or
before.  Mourning was born about 1802.   Thanks,  Kathryn 1/31/2005

JOINER/JOYNER - I’m looking for any information on this family from Twiggs County, Georgia. Mary Alice 1/14/2008


KING -  Bennet King was in 1840 & 1850 census , Twiggs Co., Ga.....He died in Twiggs Co, Ga. in 1850.......can not find him in 1830.....his estate paper said he had land in Appling, Early & Twiggs co. Ga.....Jehu his son, was adm. of his estate.....William was a younger son, born 1818.....12 years younger then Jehu.....does anybody know where he was in 1830......
  There was more then one Bennet King in Georgia...One left a widow and kids in 1819?...mentioned in the Land Lottery.....any help appreciated.... Sue King  8/19/2014

KING: I am looking for any record or information of the free black family of Kings. On May 14, 1868, 37 family members headed by Alfred King and Seaborn Ashley left GA by way of Savannah for Bexley, Liberia under the auspices of the American Colonization Society. Alfred was about 60 years old when they departed. The family did sharecropping in 1867 on a plantation in Marion during reconstruction but no info on which plantation they worked on. I am trying to connect the dots and need assistance. Seaborn Ashley was a blacksmith. Please see emigrant list.
Thanks, Alfred D. King, GGG grandson of Alfred King. Email. 9/10/2013

KITCHENS: My husband's family has lived in the same area of Twiggs county since the turn of the century (1900). We have a hand drawn map of his great, great grandfather's property that was done by his granddaughter. The old homestead was located on the right side of Ridge Rd if you are coming from Donnan Rd. towards Hwy 57. The house was demolished sometime in the 1940s and then the land was sold. We know there was an "old family cemetery" behind the house but don't know the specifics about who is buried there. We are trying to locate the exact location of the property but we don't know where to find any information on old land deeds. The map did have another landmark on it. A building marked Pleasant Hill Baptist Church was located on the same side of Ridge Rd as the house, but in the other direction (towards Dry Branch). We can't find anything about it online. Has anyone heard of this church and  know where it was located? Any information in helping us locate the family homestead would be appreciated. Thanks,  Diedra Kitchens. 08/01/2015

KNIGHT - Looking for info on Mathew or Matthew Knight who is said to have been born 1812 in Twiggs County, Ga. Records show he was married in Muscogee County, 1848 and appears on the 1850 census in Dale County, AL. Roy 8/30/2007

KNIGHT - I am looking for Washington Knight, who was shown on the 1840 census as living in Twiggs County at about the age of 7.  Parents were John and Mariah Knight.  I think Washington may be the father of my great-grandmother, Martha Annie F. Knight.  Thank you! Christine  5/30/2015

KNOWLES/NOLES: Robert R and Janey Knowles/Noles are my paternal great-grandparents. (Not sure of exact birth years, but around 1850 + or - 5 yrs.)   I found them listed on a Telfair County Georgia United States Census in 1910 and on the Dodge County Georgia United States Census in 1900.   I believe Jane Noles maiden name was Sarah Jane Welding or Weldon.  In Book C of Cool Spring Primitive Baptist Church Minutes (located in Twiggs Co), I found: 2 May 1885 Robert Noles By Letter. and 4 September 1886 Sarah Jane Noles By Experience.   I did find a Robert Noles age 30 and Jane Noles age 30 listed as husband and wife on the 1880 Wilkinson County Georgia United States Census.  That is as far as I have been able to go with either Robert or Sarah Jane (Welding/Weldon) Noles/Knowles.
Any information or advice that could assist me or point me in the right direction, would be very appreciated.   I can be reached at 10/15/2008

LAWSON, ROGER - I am researching the ( Major) Roger Lawson family. b1778. d1830 He had 8 children. Wives Lucy Parrotte, Emily Parrotte, Lucy Smith? He was a planter in Twiggs county, Ga. He was in the war of 1812 and Indian war. I especially need information on his son Roger b July 9th 1817 in GA. d May 16th 1848 in Bienville Parish LA. He would have followed his siblings to LA after 1838. I found a Roger Lawson marriage to Harriet Hitchcock, Hancock County. but I am not sure if it is the same Roger Lawson. Any information would be appreciated. Pat Lawson. 3/14/2011

