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AARON - Steven Aaron
ANDERSON - Deedra Hardrick
ANDREWS, AUGUST -  Susie H.  Andrews
CORNELIUS - Wanda Hill
Deedra Hardrick
DAY - Deedra Hardrick
DUNN- Avery S. Robertson, Jr
Deedra Hardrick
GLOVER - Sharon Wilkes     Kayla Quozza
HARDIN, SAMUEL - Susie H. Andrews
HARKLESS - Avery S. Robertson, Jr
JORDAN - Deedra Hardrick
LOWE-Avery S. Robertson, Jr
MOSS- Avery S. Robertson, Jr
NOBLE - Damien Noble
PACE - Shari L Williams
ROBERTSON - Avery S. Robertson, Jr
STEVENS/STEPHENS- Avery S. Robertson, Jr
STEWART/STEWARD - Sharon Wilkes 
WHITEHEAD - Sharon Wilkes 
WALL- Avery S. Robertson, Jr
Jubie Barton Bragg, Teacher
born in Twiggs Co., Feb. 17 1876; son of Andrew and Rebecca Smith Bragg; attended Ballards Norman School, Macon; graduate Tuskegee Institute, Ala., 1900; B.S., Talladega College, 1910; married Anna Mariah Smith, of Orangeburg, S.C., Sept. 15, 1904; 4 children. Teacher at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (Florida A & M University), Tallahassee. (He began the schools football program in 1899 and was head football coach and athletic director) and W. Virginia Colored Institute, 1 yr.; instructor of manual training and professor of science Jackson (Mississippi) College since 1911. Episcopalian Progressive. Source: Who's Who of the Colored Race; FAMU website. See the Story of A Blacksmith
Rev. John Thomas Stevens
(also known as J.T. or Jack Stevens) was born in Twiggs County around the year 1853to the parentage of Richard and Sarah Tharpe-Stevens. He was the founding pastor of both Mount Olive Baptist Church, located in Tarversville, and Stone Creek Baptist Church, located in Dry Branch. He was also help established the Mount Olive School for African American, which still stands to this day. He was married to Fannie Anna Flowers. He was a well known Baptist preacher in the area, as well as a traveling medicine man (it is thought that his medical training was received in slavery, learning from Dr. Dave Solomon). He died March 4, 1934 and is buried in the J. T. Stevens Cemetery, located on Cresent Rd., outside of Fitzpatrick, Twiggs County.
Submitted and copyrighted by  Avery S. Robertson, Jr. 2009
Rev.Robert Benjamin Williams D.D, pastor
     Born near Westlake, August 4, 1879 to parents who were both slaves, Peter and Rhoda (McCrae) Williams. Paternal grandparents Peter and Sallie Williams, maternal grandparents Bob and Rebie McCrae; great grandparents  Harry and Hester Powell. Attended the pubic schools of Twiggs County. The family moved to Macon when he was about 12. When he was 14 he began railroad work.
     When about 17 he was converted and joined the New Zion Baptist church. Licensed for ministry in 1893 and in June 1893 began ministry at Bethesda Baptist Church.
     Married Lulu Howard, daughter of Miles and Laura Howard Dec. 24, 1888
BOZEMAN - Sallie Bozeman is my second great Grandmother.  Apparently she was was born in 1854 in Dooly County, Georgia.  She married Elbert Frazier 16 Nov 1873.  Her children were Herbert, Jordan, Charlie and Alice Frazier.  Alice Frazier was my  great grandma.  Unfortunately, does not have any records on the names of Sallie Bozeman's parents.  Also, I would love to find out who was shipped from Africa here.  And what part of Africa and what tribe were they from. 
Tammy Williams 11/03/2014 

GLOVER, Robert (Bob) - Looking for information on the parents of Robert (Bob) Glover who was born in Twiggs County, GA, about 1881.  He married Allie Hoge in 1903 and is shown in Shady Grove, Twiggs, on the 1910/1920/1930 with his wife and children.  Have not been able to locate him in the 1900 or 1940 census, although it is believed he died in Twiggs County in 1957. This is an African American family.  Any help you might give me would be greatly appreciated.  Robert Glover is the great-grandfather of my friend Jessica Glover.  I am helping he with her family history.  Thank you so much. LouAnn Blakely 6/01/2014 

