Hancock County Ga.
In the News 1820 - 1839
July 3, 1820
Vermont Republican
MARRIED - In the church at Mount Zion, Geo. by the Rev. Nathan S. S. Beaman, Mr. Richard Warn, of Schenectady, N. Y. Rector of the Academy at Powelton, to MissJulia Pierpont, of Manchester, Vt. teacher of the female department of the same institution.

February 26, 1821
New Hampshire Observer
Marriages. In the church at Mount Zion, Georgia, Jan. 7, the Rev. Joseph Wood, Rector of Powelton Academy, to Miss Mary Warner Doty, principal Female Instructor in said Academy.

March 2, 1821
New-York Specator
Mount Zion, Geo. Feb. 16. Yesterday, the 1st inst. Jesse, a son of Mr. Emelus Jordan, living near this place, a child of about 4 years old, was killed by a negro boy of the same age. They were chopping with axes on a piece of timber, standing on opposite sides, and it is presumed that the unfortunate little boy, in the act of stooping, received the other's axe on the top of his head which split his skull open to the brain; he lived but five minutes

November 22, 1821
Chronicle & Sentinel
$50 Reward
Stolen from a wagon encamped at the foot of the Sand Hills, on the night of the 6th instant, a large bright Sorrel Horse; no marks or white hairs on him recollected. He is about five years old, has a large bush tail, and long mane; is about five feet one inch high; shod all round. The above reward will be paid for the apprehension of the Thief with the Horse, or Ten Dollars for the horse alone. Apply at the Globe Tavern, or to Wm. A Cobb, Fort Creek, Hancock County, Geo.

January 5, 1822
The Farmers Cabinet
From the Mount Zion Missionary, Dec. 3
Distressing Event- On Saturday evening, 25th ult. Mr. Newdy G. Connell of this county, was burnt to death about a mile from Warrenton. - He was on his way to Augusta with a waggon, and last observed sitting over a fire which he had prepared for the night, and is supposed to have fallen into it in a fit. We found, the flesh on one arm and one on his body was burnt almost to a cinder. He continued in the most excruciating agony until Monday afternoon, when he expired.

May 17, 1822
The Georgian
  MARRIED, In Powelton, Ga., on the 5th inst. Mr. JAMES BURNET to Miss SARAH S. TUCKER.
  In Hancock county, Ga. on the 25th ult. Mr. JOHN H. LEWIS  to Miss UNITY FRANKLIN.
  In the same county, on the 5th inst. Mr. JONATHAN BICKERS to Miss ELIZABETH CHAMPION.

May 25, 1822
Portsman Journal of Literature and Politics
MARRIED - In Sparta, Georgia, Judge Taft, formerly Senator in Congress, to Miss Sarah Griffin.

August 6, 1822
Daily Georgian
DIED At Milledgeville, on the 20th ult., after a short illness, Mrs. Mary Lewis, consort of Dr. Richard Lewis, of Powelton, in the 20th year of her age.

September 10, 1822
Georgia Journal
~excerpts~ DIED - In Powelton on Saturday the 24th ult. Mr. ROBERT M'KEEN, late proprietor of the Mansion House in Augusta, in the 54th year of his age; leaving an affectionate wife and large family of children.....His remains were interred on the 25th with Masonic honors, of which society he was a respectable member.
  Mr. M'Keen was a native of the state of New York, but for the last 14 years a citizen of Georgia, and for 12 years a member of the Methodist Church.....

October 23, 1822
DIED, In Hancock county, 9th inst. William Dismukes, aged 60.
  In Hancock county, 2d inst. Mr. Vincent Ford, aged 23.

January 2, 1823
Augusta Chronicle and Georgia Advertiser
DIED, In Hancock County, Mr. Thomas B. Kendall

March 13, 1824
Augusta Chronicle
NOTICE. Agreeable to an order of Columbia county, will be sold, on the first Tuesday in May next, at the Court House door in Sparta, Hancoc county, to the highest bidder, one tract of Land; situate, lying and being in the county of Hancock, containing 287½ acres, adjoining James Mitchel and others, it being a part of the real estate of William Stark, deceased, sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said dec. Terms made known on the day of sale. Bowling W. Stark, Adm'r. March 8

 March 18, 1824
Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, PA)
Attempt to rob the Mail. - Extract of a letter from the Postmaster at Milledgeville, Georgia, to the Postmaster General, dated Feb. 18, 1824.   "An attack was made on the stage driver, four miles west of Powelton, about 2 o'clock, A.M. on Tuesday last by three persons, evidently with an intention to rob the mail. One of them fired at the driver from the side of  the road, and, at the same moment the other two attempted to stop the horses. The ball passed immediately before his breast, and made several holes through his clothes, but did him no injury. The discharge of the gun caused the horses to dash off with great rapidity over the obstructions which had been place in the road, and the two persons who attempted it were unable to stop them. I have offered a suitable reward, and will use every exertion to have them detected."