LEONARD - My 4th gr-grandfather, Samuel Pollus Ward b 1792, married Nancy Leonard in Twiggs County in 1815, at the residence of James Wheeler.  Nancy was born 1797 in Georgia.  Can anyone help me determine who Nancy's parents or siblings are?   Any help appreciated.  Additional info that may be helpful ... Nancy and Sam moved to Dale County Alabama and lived in the community of Rocky Head.  Sam died in 1868.  Nancy was still living on the 1880 census at 83 yrs of age.
Thanks, Melanie Ward. 8/23/2007

LILES/LYLES/LISLE - Hampton Liles/Lyles/Lisle is my brick wall, said to be son of John Lyles and Sarah Rabb of SC.  John was born 1755, served in Rev War and settled near Andalusia in Covington Co AL where there is a memorial for him. John married Sally Ada/Ady in Jefferson Co GA

Hampton is listed as a son of John along with Cassius and Sherrod/Sherwood/Cherwood.  Cassius named a son Hamtpon in 1849 AL.

Hampton is found in the 1830 Twiggs Co GA census - indexed as Sisle.  Also in Twiggs at that time were an Akilly Lisle and an Ephraim.  Later records show them as Liles or Lyles.  Hampton was said to have married Rebecca Kent, was that in Twiggs Co? Sherrod and Cassius also married girls named Rebecca.

By 1840 Hampton was in south Alabama.  His son William married Martha Ann Shows/Schaus, daughter of Henry.  Daughter Rebecca married Nathaniel Rodgers.

The story is that William and Rebeccca were married and stayed in AL when Hampton and sons Thomas George and Sol headed for TX.  Don't know what happened to wife Rebecca.

Thanks for any assistance on the Liles/Lisle/Lyles family in Twiggs Co GA.  Doris Mayer Reece

LINDSEY, RICHARD - I'm looking for information on Richard Lindsey who lived in Twiggs county 1820-1830.  He moved to Randolph County, Ga. by 1840.  I'm trying to find his related family. Thanks,  Randy Lindsey 1/10/2009

LOVETT-  I'm looking for information on Moses Lovett and Ahamale Lovett who were in the 1830 census of Twiggs County, Georgia.  I would appreciate any  information you may have.  Thanks, Ray Lovett   10/17/2004; /3/7/2006

MANNING -  Henry Thomas Manning was born 8/1/1871 in Twiggs County.  His Father was listed on his death certificate as Rube Manning and his mother was listed as Annie Pollock.  I can find no proof of a Ruben Manning having married an Annie Pollock no where in GA.  What I would like to find out is  if anyone may have any thing that would indicate that they were listed anywhere as having been two such people who would have had a baby at this time, and named it Henry Thomas Manning?  A real BRICK WALL !!       9/1/2012

MARCUS -Sarah Marcus born 1805; H Marcus born 1805; Dick Marcus Born 1846;  Georgeann Marcus Born 1850, Patsy Marcus born  1856.
I believe  SARAH MARCUS is my Great Great  Great Great Grandparent And I have a Reunion Coming up in 2101 for the Marcus Family and need to find info on them, so if you can can help me it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ms. Stacey Plummer. 12/7/2009.

MARTIN - Seeking father of  Emeline, Green, Henry and Branton Martin and husband of Mary Martin. Died between 1845 and 1850 (based on age of the youngest child). Mary and the children appear in 1850 and 1860 census.  I assume that
the family lived in Twiggs County prior to 1850. Lisa Prillman 5/1/2006

MCWILLIAMS/MYERS -  am researching the McWilliams family who lived in Twiggs County, GA, from about 1820-1850, according to the censuses from those years.  In particular, I am looking for the family of Lula Virginia (aka Louisa and Lou) McWilliams, daughter of Asa McWilliams.  She married James Homer MIERS/MYERS from Sumter County, GA.  Lula Miers was my gr-grandmother. If anyone has information on any of those names, please let me know. Joanne Cooper 11/13/2005/ 3/6/2006