KING: I am looking for any record or information of the free black family of Kings. On May 14, 1868, 37 family members headed by Alfred King and Seaborn Ashley left GA by way of Savannah for Bexley, Liberia under the auspices of the American Colonization Society. Alfred was about 60 years old when they departed. The family did share cropping in 1867 on a plantation in Marion during reconstruction but no info on which plantation they worked on. I am trying to connect the dots and need assistance. Seaborn Ashley was a blacksmith. Please see emigrant list.
Thanks, Alfred D. King, GGG grandson of Alfred King. Email. 9/10/2013 
THOMAS/SANDERS:  I'm trying to find out some history on my grandmother and grandfather!  Bessie Thomas and John W Sanders her son.  I was told my grandmother (Mrs Thomas ) was a slave on the Richland plantation. Anyone with information contact  Jennifer Stubbs 5/02/2014 

Twiggs County Slaves/Freemen  1810-1860
 Census Records, University of Virgina Library
Year Number of Slaves Free Coloured Males Free Coloured  Females 
1810 642 - -
1820 3,527 8 9
1830 3,507 17 12
1840 4,165 25 18
1850 4,620 20 22
1860 5,318 34 38
Free Persons of Color 1818
Free Persons of Color 1822
Free Persons of Color 1823
Slaves advertised for sale or found
  • Unnamed Girl - James Stacks 1808 
  • Small child - James Pall 1811
  • Negro Girl to hire- Gabriel Mobley estate 1813 
  • Tom, Ned, Mingo & wife from East Florida 1814
  • Dred - R. Sherwood
  • Joe - Willam Nelson 1815
  • Armstead, Charlotte & her child - William Nelson 1815
  • Lucy & her child - John Ward 1815
  • Amos -  Aaron Snowden & Mathew Hodges 1815
  • Gordon, Pollydore - Samuel Alexander 1815
  • Charles, Cuff, Davis - James Hardin 1815
  • Chan & her child - William Nelson 1816
  • 3 Negroes - Joseph Brady estate 1817
  • Negroes - William Bunn 1818
  • Henry - John Chappell Sen'r estate 1818
  • Negros to hire - George Cornelius estate 1819
  • 4 Negroes to hire - James Sutton estate 1819
  • Small boy - Henry Zone estate 1819
  • 11 Negroes -  Solomon Rouse estate 1819
  • 5 Negroes - Benjamin Matthews estate 1819
  • Hagar, Mariah - Isaac Lindsey 1820
  • Toney - Jarred Lindsey 1820
  • Milly, Alston, Nancy, Jacob -Matthew Gregory 1820
  • Vilet, Isaac, Jinney, Rachael - John Berry & Elijah Mills 1820
  • 30 Negroes - David Ralston 1821
  • Peggy - Joshua Stafford 1821
  • Sam - Col. Benjamin DuPree 1822
  • Abraham - David Ralston 1822
  • Adam - Robert Barton estate 1823
  • Mary, Tom, Lucy, girl child - Starling Anderson estate 1823
  • Seven Negroes - Elias Carr estate 1823
  • Ten Negroes - Elijah Ward 1824 
  • George & Littleton  - John G. Slappey, R. R. Tarver 1824 
  • One Negro Woman - Moses Blackshear 1826
  • 15 to 18 Unnamed - Richard Smith 1826
  • Unnamed Girl - Amy Bryan 1826
  • Dick - Thomas Zorn 1827
  • Willoby, Daniel, Balam, Signey, Dilsey, Patience, Peggy, Abel, Betsy, mary, Arch, Mariah, Silvey, Claricy, Creece, Lucy - James C. Bryan
  • Tom, Peggy, Andrew Mary, Charles - Benjamin L. Rainey
  • Joe, Brister, Isaac - Robert Glenn
  • Amy - Jonah Rogers 1827
  • Lev, Milly and Sam - John Sanders estate 1827
  • George, Silvey & Joe - Barbary Deshazo Estate  1828 
  • Jacob, David, Harry, Alexander, Aaron, Nancy, Milley, Annis, Mary, and Sarah - Gabriel Parker Estate 1829
  • Three Negroes - James McCant estate 1831
  • Jake - Thomas Floyd 1834
  • Charles & George - Orphans of Wm. Melton 1835
  • Unnamed - John Barton 1835
  • Jim, Berry, Chaney - Thomas Chappell Estate 1836
  • Unnamed - Joshua D. Bostick Estate 1836
  • Unnamed - Seth Honeycut Estate  1837 
  • Unnamed - Hardy Durham 1838
  • Henry, Harriett, Lydia, boy, Gilford, Bill- Rob. F. Glenn 1838 
  • Esther - John R. Hunt 1838
  • Unnamed - Holliday H. Harrall estate 1839
  • Paul, Isaac, King - Joseph Collins Estate 1839 
  • Sally - Pharaba Anderson Estate 1839
  • nnamed Man - Thomas Zorn estate 1840
  • Unnamed - Thompson Sauls estate 1840 
  • Bill, Mitchell, Charles - Alexander Carswell's orphans 1840
  • Unnamed - Richard Street estate 1840
  • Unnamed -E. Hamilton 1841
  • Lewis - George Wilson Estate 1842
  • Peggy, Temp, Clarisa, Philip, Jack, Mingo, Jerry - Benjamin U. Kelly 1843
  • Cherry, Bob, Dick, Simon - John Outlaw Estate 1844
  • Cherry, Jane, Philis, Hannah, George - Henry Holmes
  • Mary, Harriet, Charlotte, Henry,Pool, Easter, Charles, Wiley 1844
  • Alfred, Penny, Harriet, Jack, George - Hardy Pace
  • Sucky - John H. Andrews Estate 1845
  • Edmund, Dave, Betsy & 4 children - James A. Young Estate 1846
  • Sina - Thomas Chappell Estate 1851
  • Henry - Lavinia N. Brooks 1853
  • Sam, Phillips - Richard Deshazo 1853
  • Sarah, Stephen - James T. Campbell 1853
  • Simon, Sarah,  Harriet, Lucy - James Vinson Estate 1854
  • 5 Unnamed - Bennett Tull 1854
  • Alford, Moses, Lyddy -Robert Rozar 1857 
  • Tom - Elias F. Champion Estate 1865
  • Slaveholders
    1850 Slaveholders| 1860 Slaveholders
    Largest Slaveholders in 1860 Census with matching African American Surnames in 1870 (link)