April 28, 1824
Augusta Chronicle
Sportsmen Attend. A MAIN of Cocks will be fought in the town of Sparta, Hancock county, on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of May next. April 10.

May 5, 1824
Augusta Chronicle
Came to Jail, On the first inst. an old negro woman named Sarah,  who says she belongs to Mr. Nathan Saunders, of Hancock county, of the state of Georgia. The owner is requested to call, prove property, pay charges, and take her away. Walter A. Appling, Jailer, Columbia county, Georgia. May 5.

May 15, 1824
Independent Chronicle and Boston Patriot
   Married In Sparta, (Geo.) Mr. Joseph W. Curtis, of Shrewsbury, (Mass) to Miss Mary Carew.

November 18, 1824
Savannah Republican
DIED In Jones County, on the 24th ult. in the 22d year of his age, Mr. ALFRED W. HAMILTON, eldest son of Walter Hamilton, Esq. of Hancock county.
  On the 27th ult. in Hancock county, Miss NANCY INGRAM. eldest daughter of Thomas Ingram.

November 23, 1825
Middlesex Gazette
DIED. In Sparta, Geo., Mr. Benedict L. Brown, 23, formerly of N. Haven

March 11, 1826
Augusta Chronicle and Advertiser
His Excellency Gov. Troup, has issued two proclamations, one offering a reward of two hundred dollars for the apprehension of Joseph Culver, of Hancock county, for a murder committed on the body of Groves Colbert, and he other offering a reward of two hundred and fifty dollards for the apprehension of Michael Whatley, of Morgan county, for committing murder on the body of Oren H Youngblood - In addition to the two hundred and fifty dollars, the citizens of Morgan county have subscribed Five hundred dollars for the apprehension of Whatley. They are described as follows - Joseph Culver is about 6 feet high, dark complexion, black hair and eyes, spare made, a flesh mole in the right cheek, and a little round shouldered; is about 35 years old. Michael Whatley is 33 or 24 yers of age, about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, straight made, of light red complexion, with blue eyes and lisps a little occasionally when speaking.

April 15, 1826
Connecticut Herald
MARRIED In Hancock County, Geo. on the 20th of March last, Mr. Eli Mansfield, formerly of this city, to Miss Nancy B. Hardwick, of the former place.

August 10, 1826
Baltimore Patriot
Died. At Saratoga Springs, on the 2d inst. HUGH TAYLOR, esq. an old and respectable inhabitant of Sparta, Georgia.

August 16, 1826
Middlesex Gazette
Died. In Sparta, Ga. Sophos Staples, Esq. late of New-Haven, aged 35.

November 14, 1826
Macon Telegraph
Married. In Hancock county, o the 2d instant, by the reverend D. Duffey, Major William P. Ford, merchant, of Augusta, to Miss Julian Harris, daughter of Samuel Harris, Esq.
    on the 24th ult. by the reverend J. Brinson, M. Brinson, Esq. of Jefferson county, to MissCelia Tarver, of Hancock county.

December 4, 1826
Connecticut Courant
DIED. At Sparta, Geo Abraham Pratt, Esq. late of Saybrook, and formerly Deputy Sheriff of Middlesex County.

January 9 1827
Macon Telegraph
Is this day opened for the reception of Scholars, under the superintendance of Mrs. Julia Warner. A gentleman liberally educated will aid in teaching the Languages, higher branches of Mathematics, and Natural Science. The institution is furnished with a Philosophical and Chemical Apparatus, a Mineralogical Cabinet, and Library.
  Music will be taught by a lady highly recommended. Board can be had in the most respectable families at one hundred dollars per year. The price of tuition will be at eight, twelve, and fifteen dollars per term of five months, to be regulated according to the branches which the scholars may respectively pursue. John Lucas, President. John Davies, Secretary.

January 31, 1827
Macon Telegraph
The Mount Zion Advertiser of the 23d instant, says, "the Hancock Troop were to have assembled in Sparta the day previous, prepared for a march to the Creek nation."