MILES  - Am looking for information concerning  Daniel Hardy  and descendants.Have son of Daniel Hardy , his son Howard Nim Rod, his son Howard Pierson etc. Any help would be appreciated Dan and Rae Jean 6/26/2006

MONTGOMERY - I am researching Hampton and Green Montgomery (brothers according to family stories) both said to have been born in Twiggs County GA 1811-1814. Not sure who parents are. Green shows up on 1840 US Census in Pike County, Alabama and Hampton shows up on 1850 US Census in Pike County, Alabama. Any information concerning Montgomerys in the Twiggs county area during 1800-1840 could be helpful. Thanks C. Montgomery. 02/19/2014

PACE - JAMES M. - From deeds found in Macon County, Alabama, I have reason to believe my African American ancestors were enslaved by James M. Pace who died in Twiggs County on 4/6/1834.  He was married to Mary Davis in Twiggs County, 3/28/1824.  Their children Ann Pace and Davis Pace were born in Twiggs County.  After James died, Mary was remarried to William Worthy.
  Davis Pace eventually moved to Baker (later Doughterty) County, Georgia.  He was one of the first mayors in Albany, GA.
   I am looking for deeds, wills and other probate records for James M. Pace that lists slaves owned by him. Shari L Williams 4/23/2010

PADGETT, WILLIAM W. Interested in any information concerning, and particularly the possible parentage of, William W. Padgett, born in Georgia abt 1825 and lifelong resident of Twiggs County, Georgia.  He is believed to have married Mary Ann (Bozeman) in about 1857.  I speculate that he is related Landon Padgett, born abt 1851.  His children included Stephen L. Padgett (born abt 1858 in Twiggs County; died 1932 in Irwin County, GA), William B. Padgett (born abt 1862 in Twiggs County), Joe or Joel Padgett (born abt 1864; died 1884 in Laurens County, GA), Julia Ann Padgett (born 1867 in Twiggs County), and Lou Janice Padgett (born abt 1875 in Twiggs County, GA; died 1934).

William W. Padgett is found in the 1860 U.S. census for Twiggs County as W.W. Pagett and in the 1870 U.S. census for Twiggs County as W.W. Paggett.  (The 1850 U.S. census for Twiggs County includes a William W. Padget born in 1825 but this individual is born in North Carolina and therefore is unlikely to be the William W. Padgett I am researching.)
Any information would be helpful.  I am happy share information about the family available to me. David Barton 1/9/2009

PARKER, CHESLEY - I've been trying to find more info on my great great great grandfather Chesley Parker Sr born in NC somewhere in 1810 looks like he was married twice to a Venus Parker and later Caroline Parker . He died they say around 1915.  Stacy Hill   12/09/2015 

PAYNE -  I have an ancestor, Samuel Payne, born in Twigs Co. in 1793. He died in Butler Co., Ala in 1864. He was married to a Sallie Davis who died in 1815. I am trying to find out some information about him. Thank you. Gary Payne 3/23/2008

PITTS - My ancestor, Martin Pitts, was born in SC about 1790.  He married Elizabeth Ray in Wilkes County in 1812.  In 1816 he is shown as a commissioner of the town of Marion in Twiggs County.  He later moved to Pike County and died there around 1842.  I have some tidbits of data on him during the time he lived in Twiggs County, but I'm looking for info that would help me determine  who his parents were.  Does anyone know if he or Elizabeth had relatives in Twiggs County at that time?  Faye  9/24/2009

RAY - Researching information for Joseph Henry Ray b. 1840 wife  Margaret Ellen Harris b. 1844.  They had a daughter named Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" b. 1862.  She married Simeon Wood and later moved to Jackson County, GA.  I would appreciate any information you could give. Thanks 3/9/2005 
REYNOLDS -   Any info on Charles P. Reynolds, married to Mary Rhodes in 1855 and any info on Peyton/Payton Reynolds.  Would like to have idea of where they lived in Twiggs County and if there are Reynolds still in the area.  Any info would be appreciated.  Linda Baker 12/16/2006

