Hancock County Georgia Homicides 1798 - 1960
Date Victim Charged  Notes
1794 Maj. Wooten, of Lt. Runnell's regiment  Unnamed federal soldier from Ft. Fidius Federal soldiers fighting with local militia Augusta Chronicle May 10, 1794
1798 unknown Jim Guerry aka Jim Gary Charged with murder. 1st hanging In county per 1899 newspaper
1801 Not a homicide but was hanged in 1806 for forgey and counterfeiting conviction in 1801 Nathan Tait, white stole 18 horses, tried for counterfeiting . The notorious Nathan Tait hung 8-23-1806 8-30-1806 Farmer's Gazette
1820 Britain Jones, white Ransom Duke, white Governor's Proclamation 3-28-1820, Georgia Journal
Aug 12,
John Pullen  William Cureton, white Governor's Proclamation 8-30-1825, Georgia Journal.  Served 5 years 1826-1831. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1826 Groves Colbert, white Joseph Culver, white  Governor's Proclamation. Augusta Chronicle & Advertiser Mar 11, 1826
Oct 1,
Reuben, slave of Dimas Ponce Thomas Kelly, white Georgia Journal Oct 29, 1827
1841 Robert Petigrew. white Riker.  Maj. R. Mitchell's slave robbed and murdered. Riker sentenced to be hung Fri, Macon Telegraph Feb 14, 1841
Dec 7,
George W. Youngblood, white Newton J. Carr, white Governor's Proclamation Southern Recorder 1-6-1852
Dec 24,
_________Henderson, white ______McRae, white Killed during a drunken frolic. The Macon Telegraph Jan 10, 1854
1855 A. C. Devereaux, white Obadiah Arnold, white Devereaux was killed by his cousin Arnold at his liquor shop. Federal Union  Feb 6. 1855
Burton R. Gardner, white
of Milledgeville
O. J. Powell, white Shot in the street over pecuniary matter that had previously existed.  The  Georgia Telegraph Apr 22, 1856. Federal Union Apr 22 1856
H. B. Gardner, white
Brother of Burton R. Gardener
John H. Sanders, white Stabbed with bowie knife when brother was killed. Died from wounds. Southern Recorder May 13, 1856 
1857 John I. Bass, white Mary E.  Hudson, white
of Baldwin County
Mrs Hudson shot Bass at his home after he maltreated his wife and her the day before. She was found guilty and sentenced to prison Oct 18, 1859. Received 2 years (Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976). Pittsfield Sun Sep 17, 1857. Washington Co. News. Clipp. Vol 1 1862 -1866, Tad Evans
Feb 20,
John H. Sanders, white Addison Attaway, white Broke his skull with a decanter in a bar room, fled from justice.  Daily Columbus Enquirer Mar 8, 1860,
Feb 28,
Miss Dickens, white Guard at factory Accidently shot by guard on duty.
Daily Columbus Enquirer Mar 8, 1860,
1865 Henry Amos, white Isaac, black Amos was shot in his bed, Isaac was found guilty and hung in Augusta in Jan. 1866. Macon Daily Telegraph July 12, 1865;  Macon Daily Telegraph Jan. 16, 1866
John D. Harrison, white David Pounds, white  mistrial in Hancock, found guilty in Wilkes Co.  June, 1870
Georgia Weekly Telegraph Nov. 8, 1867; The Daily Sun June 23, 1870
1869 Moses Morse/Stanley, black Alfred Cooper, black voluntary manslaughter, 10 years in pen. Refused pardon by governor in 1874. Ga. Weekly Telegraph Oct 29, 1869. 1870 Mortality Schedule
1869 James Marchman? "Colored Ku Klux" George Brantley, Detroit Howell,  Henry Walker, Hilliard Jones, Thornton Hightower, Daniel Kilpatrick, Joe Grimes, Ike Chatman, Simon Lundy, Floyd Moore, Nick Runnel. Henry Thomas and Alfred Thomas -not guilty, Aug 28, 1869 Columbus Daily Enquirer
Aug 29, 1869 Augusta Chronicle
1869 Washington Pierson, black Thomas O. Jackson, white altercation at circus, near the railroad
June 25, 1869 The Georgia Weekly Telegraph; Sep 15, 1859 Macon Telegraph
Capt. John Taylor, white James Oxford, white Daily Columbus Enquirer June 15, 1869;
Oct. 23. 1869, Dec, 2, 3, 1869; Aug 1, 29 1871 
Unnamed man, black Mr. Posey, white Southern Recorder Aug 24, 1869
1870 Will Culver 12 unknowns Atlanta Constitution, Sep 14, 1870
1871 Wilkes Bass, black Asiah Terrell, black Terrell, watchman at Mr. Martin's gin house was shot Ball as he was leaving with a basket of cotton. Macon Weekly Telegraph  1-17-1871 
1871 George Matthews, black Charles Dubose, black Matthews was the son in law of Dubose Macon 8-1-1871 Georgia Weekly Telegraph
Ben Roberts, white Thomas Hobby, white justificable homcide. Nov 28, 1871, Macon Telegraph
1872 Andrew Worthen, black J. O. Dickson, white Macon Telegraph & Messenger Feb 13, 1872
Ben Miller, black 
Macon Telegraph March 5, 1872
1873 Jim Chala, Jr., black Larkin Davis, black Atlanta Constitution Oct 1, 1873
Aug 23 
Joe Simmons, black Joe Bland, white Union Recorder, Aug 24, 1875 
1875 John Bruce, black Anderson (Winn) Wynne, Jr., black stabbed when trying to break up fight. Winn found guilty. Georgia Weekly Telegraph, Sep 7 1875, Daily Constitution Nov. 30 1875