February 21, 1827
Macon Telegraph
MARRIED. In Hancock county, on the 11th ult. ARCHIBALD C. JONES of Crawfordville, to Miss SARAH ANN JOHNSTON, daughter of Malcolm Johnston.

March 26, 1827
Macon Telegraph
DEATHS.  In Hancock county, Mr. Andrew Tarver, in the 62d year of his age.

May 8, 1827
Georgia Journal
DIED - In Powelton, Ga. on the first of April, HENRY M. LOYLESS, aged 17 years, 7 months, and 28 days

June 23, 1827
Macon Telegraph
Married in Hancock Co., Mr. James Harris, of Warrenton, to Miss Sarah N. Andrews.

September 4 1827
Macon Telegraph
DIED.   In Hancock county, on the 22d inst. General Epps Brown, for many years past a Senator in the State Legislature.

October 29, 1827
Georgia Journal
~excerpt~ Hancock County, Superior Court, October Term, 1827.....
  We present Thomas Kelly of said county, for the offence of murder, for that the said Thomas, not having the fear of God before his eyes, but being moved and seduced by the instigation of the Devil, one the first day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven, with force and arms, at the plantation of Dimas Ponce, in the county aforesaid, in and upon a certain male slave named Reuben, the property of Dimas Ponce...did make an assault, and the said Thomas with a certain knife,,,(several) mortal wounds, the said slave then and there instantly died.... 

January 14, 1828
Macon Telegraph
DIED..Near Powelton, on the 21st ultimo, Mrs. Martha T. Seals, wife of Thomas Seals, aged 14 years, 11 months and 5 days, leaving behind her a disconsolate husband, and a lovely babe 9 months and 7 days old.

April 12, 1828
Charleston Observer
Died. In Hancock co., Ga. on the 26th ult., Mr. Amos Brantley, in the 70th year of his age. He was a revolutionary soldier...

May 5, 1828
Macon Telegraph
Married. In Powelton, Hancock county, on the 24th ultimo, by the Rev Mr Glenn, James W. Fannin, esq. of Columbus to Minerva D. Fort, of that place.

May 19, 1828
Macon Telegraph
Died. In Sparta, Hancock county, Mrs. Jane Smith wife of Mr. Horace Smith.

January 3, 1829
Macon Telegraph
Married. In Greensborough, on the 18th inst. Mr. Willie Alston of Sparta, to Miss Elizabeth Sarah, daughter of the
Rev. John Howard of the former place.

January 24, 1829
Macon Telegraph
Married. At Powelton, on the 14th instant., by Thomas Hudson, Esq. Mr. Milton Clayton to Miss Caroline E. Hunter, eldest daughter of Rev. James Hunter, all of Jasper county.

January 28, 1829
Augusta Chronicle
Married,   In Hancock county, on Sunday evening the 11th instant, by the Rev. Joseph Roberts, the Rev. EDMUND SHACKELFORD, of Morgan county to Mrs. MARY HAYGOOD.

January 31, 1829
Macon Telegraph
Died. In Hancock county, on the 19th inst. Mr. James Lundy, in the 50th year of his age.

February 4, 1829
Macon Telegraph
Married. In Hancock county on the 5th inst. William Williams, Esq. of Macon, to Miss Dimas Broad, of Sparta.
  In Hancock county on the 5th inst. Mr. Robert A. Holt of Walton county, to Miss Emeline Randle.

April 2, 1829
Macon Telegraph
Married.  At La Grange, Troup county, on the 17th ult. Mr. Cosmo P. Richardson, of Savannah to Miss Margaret C. Bailey, recently of Hancock County.

September 15, 1830
Augusta Chronicle and Georgia Advertiser
  That Spacious and well arranged TAVERN, in the Town of Sparta, Hancock county, at present occupied by Mr. William Mackie.
  This establishment is not surpassed by any of a similar kind in the up-Cruntry, and will, with judicious management, yield a handsome return on the capial employed. The furniture and stock will be sold on a credit, for approved paper, to any person or persons who may contract for the premises.
  Possession will be given on the 1st of November next. Apply to MCKENZIDA BENNOCH. September 13

April 9, 1831
City Gazette
DEATH - In Hancock county, Geo. on the 26th ult. James Wooten, at an advanced age.

June 4, 1831
Macon Telegraph
MARRIED. At Mount Zion, Hancock county, on the 30th ult. Lieutenant William Henry Harford of the United States' Topographical Engineers, to Miss Maria M. Bryan, daughter of Mr. Joseph Bryan.