RICHARDSON - I am looking for any information on Stephen Lawrence Richardson, "prominent physician and surgeon", and Susan Radford Richardson of Twiggs County.  He may have been married to one Amanda M. Beckom first.  I have them married on Dec 20, 1859 and I think they died together in some sort of accident on or around Dec. 2, 1881.  Please contact me if anyone has any information on this family.  Thank you, Deb Christ. 2/9/2005

RHODES - Am trying to determine if Jacob Rhodes listed in 1840 Twiggs county census is same Jacob Rhodes listed in Baker County in 1860 census.  The Jacob of Baker county had 2 sons, Robert Marion and Eldridge Jacob Rhodes who served in civil war.  Robert Marion is known to have been born in Twiggs county. Cannot find proof that the 1840 Twiggs county and the 1860 Baker County are same Jacob Rhodes, nor can I determine my Jacob's parents, though he was born in North Carolina.  1860 cenus lists him as 43 years old, but I believe he was older. Am grateful for any any help.
Dorothy Duke Rhodes  3/11/2006

ROBERTS, Narcissa Miller - I would be grateful for any information on Narcissa Miller Roberts, b. 1809 in NC, d. 1847 in Twiggs County. She was the daughter of Sarah Williams Shine Miller and James Miller and was the first wife of Rev. David Asbury Roberts. Her son was Rev. William F. Roberts. Thanks! Dan Smith - 4/26/2009

SANDERS - My great great Grandfather was Allison Culpepper Sanders Born in Twiggs County in 1829. He resided in Crawford County for a great portion of his life. He moved to and died in Decatur county GA after serving in the Civil War. I would like very much if anyone has any information on his parents. Gary Sanders 2/5/2007

SASSER - I am looking for any information on my ancestor Lewis Sasser, 1773- died 1854 in Twiggs County, GA.  I believe his wife was Jane Lee,  1800-died 1846 in Stewart GA. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Doris Hannon 5/19/2008

SAXON - My grandparents, Thomas Henry and Penelope (DAVIS) SAXON left Twiggs County, Georgia, for McLennan, Texas in 1878, in the company of his father-in-law, John Benjamin DAVIS and his wife rachel Bookout WILLINGHAM and other Davis relatives: __ PADGETT and wife, Martha Davis; ___ DARSEY and wife, Ruth Davis, Guy Davis, Gee Davis, and others.If you have any information on any of these people, I would like to hear from you. Blanche Saxon Stein  03/15/2005

SHERRARD-I am looking for information on Robert Sherrard as we think he was the father of our Wright Sherrard.  The Sherrard family came from North Carolina and settled in Twiggs County at least until 1826 where they had an entry at Pecks Store.  The they moved to Talbot County Ga. and after 1850 moved on to Jackson Parish Louisiana where they lived out their days.   I have some research that Robert was a JP in Twiggs or Talbot but nothing in stone.  Several of us have been pursuing the Yelverton-Sherrard connection.  I would appreciate any information and I am willing to share from this end. Benny Crow 3/12/2005

SHINE -  am researching the life of Barbara Shine, daughter of John Shine, a resident of Twiggs County in the early nineteenth century, who married  Hardy Williams BROWN, and later to a Mr. LOWERY. I would appreciate any leads that you could provide me with. Thanks! Martin Cooper.  10/7/2005

SIMPSON - My ggg-grandfather'sname was Alfred Simpson.  He was born in 1818 somewhere in Georgia.  According to a census, his parents were born in SC.  His father-in-law, born in S. C.,  was Isaiah Langley.  In 1840 Alfred married Mary Langley in Talbot Co. However, I did not see him on the Talbot co. 1840.    By 1850, he had moved to Alabama.   Mary is buried in Seale, AL, dying just after having her 12th child. After the civil war Alfred took his family and moved to Louisiana.  I am trying to make a connection with the Simpsons who were in Twiggs /Wilkinson Counties.  Any help you can give me would be appreciated.  Email  Becky Witt  5/1/2009