James T. Dickson, white

Eldridge Jackson, black

David Dickson, white

Convicted of murder in 1875, he was released in 1908 after serving  33 yrs. Union Recorder Nov 10, 1908

Killed by his deranged brother David. Macon Telegraph, Jan 11, 1876

1876 James Ransom, black Nathan Ingraham, black Stabbed to death,  Augusta Chronicle Jan 26 1876. Recieved 6 years. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1876 J. M.  Coleman, white John Ray, white Ray shot Coleman. Macon Telegraph  Aug 29 1876

H. F. Rozier, white

Alfred Murdock, black
M. Y. Griggs, W. R. Lovett. 
Columbus G. Barnes. white

Griggs & Lovett charged with murder. Barnes acquitted. Griggs & Lovett pardoned in 1882..Macon Telegraph. June 9  1877; June 26, 1877. Augusta Chronicle Nov. 17

Macon Telegraph, May 27, 1879

Edgar Simmons, black Lewis Butts, black near Devereaux, Georgia Weekly Tele.  July 23, 1880
1881 Unknown Enoch Choice, black Sentenced for 20 yrs, released 18 yrs later. Union Recorder Nov 16, 1909
Felix Barnes, black Unknowns, white Attempted rape. Shot the next day. Union and Recorder Mar 29, 1881
1883 Scip Bennett, black Wilson Smith, black Macon Telegraph Oct 15, 1884; .Pardoned in 1890, Macon Telegraph Feb 1
1889 Barney Fair, white Eli Barnes, white found guilty of murder, sentenced to pen. for life. Columbus Daily Enquirer Apr 14, 1889. Commuted 1913. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
Walter A Humphrey, white Tom Gunn, white accidentally shot while target shooting. The Macon Telegraph Dec 30, 1889
Pound child, white Jim Pound, white Pound hit his son on the head while he was asleep "on the job". Union Recorder Mar 29, 1892
Dr. W. R. Gilmore, white  Julian West, white Macon Telegraph Dec 13, 1893
George Clark, black Constable Sam Ennis of Baldwin County, white Ennis shot the wrong man. He was after Ben Temple. Macon Telegraph 5/28/1893
4 yr old daughter of Thomas Roberts, white Sam Broadnax, white,
11 years old
found guilty of poisoning child. Granted pardon Jun 10, 1903. Union Recorder Jun 16, 1903
Sep 26
David (Dave) Silver, white Harry Butts, black Shot 5 times in the back Union Recorder Sep 29, 1896. Augusta Chronicle Sep 9, 1899
Harrison Boone, black friends of policeman Bowen, white On a drunken spree while shooting a crow Policeman Bowen was wounded. Bowen's friends shot Boone down. Justifable homicide.
Union Recorder Sep 29, 1896

