Some Etheridge, Carter, Criswell. Cherry, McMullen Marriages
from Wilkinson Co. who married  in that county.

 Listed are names, marriage date, set of years, page # from content. Maiden name in parenthesis if marrying 2nd  time.

Thomas D.Etheridge & Martha Carter- 11/11/1875- set 1865-1882-p190
William Etheridge & Nicey Underwood- 7/1/1824-set 1821-10825-p18
Flucker Etheridge & Lania Billings 1/4/1898-set 1891-1903-p321
Flucker Etheridge & Susie Minter 6/24/1934- set 1916-1941- p447

H. F. Carter & Leila E.Smith -12/26/1898, set 1891-1903-p356
A. I. Carter & Lillie Bloodworth 6/24/1921-set 1916-1941-p151
Willie Carter & Lula Beck-10/1/1899-set 1891-1903 -p389
James Whitaker & Belle Carter-12/27/1916-set 1916-1941-p5
Linton Dixon & Lizzie Carter-11/17/1901-set 1891-1903-p498
James W. Carter & Elizabeth Daniels- 1/14/1908-set 1903-1916 -p310
Herbert C. Carr & Fleta Carter- 10/12/1940 -set 1916-1941- p569
John Carter & Sallie Dixon- 8/5/1900 -set 1891-1903- p433
B. F. Knowles & Sallie Carter (Dixon)-12/1/1907 -set 1903-1916- p249
Thomas B. Carter & Nora Criswell- 5/8/1908- set 1903-1916-p299
J. N. Herring & Nellie Carter- 7/29/1925- set 1916-1941- p223

William Cherry & Senia Walters 2/13/1879 set 1965-1882- p297
James Ira Cherry & Inez Lavinnia Holder 6/29/1886-set 1880-1891-p186
Willaim Jesse Cherry & Ola Booth 7/4/1909-set 1903-1916-p302
H.S. Cherry & Sarah G. Goodman 6/3/1878 set 1865-1882 p268
David Upshaw & Susan Criswell 3/4/1886 Baldwin Co. (but were living in Wilkinson Co.) set 1881-1887 p364. They eloped because
    David was age 30 and Susan age 15. I feel her  father, Whitmel Criswell didnt approve of marriage.
Lawson Criswell & Lucindy Moore 4/8/1897- set 1891-1903- p266
F.C. Carr & Rebecca Pennington 12/14/1875 set 1865-1888-p192
Marcus O. McMullen & Sarah E. Criswell 1/12/1870 set 1865-1882-p98
Oliver McMullen & Ola Bell Benford 7/8/1904-set 1903-1916-p28
Leroy E. Criswell & Emeline E. Ham 10/19/1931 set 1916-1941-p347
Willie Criswell & Stella Bates 8/23/1908- set 1903-1916 p317
W.V. Criswell & Mary Smith 7/16/1916 set 1903-1916 p646
W.V. Criswell & Estella Harden 10/12/1923 set 1916-1941- p189
Jackson Martin & Francis Criswell 11/1/1869- set 1865-1882-p94
C.C. Criswell & Martha Grissom (Temples) 5/6/1875- set 1865-1882-p183
C.C. Criswell & Fannie Ramage 1/10/1904-set 1903-1914-p44
J.M. Grissom & Fannie Criswell (Ramage) 11/7/1936-set 1916-1936-p495
David C. Criswell & Francis Cherry 11/19/1865- set 1865-1882-p14
James A.Davis & Sallie A. Criswell 2/1/1888-set 1880-1891-p237
James E. Davis & Nell Criswell 11/4/1937-sset 1916-1941-p512
Peter Youngblood & Francis Evie Criswell 9/20/1891 set 1880-1891-p415
W.R. Parker & Evie Youngblood (Criswell) 9/15/1895 -set 1891-1903 p188
Harris Criswell & Susie Davis 12/14/1899-set 1891-1903-p404
Minor Criswell& Anna F. Bloodworth 11/23/1931-set 1915-1941-p374
Minor Criswell & Leah Deason 10/23/1939 set 1916-1941-p510
Carl Huby Criswell & Pearl Bloodworth 4/16/1932 set 1916-1941-p378
James P. Criswell & Jane Weaver (Billings) 11/4/1897-not sure if correct because they were living together in 1877 and first child born 1878. But State has license listed in  set 1891-1903-p321
A. J. Criswell & Ada Starkey 5/6/1906-set 1903-1916-p153
H. G. Snow & Evey Criswell 6/10/1910 -set 1903-1916-p366
Egbert Criswell & Leila Lee 12/15/1902-set 1891-1903-p573
E. J. Criswell & Leita Jones 7/12/1911-set 1905-1915-p318
Robert Criswell & Edna Etheridge  2/8/1925-set 1916-1841-p233
Frank I. Carr & Annie L. Criswell 12/20/1930- set 1916-1941-p341
David Beck & Sarah Ann Criswell 11/30/1885 set 1880-1891-p143
John M. Beck & Elizabeth J. Snow 12/7/1873-set 1865-1881-p145
Ivy Criswell & Martha Vinson 4913/1907- set 1903-1916-p176
Arthur F. Justice & Lucille Criswell 3/30/1935-set 1916-1941-p451
Joe Starley & Pauline Criswell 7/10/1937-set 1916-1941-p504
Rabin Criswell & Cattie Lee 6/8/1873-set 1865-1882-p118
C.D. Grissom & Margaret Criswell 8/2/1908-set 1903-1916-p276
A.F. Criswell & Douida Viola Welch 7/2/1910-set 1908-1913-p164
Harvey Wilbourne Criswell & Hattie Johnson 4/120/1903-set 1901-1905-p276

Source: GA Virtual Vault,  County Records From Microfilm
Submitted by  Faye Kerstetter

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