SIMPSON-POLLOCK - I am trying to place Elizabeth "Betsy" Simpson, born ca. 1805, with family of one of the Revolutionary Veterans who drew in the land lottery from Twiggs Co. in 1820, those being Jacob and John Simpson. Betsy married Morris Pollock, likely in Twiggs Co., circa 1825 and they relocated to Houston Co. by 1830. Father of Morris Pollock was Jesse Pollock, born Onslow Co., NC ca. 1763. His mother was Sarah "Sallie" Greenwood, born NC? ca. 1765. Jesse and Sallie lived in Wilkinson and Twiggs Co. from circa 1808-1828. Most of their children grew to maturity and married during that time.
     Different sources indicate that Betsy Simpson Pollock was born in Alabama or North Carolina.
     One peculiar name has recently presented itself in connection to this family. The 1827 land lottery residents of Houston Co. lists a Euphamy Simpson as wRS (widow of Revolutionary Soldier). Was she the wife of one of the Twiggs Co. vets from 1820? Also, 1850 Houston Co. census shows a Ufamy Greenwood next door to the Pollocks, born ca. 1800. I find her marriage to James Greenwood from 1846 in Houston Co. lists her as Epheania Warren, likely not her first marriage. This unusual name appears most often as Euphemia/Euphenia and the name Eugenia occurs in the Pollock family from shortly after this time. Wondering if this name might be unusual enough to suggest the Simpson - Pollock connection.
       Photograph of Morris Pollock and Betsy Simpson taken circa 1860 with description available at:
 Vance Pollock 6/27/2008

SIMMONS-  I am looking for any information on John Everett Simmons Born on 5-1-1844, he married a Sarah Jane Colwell 2-21-1867 in Twiggs county. He served in the Civil War Co.C19 Regt. Tx inf CSA. He moved to texas and died 12-12-1893. We have no information before his marriage to Sarah Jane in Twiggs County, Georgia. Sarah Jane Colwell was born 11-29-1840 in Heard County Georgia and her parents were William Barnes Colwell and Lena Peoples Woodard. As of February 21, 1867 she was also know as Sarah Jane Caldwell. She had a brother James Alexander Colwell born May 30th 1842 in Heard County, Georgia. Her father Willaim Barnes Colwell was born in Morgan Co, Georgia 3-15-1817. Any information regarding John Everett Simmons would be greatly appreciated. DeDe Hodge    12/21/2008

MINNIE SMITH NICHOLS-  am trying to track down my relatives and whether or not they were Cherokee.  I was wondering if you could possibly help...the census that I find on does not have that information.
My great great grandparents were:  Charles and Minnie (Smith) Nichols
Minnie was born in Twiggs County, Georgia to Nancey and C.P. Smith (that is what I have been told on her father)  Her birth year is 1870 and her mother was born in 1841.  She is listed as having a brother and sister:  Willie O. Smith b. 1869 and Mary F. b. 1866
Doe sanyone  have any information for me?  Or whether or not they were of Native American descent? Angela Quinalty Grubb 3/14/2011

DAVID SMITH - MRS. VICTOR DAVIDSON- Looking for any descendant of the late Mrs. Victor Davidson of Irwinton, Georgia in regards to the bible of Elder David Smith. I would like information about Davids parents, his siblings or anythinge that might be contained there in. I am a great grandson of David Smith. Thank you. Robert L. Smith    3/8/2010
 My relatives on my father's side hale from Jeffersonville, Twiggs County. One of these is Grant Smith (c1833-1890). a  wealthy farm owner ("Negro"). Grant's Smith;s widow puchased the Higgs-Horne property in 1892 for $1200. Grant Smith is my great, great grandfather. Grant Smith's step-daughter Cherry Moore married Lewis Chapman, another prominent black farmer in Twiggs Co. Lewis Chapman. Lewis Chapman acquired land in 1880 and 1881 from J. B. Balcom and William T. Chapman. Lewis Chapman was a tenant farmer to John Chapman, owner of the Hollywood Plantation in Twiggs Co. and I think possibly one of his slaves.
    I was reading on the AMGP site that a Robert Carswell, a Chapman ancestor living in Cincinnati, Ohio is now in possession of John Chapman;s bible. I've been wondering if thre might be any information on slaves owned by John Chapman noted in the family bible or if any living family members have knowledge of papers detailing the Chapman Plantation's workings.
I would appreciate any information. Contact me, Michelle Hill 9/5/2017