Chauncey Boyer, white
Cliff Brooking, white 
Cliff Brooking, white
Howard Boyer, white
Brooking, also shot, died in the jail. Union Recorder Aug 20 1901
April 4, 
Columbus Boyer, white Brookin Everett Brown, white
Thomas Allen, white
accessory, later pardoned
Tom Allen was sentenced to 99 yrs in prison and pardoned in 1909. Augusta Chronicle 1-9-1909;
Brown escaped.$150 reward in 1907 for Brown. Macon Telegraph April 5, 1902
Union Recorder April 8-1902; 10-21-1902.Macon Telegraph 7-28-1907; Brown found in Texas, Macon Telegraph Jan 4 1915. Carpenter in Miami Fla. 1930 per Federal Census.
Sep 20
Willis Sams, black Michael Brazill, black convicted, escaped, $100 reward in 1907, Macon Daily Telegraph Jul 28, 1907
1904 J. D. Thornton, white Lewis "Buck" Devereaux, alias "Joe Lewis". black Arrested in Columbia S. C. in 1912. confessed . self defense during a quarrel. Macon Daily Tele.  Dec. 24, 1912. Imprisoned 1912, paroled 1934.
Jan 5, 
O. Walker Meadows, white Rass Sanders, white
Charles Jones black
Jack & Will Lawson as accessories (not charged)
Found shot in his buggy near Baldwin & Hancock counties line.  In  Jan.  1906 Superior Court  Ras Sanders was tried and found not guilty. Atlanta Constitution Jan 6, 1906; Union Recorder 1-9-1906. Charles Jones was pardoned in 1911. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976 
1906 Ed Binion, white Jeff Lundy of Putnam Co., Black Shot Binion, after tracked down, he escaped from a hospital.
Macon Weekly Telegraph Nov 5, 16, 1906. Augusta Chronicle Nov. 26, 1906
Mar 22,
Mrs. Peter Cooper,  black Peter Cooper, black Hung May 16, 1908 for murder of his wife. Macon Telegraph , May 16, 1908
1910 Charles Simmons, white Charley Burns, white Pistol duel at Carrs Station UR 9/20/1910
1911 James Johnson, white Jasper Boyer, white 75 yr old Boyer was acquitted at commitment trial, indicted by grand jury Milledgeville News May 19, 1911
Macon Telegraph March 26, 1912
1912 John Epps, age 15, white Ada Griffith, John England, white found in woods with crushed skull. Griffith and England were arrested in 1913. Macon Telegraph Dec. 27, 1912; Nov 9, 1913 
1914 Allan Cooper, black Will Brown, black Macon Telegraph 5-16-1914
Dec 30, 
J. J. Carr, white George Carr, white Saving his mother and sister from threats of violence Carr shot his father. Ruled justifiable homicide. Augusta Chronicle Dec 24, 1914;  Jan 2, 1914 Macon Daily Telegraph
Nov 20
Dennis Burton, black J.A. Jones, white Union Recorder Nov 28, 1916
1917 Adam Reynolds, black
Alex Jackson, black
George Grandy, white Shot, Augusta Chronicle May 10 1917
Tom Dunn, black Thomas Davis, white pistol shot in head Macon Daily Telegraph 10/19/1917
Aug 7
Jack Meriweather James Taylor Guilty of manslaughter, 2 - 5 years, Macon Telegraph Oct 17, 1919. Paroled 1921,  Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976 
July 20,
Dan W. Wheeler, white John Aleck Humphrey, white acquitted. Macon Telegraph Sep 26, 1919
Ben Trawick, black
Gene Trawick, black
Lovejoy, Boskey, Jackson, white shot by prohibition officers. Union Recorder Dec 21, 1920
Oct 20, 
Forrest Wheeler white
John Aleck Humphrey, white
John Aleck Humprey, white
Unknown party
pistol duel at Mayfield between the Wheelers and Humphreys. Macon Telegraph  Oct 21, 22, 1920
July 1922 Jule (Julian) Hunt, black Tom Jeans, black  Milledgeville News July 28, 1922
Sep 27, 
Columbus Tucker - shot to death per death certificate
Cora Dudley Horton, white William Head
Mrs Ethel Head, white
shot at farm near Sparta
Augusta Chronicle Oct 6 1922
Jan 13
Liss/List McLin, black - Shot to death per death certificate and Atlanta Constitution Jan 15, 1923 