    1830 Vol. 1 -- Page: 197
    Sequential Number: 145

    Full Title: AN ACT to regulate slaves in the county of Twiggs, and to punish their owners or managers in certain cases, and to prevent the sale of poultry by slaves, except in certain cases.

    Whereas, much evil exists in the county of Twiggs, in consequence of owners and managers of slaves, permitting them to hire their time, and live separate and apart from their owners or managers, and from the liberty given by the owners or managers of slaves, to them, to furnish victualing on public days, in said county -- For remedy whereof,

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That from and after the first day of January next, it shall not be lawful for any owner or manager of any slave or slaves in the county of Twiggs, to allow him or them to hire his or their own time, to live on a separate town lot, from his owner or manager, or to hire themselves on any farm or plantation, or hire any slave or slaves to any other person to the intent that said slaves, may be allowed to live separate and apart from their owner or manager, or to be allowed to furnish victuals for sale or accommodation of any person or persons whatsoever, and that any owner or manager offending against this act, shall be deemed and considered guilty of a misdemeanor, and subject to indictment for the same, and on conviction, shall be fined in a sum not less then fifty dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars.

    Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That any two or more freeholders may, whenever they know of any slave or slaves living separate and apart from their owner or manager, in the county aforesaid, and doing any act, which manifests to them that they are allowed to act for themselves or furnish victuals for any persons whatever, for pay or emolument, take said slave or slaves to the keeper of the common jail of said county, who shall receive them, and safely keep them until the owner or managers shall have paid all jail fees and given bond and security to abide the judgment of the Court on any indictment which may be instituted onder this act, and which jail fees shall be the same as in all other cases, for the imprisonment of slaves. Provided, That the jailer shall not be authorised to receive any slave from said freeholders until one or more of them shall file an affidavit, that said slave or slaves, has been apprehended with a view to the inforcement of this act.

    Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That any person purchasing of any slave, any poultry without a written authority from the owner or manager of said slave, shall be held and deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction, shall be fined not exceeding twenty dollars.

    Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    President of the Senate.
    GEORGE R. GILMER, Governor.
    Approval Date: Assented to, Dec. 23d. 1830.

    African American Research at national archives
    Freedman's Bureau Records at national archives
    Freedman Bank Records in Twiggs County
    Freedman's Bureau
    Georgia's Slave Population in Legal Records: Where and How to Look



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