THAMES - In April 1813, Thomas Thames and his wife Nancy (this is Nancy Tolar whom he married in Cumberland County, NC in 1805) joined the Stone Creek Baptist Church.  Thomas was born in Bladen County NC about 1765 and was a Revolutionary Soldier according to the Georgia Land Lottery of 1827 when his widow Nancy applied for a draw & received land in Lee County GA.  Nancy Tolar was Thomas' second wife.  The name of his first wife is unknown but according to census records he had at least 8 children by his first marriage.  One of these children was my direct ancestor, Thomas Jefferson Thames born 1792 in Cumberland County NC (died August 1837 in Crawford County GA).  Thomas Jefferson Thames married Rebecca Ray about 1820.  Rebecca (born 1799 Columbia Co., GA) is the daughter of Benjamin & Edy Ray of Twiggs County.  Thomas Thames died between 1815 and 1826 and may be buried at the old Stone Creek Church cemetery.

Thomas Jefferson Thames was a soldier in the War of 1812.  (Enlistment Feb. 16, 1815 to August 5, 1815; actually served February 16, 1815 until April 3, 1815 when discharged at Ft. Hawkins and returned to residence in Jones County {12 miles}, rank Private. Was a member of Captain Ebenezer Moore’s Company of Infantry, Detachment of Georgia Militia, commanded by Major John H. Brodnax.)  He was listed as Ensign, Twiggs Co. GA Oct. 12, 1819 - May 26, 1820 (GA Military Records, 1808-1829 pg. 44.)
and Captain, Twiggs Co. GA March 6, 1820 - December 12, 1821 (same source on page 49).  Thames District of 1827 Georgia Land Lottery District is named for him.

Thomas Jefferson Thames and his family were living in the Crawford/Houston County area of Georgia by 1829 when he is listed as one of 5 builders of the Union Meeting House (aka Little Union Primitive Baptist Church) of Crawford County but very near the Houston County line at that time.
    I am trying to find any Twiggs County records related to the Thames family prior to 1833.  Any information would be appreciated. Cheryl Aultman      7/6/2005

THOMAS/SANDERS:  I'm trying to find out some history on my grandmother and grandfather!  Bessie Thomas and John W Sanders her son.  I was told my grandmother (Mrs Thomas ) was a slave on the Richland plantation. Anyone with information contact  Jennifer Stubbs 5/02/2014

WALL, WALLS - Researching Rev./ School Teacher JESSE J. WALL / WALLS and SARAH SMITH Marriage: 1 NOV 1827. Trying to find out their ancestots and information about them. Thanks: Jimmie R. WALL, Abilene, Tx 1/5/2011

WEEKES - I am interested in finding anyone who has information about the Weekes Family in Laurens/Twiggs/Wilkinson County, Georgia.  My GGG Grandfather Bartimeus M. Weekes married Elizabeth Jones from Wilkinson County, Georgia in 1856.  He was born in South Carolina in 1785 and had two children, William Hannibal Weekes (My GG Grandfather) who married Roxanna Wright from Pulaski County in 1857, and Martha Jane Weekes who married Elder David Smith from Wilkinson County, Georgia on 24 Oct 1856 in Twiggs County.   They had one son together, James (Jim) Henry Smith born in 1861.  I would like to locate their graves if possible.  Several people have mentioned that Elder David Smith (died 12 July 1883) was buried on Hatfield Hill which was on his plantation at the time.  I have visited the Allentown Cemetery which the land was owned by David Smith originally.  His son , James Henry, is buried at Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church.  If anyone has any information/pictures to share, please contact me as soon as possible.  Thank you. , Carolyn Coleman.  6/20/2010

WETHERSBY - I am searching for the wife of Gideon A. Wethersby.  She was born about 1803
in Georgia, and was named Winifred or Winiford.  She and Gideon were married
by 1830.
Gideon's father, Stephen Wethersby, was in Twiggs County as early as 1810.
Gideon received land in Twiggs County in the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery.
Gideon was the overseer for Council S. Bryan in 1829, but later moved to
Houston County (1830), then Randolph County (1840), then Coosa County,
Alabama by 1850.  His family continued to move around after 1850.
Winiford/Winifred died something after 1870, probably in Mississippi, and
Gideon died in Texas after 1880.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Carol Voiles 10/5/2005