Lindsay B. Gilmore, white
George Butts, black

George Butts, black
Sheriff's Posse, white
Gilmore was part of a posse pursing Clinton Champion & Butts, alleged robbers of Hancock county farmers and general stores. Macon Telegraph  Feb 5, 1923 
Aug 4, 
Willie B. Newman (Kathleen), black Robert Howell, black 10 yr old died of gunshot wounds per death certificate.  Apr 12, 1923 Macon Telegraph 
Jan 1,
Julian Hudson, black Adam Salad, black 14 yr old shot and killed per death certificate
Macon Telegraph Jan 4 1924
T. E. Frazier, white Marion Sparks, white Killed his father in law, Macon Telegraph Aug 27, Sep 25,  26, 1924
Pressley Hitchcock, white  Ernest Hutchings, white Killed by his brother-in-law. Macon Telegraph June 27, 1925
Ed Miller, black Herman Miller, black  Murdered on Dickson Farm, May 1925. June 10, Jul 2,  1925 Macon Telegraph
1925 Mrs. Jim Collier, black Jim Collier, black Macon Telegraph Sep 29, 1925 
Hezekiah Lawrence, black Ellen Latimer, black
Ida Scott Reed, black
Shot in head. Jan 27, 1927, Macon Telegraph
 Cora Harris, black Will Newman, black Shot Ms. Harris. Imprisoned, life sentence. died 1931. Macon Telegraph Jan 18, 1927. 
Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976 

Rosa Beall, black Emmie May Battle, black Stabbed her rival. Macon Telegraph Mar 1, 1927
Mar 1927 Joseph Clark, black two white men
two black men
Macon Telegraph 3/21/1927
1927 A. C. Wilson, white John Pound, white Killed prison warden. Macon Telegraph 4/13/1927
1927 Rogers Lundy, black Jimmy Scott, black shot Lundy on Lou Dickerson plantation, Macon Telegraph Jun 7, 1927 

Dessau child, black 

Black Man (Columbus Tucker?)
Julia Dessau, black

Will Lawrence, black
Accused of poisoning her daughter. Acquitted. Macon Telegraph  Jan 24, Apr 3 1928

20 years hard labor.Jul 18, Oct 1, 1928 Macon Telegraph
Jun 5 1928 Clinton Ivey, white John "Willie" Gilbert, black Reckless driving . Gilbert sentenced to a year in jail. Jun 21; Sep. 29, 1928 Macon Telegraph
Rev. I. M. Wood, white unknown, unsolved case Macon Telegraph Dec. 16
1930 Vesta Brantley, white Hamilton Brantley, white Confessed to killing his sister. Got life in prison.
Macon Telegraph May  19, 22; Sep 27, 1930

J. F. Smith, white

Charlie Stone, black
Fleming Jones, black

John Henry Spikes, black
Vehicular homicide Augusta Chronicle Aug 19, 1930. Served 1 year for manslaughter

Dec 23, 1931 Macon Telegraph
1932 _____Dickson, black Albert "Preacher" Dickson, black killed his brother. Got 1 yr.  Augusta Chronicle Apr 5, 1932
1932 _____Unnamed, black John Willis, black Augusta Chronicle Apr 5, 1932
1932 Harwell G. Archer, white Dave Minish, white
Goss Smith, white
Vehicular homicide, involt. manslaughter Augusta Chronicle, Apr 5, 1932. Each got 1 year.
Ebb Swint, white Seabie Hutchings, white  Killed his tenant Swint, got 20 yrs, Dec 24, 1932 Macon Telegraph. Paroled 1942

Dec 1935 
Samuel Ohlman, white 

M. L. Stafford, white
Arthur Cole, white

Winton Boyer, black
Beaten, died from wounds. . Cole got 3 years.  Died in prison Feb. 14, 1935.  Mar 30, 1934 Macon Telegraph Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976 