June 4, 1831
Macon Telegraph
MARRIED - At Mobile, Alabama, on the 5th ult. Mr. W. M. Berrien of Sparta, Ga. to Miss Catherine Jane Casey, daughter of  Dr. Thomas Casey, of Bibb County, Alabama.

June 11,1831
Macon Telegraph
MARRIED. In Greene county, on the 2d Mr. John H. Parrott of Hancock county, to MissLorane Lewis of Greene county.

December 5, 1832
Georgia Telegraph
DIED - In Sparta, Capt Duke Hamilton, in the 62d year of his age.

January 30, 1833
Sparta Georgia. The undersigned has taken this well know Establishment, with a determination to make its accommodations equal to any Public House in Georgia. Well supplied with all the materials for comfortable living-good cooks and waiters-neat rooms and beds - airy and well constructed stables, the best provender, attentive ostlers, witht he strick personal attention of the proprietor to every branch of the Establishment-he hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of the public patronage. Frederick Scott.

January 23, 1834
Georgia Telegraph
The Standard of Union, edited by Thomas Haynes, has been removed from Sparta to Milledgeville. It fearlessly advocates, as heretofore, the doctrines of the Union party.

November 1834
The Southern Recorder
Brinkley Babb married in Hancock County by Thomas H. Kenan, Esq.Missouri Ann Harris, daughter of Samuel Harris of Hancock County.

May 5, 1836
Macon Telegraph
  Amongst the Volunteers arrived at Charleston from Tampa Bay, were several seriously indisposed-one of them, William McRay, of Hancock county, Ga., died on the 4th inst. - His remains were interred on the following day with military honors by the German Fusiliers.

June 13, 1837
Macon Georgia Telegraph
MARRIED.  In Sparta, at the house of R. S. Hardwick, Esq., on Tuesday last, at 8 o'clock in the morning, by the Rev. Sereno Taylor, Capt. Benjamin K. Butts, to Miss Mary Ann T. Denton.

October 10, 1837
Southern Recorder
  DIED In New-York city, on the 16th ult., of consumption, Mr. WM. N. BREEDLOVE, in the 22d year of his age. Mr. B. was a native of Hancock county, Ga., and had jone to New-York with the intention of proceeding to the West Indies, for the benefit of his health; but it was otherwise ordained; the disease which preyed upon him assumed a fatal turn; he died about three weeks after his arrival in that place, leaving numerous friends and relatives to mourn his premature end.

October 17, 1837
Southern Recorder
MARRIED, On Sunday morning, 10th ult., at the residence of James Richardson, senior, of Walton county, by James J. Selman, Esq., Dr. FRANCIS S. COLLEY, of Hancock county, to Miss SARAH L. RICHARDSON, daughter of the said James Richardson.

SCMAR, Vol. V, Spring 1977, No. 2, p.112
Died of puerpal fever, on the 28th of April, near Clarksville, Clark Co., Ala., Mrs. Rebecca Black, consort of Mr. Thomas Black, formerly of Edgefield District, S. C. and lately of Hancock Co., Ga. Left a disconsolate partner and five motherless children. (Ibid.)

June 4, 1839
Macon Georgia Telegraph
DIED. At his residence near Sparta, on the 24th ins. at 10 o'clock, A.M., in the 79th year of his age Gen. Henry Mitchell. He was a native of Sussex county, Va., but for more than fifty years resided in Hancock and the adjoining county of Warren.

August 20, 1839
Macon Weekly Telegraph
DIED. In this city on the 2d inst on his return from Fort Gaines, William Edward Brooking, of Sparta, Ga.

September 24, 1839
Macon Weekly Telegraph
DIED. At her residence, near Mount Meigs, Ala., on the 1st inst. in the 29th year of her age, Mrs. Catharine F. King, wife of Col. Alfred P. King, formerly of Sparta, Ga.

November 4, 1839
Macon Georgia Telegraph
Morus Multicaulis
The subscriber has 8,000 Trees of the Genus Morus Multicaulis for sale, averaging from five to eight feet in height. He will sell them either by the single tree, foot, or bud. Apply to Gideon Holsey. Sparta, Ga., Oct. 15, 1839.

December 10, 1839
Macon Georgia Telegraph
MARRIED. In Hancock county, on the 4th inst. by the Rev. P. N. Maddux, Mr. John L. Birdsong, to Miss Parmelia J. Andrews, all of Hancock county.

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