WHITE - I am interested in obtaining information on my GGG grandfather Manning White, born in Wilkinson County about 1815.  The Census of 1840 indicated a residence in Militia District 354, then considered Twiggs County.
  Manning White married a Elafair (maiden name unknown) and had three children Early James, Elsberry, and Laura.
  Elafair and her children were documented on the 1850 Census as living in Macon.
  I would be interested in information related to: Manning White's father's and mother's name, Elafair White's maiden name, the location of the Manning house in Twiggs County, and any general information on the Manning White family. Email
Posted: August 24 2008

WILKINSON/WYNN - My gg grandfather was William Walsh Wilkinson, son of John Lawrence Wilkinson, Jr. of Twiggs Co., GA.  John Lawrence Wilkinson, Jr.  was the son of John Lawrence Wilkinson who was the son of William Greene Wilkinson.  I would like to know who the father of William Greene Wilkinson was.  That is a brick wall for me.
  John Lawrence Wilkinson, Jr. married Frances Wynne (Winn, Wynn) whose father was Robert W. W. Wynne.  That is another brick wall for me.
  Any and all help would be appreciated.  I have been working on both of these lines for years!!!!!!
  Dee Redkevitch Atlanta, GA

WILLIAMS/GRIMSLEY - My g-g-grandmother was Francis “Fannie” Grimsley , born about 1851, from Twiggs County.  Her father was Sherwood Grimsley.  Fannie married Joe/Joel/Joseph (possibly with a middle name of Stephen) Williams.  Would anyone know if Joe was from any Williams family in Twiggs County?  The only census records I have of Fannie and Joe, when they are married, is the 1900 census record from Montgomery County, Georgia.  The birth d tes on that record are in error, at least, for Fannie.  The names of their children are correct, according to our family records. The Coltons  4/26/2009

WILLIAMS - My great grandfather was George Washington Williams.  He was married to Hattie Holland.  On his death certificate, his father is listed as Joe Williams.  However, his mother was listed as "DK" or "don't know".  I cannot find a George Williams on any of the Twiggs County Census prior to 1900.  On the 1880 Twiggs County Census, there is a "George Ham" listed as a "brother" with Charnic Ham and Nancy Williams Ham.  I believe that Joseph Williams was Nancy's father.  Could this be my George Williams?  (He was probably born around 1873.) thanks for any help. Angie Howell 7/1/2009

WIMBERLY - I am looking for info on Abraham Wimberly, born abt 1812 probably not in Twiggs co. He is listed as an orphan in a land lottery and is linked to Ezekiel Wimberly's family or relatives in several other references. Did any Wimberlys die in Twiggs in about 1800-1825 ? I would like to know his relationship to Ezekiel or his brothers. Also he disappears from the census in 1860, I am assuming he died but I don't know for sure. Bruce Hutchins 10/20/2004

WOOD, DAVID HODGES-  cannot find out information at all except where he was the minister who  married different couples in Georgia.  I know that he started Wood’s Meeting House and that he was a minister.  I understand he Was Greenberry Wood’s Father, But I cannot find him anywhere listed.  Does anyone have information on him or his family. Cheryl Scott 11/24/2008. Need new email

Note: Excerpt:  David Wood left Twiggs County, in 1817, and moved to Consecuh County, Alabama. He was a Baptist minister, who was blind.  He was an earnest, practical and devoted minister.  "He preached the first sermon, ever delivered in Consecuh County, in a small, rude cabin.  This spot's grave yard is near the Bellville Baptist. Church."(Source:  History of Conecuh County, Alabama, by B. F. Riley, Columbus, Georgia, T. Gilbert Steam printer and book-binder, 1881, pg. 29)

Dooly County:  May 3, 1832, Rev. David Wood married Dr. Ira E. Dupree of Twiggs County, to Miss Frances Bryan, daughter of Major James C. Bryan. (Source: Milledgeville: Federal Union, May 10, 1832, pg.3.)
Note:  The David H. Wood, Twiggs, could have been his son or nephew.  R. Elizabeth Brewer

Copyright Eileen Babb McAdams 2004