Boyer confessed to shooting motorcyle policeman Stafford. Augusta Chronicle, Macon Telegraph
1935 Not stated Annais Thomas, black Murder, imprisoned 1935.  Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976

Not stated

Not stated
L J. Jones, black

Willie Trawick, black
Murder. Got life, died 1941. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976

Murder. Got life, paroled 1941. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1938 Dawson Brown, black Lan Harrell, black
____Harrell, black
circumstantial evidence, freed at trial, Augusta Chronicle Oct 1, 1938
1939 Mrs. Duboy Sanders, black Duboy Sanders, black Kills his wife, shot father-in-law and self. Macon Telegraph  Apr 17 1939
1939 Warren Durden, black George Osborne, white Macon Telegraph Aug 29, 1939
1939 Mrs Henry Hamilton, black Henry Hamilton, black Killed his wife, Augusta Chronicle, Dec 9, 1939;
Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
June 1940 Della Collins Arnold, white  Winton N. Arnold, white
Murdered wife, killed himself, Augusta Chronicle Jun 21, 1940 
1940 Not stated Tom Johnson, black Got life for murder, paroled 1949 & 1957.  Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1940 Not stated P. L. Warren, black Got life for murder, paraoled 1947, commuted 1965.    Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
Dec 1941 Charlie Thomas, white Emmett Boyer, black Dec. 4, 1941.  Macon Telegraph. Got life, paroled 
August 1941 Mrs Herus Brown, black Herus Brown, black  Murdered wife, Macon Telegraph Oct 5, 1941
1942 Mrs. Charlie Kemp, black Charlie Kemp, black Sentenced to life for killing his wife. Augusta Chronicle Dec 31, 1942; Mar. 26, 1943. Paroled 1950, Commuted 1965. 
1943 Robert Evans, black Wes Taylor, black Augusta Chronicle Mar 19, 26, 1943. Sentenced 10-20 years.
1944 Not stated Jake Chester, black Murder. Got life, paroled 1951 Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1946 Not stated Ludwick Mitchell, black Life for murder. Paroled 1954. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1947 Not stated Ham Smith, black Life for murder. Two escapes.  Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1949 Not stated James Wilson, black Life for murder, paroled 1955. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1949 Not stated Willie Frank Wilson, black Life for murder, paroled 1955, commuted 1965 
1949 L. C. Culver, black  Chief of Police Moody Perdue, white Shot Culver in jail cell when he attacked Sheriff Butts. Augusta Chronicle Aug 7,  1949
1950 Mrs. T. B. Eagle (Carrie?), black T. B. Eagle, black  murdered wife after drunken quarrel. Augusta Chronicle Jan 27, 1950, paroled 1957. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1950 Not stated Manuel Butts, black Life for murder, paroled 1957, Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1950 Not stated Perry Hawkins, black Life for murder, paroled 1957, Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1951 Not stated Willie Archer, black Life for murder. Paroled 1958 reversed 1961
1953 Rich Wallace, black George Collier, black Augusta Chronicle Mar 27, 1953
1953 Frank Finch, white Floyd W. Smith, white Vehicular homicide Augusta Chronicle Mar 27, 1953
1953 Robert Sloan, white Hop Ingram, black killed in moonshine raid, Augusta Chronicle, Oct. 2, 1953
1954 Not stated Victor Simmons, black Life for murder. Paroled  1957, commuted 1956. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1954 Not stated Wallace Warren, black Life for murder, escaped 1957. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1957 Ruby Lott, black Herbert Lott, black husband murdered,  acquitted, Augusta Chronicle Sep 25, Oct 25, Dec 12 1957
1957 Mansfield Thomas, black James Madison  Blount, black
"Cat" Edwards, black
Willie Lee Hall
Augusta Chronicle Dec 15, 1957; Feb 27, 1958.
Blount got life; Hall death, then got commuted to life. Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1960 Not stated Oscar Early Brown, black Life for murder, paroled 1967.  Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976
1960 Not stated Nathaniel Thomas, black Life for murder, paroled 1967.  Georgia, Central Register of Convicts 1817-1976

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